Razer Project Linda hands-on

Razer Project Linda Hands-on: This is awesome!

So if you ask me what's the coolest thing I've seen so far at CES 2018,.. You're looking at it. Yeah I know it's kind of early for that claim, but what you're seeing is not a laptop. Nooo, it's something else entirely. This is Jaime Rivera and Jules Wang with Pocketnow, and let's talk about Razer's Project Linda.

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Razer Project Linda hands-on

Live from CES 2018, John V takes a hands-on look at Razer's Project Linda concept.

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Razer Project: Linda hands-on review

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Razer's Project Linda hands-on at CES 2018

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Razer Project Linda hands-on from CES 2018

Project Linda is the best version of your phone is also your laptop that we've ever seen. It might even be good enough to actually work.

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Razer's PHONE LAPTOP Hybrid - Project Linda! Hands On!

I had the pleasure of checking out Razer's phone laptop hybrid. It seems much better executed than the previous phone laptop hybrid systems I have seen in the past. Can't wait to find out what they are going to do with it!! Makes buying the Razer phone all the more tempting.

Razer Project Linda Turns Your Phone Into A Laptop

What if your smartphone could become a computer? It’s a question Motorola, Microsoft, HP, Samsung and Huawei have all tried to answer – and now Razer’s getting in on the fun. From CES 2018 in Las Vegas I’m MrMobile and this is a quick look at Project Linda: the latest laptop whose heartbeat comes from a smartphone.


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MrMobile's Razer Project Linda hands-on was produced following one hour with a pre-production Razer Project Linda review prototype during a press briefing at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. As voiceover was recorded on-site, audio quality may differ from the standard MrMobile video.


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CES 2018: Razer Project Linda Hands On - Deutsch / German ►► notebooksbilliger.de

Razer stellt auf der CES eine spannende Dockingstation für sein Gaming Phone vor.

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Razer Project Linda im Hands-on

Razer enthüllt auf der CES 2018 in Las Vegas das Project Linda: Ein Laptop-Smartphone-Hybrid-Konzept auf Android-Basis. Mitten drin, das Razer Phone. Das haben wir uns genauer angeschaut.


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Razer Project Linda hands-on at #CES2018

Razer Project Linda hands-on at #CES2018.

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Razer Project Linda: hands-on! | CES 2018

Qui al CES 2018 di Las Vegas abbiamo avuto modo di mettere mano al nuovo progetto di Razer chiamato Project Linda. Ecco come funziona il device ibrido (smartphone oppure PC?)

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Razer Project Linda: Smartphone wird zum Laptop (deutsch HD)

Project Linda: Razer vereint Handy und Laptop. Hands-On zum Smartphone-Laptop-Hybrid-Konzept von Razer. Smartphone Übersicht bei 1und1:

Die Verbindung zwischen Laptop und Smartphone wird von Razer auf ein neues Level gehoben. Optisch sieht das Project Linda wie ein ultra flaches Notebook aus. Der Trick ist aber, dass das Project Linda außer einer 200GB Festplatte und einem großen Akku über keinerlei Hardware verfügt, diese wird vom Razer Phone beigesteuert. Es lässt sich an die Stelle einclippen, wo bei einem normalen Notebook das Touchpad sitzt. So wird das Smartphone Teil einer mobilen Arbeits- und Gamingstation.

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Razer Project Linda - Why so much HYPE?!

It's a phone, that can transform into a laptop quite effortlessly. Razer's Project Linda is another step in a series of hybrid laptop/phones. I was fortunate enough, to have some friends over at CES 2018 in Las Vegas and they provided me with some hands-on footage of the beast!

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Razer Project Linda: Your Razer Phone Is The Brain Of Your Laptop!

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David goes hands on with Razer's newest concept project. Would you buy something like this?

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Testing Razer's Project Linda, the laptop dock for your Razer Phone

Another CES, another Razer Prototype. Unlike last years three-screened laptop Project Valerie, Razer's Project Linda is something that might actually make it to market. Project Linda is a dock for your Razer Phone in the form of a laptop. In this hands on video Gordon Mah Ung and Adam Patrick Murray give Project Linda a spin.

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CES 2018 Razer Phone Laptop Hands On

It's not often that you see more than just a plain old HDMI dock for a phone, but Razer is here to show off a brand new laptop that you can dock the Razer Phone in, and it completely changes the experience once you do. Splitting the user interface between laptop and phone, the 120Hz screens of both the Razer Phone and the Project Linda laptop sync up with one another, and the Razer Phone becomes the trackpad of the future.

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Project Linda Razer laptop review | Project Linda Razer laptop first look @ CES 2018

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Project Linda Razer laptop review | Project Linda Razer laptop first look @ CES 2018

Project Linda = Razer Phone + Laptop!

Project Linda is the the morphing of the Razer Phone into an Android Powered laptop with a lot of features packed in.

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Razer Project Linda hands-on: An ambitious concept that remains unconvincing

I'm sure that you've heard all about Razer's Project Linda, which has caught the attention of many media outlets here at CES. David and I dropped by Razer's booth to take a look at the concept, and while the wide-eyed technology enthusiast in me thought it was super neat, my pragmatic side remained unconvinced.

In case you haven't heard about this device, let me fill you in briefly. Basically, Razer took the chassis of its Blade Stealth ultrabook, removed most of the internals, and replaced the trackpad with a slot for the company's phone. The laptop locks in the device with a simple, yet effective mechanism and then the phone's screen is mirrored to the 13 display while also acting as the trackpad.

Frankly, I like the idea of Project Linda, but if Razer (for some odd reason) actually brought this to market, there's a very long way to go. The software is especially funky. Android does not do well with multiple displays, so Razer worked with Sentio to create a workaround. Basically what we saw was a heavily-modified custom launcher that hides the status bar and simulates a desktop and taskbar on the screen.

Razer actually did a pretty good job of accounting for various circumstances. The top left three keys (i.e. Esc, F1, and F2) were replaced with Back, Home, and Recents, respectively. Near the phone dock, Razer included an antenna booster to address possible cell signal issues. The battery from the Blade Stealth remained, which powers the RGB Chroma keyboard and display — we were told it could charge the Razer Phone three times over, which is neat. The slot for the phone is even lined with a velvety material, just to keep the device safe from scratches.

Razer Project Linda - My Favorite Tech of CES 2018

Razer's Project Linda concept was my favorite tech item I saw at CES 2018. It's a laptop hybrid design powered by the Razer phone which is running Android.

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