Fixing a faulty USB power supply

Fixing a faulty USB power supply.

A friend got this power supply from gearbest and it arrived faulty. He had no luck with their returns system or email, so asked if I wanted it to make a video about. So let's see if we can fix it.
I'm not sure how the back of the case is supposed to be attached, it came off quite easily and that may hint at a rough shipping experience.
Note that the LCD display just says 5V whatever the output voltage is, and it's just the current that changes.

If you want a set of the desoldering tubes then here's a general ebay com search link:-

Note that the rectifier on the secondary side appears to be an active rectifier type circuit that uses a dedicated chip and MOSFET to achieve rectification with very low voltage drop and heat.

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Samsung USB Charger Failure and Repair

In this video I'm examining and repairing my faulty USB phone charger (5V 1A switching power supply). It failed after 2 years of seldom use. I've drawn a partial schematic in the video. Full reverse engineered schematic of this charger is here:

Mains voltage is dangerous! Risk of electric shock and death. Risk of fire. Leave repairs to professionals. You do everything at your own risk. This video is not an instruction (this is just my vlog).

Teardown and fix of 5V 500mAh USB power adapter

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Teardown and fix of a no-name power adapter that has failed because of bad design and poor construction.

Video is a lot longer than I intended to make it.

How to Repair Usb Cable(100% fix)

Quick, easy fix for your favorite, loose mini micro USB cable. Save money and repair vs. replace. Hope this is helpful - Subscribe!!!

This video will show you how to fix your broken USB cables in only 2 minutes,

Don't waste your money on buying a new USB cable, iPod cable, or Phone charger! Fix it yourself today!

Please watch: How To Make USB LED Lamp (Homemade) (100% working)


12V Power Supply Repair

A defective 12V power supply is opened, examined and repaired.

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Fix Loose Micro Mini USB - 3 Minute Repair - DIY

Quick, easy fix for your favorite, loose mini micro USB cable. Save money and repair vs. replace. Hope this is helpful - Subscribe!!!

How to replace a micro USB head

I go through a lot of micro USB power cords for my smart phones and my children's tablets. A high-quality USB cord that you can reliably get good current going through and charge these devices cost a minimum of $8 to $15. I've gambled with a lot of USB cords that I bought from China but they have problems with weak current flow or the heads break down just as fast. I decided to save some money by buying 10 heads for a dollar and replacing only the red and black wires which allow it to charge properly. I left out the data wires because I don't need data transfer and it's very hard to solder these small pieces. You'll have to solder the data wires if it has a fast charger. Just make sure that the red wire is on the first of the flat side and the black wires on the last. I just put a little bit of hot glue where the wire comes out because it makes it a little more sturdy.

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micro usb port repair without hot air

this is an alternative way for beginners in electronics who don't own a hot air station and can't afford an authorized service's repair (first trial only on a useless device)

Fix and Repair Broken Laptop Power Cord || Charger pin

Repairing DC JACK (Pin) of your laptop charger if the cable is not proper....

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Fix For No USB Power On Flight Controller

If the flight controller will power with a 5v power source from a Li-Po battery but not the USB, chances are a diode is fried. Here is how to replace a diode.

I cant speak for every flight controller but the diode I used on this one is a BAT54C.

BAT54C diodes -

Tools I use for repairs
Hot air gun -
Flux paste -
Solder paste -
Solder wick -
Helping hand -
Flux cleaner -

Hot air gun -
Flux paste -
Solder paste -
Solder wick -
Helping hand -

Hot air gun -
Flux paste -
Solder paste -
Solder wick -
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How To Fix Broken Loose Micro Usb Port Cable So They Will Charge Your Phone Tutorial 2017

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How to replace any broken power supply (AC Adapter) with a USB Cable. LIFE HACK

Power anything off of a USB port.

In this video I show how to replace a broken power supply (AC Adapter) and convert it with a USB cable to provide your device with power. By far the most inexpensive and easiest method available.

You will usually get at most between 9 and 12 volts from a typical USB cord FYI. If that's what your device needs then you are good to go!



PC not booting up or turning on? is the computer dead? well in this video we will go through some basic steps you can take to try and fix your computer. No computer problem is the same and to a non-tech savvy person fixing or repair a computer can be a bit daunting.

Just follow these basic steps and you should be able to diagnose your own computer problem. There are many reasons why a PC won't won't turn on but it you follow this video you should have a working computer or found a solution to the computer problem that you're having.

First off keep it simple and cheap.

1. Check for burning smell inside the computer or PSU (power supply) and check for any blown caps.
2. Do you have any spinning fans? or attempting to spin?
3. Do you have any lights on the motherboard? or any activity from the computer?
4. Check for any loose cables or components and make sure they are fully inserted. (make sure you are getting power to the motherboard.)
5. Try removing the CMOS battery for 30 mins and then put it back in. Or replace the CMOS battery with a new RC2032 battery. You can also remove the power cable and CMOS battery and hold the power button on to deplete the power from the computer. Hold for 30 seconds)
6. Check the power cable on another computer or better still if you have another cable try that on the dead computer. Replace if faulty.
7. Any beeping sounds coming from the computer?
8. Remove any unnecessary cable like CDROM drive and try and power on the computer.
9. Check the power button or bypass the power button on the PC case.
10. Check PSU with power supply test if you don't want to buy a new one right away. If you have a spare PSU use that for testing. Replace PSU if needed. (You can jumper the green and black wires with a paper clip to see if it powers on.)
11. Check ram sticks one at a time and see if it boots or turns on.
12. If you have a black screen and the computer is on it could be a GPU graphics card issue.
13. CPU or Motherboard issue. how do you which one it is? well unless you have a test bench setup with that socket motherboard to test the CPU you will never know. Most of the time it's the motherboard that's failed. But at this stage, you need to decide to buy or build a new computer or replace the motherboard to test the CPU. I know when you brought your £1500 or $2000 computer 8 years ago you think it's still worth that today but it's not worth £100 today. Time to make some decisions on what you want to do.

Remember testing a dead computer yourself can be a costly venture and a computer tech should have all the right tools and parts to save you money in the long run.

I am sure I have missed some bits out but it's hard to think of them when your filming.

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How to replace the micro USB port on a cheap Chinese tablet

It was this or throw it away...

Fixing Charging Issues With MicroUSB


This is my original Nexus 7, which hasn't worked for quite some time. Finally decided to muck with it, and found a simple solution to a loose female end MicroUSB.

[How TO] Replace Mini USB port (Type Mini B to Micro B)

You dont need old Usb-Mini B cables anymore, just replace the receptacle from your device with the usual Micro B.

Micro USB port repair without Hot Air.

Blue Yeti USB Jack Repair - Fix for no Power Symptom

This video explains how to fix a Blue Yeti microphone that has a broken USB jack and no power. It requires soldering skills.

In this video, I solder a USB cable directly to the board. You could instead replace the jack with one like this:

I opted to use a cable because I wanted something more permanent as I won't be moving this mic often.

USB Hub Fix

This is a simple fix for people having problems with the 7 port usb hub, the problems are mainly power source fighting when connected with the external power supply, also I have pc's that will not boot while the hub is plugged into power as well strange power supply errors on my laptop when shut done & hub is left connected & plugged into AC

This fix will make a special isolated cable that stops the draw & feedback of power to the PC, when using this cable the hub must remain powered by the AC adapter or it will not work.

How to fix micro mini USB phone cable charger

If you have issues with a micro or mini usb cable here are 3 reasons why it might be happening and ways to fix it.

JBL Flip 3 Teardown and USB Repair

A teardown and repair of the JBL Flip 3 portable bluetooth speaker.

I repair a broken USB charging plug and show you how!

The USB socket I used was from ebay. Just search for 'micro USB 4 vertical legs' and you'll see the parts.

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