10 Jungle Animals You Don't Want Problems With.

The Amazon is a tropical jungle located in the central region of South America. In these jungles, there are many animal species, some of them lethal.
So you cannot miss this video, in which we will have the chance to see some of those animals, more dangerous in the jungle.

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5 Animals You Didn't Know Existed!

No one knows for sure how many species of animals exist on Earth.

In fact, some 10,000 species of animals are discovered each year, with over one and a half million already documented.

Projections for the total number of species on Earth range from 2 to 50 million.

In this list we'll be showing you 5 of the strangest animals you probably didn't know existed.

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5) Glaucus Atlanticus

Probably one of the cutest on this list, this small blue sea slug looks more like a mini Pokemon than something from real life.

They are typically found in warm climates and usually float on top the ocean where they use their distinct colours to blend in with the water.

Measuring up to 3cm they are tiny and actually pretty lazy since they don't even swim.

Instead they just float on the water and let the tides take them along.

Although tiny they are pretty brave and prey on creatures much larger than themselves.

They mostly attack and eat the dangerously venomous jellyfish called the Portuguese man o' war since they are immune to their venom.

4) Giant Isopod

Yes this giant creature is basically a huge woodlouse that lives deep in the sea.

They are closely related to woodlouse and distantly related to shrimps and crabs.

Their giant size is an excellent example of deep sea giantism.

This is when species that live deep in the sea turn out to be much bigger than their close relatives.

Other examples of deep sea giantism is the Japanese spider crab and the robust clubhook squid.

Since they live so deep in the sea they are generally untouched by humans, and whats fascinating is they give us a glimpse of evolution.

If you look at the difference between them and their land living cousins the woodlouse it amazing to see how they have changed over millions of years.

However funnily enough their love for dark places is still there as you'll always find woodlouse living under some rock where its dark & damp.

3) The Blue Parrotfish

Aside from their beautiful bright blue colour, these fish always look like they are smiling.

To be fair they do have a lot to smile about.

Their population is very healthy, they are rarely fished by humans, they spend 80% of their time looking for food & eating, and they live in the beautiful tropical parts of the western Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

If we all had such an easy life as the Blue Parrotfish we too would just spend our days smiling.

2) The Maned Wolf

It looks like a fox on stilts and its called a wolf but its actually neither of the two.

The maned wolf is part of the canine family but it is the only species in the genus Chrysocyon meaning golden dog.

It is mainly found in the grasslands of Brazil but unfortunately its population are dropping due to loss of its natural habitat.

It's unique long legs are likely the result of an adaptation to the tall grasslands of its native habitat.

Unlike other large canids the maned wolf does not form packs.

It hunts alone, usually between sundown and midnight.

1) The Panda Ant

They may look & act like ants but don't be fooled they are actually related to the wasp.

The females are wingless so can't fly but they do still sting.

Their sting is extremely painful earning the nickname cow killer.

The name panda ant comes from its black & white colour resembling a panda.

Just like wasps they feed on nectar but interestingly their exoskeleton is so tough scientists have reported difficulty piercing them with steel pins when attempting to mount them for display.

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10 Diseases That Kill You in 24 Hours

Presenting, 10 Horrible Diseases That Kill You in 24 Hours.
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10 Terrifying Animals You're Glad Are Extinct

10 Animals You Wouldn't Think Could Kill You

Our life is tightly bound up with Mother Nature, and humans live alongside with flora and fauna and they often give us some nasty surprises. Sometimes even the cutest creatures can do irreparable harm to a person. What’s really in their minds and who you should be afraid of? Watch this video and you’ll find out! So, here are 10 deadly animals you always thought were innocent.

Amazing Transparent animals You won't Believe Actually Exist !

Amazing Transparent animals You won't Believe Actually Exist !

This world is full of creatures of all kinds of colours and patterns, and such conspicuous colours make their beauty inescapable to us. But, some of them are different.
They choose to hide in plain sight. Are they too shy, or do they just want to be stealthy? Let’s know a little more about the different types of ghostly, glassy,
transparent animals that are lurking around us. Actually these animals are hard to believe but are actually exist!
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Number one The Glasswinged Butterfly
Greta oto or the glasswinged butterfly is a brush-footed butterfly. The transparency of its wings results from the combination of three properties: first, from the low
absorption of the visible light by the material constituting its wings, second, from the low scattering of the light passing through the wings and finally, from the
low reflection of the light impinging on the wings surface. Adult glasswings can be found mostly from Central to South America as far south as Chile. They can migrate
great distances and have been documented as far north as Mexico and Texas.

Number two Juvenile Sharpear Enope Squid
This is a juvenile sharpear enope squid. Its transparent body is covered with polka dots of pigment-filled cells, and below its eyes are bioluminescent organs. They
may be found throughout the tropical and subtropical oceans, often at depths of between 200-1000 metres. Although only one species is recognized, some have suggested
more than one species may exist due to differences in the paralarval morphology. The buccal crown of the sharpear enope squid is heavily pigmented. The squid has no
vesicles. There are hooks on all its arms. The suckers are absent from its manus and the squid's dactylus is reduced.

Number three Transparent Juvenile Surgeonfish
This transparent fish is a juvenile Surgeonfish. They're found in a wide range of waters including those around New Zealand. Believe it or not, it's the same species
of fish as Dory from Finding Nemo/Dory! They can grow up to 30cm long and are popular aquarium fish. Tangs are very sensitive to disease in the home aquarium. However,
if the tang is fed enough algae and the aquarium is properly maintained disease should not be a problem. It is usually necessary to quarantine the animals for a period
before introducing them to the aquarium.The family is composed of marine fish living in tropical seas, usually around coral reefs. Most species are relatively small
and have a maximum length of 15–40 cm.

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No Maintenance 55 Gallon Aquarium - Low Upkeep Planted Fish Tank

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Walmart fish abuse part 1. FISH ABUSE

Filmed on 1-2-17. My son Sean, and I have five fish tanks. One salt water, and the other four are fresh water. We don't buy fish at WalMart, but we know the problems that they have with their fish. At this paticular WalMart i've complained to 3 different managers in a two week period. So when we went back the fourth time we came with the camera. As we were getting closer to the fish area we could smell the ammonia from three isles away. When we got to the fish area it was such a horrible smell. You could see the fish hadn't been fed in a while.They were all eating off all the dead fish in all the tanks. We first tested the water, and the ammonia, and ph were off the chart. These tanks all share the same sump filter. So all the water in every tank is the same. We put in chemicals to treat the ammonia, and got the ph as close as we could. Then we started to net out all the dead fish with a WalMart employee watching us. Also there was two cameras on us as well. I didn't care at this point because I complained so many times prior to doing this. Also this is not the first time we've done this at WalMart. Fish should not be treated like they were, and I feel WalMart should not sell fish. When WalMart first opened in Las Vegas in the early 90's they all sold fish. I believe that all the complaints over the years has made WalMart stop selling fish in most of their stores. I also feel if this video gets enough hits it will get the attention of WalMart. Then maybe they'll stop selling fish in all their stores. Thank you for watching, and caring. Thank you Christian I would like to approach Wayde, and Brett from the t.v. show Tanked on Animal Planet. I know they would like to see this, and hopefully help. If you agree please leave a comment Yes Tanked
Thank You ChristianDonations welcome Christian.

Vegan Captain Paul Watson (Sea Shepherd): Animal Intelligence and Our Human Extinction

As stated by Captain Watson at minute 4:10 We have removed about 90% of the fishes from the Ocean!

One of the problems with people is that we associate intelligence with technology... We don't understand non-manipulative intelligence. -Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd

We must stop eating the oceans. Eating fish is, for all intents and purposes, an ecological crime. -Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd

We need to consider the needs of the fishes and we need to give them the space and the time to recover from the terrible slaughter we have inflicted upon all the species that live in the sea... If an ecological collapse occurs because of the removal of a pivotal species or species, we won't be worrying about jobs. We'll be worrying that our fellow man will be hunting and eating us. -Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd

For 31 years, Captain Paul Watson has been at the helm of the world's most active marine non-profit organization - Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. -

To watch the full interview visit:

ECO TRUTH: We have NOW reached critical environmental tipping points of no return, and there are many more to come within this next decade if we do not wake-up and become the change!

Think this time-line is extreme? At the beginning of our industrial age, Rainforests covered 14% of our planet's land surface; in 2004 the estimate was less than 6%, declining at a rate of 30-50+ million acres per year! The Atlantic forest of Brazil has now been reduced to 5% ~ ...remnant patches in a sea of agricultural fields.

Meat And Dairy (MAD) Consumption: Since the 1970's, 90% of Rainforest deforestation and 70% of ALL deforestation has been, and still is, from MAD consumption! At our current rate of MADness the Indonesian Rainforest will be gone within 10-15 years!

Our Oceans Are Dying: 90% of Big Fish Are GONE ~ What Are WE Doing? We have only one ocean and it is in SERIOUS trouble! We ARE the solution: As Plant-Based Diet Consumers, we can turn this around NOW!

Climate Change: We are all toast if we don't get on another path. -James Hansen, Director of the NASA Goddard Institute of Space Sciences. It is projected (NASA satellite images) that most of the Arctic sea ice will be gone by summer 2012. This ice reflects (DID reflect) 80% of the suns heat to keep our planet Earth's currents (temperatures) in balance:

Ⓥ Mother Nature is telling us that we will be Vegan (human animal's natural diet) or we will no longer be: Environmental devastation, and epidemic levels of physical, and obviously mental disease (DisEase)! At this point of our evolution, humans are anatomically and physiologically Herbivore/Frugivore (Plant-Based Diet); no matter what we have been told/SOLD to believe:

If we want Peace in our World, why would we create and consume violence!? Thank you for being or becoming Vegan so ALL may LIVE!

Vegan Zeitgeist claims no rights to this video or its contents - for educational and enlightenment purposes only. This video was created by: For information on how you can save our Planet and ALL Life by embracing a Vegan Life visit:

How to set up a Freshwater Aquarium: Beginners guide to your 1st Fish Tank

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Master of Science in Tropical Animal Health (MSTAH)

The Master of Science in Tropical Animal Health (MSTAH) is jointly organised by ITM and the University of Pretoria.

Fat Cats: Monster Fish Tank Busting Catfish

Top 3 monster catfish you don't want to put in your aquarium. Anges catfish or iridescent shark, tiger shovelnose catfish, and the red tail catfish. Having a freshwater catfish aquarium is one thing, but you're going to need a monster fish tank to whole some of these guys. Now if you want to convert your pool into a large freshwater aquarium, then you might count these three fish as monster fish tank keepers.



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