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What is Sociology in Hindi | समाजशास्त्र क्या है ? | Sociology | Education

What is sociology in Hindi | समाजशास्त्र क्या है? | (Auguste Comte 1798 - 1857) | (Father of Sociology) | What Do You Mean By Sociology ? (Hindi)...

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(Sociology: Principles of Sociology with an Introduction to Social Thoughts by Rao C.N. Shankar)

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UPSC CSE Optional Sociology | By Anu Kumari | AIR 2 - CSE 2017

सिविल सेवा परीक्षा के ऑप्शनल विषय Sociology की तैयारी की स्ट्रेटेजी बता रहीं हैं CSE 2017 टॉपर [AIR 2] अनु कुमारी.

आप अनु कुमारी के ब्लॉग पर जाकर भी उनकी ऑप्शनल स्ट्रेटेजी पढ़ सकते हैं, अनु कुमारी के ब्लॉग पर जाने के लिए इस कृप्या इस लिंक पर क्लिक करें:

20 Sociology Short Question-Answer in Hindi | Sociology

Buy on Amazon...

I recommend This Sociology Book For Beginners & You Can Buy More Books Too From There...

(Sociology: Principles of Sociology with an Introduction to Social Thoughts by Rao C.N. Shankar)

(20 Sociology Short Question in Hindi)

Question 1. What is Sociology ?

Question 2. Who is the Father of Sociology ?

Question 3. Who is the Father of Indian Sociology ?

Question 4. Name two important books written by Yogendra Singh.

Question 5. Name four VARNA.

Question 6. Name two or four important books written by M.N. Srinivas.

Question 7. Name any book on Caste along with Author’s name.

Question 8. Name two books on Social Problems.

Question 9. Mention any four Environment laws present in India.

Question 10. Types of Drugs

Question 11. Types of Suicide

Question 12. Two problems of Adolescence

Question 13. Two problems of working women.

Question 14. Two causes of Poverty.

Question 15. Two Causes of Female-Headed Households.

Question 16. Write down the name of name of any four Tribes in India.

Question 17. How many types of Institutions ?

Question 18. Agencies of Socialization.

Question 19. Auguste Comte Famous Books.

Question 20. Herbert Spencer “Social Statics”

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What Is Sociology?: Crash Course Sociology #1

Today we kick off Crash Course Sociology by explaining what exactly sociology is. We’ll introduce the sociological perspective and discuss how sociology differentiates itself from the other social sciences. We’ll also explore what sociology can do, and how a concern with social problems was at the center of sociology's beginnings.

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Sociology Answer Writing | Abhilasha Abhinav, AIR 18, CSE 2017

Answer writing practice has become crucial for success in Sociology optional. Join the Vision IAS Sociology test series program for rigorous practice and expert evaluation.
Details at: . Register at:
Abhilasha Abhinav, Rank 18, UPSC IAS 2017 shares the strategy to approach answer writing in Sociology. Watch the complete video to know what guidelines to follow to prepare sociology optional for UPSC IAS exam.

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What is Sociology in Hindi | Sociology in hindi

What is Sociology in Hindi ? Sociology in hindi


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CAREERS IN SOCIOLOGY – BA,B.Sc,M.Sc,P.hD,Teacher,Job Opportunities,Salary Package

CAREERS IN SOCIOLOGY.Go through the career opportunities of SOCIOLOGY, Govt jobs and Employment News channel from – The No.1 job portal for freshers in India. Visit for detailed Career information,Job Opportunities,Education details of SOCIOLOGY.
Are men and women different? What are the causes to the roots of social evils? Why is a solution to racism the need of the hour? Why dominates social values a respect and status in the society? All these situations count under sociology. However, on a broader stage, sociology deals with the study of human society, their culture, norms, relationships and values on a group level.
Sociology is a field of study that aims at providing knowledge about the social order, social disorder and the social changes existing in the society. It is an illuminating field that provides insight to people's lives and the matters on an intrapersonal level.
The knowledge that a sociology student develops through his/ her degree could be used in various fields of interests. Following are a few to name:
• International aid/development worker
• Youth worker
• Social researcher
• Social worker
• Advice worker
• Community development worker
• Further education lecturer

A list of places where a brilliant sociology student can use his/ her degrees to the most are:

• Human resources officer
• Probation officer
• Public relations officer
• Charity fundraiser
• Housing manager/officer

Employers in the sociology department get themselves employed in the following areas of interests:

• education authorities
• further and higher education
• Charitable, counseling and voluntary organizations
• local and central government
• industry
• commerce
• the NHS
• civil service

Following is how a CV of a sociology student should look like and must cover all the areas mentioned below:

• knowledge and understanding of research methods, analysis and statistical techniques
• developing opinions and new ideas on societal issues
• relating sociological knowledge to social, public and civic policy
• the ability to understand, scrutinize and re-assess common perceptions of the social world
• making reasoned arguments
• appreciating the complexity and diversity of social situations
• Organizing work and meeting deadlines
• working collaboratively
• researching, judging and evaluating complex information
• applying sociological theory to society's organizations, including schools, hospitals and offices

A post grad degree in the mentioned subject allows the students to provide an insight to the career mentioned at a broader level. Following are the areas in which a sociology student can attain his/ her master's degree:

• social work
• counseling
• community education
• teaching
• law
• information management

A list of universities that provide sociology as a subject to master in:

St. Francis De Sales College (SFSC), Along(Arunachal Pradesh)

City – Aalo , Along (West Siang Dist.) - 791001

Don Bosco College, Itanagar (Arunachal Pradesh)

P. B. 191,Jollang village , Itanagar (Papum Pare Dist.) - 791111

North East Frontier Technical University : Faculty of Arts, Along (Arunachal Pradesh)

Sibu-Poyi , Along (West Siang Dist.) - 791001

Himalayan University : Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Itanagar (Arunachal Pradesh)
Chimpu, Near Arunachal Pradesh Forest Corporation, Guest House, Gohpur Tinali , Itanagar (Papum Pare Dist.) – 791111

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IAS Optional subject- Sociology-(समाज शास्‍त्र)(Booklist+free Download Notes+ much more..)


Characteristics of Society in Hindi | Sociology

Characteristics of Society:-

1. Society is Based on Relationships
2. Society Depends upon Likeness and Differences
3. Interdependence
4. Society is Abstract
5. Cooperation
6. Conflict
7. Society is Dynamic
8. Population
9. Permanent Nature
10. Society is a Network or was of Social Relationship…

What is Society in Hindi | Society | Sociology

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Emile Durkheim Social Theory of Religion in Hindi | Sociology

Emile Durkheim Social Theory of Religion in Hindi | Sociology | Emile Durkheim (1858 - 1917)...

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social change sociology in hindi

above video is based upon the socal change , factor responsible for social change , factor resisting the social change & the role of education in social change .
you can also watch :-
1) Agencies of education -
2) family as an agent of socialization -

समाजशास्त्र ( Sociology ) || Unit - 1 || Part - 2 || 2 nd grade teacher

नमस्कार , आपका स्वागत है Study with JR में

इस video में समाजशास्त्र का अर्थ , परिभाषा , प्रकति के बारे में बताया गया है जो की समाजशास्त्र की unit - 1 का part - 2 है
इससे पहले Part - 1 upload किया जा चूका है जिसका link नीचे दिया गया है

समाजशास्त्र ( Sociology ) || unit - 1 || Part - 1

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समाजशास्त्र ( sociology ) || Unit - 1 || part - 1 || 2 nd grade teacher

नमस्कार , आपका स्वागत है Study with JR में

इस video में समाजशास्त्र के उदभव , समाजशास्त्र का भारत में विकास के बारे में बताया गया है साथ ही समाजशास्त्र का syllabus भी बताया गया है

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Sociology Lesson 1- Introduction to Sociology

Introduction to Sociology Lecture 1 By ILA Tripathi, AIR 51, IAS

Sociology video deal with the IAS preparation. Sociology would help you in in IAS 2017 exam and IAS 2018 exam.

Sociology tutorial deals with Introduction lecture 1 SOCIOLOGY BY ILA Tripathi, rank 51, IAS 2016
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Sociology is a part of the Paid lecture series by
Classes delivered by ILA Tripathi, Rank 51.
social change in sociology

Please watch: What is Bhima koregaon issue? | Current Affairs-6th Class


What is sociology???

I applied for a PGCE course and I had to make a video explaining to 16 year olds, What is sociology? It would have been better if I'd used a BBC-circa-1948 voice, but I didn't have the guts.

[AIR 306 UPSC 2016] How to prepare Sociology Optional for CSE Mains By Shashank Shekhar Singh

In this session AIR 306 UPSC CSE 2016, Shashank Shekhar Singh with Sociology optional discusses how you can prepare for the UPSC mains optional Sociology. Section wise preparation is explained along with tips for success and the reasons for choosing Sociology as an optional. Importance of different books, resources and reading the newspaper. Tips on how to prepare for Sociology optional. How to achieve a AIR and become a UPSC topper in 2017.

You can find the entire course here:

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Origin of Sociology in Hindi For UGC NET Sociology

Origin of Sociology in Hindi For UGC NET Sociology



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