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Become an HHC Instructor 3


Become an HHC Instructor 3

Turn your spare time into income teaching kids and families to cook. Come join us at Healthy Hands Cooking.

DjangoCon US 2017 - Becoming a Polyglot: Lessons from Natural Language Learning by Rebekah E. Post

DjangoCon US 2017 - Becoming a Polyglot: Lessons from Natural Language Learning by Rebekah E. Post

As a trained linguist and former university language instructor, people often assume that my natural language* (spoken, signed, or written) learning analysis background made learning to code easier for me. They might say something like “That makes sense, they’re languages, right? They have syntax.” These casual comments seem true on the surface when talking about parts of speech and variable types. But once you dig deeper, it becomes clear that there are far more differences than similarities between these types of languages despite the shared name. However, many skills and methods I have utilized in learning languages and teaching languages as an adult to adults have served me well as a developer.

This talk first addresses key points of divergence between learning a natural language and a programming language. Perhaps most importantly, natural languages are meant for communicating with people and programming languages are meant for giving a computer directions.

However, many areas of overlap exist in learning and perfecting these skills; these shared aspects of learning are the primary focus of this talk. (* And, yes, that’s the same ‘natural language’ as in ‘natural language processing.’)


Ch-47 Flight Simulator

Credit: Georgios Moumoulidis | Date Taken: 01/25/2017
U.S. Army maintenance technician Chief Warrant Officer 3 Adam M. Marshall, Instructor pilot Chief Warrant Officer 2 Stanley G. Yeadon with B - 1/214th and Chief Warrant Officer 4 Michael J. Maggio (instrument examiner) with HHC 1/3 conduct the annual CH-47 Flight Simulator training at the Flight Simulator in Illesheim to maintain aircrew operational proficiency and develop mission readiness skills. System provides aircrews the capability to practice ground operation, airfield takeoffs and landings, confined area landings, hovering, formation flight, instrument flight, emergency procedures and operation in a hostile tactical environment. (U.S. video by Moumoulidis Georgios, TSC Ansbach/Released).

Enlisting Prior Service Army

I made this video to try explaining some of the loops prior service army must clear to get back in.

Psbct reception pt 2

I got cut off! Part 2 of my experience at psbct at Ft Leonard Wood.

Sgt. Shaun Garvy

Scout Spotlight on Shaun Garvy, sergeant in the United States Marine Corps and instructor at the Scout Sniper School, Advanced Infantry Training Battalion, School of Infantry West.

Video by Cpl. Orrin G. Farmer

Pam Rich @ Chopra Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents

Pamela Rich, HHC & Chopra Certified Instructor shares about the launch of new programs focused on the Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents ~ how to raise healthy, happy, successful, mindful children!

First Cavalry Division (Airmobile) in Vietnam 1969 US Army; 1st Air Cavalry; The Big Picture TV-748

more at


The Big Picture episode TV-748

The Big Picture TV Series playlist:

Vietnam War playlist:

Public domain film from the National Archives, slightly cropped to remove uneven edges, with the aspect ratio corrected, and mild video noise reduction applied. The soundtrack was also processed with volume normalization, noise reduction, clipping reduction, and equalization.

...Vietnam (1st Air Cav)

The division next saw combat during the Vietnam War. No longer a conventional infantry unit, the division had become an air assault division as the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile), commonly referred to as the 1st Air Cavalry Division, using helicopters as troop carriers. In 1965 colors and subordinate unit designations of the 1st Cavalry Division were transferred from Korea to Ft. Benning, Georgia, where they were used to reflag the existing the 2nd Infantry Division and the 11th Air Assault Division (Test), which were merged into single unit with the designation of 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile). Concurrently, the colors and subordinate unit designations of the 2nd Infantry Division were transferred to Korea to reflag what had been the 1st Cavalry Division. Shortly thereafter, the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) began deploying to Camp Radcliffe, An Khe, Vietnam. The division, along with the 101st Airborne Division, perfected new tactics and doctrine for helicopter-borne assaults over the next five years in Vietnam. All aircraft carried insignia to indicate their battalion and company.

The Division was equipped with the M16 rifle, the UH-1 troop carrier helicopter, the AH-1 attack helicopter, and the CH-47 Chinook cargo helicopter.

The unit's first major operation was the Pleiku Campaign. During this action, the division conducted 35 days of continuous airmobile operations. The opening battle, the Battle of Ia Drang Valley, was described in the book We Were Soldiers Once...And Young which was also the basis of the subsequent Mel Gibson film We Were Soldiers. The unit also earned the first Presidential Unit Citation (US) presented to a division during the Vietnam War.

Most of 1967 was spent in Operation Pershing. This was a large scale search of areas in II Corps which saw 5,400 enemy killed and 2,000 captured. The division re-deployed to Camp Evans, north of Hue in the I Corps Tactical Zone, during the 1968 Tet Offensive, involved in recapturing Quang Tri and Hue. After intense fighting in Hue, the division then moved to relieve Marine Corps units besieged at the Khe Sanh combat base (Operation Pegasus) in March 1968. The 1st Cavalry Division next conducted major clearing operations in the A Shau Valley from mid-April through mid-May 1968. From May until September 1968 the division participated in local pacification and MedCap (Medical outreach programs to offer medical support to the Vietnamese local population) missions I Corps.

In the autumn of 1968, the 1st Cavalry Division relocated south to the III Corps Tactical Zone northwest of Saigon, adjacent to a Cambodian region commonly referred to as the Parrots Beak due to its shape. In May 1970, the division was among U.S. units participating in the Cambodian Incursion, withdrawing from Cambodia on 29 June. The division thereafter took a defensive posture while the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Vietnam continued. The bulk of the division was withdrawn on 29 April 1971, but its 3rd Brigade was one of the final two major U.S. ground combat units in Vietnam, departing 29 June 1972. Its 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry, as the main unit of Task Force Garryowen, remained another two months.

- Casualties in Vietnam

- 5,444 Killed in Action
- 26,592 Wounded in Action...

Paano Magdrive ng Manual Transmission

Stick-shift tutorial

3 2 weapons company habbaniyah tour U S Marines

The video my buddy made for our deployment to habbaniyah, iraq

ARMY OCS Day 68/84 VLOG ; Andersonville ; Senior Phase ; Closing out

Instagram: @kidthndr2
Snapchat : @klop95
If you need my email its on one of my videos or just ask.

Knocked off Bicycle then abused in Nottingham (Trent Bridge)

When will this sort of behaviour by Drivers become as unacceptable as Drink Driving is?

A simple change in Civil Law called 'Strict Liability' will be a step in the right direction - support the campaign if you agree.

I was riding my bike on one of my regular routes, doing all the right things (observations, indicating, taking the lane etc) when I was hit from behind by the car in the clip.

What happened after this shocked and disgusted me - I was injured and vulnerable and these people were threatening and abusing me (they never once asked how I was).

The Driver got sent on a course and the threatening female had a caution. The Police never gave me the impression they were working hard on this case - one officer even suggested the incident was my fault.

More vulnerable road users need better protection in our country - support Strict Liability now:


National Guard | Prior Service

You served your country, and yet something inside you wants to do more. Consider the National Guard to continue serving and protect closer to home.

Drill, AIT Platoon Sergeant competition

Check out action from Day 3 of the 2015 Drill Sergeant and AIT Platoon Sergeant of the Year competition at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Visit for more coverage and photos.



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