Learn how to improve the appearance of atrophic scars with the beautyTeck

Learn how to improve the appearance of atrophic scars with the beautyTeck

Learn how to improve the appearance of depressed scars by using AC Electrical Arcing, BeautyTeck

AC Voltaic Arc for atrophic scar attenuation, BeautyTeck

This technique utilises low power electrofulguration to cause skin tightening at the border of the atrophic scar.

Atrophic scar attenuation, BeautyTeck

Both AC and DC Voltaic arc are used for skin tightening in aesthetics. In this video you can see how an AC voltaic arc is applied around the atrphic scar for Scar attenuation.

Atrophic scar attenuation treatment using plasma, the BeautyTeck.

An example of atrophic scar attenuation treatment using Voltaic Plasma. The technique used is spray operation, for more details about how to perform this aesthetic procedure please visit:

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How to treat atrophic scars in practice.

Atrophic Scars

This is a case of atrophic scar which is formed in those body parts where there is maximum fat and muscle. This forms a pit in the area. Scars are formed in the body as a part of fibrosis in wound healing.

Depressed or Atrophic Scars

Atrophic (depressed) scars are commonly caused by acne on the face. It is a depression below the normal skin level. There are several types: ice pick, rolling, and box car.
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Part III: Atrophic- and acne scars and Stretch marks before after treatment

Hur kan man reducera acneärr eller ta bort acneärr i ansiktet eller på kroppen?
Vilka metoder som används för att ta reducera acneärr eller få bort acneärr beror på vilken typ av acneärr det är. Det finns flera typer av acneärr: atrofiska, hypertrofiska och keloider. Atrofiska acneärr framträder oftast gropar i ansiktet eller på kroppen. Beroende på utseende, delas atrofiska acneärr in i ice pick ärr, boxcar ärr och rolling ärr. Acneärr uppstår i de delar av kroppen som är rika på talgkörtlar. Oftast uppkommer acneärr i ansikte, på bröst, rygg och axlar.
Olika typer av atrofiska ärr svarar olika beroende behandlingsmetoder. Det finns ingen universell metod för att ta bort acneärr. Varje ärr kräver ett individuellt förhållningssätt. Ice pick acneärr kräver microneedling/dermaroller eller cross TCA-peeling med högkoncentrerad triklorättiksyra. Den typen av acneärr reagerar inte på insprutning av fillers såsom exempelvis Juvederm, Restylane eller liknande. Acneärr subcision är inte tillämplig för ice pick ärr. Subcision är däremot lämplig behandling för rolling acneärr (rund ärr).
Borttagning av acneärr med laser och microneedling / dermaroller används för boxcar ärr. Den typen av acneärr reagerar också bra på behandling med microdermabrasion. Man kan inte ta bort acneärr med laser eller microneedling / dermaroller om acneärren är keloid.

This video shows the results of patient before and after treatment with acne scars and other atrophic scars and removal stretch marks. Do not forget to subscribe and like
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scar attenuation BeautyTeck

Types Of Scars And How To Reduce Them

Do you have scars?

There are many different types of scars, in this week's video I explain each type, how they happen and how to help repair and reduce their appearance.

Scar types include: flat, hypertrophic, keloid, sunken, pitted and contractures.

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Voltaic Arc for moderate for atrophic scar attenuation

AC Voltaic arc used for atrphic scar attenuation.

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Atrophic scar attenuation using skin tightening, BeautyTeck

Microdermabrasion of atrophic scar. Микродермабразия атрофического рубца

Behandling av ärr och acneärr.
Microdermabrasion – skin polishing of the scar localization with aluminum oxide microcrystals (Al2O3).
Aluminum sand is applied onto the skin surface by means of negative pressure and, knocking the particles out of the problem zone, aluminum sand is sucked into another container. Vacuum enables to elevate the scar bottom. To archive tangible results, 3-5 procedures are required with a 3-4 week interval.
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Cryoablation of atrophic scars. Криошлифовка атрофического рубца

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Correction Acne Scars with PLEXR

Correction of post-acne and other scars with Plexr

With plasma, tissues “sublimate” (direct passage from the solid to the gaseous state of matter), avoiding unnecessary heating in the surrounding or underlying tissues of the area to be treated.

How to use the beautyTeck

LEarn the basics of AC electrical arcing

How to improve your scar

There are many techniques and ways to improve scars. Learn about the various options for scar removal in this video.

Filmato VASQ shots Atrophic scars

Learn how to remove brown spots and age spots using Electrical arcing, BeautyTeck.

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