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The Biggest Questions: What Is Time? Profesor Julian barboiur in discussion with Tony Sobrado

This is taken from Tony Sobrado's Biggest Questions Podcast series

Listin to the full discussion here:

Time, its passing, its measurement and its experience is fundamental to our understanding of existence with regards to both the cosmos and the cognition possessed by our species. Without it, change, order, duration and concepts such as beginning and end would not be possible to conceive of let alone value. But what is time and how does it exist? Welcome to the bizarre world of time where philosophers and physicists comprehend time in a way that is almost completely divorced from our everyday intuitions of time. According to Einstein's Theory of Relativity there is no universal simultaneity; all time is relative and thus the past, present and future may all already be existing at once. Others perceive time as an illusion; and when we get down to the quantum level things do not get any clearer.

Julian Barbour is visiting Professor of Physics at the University of Oxford and author of The End of Time and The Discovery of Dynamics. In this fascinating discussion Barbour explains how the measuring and perception of time arises due to shape dynamics and their configurations.

BLACK WATER TEST (with fried chicken)



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Venous Thromboembolism

Prevention and care of VTE and pulmonary embolism.

Needs of Living Things

Learn that all organisms need the same things. Water, energy, living space and stable internal conditions. Some organisms are autotrophs and some are heterotrophs. All organisms maintain homeostasis.

5 Freaky Animal Robot Hybrids

5 freaky plant and animal creatures that are half robot and half alive...

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Dark5 presents the true real life science behind the new plant and animal robot hybrids that are being created as technology advances... including the RatCar (a car driven by the brain of a rat), monkeys who can control a motorized wheelchair with only their mind, synthetic life created with heart cells and wires of gold, a cyborg rose that can store power like a battery, alive and remote controlled locusts, and a dragonfly drone.

BSc Environmental and Earth System Science at UCC : A Student's Perspective with Fionnuala Joyce

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เก็บเห็ดผึ้งฝรั่ง สวีเดน กับแม่ขวัญในต่างแดน style kwan

เก็บเห็ดผึ้งฝรั่ง สวีเดน กับแม่ขวัญในต่างแดน style kwan

Building the World's Greatest Swing Set | Part 1

Part 2:
This wooden swing set is epic, it has everything, tub slide, monkey bars, a bridge, multiple levels and swings. This is not a complicated swing set to build but it does have a lot of parts. Build time for this wooden playset was roughly 30 hrs but would be less now that I have ironed out the issues in the original plans. Cost for everything, slides, swings and lumber included was $2300...cost will vary based on lumber cost in your areas.

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How to Best Manage Post-op Pain

Explore options for pain relief after surgery and for other short-term uses.

10 Great Jobs For Animal Lovers

10 Great Jobs For Animal Lovers

Median Salary: $68,996

Becoming a Veterinarian can be a very fulfilling career. Whether you are looking to start your own animal hospital, your own clinic, or work for a larger company, being a veterinarian is a very good way to secure a great income while also contributing to the overall health and safety of animals in your community.

# Wildlife Biologist
Median Salary: $50,477

Becoming a wildlife biologist can be a great endeavor for those who love both animals and science. Wildlife Biologists constantly are studying the environments of animals, their population, demographics, and more.
There are many wildlife biologists that have become famous and widely successful due to successful book publishings or TV shows, with Jeff Corwin, and Steve Irwin being just two examples.

# Groomer
Median Salary: $29,332

Becoming a groomer is a great way for those who love animals to spend more time with them everyday. While the salary isn’t the greatest when working for a bigger company, those who are tenacious and business minded could really find great financial success when they embark on starting their own dog grooming company.

# Dog Walker
Median Salary: $34,804

As well as being a dog groomer, being a dog walker is great for those who are looking to start their own business. There aren’t that many companies out there that are offering employment to dog walkers, but there are many potential clients out there waiting to have their dogs taken out by a professional.

# Fish & Game Warden
Median Salary: $40,103

For those who love the outdoors, being a fish & game warden could be a great career. Fish & game wardens are responsible for making sure that all of the poaching rules are being enforced.

# Zoologist
Median Salary: $45,000

Becoming a Zoologist is great for those who are looking to spend a lot of time directly with animals, or in study of those animals. Many Zoologists work in Zoos directly with zoo personnel, directing the care of the animals.

# Marine Biologist
Median Salary: $50,543

Marine Biology is the study of all living organisms in the earth’s bodies of water. Our oceans cover 70 percent of the earth’s surface, and the number of living organisms is three times more than that on our earths surface. This gives marine biologist a wide selection of options when it comes to their fields of work.

# Wildlife Photographer
Median Salary: $52,237

Becoming a Wildlife Photographer can be a very fulfilling career for those who are both into animals and photography. The life of a Wildlife Photographer is pretty uprooted however. Wildlife photographers must be willing to travel for months at a time and work very hard once they get there.

# Pet Sitter
Median Salary: $39,480

For those who love household pets, becoming a pet sitter can really be a rewarding job. There aren’t too many existing companies out there who are looking to hire pet sitters, so it usually an entrepreneurial endeavor when someone wants to become a pet sitter.

# Veterinary Technician
Median Salary: $30,000

Becoming a Veterinary Technician is a great career for those who want to help animals on a daily basis. To become a veterinary technician, one must complete a 2 year associates degree. The job market is continuing to grow for those who want to be Veterinary Technicians, so this truly is a good industry to go into.

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How and Why the Great Wall of China Was Really Built

The Great Wall of China was built 2,200 years ago out of military necessity: to combat the Mongolian ancestors of Genghis Khan. Its construction was a marvel of military engineering.

From: SECRETS: Great Wall of China

Listen: Cougars Are Terrified of Human Chatter | National Geographic

New video shows just how afraid of humans cougars really are.
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Researchers tested how feeding cougars reacted to recordings of human voices, including Rachel Maddow and Rush Limbaugh. While recordings of frogs elicited no flight response, the cougars frantically escaped as soon as the human voices were played. This could have important effects on predator-prey relationships. Habitat loss and fragmentation is rising, which leads to decreased feeding time as more people cross their paths. After hearing humans, cougars reduced their feeding time on kills by about half. This causes a 36% increase in their kill rates in areas with high human activity, which further increases the chance of encountering humans.

Click here to read Cougars Are Terrified of Human Chatter—And That's a Big Problem.

Footage Courtest: Santa Cruz Puma Project

Click here to read the study about cougars and human voices.

Click here to read more about the Santa Cruz Puma Project.

Listen: Cougars Are Terrified of Human Chatter | National Geographic

National Geographic

The Mysteries of Pluto - Documentary

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French Revolution - World History

Complete French Revolution in less than 30 minutes :)


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The Most Powerful Speech You Will Want To Hear. Thank You Mr. Chaplin

Please take the time to watch this video in it's entirety. It is amazing and will give you goose bumps!


Even now my voice is reaching millions throughout the world millions of despairing men woman and little children. Victims of a system that makes man torture and imprison innocent people for those who can hear me I say Do NOT DESPAIR...

The misery that is now upon us is by the passing of greed The bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress the hate of men who will pass and dictators die and the power they took from the people will return to the people as so long as men die liberty will never parish

Soldiers don't give yourself to brutes... men who despise you and slave you who regimen your lives tell you what to do what to think and what to feel who drill you, tire you, who treat you like cattle use you as canon powder don't give yourselves to these unnatural men machine men with machine minds and machines hearts you are not machines you are not kettle you are men you have the love of humanity in your hearts you don't hate only the unloved hate the unloved and the unnatural...


Hi everyone! You all have probably heard of Sherlock Holmes, the fictional character created by Arthur Conan Doyle. He is a brilliant private detective and there is no crime that he cannot solve. But what about you? Have you ever dreamed of becoming a detective? Of solving sinister crimes, based on barely noticeable leads? Of untangling a web of events, unrelated at first sight? Well, today we'll offer you the opportunity to get your brains out of neutral. Here are 5 criminal puzzles that will blow your mind. top 5 most smart list facts

2. Socratic Citizenship: Plato's Apology

Introduction to Political Philosophy (PLSC 114)

The lecture begins with an explanation of why Plato's Apology is the best introductory text to the study of political philosophy. The focus remains on the Apology as a symbol for the violation of free expression, with Socrates justifying his way of life as a philosopher and defending the utility of philosophy for political life.

00:00 - Chapter 1. Introduction: Plato, Apology
09:31 - Chapter 2. Political Context of the Dialogue
19:19 - Chapter 3. Accusations Leveled Against Socrates
27:51 - Chapter 4. Clouds: Debunking Socrates' New Model of Citizenship
33:31 - Chapter 5. The Famous Socratic Turn; Socrates' Second Sailing

Complete course materials are available at the Open Yale Courses website:

This course was recorded in Fall 2006.


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