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JIMS Rohini Mock GDPI - MBA/PGDM Admissions 2016 - JIMS News

JIMS Rohini News - PGDM Programme is renowned for its extensive and in depth coverage of core and specialized courses, creating innovation and entrepreneurial qualities. The Programme is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Ministry of HRD, Government of India and accredited from National Board of Accreditation (NBA) for excellence in quality education. PGDM has also been granted equivalence to MBA degree by Association of Indian Universities (AIU).

Garlic Jim's Famous Gourmet Pizza - Dough Slapping Instructional Video

How to properly slap a dough ball.

Goodz vs D.I. Da Hennyman | Hosted by Nunu Nellz vs Jay Blac | Do Or Die Battle League

This Battle Had To Be ReUploaded..We Apologize To All That Commented And Shared..It Stood At Over 52,000 Views In Only 2 Days Before It Was Deleted..Please Help Us Get Those Numbers Back Up..#Henny😎

Top 6 Benefits of Jim's TradeNet

Top 6 Benefits of Jim's TradeNet

TradeNet operates as a ‘trade exchange’ and has transformed traditional trade into a modern business tool. Accessible online TradeNet has created a flexible, secure and fully accountable way for businesses to-trade their goods and services with other businesses in the directory.

TradeNet facilitates the transaction between members. When you trade your goods or services, you are creating a sale and effectively buying at your own cost of goods.

To put it simply, if a business owner had a choice to pay for an expense for $2,000 he is much better off providing revenue generated from his business than paying the $2,000 in cash.

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What Brings You to Jims Bagel H264

We asked Cape Ann's most discerning bagel and donut fans why they come to Jim's

Introduction to Jim's TradeNet

Video introduction to Jim’s TradeNet with Jim Penman the Founder and CEO of the Jim’s Group.

Sign up today to explore our business directory and see what our system can do for your business, it could be the best thing you ever do for your business.
Jim’s TradeNet is a business community with its own currency. It is based on a trade exchange platform that not only transforms traditional trade (barter) into a modern business tool but also enables members to transact in a broad, flexible, and secure portal to trade their goods and services.

Jim’s TradeNet is an online business community where members exchange goods and services for a virtual currency called Trade Dollars (T$).

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Virtual Currency – TradeNet Dollars

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Approved businesses get a free overdraft

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Video Transcript -

“Hi I’m Jim Penman and I’m here to tell you about Jim’s TradeNet
Which is a way of paying for your expenses with new business rather than cash.

Here’s how it works.
Suppose you have $2000 in the bank and expenses of $1000 dollars coming up, you can either pay with cash leaving $1000 dollars in the bank or choose TradeNet members as suppliers for those expenses. Which means you don’t need to find the cash to pay for them. Instead you owe $1000 worth of your own product or service which you supply to the new customers you pick up from TradeNet. If for example your wholesale cost is 30 cents in the dollar you’d be left with $1700 in the bank instead of $1000.
We keep track of the debits and credits in the network using a virtual currency called TradeNet Dollars when you buy and sell using TradeNet Dollars they have same value as cash. You use an online TradeNet account to securely transfer TradeNet Dollars with monthly statements available showing all transactions.
Our Live Directory helps you to find suppliers and also gives you the power to search for new customers that need your product or service. You are in complete control of how much your business uses the system. Let me tell you why, our directory is live and up to date each business sets a maximum level for the Trade Dollars they can accumulate, once that ceiling is hit they automatically drop from the directory.

We also ask traders to rate those they deal with, similar to eBay. If you receive poor service or get charged more than the cash price you mark them down, it’s a real incentive for great service and it makes TradeNet Dollars easy to spend with quality businesses.
Approved business get a free overdraft with no fees and zero interest, save your cash and spend Trade Dollars now and repay the loan with extra business you pick up, how’s that for a deal?
It’s fully online, with low cost, there is no fee to join and a maximum of 5% of sales when paid on time.
Plus you can earn money by signing up other businesses and helping them to trade.
Jim’s Group is the biggest franchise group in Australia and we achieved that by a relentless focus on customer service. If you don’t receive this same service you can email me direct on Jim@jims.net
So if you offer great service and want to grow your business join TradeNet now, give us a try. It could be the best move you ever make for your business.”

148 JIM AND EVA SHOCKEY - Off Camera, Outdoor Writing, 88 Death Threats in 24 Hours, and the...

Jim Shockey, now 58 years young, has made a career of hunting for over 30 years now. Most would say he is one of most recognized and influential hunters of our time. Eva, his daughter, now 28 years old, has been following in Jim's footsteps but is, arguably, more recognized than Jim considering the number of Eva's social media followers. Eva has now entered into a new phase of her hunting career and life as she has broken away from the nest. Jim's start was far more humble than you might think- hunting was a means to food on the table, nothing more, and his deer camp as a child was a mobile home park he called home. Jim and Eva have a great camaraderie and cantor and we hear it all as we discuss their life journey.


Eurohanger -

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Scent Companies Join Fight Against CWD Vermont Deer Herd to be Largest Since 2007 Researchers find New Bacteria that Transfers Lyme Disease Oklahoma Legalizes Suppressor Use on Public Land HERE'S WHAT WE DISCUSS IN THIS SHOW:

How Did Jim Get His Start?  Hunting Bugs Hunting is More than How To $42, Getting Paid to Talk and Write, a Comedy Column Ace Hadler - Pen de Plume Is Your Dad a Funny Guy?  His Writing Was Good Young Bucks in Rut, Underwear as a Boat Tarp The Duke of Kinade and Trailer Parks Family Support, But It was Never Financial An Easy Path for Eva? It's Still Hard Work Who Handed You These Questions? Girls and Dance Class And Underwear Model and Tim the Hockey Player Into the Layer and Tim's Not Listening Is That How It Went Down? Jim Cried but Denied No Moose= No Food Dad Told Me How To Shoot, My Kids are Great Shots Paranoid about Missing a Shot and Pushing Bush Is He Paying You? Junk Food Sugar Freak Never Buying Meat, Better to Know Your Animal The Keyboard Fanatic Anti-Hunters 88 Death Threats in 24 Hours and the Media Hunting is the ONLY Conservation that Will Save Animals A Pescatarian and Elk Meat SCI Become a Member of Something Share You Hunting Experience Most Memorable Whitetail Hunt Capturing a Moment in Time on Video 10 Rapid Fire Questions Our APP: 

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The Trapper Satchel by Bexar Goods of San Antonio Texas.

A review of the Trapper Satchel by Bexar Goods!

Margin vs Markup - 3 Things You Should Know

Discover 3 things you should know about Margin versus Markup. Jim Wilkinson, President and Founder of The Strategic CFO ( , discusses some of the nuances of understanding Markup vs Margin. See Also the entire article on WikiCFO.com at

Jim's Organic Food Health Journey

Your Health Source delivers organic food every two weeks, year round, guaranteed.

Happy to supply your family with organic fruits, vegetables, dry goods, meat and dairy and most importantly, inspiration for you and yours on your health journey.

Get your organic food delivered today throughout Texas and Oklahoma.

The Tailor and The Dressmaker Epi. 28---Gameshow! How Much Do We Charge Clients for Custom Sewing???

Knowing what to charge clients for custom sewn garments is one of the BIGGEST challenges! Well in this episode Victoria and Gentleman Jim tackle the topic in a fun way by playing the game Guess the Price! Each take turns guessing what the other charges for some of their showcased custom garments. You as the viewer get to get in on the fun and guess too! Let's see how good you are at determining prices and the reasons behind them. This show will inspire you to think and create pricing that values your skills and talents and is fair to your client. If you need further help with pricing consider our Course How to Price your Sewing Right found here You can pre-order to get our low introductory price!!!


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