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Professor Blastoff - Couldn't Think Top Shelf Thoughts

On the Literary Death Match episode of Professor Blastoff, the gang stumbles upon a fun new game.

Kyle Dunnigan Fart Story

1:22:00 in the Kyle episode (one of my favorites)

The Best Medicine Show 4-2-13

David Huntsberger from the Professor Blastoff podcast talks about his Monsanto conspiracy theory. A listener complains about her neighbor sunbathing - guess who's side the guys are on? And another person complains about a barking dogs which has the guys discussing murder!
- Captured Live on Ustream at

Magic Kyle XXS

This is what 143 pounds of shredded mass looks like.

Episode 1: Blastoff

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Professor Blastoff (I Tip My Hat) -by Andrea Marchant

Well, I wrote a silly and sincere song about my favorite podcast, Professor Blastoff! Check out the hilarious podcast at: or

Body Rap

A typography video done to a clip of Kyle Dunnigan's Body Rap from the podcast Professor Blastoff.

Professor Blastoff - 160 - Mother Meditation

Professor Blastoff - 160 - Mother Meditation

Infinity In Space

Episode Notes: The podcast featured in the video was a great episode of Professor Blastoff with guest Sarah Silverman,

The lyrics at the end of the video are from the Cassino song The Rose of Lee,

Morbot Ringtone Demo

Morbot Ringtone by KraftyKaela (
Sampled from Episode #129 of the Professor Blastoff Podcast

Download the Ringtone Here!


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