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DevOps Redemption – Sumo Logic


DevOps Redemption - Sumo Logic

Are you struggling to keep up with customer issues? Do you want to get back to doing the stuff that got you into engineering in the first place? Do you want an analytics tool that actually makes your life better? So did Diana. Check out this video to hear her story.

Sumo Logic: The Machine Data Analytics Platform for Modern Applications

You've decided to run your business in the cloud to leverage all the benefits the cloud enables – speed to rapidly scale as your business grows; elasticity to handle the buying cycles of your customers; and the ability to offload the data center management headaches to someone else so you can focus your time, energy and innovation on building a great customer experience. So, when you need insights into your application to monitor, troubleshoot or learn more about your customers, why would you choose a solution that doesn't work the same way? Sumo Logic is a cloud-native, multi-tenant service that lets you monitor, troubleshoot, and secure your modern application with the same standards of scalability, elasticity and security you hold yourself to.


Introduction to Metrics in Sumo

This video highlights Sumo Logic metrics features, including metric sources, supported formats, ingestion, storage, and the metric query UI.

Sumo Logic Machine Data Analytics Platform

Learn about Sumo Logic's unified logs and metrics platform for modern applications.

You Build It, You Secure It: Introduction to DevSecOps | Sumo Logic & John Willis

In this webinar, DevOps and DevSecOps expert John Willis dives into how to implement DevSecOps, including:
- Why traditional DevOps has shifted and what this shift means
- How DevSecOps can change the game for your team
- Tips and tricks for getting DevSecOps started within your organization

Level 1 Certification: Sumo Logic QuickStart - Jun 2018

Get Certified as a Sumo Pro User!
Brand new to Sumo Logic? Get started with these 5 easy steps and get certified!
Learn the basics for how to search, parse and analyze the logs and metrics that are important to your organization. This session will guide you through running searches, simple parsing and basic analytics on your data. Learn how to convert your queries to charts and add them to Dashboards to help you visualize trends and easily identify anomalies. Lastly, learn how Alerts can help you stay on top of your critical events.

Working at Sumo Logic - May 2018

See Sumo Logic's Company Culture as rated by their employees on Comparably (May 2018). Sumo Logic's workplace culture scores are based on 129 ratings. Sumo Logic received the highest ratings from the Engineering Department (57/100) Sumo Logic's Diversity Score ranks them in the Bottom 40% of similar sized companies.

Learn about Sumo Logic's Culture Values:
Ask Sumo Logic Employees Questions:
See how Sumo Logic ranks vs. Competitors:

See different company cultures:
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Sumo Logic Explainer Animation

Troy Earle, Infrastructure Manager, Webjet - Sumo Logic Customer Testimonial

Troy Earle explains how Webjet relies on Sumo Logic to provide the best, dependable experience to their customers.

Security - Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic is a secure SaaS-based log management solution with a cloud-based architecture built to scale to meet the needs of the enterprise.

Customer Testimonials:

How Airtasker CTO gets value from Sumo Logic

Stephen Cottrell chats with Paul Keen, CTO of Airtasker about using Sumo Logic's log management, platform security and threat intelligence.

Sydney, Australia - 2017

Customer Insights: Concur

Donnell Baker, Site Reliability Engineering Manager from Concur Technologies

Life before sumo logic we had really no visibility into our content delivery network being able to troubleshoot a customer when they say hey your site is slow we weren't really able to see is that on their side is that on our side and so being able to provide some visibility into that has helped both us and our customers understand where the issues maybe life with sumo logic allows us to live troubleshoot with our customers we can dig down right away to see if it's something on their side on their network something on our side and then we can escalate with the right people after that point over the last year we've been able in performance cases we've been able to lessen the time by half I love sumo logic because it gives me visibility into what our customers are doing in their performance.



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