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Did you know that even the most common places are often inhabited by weird and exotic animals? For many photographers this cute and rare beasts are a real catch! If you see one of those on the internet you may think that it's photoshopped. Hell no! You may have never seen them before, but it doesn't mean they don't exist. So, in this video we are going to tell you about 8 extraordinary animals you had no idea existed.

Top 10 Most Amazing Hybrid Animals You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Hybrid animals That you won't believe exist Number 1 is CRAZY

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10 Most Amazing Animals You Won't Believe Exist

10 Most Amazing Animals You Won't Believe Exist
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There are so many species of animals on the planet that it’s hard to keep up with all of them. And new species of animals are being discovered every day. Some of these creatures are so rare, that none of them have ever been seen before.

As our world gets smaller with better technology, more strange and unusual creatures are found. With this in mind, we went out and put together a list of unreal creatures. So sit back and relax as we take a look at 10 animals you didn’t know existed.

1. Aye-aye - This strange looking creature lives in the forests of Madagascar. At first glance, many people wouldn't be able to tell what family this animal belongs to. It definitely has the characteristics of a rodent with its two large front teeth and big round sensitive ears, and some think it looks like some sort of gremlin.

2. The Lamprey – Ancient and ugly, the Lamprey is considered to be a living fossil because they have been around long before the dinosaurs, and with 360-million-year-old fossils looking remarkably like modern lampreys, they are said to be the oldest vertebrates alive in the world.

3. The Maned Wolf – One look at this creature will have you trying to decide if it’s a wolf or a fox. The surprising thing is that it is neither. So what is it? Genetic studies show that it is neither fox nor true wolf, but a distinct species. It is the only member of its genus, Chrysocyon.

4. Giant Girdled Lizards – Named after its relative size in the group of girdled lizards, it is the biggest species in the group. The genus, Smaug, is named after the legendary dragon of the same name in the novel ‘The Hobbit’ by J.R.R. Tolkien.

5. The Dugong – Also called ‘sea cows’ the Dugong is a large mammal that lives its entire life in the sea. The reason they are called sea cows is because of the large amounts of sea grass they eat. And if you’re trying to figure out what this creature is related to, you might be surprised to know that its more closely related to an Elephant than to other sea creatures, although their closest aquatic relative is the manatee.

6. Yeti Crab – This crab was only recently discovered in 2005 living in the icy cold waters of the Pacific Ocean near hydrothermal vents near Easter Island. The Yeti crab is a distant relative to the hermit crabs commonly seen lurking in tide pools. It gets it names from the feathery hairs or ‘setae’ that cover its arms.

7. Cantor’s Giant Softshell Turtle – This turtle is the only species that has such a flat appearance. Cantor's giant softshell turtle has a broad head and small eyes close to the tip of its snout, with their carapace being smooth and olive colored.

8. Gerenuk – The Gerenuk looks somewhat like a cross between a Giraffe and a Gazelle. It is characterized by its long, slender neck and limbs, the flat, wedge-like head and the large, round eyes. Their coat is of a short, fine, and glossy hair. They grow to be about 41 inches tall, and can weigh between 60 and 100 lbs. Quite small for this type of antelope.

9. Amazon River Dolphin - These dolphins are the largest river dolphin with adult males reaching lengths of up to 8 and a half feet long and sometimes weighing 350 to 400 lbs. Females are only slightly smaller than the males.

10. Sunda Colugo - The Sunda flying lemur is found throughout Southeast Asia in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. Colugos are tree-dwelling mammals that can grow 14-16 inches in length and weigh from 2 to 4 lbs.


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As you probably know, animals use all kind of tricks in order to survive. Especially those that don't have sharp teeth or the size of a bus, because in that case you need no tricks in order to get on with your life. However, the rest had to think of something to protect themselves. Some can change their color, but some went further and can become... invisible. Or almost invisible. So, in today's video, we are gonna show you ten amazing transparent creatures.

7 Most impressive relationships with Animals You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!

Here are 7 cases of friendship between the most dangerous animals and humans.
7 Relationships with Animals
You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!
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Friendship has no limits in the animal world, no matter where you come from or who you sea, sometimes you can have the most unexpected friend of all, today you will see animal friends, animals and humans, friendship between animals, animal couples talking planetops and Today I present the 7 relationships with animals that you will not believe exist.. test teaser viral top 5 top 10

Here is a brief summary of what comes out in the video:
● 0:15 - Friendship With Lions
● 1:06 - Godfather Of weddings bear
● 1:55 - Friendship with Crocodile
● 2:45 - Friendship with Spiders
● 3:39 - Friendship with polar bear
● 4:24 - Friendship between Animals
● 5:03 - Friendship with Sharks

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Artist: Kevin MacLeod
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10 Immortal Animals You Won't Believe Are Real | Interesting Facts

10 Immortal Animals You Won't Believe Are Real | Interesting Facts
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Believe It Or Not – Surely All These Animals Greatly Outlive You

We know the life cycle; an animal is born, grows up, becomes an adult, reproduces, ages, gets old and finally dies. This is a universal truth about animal life on earth. Aging is a natural process for all living beings. In biology, it called senescence. Birth slowly becomes death by way of aging (if not by accident, disease or falling prey) in a natural life process.

Therefore, it is hard to believe that some animals are almost immortal. There are a few species of animals in which the process of aging is extremely slow. Their life span is much longer in comparison to that of a human being. This is termed as “negligible senescence”. Here the symptoms of aging are so faint that it seems like they can never die.

As children, all of us might have heard or read about the tortoise’s immortality. The life span of a tortoise is 150 to 250 years. A tortoise shell contrary to common belief actually has 60 different interconnected bones.

Red Sea Urchin
Sea urchins usually live in warm waters close to the coral reefs or on the rocky bottom. Their life spans up to 200 years. They never stop growing but don’t get old. Their mouth has five sharp teeth and they can drill a hole in a rock. Sea urchins originated roughly 450 million years ago.

Rougheye Rockfish
Rougheye rockfish are probably one of the longest living marine fish, living as long as 200 years. “Red Snapper”, which you can sometimes find on restaurant menus, are actually rockfish. They do not lay eggs but give birth to young ones. Rockfish have a bladder that adjusts to their buoyancy as per depth levels inside the sea.

Carp Koi
Carp Koi have a lifespan of over 200 years. Koi fish represent love and friendship in Japanese culture. As a gift, they are believed to bring good luck; so traditionally they are handed over from one generation to the next in Japanese families. Koi have no stomach, instead, they only have a gut.

Bowhead Whale
They are believed to live up to 200 years. The Bowhead whale can grow up to a length of 66 ft. and weigh as much as 100 tons. Bowhead whales were massively hunted for their meat and oil. A bowhead whale can blow air up to 20 feet in height and are strong enough to easily break a one-foot thick ice layer.

Ocean Quahog
World’s oldest ocean quahog was 507 years old before its death in 2006. They are able to live for centuries because of their very slow metabolism. This ocean quahog was named after Chinese dynasty “Ming”.

Freshwater Pearl Mussel
Freshwater pearl mussels possess negligible senescence. They have a life span of 210–250 years. Freshwater mussel species have the ability to create a pearl.

Antarctic Sponge
The Antarctic sponge has an extremely slow growth rate because of the very low temperature there; some of the oldest known specimens are as old as 1550 years. Sponges have been inhabiting earth for the last 600 million years.

Turritopsis Dohrn jellyfish
This jellyfish discovered in 1883 can truly be called immortal because of its unique regenerative powers which came to our knowledge only two decades back. Its cells can transform into different kinds of cells like a muscle cell can change into a sperm cell or even an egg cell or vice versa.

Water Bear
Water bears, also known as tardigrades or moss piglet have existed for 530 million years. They have some super powers which make them virtually immortal. They can stop all their metabolic activities completely by a process called cryptobiosis. Water bears do not grow by cell division. Their cells just expand to a bigger size.

Top 10 Creepiest Extinct ANIMALS You WON'T BELIEVE Existed

Welcome to Top10Archive! Long before man took Earth as his own, it was ruled by prehistoric beasts. While we tend to gravitate towards dinosaurs when discussing the natural prehistory of our world, we shouldn’t overlook a creature just because it’s… well…odd looking. In this Archive, we’re jumping in a wormhole, back to the age of giants to find the ten creepiest prehistoric creatures.

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10. Platybelodon
9. Arandaspis
8. Aegirocassis
7. Giant Fleas
6. Anomalocaris
5. Attercopus
4. Meganeuropsis Permiana
3. Opabinia
2. Hallucigenia
1. Manipulator Modificaputis

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5 Shocking Robot Animals You Won't Believe Actually Exist

These mind blowing robotic animals are shockingly real!

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BionicANTs | Festo

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15 Weird Animals You Won't Believe Exist

With an estimated 9 million species on the planet there’s plenty of variety to choose from. But which ones really stand out? Would you believe these were real if you saw them? Here’s the top 15 weird animals you won’t believe exist

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10 Truly Unique Animals You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

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----------10 Truly Unique Animals You Won’t Believe Actually Exist----------

10. Mangalitsa Pig, a.k.a. ’a pig in sheep’s clothing’

9. Rhinopithecus, or golden snub-nosed monkey

8. Emperor tamarin

7. Patagonian Mara

6. Fluffy cow

5. Markhor Goat

4. Raccoon dog

3. Blue Footed Booby

2. Malayan Colugo

1. Venezuelan Poodle Moth

10 Horse Breeds You Won't Believe Actually Exist!!!

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1.The Over Muscled Horse
2.The Gypse Vanner
3.The Marwari Horse
4.Akhal Teke Horse
5.The Norwegian Fjord Horse
6.The Black Forest Horse
7.The Camargue
8.Bashkir Curly Horse
9.The Exmoor Pony
10.Falabella Pony

10 sea Creatures You Won't Believe Exist | مخلوقات بحرية لن تصدق انها موجودة

creatures of the deep ocean - animals wildlife nature
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Although these days everyone is obsessed with zombies and aliens, some of the strangest and most terrifying creatures in the universe lie beneath the surface of the waves on our very own planet. In the pitch black depths of the ocean where the pressure can be dozens of times higher than at sea level you may very well find yourself running into one of these denizens of the deep. Allow us to introduce you to the 25 most terrifying sea creatures on Earth.

Theres are lots of thins inside video - frilled, shark, vampire, moreover - squid, big, red, jellyfish, also giant, blobfish, coffinfish & isopod,

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믿을 수없는 바다 생물 10 종 존재
10 créatures marines que vous ne croyez pas
10 موجودات دریایی که باور نمی کنید وجود دارد
10 مخلوقات بحرية لن تصدق انها موجودة
10 морских существ, которых вы не верите
Esistono 10 creature marine che non crederete
10 makhluk laut Anda tidak akan percaya keberadaannya
10 Meeresbewohner, die du nicht glauben wirst

9 Animals You Won't Believe Exist

From fish with teeth in its throat, an Ancient elephant you likely have never heard of to a goat that may have the ability to cure snake bites! Here are 9 unbelievable animals you probably didn't know are real

9 The Blue Parrotfish
Here we have a truly one of a kind fish! Known for their incredibly vibrant blue color that no other fish develops, the Blue Parrot fish will have a small yellow spot on its head, but it will fade away as they age, causing them to be wholly blue. The Parrot fish actually has something that resembles a beak for scraping algae off of rocks, and they also have what are known as pharyngeal teeth, which are teeth inside of their throat for grinding up rocks into sand during digestion. Pharyngeal teeth are actually not too uncommon amongst many fish. The blue parrot fish is often found in shallow waters on coral reefs in the western atlantic ocean, and can grow to an astonishing 1.2 meters, just over 4 feet in length, making them quite a large fish!
8 The emperor tamarin
Here’s a funky looking Tamarin that I personally think looks like the master martial artist from “Kill Bill” but in fact the Emperor tamarin was named for its resemblance to German emperor Wilhelm II. Hailing from the southwest Amazon Basin in Peru, Brazil and Bolivia, the emperor tamarin stands around 26 centimeters tall, or 10 inches and weighs a cute 500 grams, which is just over a pound. Mostly grey in color with some yellow speckles on it chest, this animal is certainly something to look at. Oh and that signature white upside down Salvador Dali mustache...both males and females have it.
7 The Saiga Antelope
This odd looking animal is known as the Saiga Antelope, it can typically be found in Russia, but more on that in a bit. These guys actually will change colors slightly based on the season. During the Summer they will have a yellow and reddish color to their fur and as Winter approaches their coat will approach more of a grayish color. Okay, lets get to the question we are all thinking, that nose, well it’s quite cool actually, the closely spaced, downward facing nostrils help the antelope avoid sucking up dust made by the herd during summer migrations and keeps the blood cooler and during the winter months the nostrils actually warm up the air before it reaches their lungs, incredible! We used to be able to find these guys all over the Eurasia, but copious amounts of hunting having caused the saiga antelope to become extinct in many regions of the world, making them critically endangered.
6 Markhor Goat
The markhor goat is gorgeous and absolutely huge species of wild goat, they are commonly referred to as the screw horn goat. These unbelievable creatures can be found in many different places including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Northern India, Uzbekistan oh and in the Himalayas. Although like the Saiga Antelope their population is being heavily threatened because of hunting. The name Makhor is actually believed to be derived from the word “Mar” which is persian in origin and means snake and “khor” which means snake. It has been interpreted as coming from the animals ability to kill snakes or from the animals snake like horns.
A story of the goat says that the goats would kill and eat snakes which caused them foam at the mouth, and the foam would drop to the ground where people would collect it after it dries and use it extract poison from deadly snake bites.
5 The Wooly Pig (Mangalitsa Pig)
Developed in the mid 19th century, this pig is AWESOME. Yes you heard me right, this pig was developed...crossbred between a Hungarian breed from Szalonta and a wild boar in Serbia, this is the wooly pig, or Mangalitsa pig. With a pig’s high intelligence and this awesome wooly coat, this pig would make a house pet that may rival some of the best dog breeds. There is only one other known pig breed that has a long coat, it was an English breed called the Lincolnshire curly coated pig and it went extinct a long time ago.
4 The Blue Footed Booby
The bird with a name I just can’t help chuckle at, the blue footed booby. Native to tropical regions of the pacific ocean you cannot mistake these birds for anything else when you see them. The males actually use their feet in a mating ritual by lifting and dropping them over and over again to get the attention of potential female mates. The females of the breed are typically a bit larger than male standing about 90 centimeters tall with a fairly large wingspan of about 1.5 meters or 5 feet. One interesting difference between the blue footed booby from many other birds is that they lay and hatch only one egg at a time, making their offspring differ in age causing problems in times of food scarcity, which is actually a big factor for scientists studying the blue footed booby.
3 Venezuelan Poodle Moth
2 Goblin Shark
1 Platybelodon

10 People You Won't Believe Actually Exist

10 People You Won't Believe Actually Exist
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This world is not free of wonders. That goes the same to human beings living around us. Everything in our world is special and unique - diversity is everywhere. But there are people who stand out more than other people. Today we will talk about 10 people you won’t believe actually exist.

10. Yu Zhenhuan – This man comes from the northern Chinese province of Liaoning. He has hair that covers 96 per cent of his body because of a rare hormone imbalance. This makes Yu the hairiest man on the Earth. Yu’s excess body hair is all over his body except for two places; his palms, and soles of his feet.

9. Helmut Strebl - This 49-year-old Austrian bodybuilder is so ripped he regularly goes viral across social media and is regarded by many as the most shredded guy alive. Helmut is quite literally ripped to the bone, his low body fat percentage, which is only 3%, is a true testament to what can be achieved with years of hard work and dedication.
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8. Tran Van Hay – Although he never got his hair officially measured and acknowledged by the Guinness Book of Records, Vietnamese herbalist Tran Van Hay was known as the man with the longest hair in the world. For nearly 50 years, he’d kept his head hidden from view.

7. Ekaterina Lisina – The Russian model, who is 6feet 9inches tall, is already known in her hometown of Penza, Russia, for having the biggest feet for a woman. Ekaterina also has two Guinness records to her name having also been crowned the world’s tallest model whose legs measure 132 centimeters, or 52 inches.
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6. Nikita Tkachuk – This Russian body builder is fairly new on the scene. His massive size has everyone saying that his muscles are nothing but synthol which is an alcohol oil combination that artificially inflates your muscles.

5. Skye Broberg – Also known as Skye Circus, is a five time Guinness World Record Holder in Contortion and has travelled around the world performing on television, street and stage. Her act includes squeezing herself through rings and performing bone and ligament defying stunts in her tiny glass prison.

4. Michele Kobke - 24-year-old Michele Kobke made headlines in 2013 due to her tiny 16-inch waist. However, she wasn’t born this way, but instead chose to modify her body. By sleeping in a corset every night for 3 years she reduced her waist by 9 inches.

3. Nick Stoeberl - There is one guy in Santa Cruz who Miley Cyrus would probably like to snap a selfie with for her signature face pose, and that would be Nick Stoeberl. Nick has the longest tongue in the world and was added to the Guinness World Records 2015 book and still currently holds that record.

2. Thái Ngọc - a Vietnamese farmer born in 1942, Thai has claimed he has been awake One day in 1973, this life-long farmer came down with a fever. Since then he has been unable to sleep a wink. That would be 43 years without sleeping at all. But it’s not for a lack of trying.

1. Dean Karnazes – is known as the man who can run forever. In fact, he has been able to run for three days and nights without stopping. Karnazes has completed some of the toughest endurance events on the planet, from a marathon to the South Pole in temperatures of -25C to the legendary Marathon des Sables, but in his entire life he has never experienced any form of muscle burn or cramp, even during runs exceeding 100 miles.

15 Kids You Won’t Believe Exist!

Top amazing kids with incredible features! You won’t believe this compilation of unusual children actually exists


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