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A tour of the Microbiology Lab - Section Two


A tour of the Microbiology Lab - Section Two

A tour of the Microbiology Lab - Section one


A tour of the Microbiology Lab - Section Three

microbiology lab practical information part 2

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Chapter 2 - The Chemistry of Microbiology

This chapter looks at atoms, bonds, pH and organic molecules. Good review of chemistry we see in microbiology.

Microbiology Lab Pharmaceutical Lab 670sqft


MicroBiology Lab

Microbiology Lab Practical Information Part 2

This is a short video on the Biochemical tests used for college microbiology classes.
Part 2 series of basics biochemical tests used in microbiology labs.
Includes: Bile Esculin, Catalase, Coagulase, KOH, Oxidase

Koh test
Catalase test
Coagulase test
Oxidase test
Bile esculin test
Microbiology lab tests
Biochemical tests

Introduction To Practical Microbiology - Laboratory

Intro 0:00

Preparation 0:43

Autoclaving 2:59

Aseptic Technique 4:26

Flaming 5:06

Plates 8:46

Media 10:58

Streak Plates 12:28

Pour Plates 15:27

Bacterial Lawns 17:15

Slopes 20:37

Stabs 21:56

The Gram Stain 22:57

When work has Finished 28:16

Produced and Directed by Jo Verran

Accompanying material can be found at:

microbiology lab practical information part 1

Made with Explain Everything

Microbiology Lab Tour & Safety

Tour of SCC microbiology lab, overview of safety and facility

MCB2010C - Microbiology: Lab Safety Orientation

FSCJ: The Center for eLearning Multimedia Team

Motion Graphics - Eduardo Rodriguez
Video Edit - Eric Zoller
Filming - Eric Zoller, Eduardo Rodriguez, Ian Vanhoof
Photography - Ian Vanhoof
Audio - Thomas Andrew Gustafson

Overview of a medical microbiology laboratory

A tour of a diagnostic medical microbiology highlighting some of the work done. With thanks to Susan UCLH/RBH.

Bio 440 General Microbiology Lab: Chapter 2 Media & Equipment

K Carberry-Goh, MPVM, DVM, PhD
Sacramento City College,
Sacramento, California, USA
June 2016

BI280 Chapter 3 Tools of Microbiology - Part 2 of 2

This lecture on chapter 2 covers isolation, inoculation, identification, and other techniques that will be used in lab.

Go Inside a Clinical Microbiology Lab

Go inside a clinical microbiology lab at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and learn about careers in clinical microbiology.

eScience Lab 2 Microbiology Lab Safety


Microbiology Safety in the Laboratory 2

Part 2 of the 5 part series

Tour of my chemistry/microbiology lab

This is my first lab video, I am actually in it.

Aseptic Technique

For more information, visit
This video demonstrates basic microbiological aseptic techniques used for transferring bacteria from one culture to another. Techniques include use of a Bunsen burner, transferring bacterial cultures from Petri plate to a liquid culture or from liquid to liquid culture using inoculation loops or needles.

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