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Summer is the most wonderful time of the year… for most of us, at least. If you are a summer fan, then you probably like to go to the sea, enjoy the beaches and the tranquility of the coast. Just hearing the world beach makes me thing of such many good things: vacation time, the ocean, the thundering of the breakers, seagulls, relax, sharks, currents… Wait, those last two words seem a little out of context, right? Well, that's because people seem to forget that beauty and danger are good old lovers. In today's video we are gonna tell you about some beaches you should stay away from. A visit to these places can harm you or even kill you.


Top Most Dangerous Beaches In The World
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the top Most Dangerous Beaches In The World!

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दुनिया के 5 सबसे खतरनाक बीच 5 Most Dangerous Beaches In The World YOU WONT BELIEVE EXIST

here are 5 world's most dangerous beaches . Beaches are paradise getaways under the sun, with sand and surf aplenty. But some beaches are home to a number of hidden dangers and hazards that can ruin any vacation—or even potentially kill you. From the Shark Attack Capital of the World to The Beach of the Dead. most dangerous beaches found around the world. these are the world's most dangerous beaches.

5 Most Dangerous Beaches In The World YOU WONT BELIEVE EXIST!

Here, the 5 Most Dangerous Beaches In The World

1. Cape Tribulation, Australia - Dangerous Creatures
2. Hanakapiai Beach, Hawaii - Powerful Rip Currents
3. Gansbaai, South Africa - Great White Sharks
4. Chowpatty Beach, Mumbai - Pollution
5. Black Sand Beaches of Kilauea, Hawaii - Erupting Volcano
6. New Smyrna Beach, Florida - Shark Attacks
7. Fraser Island, Australia - Deadly Creatures and Rip Currents
8. Playa Zipolite, Mexico - Dangerous Rip Currents
9. Beaches of the Northern Territory, Australia - Venomous Jellyfish
10. Beaches of the Amazon, South America - Dangerous Creatures

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10 Most Dangerous Islands In The World

10 Most Dangerous Islands In The World
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There are many beautiful islands all over the planet. Some of them are beautiful destinations which many people head to for vacation spots or just to get away from society. But stunning as they may be, there are islands that hold just as much danger as they hold beauty. Check out these 10 Most Dangerous Islands In The World.

10. Tristan da Cunha - The British island group of Tristan da Cunha stands profoundly alone in the South Atlantic. It’s the world’s most remote inhabited island. It is so precariously occupied that when a volcanic vent erupted in 1961, the whole population was evacuated to England.

9. Rockall Ireland - Don't be embarrassed if you've never heard of Rockall. Most people haven't. It's probably because Rockall is one of the most desolate, despairing places on earth. This tiny island is constantly buffeted by 34-knot winds and pummeled by 30 foot and occasionally higher ocean swells.

8. Bear Island - Bjornoya, better known as Bear Island, is the southernmost island in the Arctic Archipelago of Svalbard, 400 miles north of mainland Europe -- but only on paper, given that it's almost 150 miles south of the Norwegian island chain with which it's lumped.

7. Ramree Island - Ramree Island is considered to be one of the most dangerous in the world after harboring a dark secret which resulted in the of hundreds of people. The island off the coast of Burma was a big part of World War II with some battles taking place within it. In 1945, British soldiers drove Japanese fighters off the main part of the island into the dense mangrove forests.

6. Farallon Islands - Named for the Spanish farallón, meaning a rocky pillar jutting from the sea, the Farallones was called “the devil’s teeth” by sailors in the 1850s for their ragged profile and treacherous shores, the cause of many a shipwreck.

5. Hashima Island - located 15 kilometers from Nagasaki, is reputed to be a tourism heaven on earth. However, it contains the graves of hundreds of Chinese. Hashima Island could once claim the title of the most densely-populated spot on the planet.

4. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the world’s largest collection of floating trash, and for whatever reasons aside from human stupidity, is the most famous. It lies between Hawaii and California and is often described as being “larger than Texas,” even though it contains not a square foot of surface on which to stand.

3. Saba Island - The island of Saba rises majestically from clear azure waters, stretching its summit to caress the clouds... It is like no other Caribbean destination. Untouched by the quickening pace of the modern world, an island caught within a moment.

2. Miyake-Jima, Japan - About 160 kilometers south of Tokyo is the town of Miyake-Jima, sitting at the base of the volcano that shares its name. This town is covered with a cloud of harmful Sulphur dioxide gas, spewed into the air by volcanic eruptions. The area’s cold and heavy weather systems make it worse.

1. The Island of the Dolls, Mexico - The Island of the Dolls, or in Spanish, La Isla de las Munecas, is one really creepy spot. The island, which is fairly close to Mexico City, is overflowing with dolls hanging from trees. Myths abound about the island.

We hope you enjoyed our video, let us know in the comments which one you think is the most dangerous. And if you liked the video, click the subscribe button and you’ll be notified when we release a new one. We appreciate you and want to thank you for watching.

The Most Dangerous Beaches In The World

Top 10 The Most Dangerous Beaches In The World
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the top 10 The Most Dangerous Beaches In The World!

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Special thanks: Videvo/helioafonso, Pixabay, Pexels, MaxPixel

11 Most DANGEROUS Beaches Ever!

Most dangerous beaches in the world! These top dangerous places near the ocean are some of the scariest places in water for people

10 Most Dangerous Islands You DON'T Want To Visit

10 Most Dangerous Islands You DON'T Want To Visit
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You might think that the world is a safe place just about anywhere you go. But there are islands that are secluded from the rest of the world hiding deadly secrets from the past, and some so dangerous that travel to these islands are banned.

There is even an island where the inhabitants will attack anyone who comes close to their island home. Join us as we take a look at 10 Most Dangerous Islands.

1. Gruinard Island is a tiny Scottish Island that is only about 1.2 miles long, and a half mile wide. This island has been called one of the ‘most dangerous places on the planet’ because it was used to test Anthrax on sheep, the island being a testing ground for biological warfare during World War.

2. There is a group of islands that are in the Fuji Volcanic Belt and the Ring of Fire called the Izu Islands. Besides the dangers of 17 active volcanoes on and around the small islands, these volcanoes spew poisonous Sulphur in the air, and each one of these volcanoes do this on a regular basis.

3. Situated 40 miles off of the coast of São Paolo is an island that the locals call Snake Island. No one lives on this island except for the 4000 Golden Lancehead Vipers that live there. This island isn’t very big, which equates to one very poisonous and dangerous snake for every square meter of land.

4. There is a tiny little Caribbean island measuring just 13 square kilometers called Saba that is a special territory of the Netherlands. What makes this island interesting, if not one of the most dangerous places to visit, is that it has been hit by more severe hurricanes over the last 150 years than any other island in the region.

5. In 1348, the bubonic plague broke out in Venice. And if you were sick or caught the horrible disease you were sent to a tiny piece of land in the middle of a Venetian lagoon called Poveglia Island.

6. Réunion is an island and region of France right in the middle of the warm Indian Ocean. It has a balmy climate and its sundrenched beaches make it the perfect vacation spot. But these perfect climate conditions aren’t just good for humans, they are also perfect for sharks. Since 2011, the island has had a shark attack crisis.

7. North Sentinel Island is a place that could be called a land frozen in time with a people who are completely untouched by modern civilization. It is like the land that time forgot and the home of the Sentinelese, who may be the last humans left on the planet that are completely isolated from modern society.

8. Ramree Island is a small island off the coast of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is an island inhabited by thousands of saltwater crocodiles. Some of these deadly reptiles can weigh as much as 2000 pounds or 907 kilograms.

9. The Bikini atoll is located in the Pacific Ocean and it belongs to the Marshall Islands. It is popular as the island where nuclear tests were done in 1946.

10. The Farallon Islands are a group of small islands that are 25 miles west of San Francisco. These islands are off limits. One of the islands, the Southeast Farallon Island has a research station where a few scientists work.

Top 10 MOST Dangerous Beaches IN THE WORLD!

The 10 dangerous places around the world where people should never swim at.
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The List:
1) Staithes, United Kingdom
2) Amazon Beaches, Brazil
3) Playa Zipolite, Mexico
4) Kilauea Black Sand Beach, Hawaii
5) The Red Triangle, California
6) Bikini Atoll, US Marshall Islands
7) Copacabana Beach, Brazil
8) Chowpatty Beach, India
9) Volusia County, Florida
10) Northern Territory and Queensland, Australia

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don't ever swim here...

Now around the world one can find some of the most beautiful and amazing beaches and
lakes to swim at, however apart from the these beautiful lakes and beaches lies some of the most
dangerous bodies of water you should probably keep away from! So with that said, here are our picks for 5
places you should never swim in!

Shark Infested Beach
Blue Hole
Colourful Pool
Death Beach
Pink Lake

beaches lakes and pools you should never swim at no matter what!

5 Most Dangerous Beaches In The World

5 Most Dangerous Beaches In The World

We will show you some of the most beautiful things on earth, some of the most mysterious objects from the universe, or even from other dimensions...

Ordinarily we'd think of the beach as a place to relax and enjoy yourself. There's not always the best place for that though, as we see in this list. Here are five of the most dangerous beaches in the world.

Number One: Maho Beach

Maho Beach in the Caribbean is definitely amongst the most dangerous beaches the world has to offer. It is 300 km from Puerto Rico and right by the Princess Juliana International Airport, literally right by it. The air-planes fly just 10-20 feet above the beach! The airport runway is really short - it's only just over two thousand metres - so planes don't have much space to land. Of course, adrenaline junkies and photographers can't get enough of the place despite the warning signs situated all over the beach and even in the bars. Should air from the jet engines drop into the sea, there is a real danger of death, but the people still keep coming to see this awesome spectacle.

Number Two: Brazilian Beaches

We've heard of the solar radiation coming off Brazil's beaches, but how about radioactive sand? Researchers say that the white sand of the beaches running up the Atlantic coast is naturally radioactive. This is the case from just north of Rio for five hundred miles to the south of Bahia. It's because the sad has been eroded from Monazite which is formed from the element thorium - a naturally radioactive element found in the mountains running along the coast. Guarapari beach sees the highest radiation level. The safe limit of radiation is 20 millisieverts a year; the beach here measures nearly 175!

Number Three: Reunion Island

Our next dangerous beach is around a hundred miles off the south west coast of Madagascar. Reunion Island has officially been owned by France since 1946 although its known to have been home to French settlers ever since the end of the sixteenth century. 20th December is nationally celebrated each year, marking the abolition of slavery in 1848. It is situated above a hot spot in the crust of the earth and sees rainfall on a world record scale. It is also famous for its sharks. There have been 7 deadly attacks since 2011, with nine other people injured. When we put these numbers into context you can really see the scale of the problem: there are just sixty five attacks involving sharks each year! Obviously, the high risk of being mauled by a shark has affected the tourist industry to the island which was once a tourist hot spot. Last year registration for surfing fell by three quarters demonstrating just how serious the problem is for the local economy.

Number Four: Shield Bay

Shield Bay in Russia is said to be perfect for surfing, that is if you ignore the risk of radiation poisoning. In order to surf there you have to apply for a special permit. The problem is caused by disused nuclear submarines which leak radiation into the water. The potential for radiation poisoning was demonstrated when a whale died in 2002.
It had only been in the waters around the bay for a couple of months. When the body was tested it was found to be so radioactive that the carcass itself was declared a nuclear waste site. Surfers' paradise? Perhaps not, although the fact that you can apply for a permit to surf there suggests that some people actually want to.

Number Five: Siargao/Mindanao Islands

It might sound cool to adventure off the beaten track, away from the tourist areas, to remote places. Places less like Siargao - a tourist hot spot in the Philippines - and more like the Mindanao Islands perhaps. Well, maybe not so much. These islands are used by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, a group who, in 2000, declared war with the President of the country. Since then, just in one area, nearly half of the population have had their houses completely devastated and nearly 20% of people are aware of the execution of people who have witnessed crime. Tourism is massively discouraged, for fear of being taken hostage, either by the terrorist group or the pirates that frequent the beaches in the area.


10 Most Dangerous Water Animals In The World
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There are many different types of creatures that live in streams, lakes, seas and oceans. And while many of these creatures are harmless, there are many that are incredibly dangerous if you happen to have an encounter with them.

These dangerous animals lurk beneath the surface of the water in a world vastly different than ours, and must be deadly to survive.
Join us as we take a look at 10 of the most dangerous water creatures.

10. Australian Box Jellyfish – This creature is not one to be messed around with if you happen to swim into a swarm of them. And while they may seem harmless, the Australian box jellyfish is considered to be the most venomous marine animal in the world. They have tentacles that are covered with tiny darts called nematocysts, and they are loaded with poison.

9. Flower Urchin – Beautiful but deadly, these sea urchins are extremely venomous. They look like a bouquet of small flowers; to which they get their name from. They feed on invertebrates, sponges, and dead fish, and have well developed jaws for grinding up their prey.

8. The Saltwater Crocodile – Evolving around 200 million years in the Mesozoic epoch, crocodiles have far outlived the dinosaurs. The Salt water crocodile is the world’s largest reptile, and they have been known to grow up to 27 feet long and weigh 2,465 lbs.

7. Textile Cone Snail – Mother nature teaches us that anything in nature that is beautiful, is most likely deadly, and a warning to predators and humans to not touch or disturb them. This holds true for the Textile Cone Snail.

6. The Sea Snake – These highly venomous marine snakes are closely related and belong to the same family as the cobra. There are two independently evolved groups: the true sea snakes which are related to Australian terrestrial elapids, and the sea kraits which are related to Asian cobras.

5. The Lionfish – Lionfish are skilled hunters, using specialized bilateral swim bladder muscles to provide exquisite control of location in the water column, allowing the fish to alter its center of gravity to better attack prey. The lionfish then spreads its large pectoral fins and swallows its prey in a single motion.

4. The Stingray – Stingrays are a group of rays, which are cartilaginous fish related to sharks, and are one of the oceans deadliest creatures. Most stingrays have one or more barbed stingers on their tails, which are used exclusively for self-defense.

3. Blue-Ringed Octopus – This octopus has some of the most striking colors of any ocean creature. They get their name from the brightly blue colored rings on its body.

2. Needlefish – These strange looking creatures are very slender, and have a single dorsal fin, placed far back on the body. Needlefish are capable of making short jumps out of the water at up to 37 mph. Since Needlefish swim near the surface, they often leap over the decks of shallow boats rather than going around.

1. The Moray Eel - Most attacks stem from disruption of a moray's burrow to which they react strongly, but an increasing number of accidents also occur during hand feeding of morays by divers, an activity often used by dive companies to attract tourists.

உலகத்தின் 4 மிக கொடூரமான கடல்கள்|4 Most Dangerous Beaches In The World

#உலகத்தின் 4 மிக #கொடூரமான #கடல்கள்|4 #Most #Dangerous #Beaches In The# World|Tamil|Epi 08

1.New smyrna beach,Florida
2.Heard island,Antarctica
3.Cape Tribulation,Australia
4.Praia De Boa Viagem beach,Brazil

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Most dangerous rivers and lakes in the world

Want to drop everything in this stuffy town and get away from the summer heat to the beach, close to the water, but can not? Offer a look at our selection - possibly desire disappears.

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Most DANGEROUS Places In The World!

Check out the most dangerous places in the world! These dangerous locations on earth you definitely shouldn't visit!

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⚡️Top 10+ most beautiful beaches in the world you want to be on

Here’s a great selection of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world: places like Hawaii, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Seychelles... Look, listen and like! ♥

🏖️☀️⛵ A nice flat or beautiful bungalow just by the beach? You can get free $40 Airbnb credit now!

1. 00:08 ▶ La Digue, Seychelles - (Google Earth)
2. 00:36 ▶ Maldives, Indian Ocean - (Google Earth)
3. 01:04 ▶ Langkawi, Malaysia - (Google Earth)
4. 01:33 ▶ Saint Barths, Caribbean - (Google Earth)
5. 02:01 ▶ Navagio, Greece - (Google Earth)
6. 02:29 ▶ Bora Bora, Tahiti - (Google Earth)
7. 02:57 ▶ Lanikai Beach, Hawaii - (Google Earth)
8. 03:26 ▶ Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos Islands - (Google Earth)
9. 03:55 ▶ Rabbit Beach, Sicily - (Google Earth)
10. 04:23 ▶ Whitehaven Beach, Australia - (Google Earth)
+ 04:51 ▶ The Beach, Phi Phi Island, Thailand - (Google Earth)

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Video transcription:
10+1 of the most beautiful beaches you want to be on now
La Digue, Seychelles
• The beaches on this island near Madagascar are some of the most photographed in the world.
• Their sands sparkle against unique granite boulders that have been worn by time and weather.
• Here, you will quickly see that you’re in one of those unique places on Earth.
Maldives, Indian Ocean.
• More than 1,000 coral islands are grouped into beautiful atolls south of Sri Lanka.
• Perfect for scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming and even a romantic holiday.
• Also, Maldives is some of the flattest and lowest-lying countries in the world.
Langkawi, Malaysia
• Langkawi is an archipelago of 99 islands in Malaysia.
• You can find limestone caves, mangroves, and beautiful sandy beaches here.
• It‘s a perfect hideaway for travelers seeking an escape.
Saint Barths, Caribbean
• A small, volcanic island originally settled by the French located in the Caribbean Sea.
• Columbus discovered it in 1493 and named it after his brother Bartholomew.
• There are about 20 beautiful beaches with sparkling water and white sand.
Navagio, Greece
• Also known as a Shipwreck Beach, Navagio is an exposed cove of the island of Zakynthos.
• Surrounded by sheer limestone cliffs, it is accessed only by boat.
• The white sand beach and clear blue water attract thousands of tourists every year.
Bora Bora, Tahiti
• Bora Bora is one of the magical islands that make up French Polynesia.
• The famous water villas, surrounded by a lagoon and a barrier reef, look like a dream.
• But keep in mind that this is a very expensive, but luxurious, destination.
Lanikai Beach, Hawaii
• Lanikai is one of the best beaches in the Hawaiian Islands.
• Features half a mile of extremely soft white sand and endless sunshine.
• It‘s very popular with photographers for a view of two islands that line up in a breathtaking background.
Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos Islands
• Grace Bay on Provo Island is one of the most desirable vacation destinations in the Caribbean.
• 12 miles of white sand and crystalline turquoise water makes it a pretty piece of paradise.
• And, yes, that’s the beach all those fantastic postcards show!
Rabbit Beach, Sicily
• Rabbit Beach on the island of Lampedusa is one of Europe’s most beautiful beaches.
• Expect fine white sand, transparent blue-green water and a superb swimming experience.
• Rabbit Beach is an unspoiled nature preserve that can only be accessed by boat.
Whitehaven Beach, Australia
• This beach is one of most unique beaches in the world.
• It is famous for his pure white silica sand. Seriously, sunglasses are a must!
• It offers a stunning range of colors, from the brightest of whites to the darkest blues.
Plus a Bonus: THE BEACH! Phi Phi Island, Thailand
• This beach is the main tourist attraction of Phi Phi Island. The movie The Beach was filmed here.
• Get here early in the morning to avoid the crowds.
• But, the beach is as beautiful as it was in the movie.

10 Most Dangerous Waters in the World

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The world is 70 percent water, so it's probably a good thing that the stuff is good for us. We can drink it, swim in it, grow food with it, and just plain live because of it. However, certain bodies of water are shockingly mean to us. Interacting with some lakes and rivers can hurt us, make us sick, or even kill us.

Hello guys and today we're talking about 10 Bodies Of Water That Want You Dead

#10. Boiling Lake Dominica
Whoever named this place was certainly no fan of subtlety: Boiling Lake is exactly what it sounds like. Discovered in 1870 by two Englishmen, temperatures taken five years later ranged anywhere from 82 to 91.5 °C.

#9. Citarum River West Java, Indonesia
Here we have a body of water that can destroy us, but only because we screwed it up. Citarum River might well be the most polluted, trash-filled bit of water on the planet.

#8. Rio Tinto Spain
Rio Tinto is among the most acidic bodies of water around, with a pH balance of 2, at best. This means the Rio Tinto is as strong as stomach acid and is more than powerful enough to kill any fish that dare swim in it.

#7. Lake Kivu Of DRC And Rwanda
Three hundred meters (1,000 ft) below the surface of Lake Kivu lies a ticking time bomb. Over 250 cubic kilometers (60 cubic miles) of carbon dioxide, along with around 65 cubic kilometers (15 cubic miles) of methane gas, lurks under this body of water, enough to provide electricity to several countries.

#6. The Rivers Of Johannesburg South Africa
Catching E. coli is no fun under normal circumstances; now imagine you were literally swimming in the stuff.

#5. Blackwater River Virginia, USA
Too much water can be a bad thing, even if the water can't kill you otherwise.

#4. Tualatin River Oregon, USA
Oregon's Tualatin River is not the place to be if you want to take your dogs for a swim; close to a dozen pups die there every year from exposure to toxic blue-green algae.

#3. Lake Karachay Russia
Like a supermodel with a bomb strapped underneath her bodice, Russia's Lake Karachay is pristine, gorgeous, and incredibly deadly. It is, without question, the most radioactive body of water on the planet.

#2. Belle Fourche River And South Dakota, USA
Belle Fourche isn't poisonous, boiling, or radioactive. However, it is turbulent and wild, at least in one particular area.

#1. Potomac River Maryland–West Virginia Border, USA
Though the only thing most people know about the Potomac is that Washington, DC is situated on it, the legendary river can also be associated with something else: horrible deaths.

Thank you for watching!!! Does anyone want to come over and swim with me? Write in comments what do you think of these bodies of water. Join our channel for more interesting videos!

Most DANGEROUS Tourist Destinations In The World!

Check out the Most DANGEROUS Tourist Destinations In The World! These tourist attractions are located in places you don't want to visit, unless you're a daredevil and looking for adventure!

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10. Half Dome, Yosemite National Park
Half Dome at Yosemite is popular for tourists from all over the world, especially hikers, with an elevation of 8,842 feet and a hike that takes 10 to 14 hours to complete.

9. Death Road, Bolivia
Yungas Road, which is more commonly known as Death Road, in Bolivia is a popular bike path about 40 miles long.

8. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
Every year the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland is visited by about one million people. The highest cliffs reach 702 feet with the lowest at 390 feet, all dropping directly into the Atlantic Ocean.

7. Mount Everest
The past few years, Mount Everest has been in the news confirming the deaths of climbers’ due to avalanches.

6. New Smyrna Beach, Florida
New Smyrna Beach in Florida is known as the shark capital of the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

5. Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii
Even though most people understand the dangers of active volcanoes, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park reports that over 100,000 tourists visit the areas of active volcanoes every year.

4. Grand Canyon National Park
Grand Canyon National Park is about 1,214,400 acres and had over 5 million tourists in 2016. Rangers at the Grand Canyon perform more rescues than any other park.

3. Mont Blanc, Chamonix
Mont Blanc is known as one of the tallest mountains in Europe, reaching a height over 15,000 feet. Mont Blanc is also said to be a fairly easy mountain to climb, even with all the risks involved.

2. Boiling Lake, Dominica
Boiling Lake has a specific cautionary message to tourists from the Dominican Government, which states, DO NOT go swimming in the lake!

1. Danakil Desert, Ethiopia
The Danakil Desert was named to be one of the cruelest places on earth by National Geographic, however, this is still a place where people want to go.

Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!


Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Each year, thousands of people visit Australia to enjoy its beautiful beaches and spectacular outback. However, the land down under is also known for something more sinister – its vast array of killer creatures – and that’s what we’re interested in. For this installment, we'll be once again omitting humans from our list.

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10. Blue-Ringed Octopus
9. Stonefish
8. Irukandji jellyfish
7. Sharks
6. Box Jellyfish
5. Sydney Funnel Web Spider
4. Eastern Brown Snake
3. Saltwater crocodile
2. Dogs
1. Honey Bees

Bee's Killing Spider:

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৫টি ভয়ংকর সমুদ্র সৈকত || The Most Dangerous Beaches In The World bengali

৫টি ভয়ংকর সমুদ্র সৈকত || The Most Dangerous Beaches In The World bengali

Beaches promise sun, surf and sand; everything you need for a paradise vacation or getaway. But all that beauty can be deceiving. Beneath its emerald waves, there can be all kinds of dangers. And it’s not just the water that you may have to worry about. Here are some of the most dangerous beaches found around the world.
Vacations on the beach are one of the most popular choices for winter getaways. Imagining the sun reflecting off the waves and glittering sand beneath your toes. But it’s not always as serene as it appears. Whether it’s dangerous rip tides, shark attacks or massive overcrowding, some beach dreams can soon turn to nightmares. Nestled in some of the most incredible locations around the world, these beaches hide a deadly secret. Before booking your summertime getaway, it may not hurt to do a little research into your destination.

সৈকত সূর্য, সার্ফ এবং বালি প্রতিশ্রুতি; আপনি একটি স্বর্গীয় অবকাশ বা getaway জন্য প্রয়োজন সবকিছু কিন্তু সব সৌন্দর্য প্রতারিত হতে পারে। তার পান্না তরঙ্গ নীচে, সব ধরণের বিপদ হতে পারে। এবং এটা শুধু আপনার জন্য চিন্তা হতে পারে যে জল না। এখানে বিশ্বের বেশিরভাগ বিপজ্জনক সৈকত পাওয়া যায়।
শীতকালীন ছুটির জন্য শীতকালীন ছুটিগুলি সর্বাধিক জনপ্রিয় পছন্দগুলির একটি। সূর্যের কল্পনা করে তরঙ্গ বন্ধ করে এবং আপনার পায়ের আঙ্গুলের নিচে বালি ছড়িয়ে দেওয়া। কিন্তু এটি সবসময় প্রদর্শিত হিসাবে এটি নিখুঁত না। এটি বিপজ্জনক চেরা টিইড, হাঙ্গর আক্রমণ বা বৃহদাকার বিস্তৃত, কিছু সৈকত স্বপ্ন শীঘ্রই দুঃস্বপ্নের দিকে যেতে পারে। বিশ্বের বেশিরভাগ অবিশ্বাস্য জায়গাগুলির মধ্যে বাস করা, এই সৈকত একটি মারাত্মক গোপন লুকান। আপনার গ্রীষ্মকালের বিরতিটি বুকিং করার আগে, এটি আপনার গন্তব্যস্থলে সামান্য গবেষণা করতে ক্ষতিগ্রস্থ হতে পারে না।

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