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Razer Project Linda hands-on


Razer Project Linda Hands-on: This is awesome!

So if you ask me what's the coolest thing I've seen so far at CES 2018,.. You're looking at it. Yeah I know it's kind of early for that claim, but what you're seeing is not a laptop. Nooo, it's something else entirely. This is Jaime Rivera and Jules Wang with Pocketnow, and let's talk about Razer's Project Linda.

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Razer's Project Linda hands-on at CES 2018

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Razer Project: Linda hands-on review

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Razer Project Linda hands-on

Live from CES 2018, John V takes a hands-on look at Razer's Project Linda concept.

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Razer Project Linda hands-on from CES 2018

Project Linda is the best version of your phone is also your laptop that we've ever seen. It might even be good enough to actually work.

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Razer Project Linda Turns Your Phone Into A Laptop

What if your smartphone could become a computer? It’s a question Motorola, Microsoft, HP, Samsung and Huawei have all tried to answer – and now Razer’s getting in on the fun. From CES 2018 in Las Vegas I’m MrMobile and this is a quick look at Project Linda: the latest laptop whose heartbeat comes from a smartphone.


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MrMobile's Razer Project Linda hands-on was produced following one hour with a pre-production Razer Project Linda review prototype during a press briefing at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. As voiceover was recorded on-site, audio quality may differ from the standard MrMobile video.


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Razer's PHONE LAPTOP Hybrid - Project Linda! Hands On!

I had the pleasure of checking out Razer's phone laptop hybrid. It seems much better executed than the previous phone laptop hybrid systems I have seen in the past. Can't wait to find out what they are going to do with it!! Makes buying the Razer phone all the more tempting.

Razer Project Linda - My Favorite Tech of CES 2018

Razer's Project Linda concept was my favorite tech item I saw at CES 2018. It's a laptop hybrid design powered by the Razer phone which is running Android.

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RAZER Project Linda Hands On

RAZER Project Linda Hands On by FoneArena. takes a hands on look at the RAZER Project Linda Laptop dock for Razer Android smartphone.

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Razer Project Linda turns your phone into a laptop

Razer's Project Linda prototype can convert a Razer Phone into a trackpad / second screen while letting users run games and apps on a larger screen with a full mouse and keyboard. Unfortunately, it’s just a prototype so its still up in the air as to whether or not Razer will ever release it for real. Circuit Breaker repoter Chaim Gartenberg got a first look at the hardware at CES 2018. Subscribe:

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Razer Project linda - Turns Your Smartphone Into A Laptop - 2018

Razer Project linda - Turns Your Smartphone Into A Laptop - 2018

At CES 2018, Razer's unusual concept revolves around its existing Razer Phone in the form of Project Linda, a laptop enclosure that uses the Razer phone as the brain and, surprisingly, the speakers for a productivity play.

I had the chance to go hands-on with the Razer Project Linda for a brief period at CES 2018, so this isn't a full review. In any case, Razer hasn't announced any plans to offer the Razer Phone here in Australia, let alone actually commercialise Linda. The concept could change prior to retail availability, but here are my early thoughts.

The 13.3” Quad HD touchscreen extends the 120Hz experience available on the Razer Phone to a larger display, providing fluid motion and vibrant visuals. The 13.3” touch display of the laptop is ideal for gaming, entertainment, and creativity, or for multiple apps to run side by side. The 5.7” touchscreen of the Razer Phone can function as a touchpad, or as an interactive second touch display for custom interfaces or additional apps.

Enjoy the comfort and precision of a backlit laptop keyboard, powered by Razer Chroma. Ideal for both quick text entries and lengthy typing sessions, and complete with custom Android keys for navigation, app selection, searching, and more.
Project Linda features a built-in power bank that quickly charges the Razer Phone while docked. Also, with 200GB of internal storage, Project Linda can house local apps, games, media, and offline phone backups.

Crafted from CNC aluminum, the durable 0.59-inch thin laptop is ready for the road. The Razer Phone docks easily into Project Linda and connects with a simple key press, seamlessly integrating the devices. Immersive audio is delivered through the front-firing speakers of the Razer Phone or enjoyed with a set of headphones connected to the 3.5mm jack.

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Razer Project Linda Turns Your Phone Into A 13-Inch Laptop

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Razer Project Linda: hands-on! | CES 2018

Qui al CES 2018 di Las Vegas abbiamo avuto modo di mettere mano al nuovo progetto di Razer chiamato Project Linda. Ecco come funziona il device ibrido (smartphone oppure PC?)

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Razer Project Linda - Why so much HYPE?!

It's a phone, that can transform into a laptop quite effortlessly. Razer's Project Linda is another step in a series of hybrid laptop/phones. I was fortunate enough, to have some friends over at CES 2018 in Las Vegas and they provided me with some hands-on footage of the beast!

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Razer Project Linda im Hands-on

Razer enthüllt auf der CES 2018 in Las Vegas das Project Linda: Ein Laptop-Smartphone-Hybrid-Konzept auf Android-Basis. Mitten drin, das Razer Phone. Das haben wir uns genauer angeschaut.


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Project Linda: The Best Reason to Get a Razer Phone

You need to check out Razer's Project Linda, which beautifully turns the Razer Phone into a laptop. Read more:

Stay tuned for more CES 2018 coverage!

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CES 2018: Razer Project Linda Hands On - Deutsch / German ►►

Razer stellt auf der CES eine spannende Dockingstation für sein Gaming Phone vor.

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Razer Project Linda: Your Razer Phone Is The Brain Of Your Laptop!

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David goes hands on with Razer's newest concept project. Would you buy something like this?

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Razer Project Linda hands-on at #CES2018

Razer Project Linda hands-on at #CES2018.

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Project Linda = Razer Phone + Laptop!

Project Linda is the the morphing of the Razer Phone into an Android Powered laptop with a lot of features packed in.

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