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When you're trying to figure out what to do with your life, follow your passion is pretty bad advice. So what's the alternative?

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Don't Follow Your Passion

Should you follow your passion, wherever it may take you? Should you do only what you love...or learn to love what you do? How can you identify which path to take? How about which paths to avoid? TV personality Mike Rowe, star of Dirty Jobs and Somebody's Gotta Do It, shares the dirty truth in PragerU's 2016 commencement address.
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There are only two things I can tell you today that come with absolutely no agenda. The first is “Congratulations.” The second is “Good luck.” Everything else is what I like to call, “The Dirty Truth,” which is just another way of saying, “It’s my opinion.”

And in my opinion, you have all been given some terrible advice, and that advice, is this:

Follow your passion.

Every time I watch the Oscars, I cringe when some famous movie star—trophy in hand—starts to deconstruct the secret of their success. It’s always the same thing: “Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t have what it takes, kid!”; and the ever popular, “Never give up on your dreams!”

Look, I understand the importance of persistence, and the value of encouragement, but who tells a stranger to never give up on their dreams, without even knowing what it is they’re dreaming? How can Lady Gaga possibly know where your passion will lead you?

Have these people never seen American Idol?

Year after year, thousands of aspiring American Idols show up with great expectations, only to learn that they don’t possess the skills they thought they did.

What’s really amazing though, is not their lack of talent—the world is full of people who can’t sing. It’s their genuine shock at being rejected—the incredible realization that their passion and their ability had nothing to do with each other.

Look, if we’re talking about your hobby, by all means let your passion lead you.

But when it comes to making a living, it’s easy to forget the dirty truth: just because you’re passionate about something doesn’t mean you won’t suck at it.

And just because you’ve earned a degree in your chosen field, doesn't mean you’re gonna find your “dream job.”

Dream Jobs are usually just that—dreams.

But their imaginary existence just might keep you from exploring careers that offer a legitimate chance to perform meaningful work and develop a genuine passion for the job you already have. Because here’s another Dirty Truth: your happiness on the job has very little to do with the work itself.

On Dirty Jobs, I remember a very successful septic tank cleaner, a multi-millionaire, who told me the secret to his success:

“I looked around to see where everyone else was headed,” he said, “And then I went the opposite way. Then I got good at my work. Then I began to prosper. And then one day, I realized I was passionate about other people’s crap.”

I’ve heard that same basic story from welders, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, HVAC professionals, hundreds of other skilled tradesmen who followed opportunity—not passion—and prospered as a result.

Consider the reality of the current job market.

Right now, millions of people with degrees and diplomas are out there competing for a relatively narrow set of opportunities that polite society calls “good careers.” Meanwhile, employers are struggling to fill nearly 5.8 million jobs that nobody’s trained to do. This is the skills gap, it’s real, and its cause is actually very simple: when people follow their passion, they miss out on all kinds of opportunities they didn’t even know existed.

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Stop searching for your passion | Terri Trespicio | TEDxKC

How To Find Your Passion - The process of finding your true life passion explained in detail. The Ultimate Life Purpose Course - Create Your Dream Career:

What are you passionate about? Youre told these five words hold the key to a successful career and life purpose. What if its the wrong question altogether? This talk turns the ubiquitous.

When youre trying to figure out what to do with your life, follow your passion is pretty bad advice. So whats the alternative? My book 10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades is completely.

I have NO passion for ANYTHING // DON'T search for you passion (My personal experience)

This is my personal struggle with finding my passion. This experience showed me that we Shouldn't actually look for passion. It will find us once we learn to do something well.

This the video that helped me realize it.
Stop searching for your passion | Terri Trespicio | TEDxKC

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Finding Your Passion | 3 Tricks to Find Your Purpose of Life, and Create Your Dream Future Career

The #1 Reason People Don't Get What They Want... Is Because They Don't KNOW What They Want | Learn The Top 3 Ways to Get Anything You Want in Life!

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What should I do with my life? How do I go about finding my passion? I'm having a quarter life or midlife crisis!

These are common concerns I think most people deal with at one point or another, and finding motivation to turn your wants and dreams into reality is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and for your career and future!

Is you want to know what to do with your life, or are looking to find your passion then you came to the right video, we are going to discuss real life, exercises and scenarios to narrow down EXACTLY what is most important to you, so that you can begin to make all of your choices move you closer to your goal of happiness and fulfillment!

Most people know what they want, but then don't do it, they allow their inner doubt and fear to dictate their lives.

When visualizing your life mission, don't worry about the details of how to get from point A to B, just figure out where you want the destination to BE!

Finding Your Passion | 3 Tricks to Know Exactly What to Do In Life and Turn Your Dreams Into Reality


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How to Find Your Passion & Life Purpose!

Hey loves! Here is a video all about how to figure out your life purpose and find your passion! Whatever it is that sets your soul on fire or what scares you, holds the answer to what your purpose on earth might be! So go to the things you love and do what you love! Seek out what inspires you and what makes your heart race! These are tips that I learned along my journey and I hope they help you in finding your new love or life path! Love you all!

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Stop searching for your passion | Terri Trespicio | TEDxKC

Hey, guys, Im giving tips for scholarships every Tuesday and relieving the stress on thursdays with more fun videos! Make sure to subscribe and give .

What are you passionate about? Youre told these five words hold the key to a successful career and life purpose. What if its the wrong question altogether?

How much time do you spend to find a file in your Google Drive? You wish you could perform that task quicker and make it less frustrating? Jimmy and Jenny .

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Terri Trespicio - A SAGA Event

Terri Trespicio visits SAGA discussing Stop Searching, Start Building.

Take Your Passion And Make It Happen! (How To Find & Pursue Your Life's Purpose)



Julien Blanc, RSDTyler, RSDJeffy, RSDLuke & Brandon Carter reveal the secret to making really hard work not feel like work… Enjoy these different perspectives on passion and finding your purpose in life!


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How to Find Your Purpose - 5 Effective Tips to Finding your Passion

Are you searching to find your purpose or wanting to learn how to find your passion? Well, the thing about passion... is that you need to create one - they don't just happen. In this video, I'll be teaching you 5 great tips to finding a reason why you are here on this planet!

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Stop searching for your passion |How To Find Your Time for passion - How To Fix It.

Stop searching for your passion |How To Find Your Time for passion - Why You Have No Passion & How To Fix It.

Video Summary:
Many people plod along in a career they are at most lukewarm about. Perhaps they picked it when they were young or inexperienced, and it didn't prove to be all they'd hoped it would be. Now, they just survive because they don't know what else to do, and they assume falsely that It's too late for me. It's never too late to discover your passion.

The price paid for lack of passion is high indeed, especially to the worker, but also to the employer, and the consumer. Poor quality control and substandard customer service, stress, health problems, and addictions, can all result from lack of passion. Is that any way to work or to live?

So change it. Many people don't know what they want to do instead but don't let that inertia keep you stuck in an empty career. Explore your options -- talk to friends, relatives, strangers. Research career resources. Try something different. Commit time to finding the career that will light your passion for the rest of your life. The rest of your life and the people in it will thank you.

Check out my other video at-



Not Just What But Why | Life Lessons

Here are the links to the talks and videos I mentioned:

Emilie Wapnick (Why some of us don’t have one true calling)

“Stop searching for your passion” by Terri Trespicio:

Caroline McHugh “The art of being yourself”:

How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes Adam Leipzig:

New Year 2014 (me):

Ed Muzio's Say No Without Saying No (using Verbalised Summary Objectives):

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Перестаньте искать своё призвание - Terri Trespicio. TED на русском

Подпишись и смотри качественные переводы свежих выступлений!
Перестаньте искать своё призвание!
Тэрри Треспицио рассказывает о трудностях выбора жизненной цели и о том, как всё таки правильно искать своё призвание и место в жизни.

Перевёл и озвучил - Антон hey_Ferras Старов
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Stop looking for your Passion! - Time finds it for you, not You.

If you are from the ages (15 - 30) years old, this video is exactly what you've been waiting for.

Searching for your passion is a set back on your life and finding your passion will come without you looking for it. Passion is not an overnight thing, just like Success isn't. It takes Patience, Experience, and Self-Awareness.

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Terri Trespicio - Media Reel

Highlight reel for media professional and former Martha Stewart editor Terri Trespicio.

terri trespicio at GOTHAM COMEDY CLUB

Gotham contest show, Oct 5, 2015
I placed third!

Terri Trespicio hosting reel

Just some funny shit rolled together in one.

Tony Robbins: Finding Your Purpose ( Tony Robbins Coaching )

Let’s say you’re feeling unmotivated, unsure of yourself, aimless, can’t find your passion, directionless, not clear on what your purpose in life is.

You’re in good company — most people are in the same boat.

Now, there about a million things online telling you how to find your passion in life, and that’s a good thing. It’s a search worth undergoing.

I’m not going to give you a fool-proof method, or a 5-step method, nor share my passion manifesto with you today.

I’m going to give you a one-step method.

However, that one step is a doozy.

Your personal bubble is the small world you live in (we all have one), where you are the center of the universe. You are concerned with your wellbeing, with not wanting to look bad, with succeeding in life, with your personal pleasure (good food, good music, good sex, etc.).

This is the bubble we all live in most of the time, and people who say they don’t are trying to prove something.

When someone tells you you look fat, this only hurts because you’re in your personal bubble. You take that statement (a colleague who says you look fat) and believe that it’s about you, and feel the pain or embarrassment of how the statement affects you. It matters a lot, because in your bubble, what matters most is how everything affects you personally.

I’m the same way, and so is everyone else.

Some other problems caused by this personal bubble:

In our bubble, we’re concerned with our pleasure and comfort, and try not to be uncomfortable. This is why we don’t exercise, why we don’t only eat healthy food.
This fear of being uncomfortable is also why we get anxious at the thought of meeting strangers. It hampers our social lives, our love lives.
Because we don’t want to look bad, we are afraid of failing. So we don’t tackle tough things.
We procrastinate because of this fear of failing, this fear of discomfort.
When someone does or says something, we relate that event with how it affect us, and this can cause anger or pain or irritation.
We expect people to try to give us what we want, and when they don’t, we get frustrated or angry.
Actually, pretty much all our problems are caused by this bubble.

Including the difficulty in finding our life purpose. But more on that in a minute — I ask for your patience here, because this is important.

🔴 Finding Your Passion - How To Discover Work That You Love

Ben Aaron Molly Otto and Chris share stories about finding their passions and doing work that they love.

3:58 Molly Story: before you studied design, you studied the culinary arts?
9:30 What is it that you love most about graphic design?
11:00 Aaron's Story: How he found his passion
13:18 Why did you decide to pursue finance?
14:17 Instead of taking the practical route, pursue work that you are really good at and love to do.
17:07 How does it feel doing something closer to work that you love to do?
18:00 Ben's Story: How he discovered graphic design
20:54 How Grandma Moses embraced her childhood passion for art and primitive landscapes
23:00 Find work that feels more like play.
25:06 Q: Some people find follow your passion kind of romantic. Do you have a business-like argument in order to encourage them to do so?
27:09 Q: What did you use to identify your strengths?
28:45 Finding your superpower - Pro Group Worksheet
29:53 Whatever passion you put the most time into, you will get better at it.
34:07 Q: What If I'm really passionate about something, but I'm not good?
35:06 Q: What if you have felt strongly about something but your passion has faded, was it truly your passion, to begin with?
38:43 Think about where you spend your time, and where your mind goes?
40:38 Some people lose their energy for their passion over time.
42:14 What gets you excited? To me, learning is a rush.
49:19 Guard your mind against other people's opinion, and accept the facts.
50:44 The Insult Game: Take negative input and change it so that it becomes positive
58:22 Change your perspective on things that happen to you.
1:01:35 Q: I have more than one passion, how do I pick one?
1:03:30 The more passions that you add to your workload, the more diluted your efforts become
1:07:00 The later in life that you discover your passions, the longer it takes for you to achieve your goals
1:08:33 100K Subscriber Giveaway Winner - Sean Campbell

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Terri Trespicio says passion is stressful and flawed.
Follow your passion is really lousy advice


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