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Flat Fenders in Moab


Willys Flat Fenders More Hell's Revenge Moab

2017 Easter Jeep Safari

For more cool footage, check out the YouTube channels of:
Stan Fuller

Willys Jeeps on Tilt-A-Whirl - Flat Iron Mesa - Moab

A group of flat fenders on Flat Iron Mesa during the Friday Flat Fender Fun Run - 2017 Easter Jeep Safari

Willys Flat Fenders on Fins and Things Moab

Willys Flat Fenders on Fins and Things

WIllys Flatfenders on Kane Creek - Moab

Grandpa's Jeep and BAM BAM at it again. This time its Kane Creek Canyon in Moab during 2017 Easter Jeep Safari

Willys Flat Fenders on Hell's Revenge

Three Willys flat fenders do Hell's Gate at 2016 Easter jeep Safari Moab Utah.

Easter Jeep Safari 2017 Flat Fender Fun Run

This is of the flat fender fun run at ESJ 2017 lots of great flat Fenders and great people.

Willys Flat Fenders on Iron Chest

A group of Willys jeeps tackle Iron Chest at the 2016 Fall Colors Tour

Willys Flat Fenders @ Badlands Off-road Park

BAM BAM and Plumb Crazy having fun at Badlands Off-road Park in Attica, IN

Flat Fenders At Rausch Creek

Three Willys jeeps do blue and black trails at Rausch Creek

Working on Flat Out for Moab

A time lapse video of today's effort. Three steps forward and only two back...not too bad! The new Flex-a-lite custom aluminum radiator for the 1946 Flatfender Jeep fit perfectly, and we'll be able to fit the 16-inch Flex-a-lite electric fan. The power steering didn't go so well, with the new pump leaking. The aluminum pulley seized on the shaft of the pump, so we had to cut it off. Now we need a new pump and and a new pulley. The countdown to Moab continues!

Flat Fenders on Poison spider. moab EJS 2017

Bam Bam joins in with the Red Rock crew on a ride up Poison Spider Mesa during the Moab Easter Jeep Safari 2017.

Easter Jeep Safari 2016 flat fender on Wipeout hill

Some of the flat fender from the flat Fender Fun Run climbing Moab's Wipeout Hill during Easter Jeep Safari 2016.

The Flat Fender Run

Check out our adventure on the 2016 Flat Fender Run in Moab, Utah during the 50th annual Easter Jeep Safari!

Willys Flatfenders On Moab Rim - Z Turn

A group of Flattys on Moab Rim Z-Turn and Devil's Crack. Easter Jeep Safari 2017

For more cool Willys footage, go to the YouTube channels of
Stan Fuller

BAM BAM on Wipeout Hill Moab

2016 EJS Flat Fender Fun Run Moab Utah

Willys Jeeps - Gold Bar Rim and Golden Spike Moab

EJS 2016 Flat Fender Fun Run

Rick In a loaner EJS 2016

Grandpa's Jeep on Wipeout Hill Moab

Grampa's Jeep going up Wipeout Hill at Moab, Utah during the Friday Flat Fender Fun Run, Easter Jeep Safari 2016.

Flat Fenders in the Black Hills

A group of flat fender Willys and friends get together to go wheeling in the Black Hills

Friday FFFR 2017

Video from GoPro on Grampa's Jeep during the Friday Friendly Flat Fender Fun Run at Easter Jeep Safari in Moab Utah on The Flat Iron Mesa Trail.



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