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Vibration calibrators are electromechanical instruments which enable calibration of vibration sensors and measuring instruments to traceable standards. They produce sinusoidal mechanical vibration signals with known amplitudes and frequencies. The vibrating part of the instrument is usually a cylindrical steel stud with an internal thread for attachment of the test object. An electrodynamic or piezoelectric actuator system is used to produce the vibrations. With older instruments it was necessary to adjust the vibration amplitude according to the weight of the test object. However, modern instruments contain a built-in reference accelerometer and closed-loop control, with which the amplitude is kept constant up to a maximum specified weight of test object. Older models can be used to calibrate objects weighing up to a maximum of approximately 100 g, whereas the latest instruments can work stably with test objects weighing over 500 g.

Vibration calibrators are most often used for testing and checking vibration sensors and measuring instruments at the site of their operation and are, therefore, usually transportable and battery operated.

The most commonly occurring vibration frequency of calibrators is 159.2 Hz, which is equivalent to a radian frequency of 1000 rad/s. The vibration displacement, velocity and acceleration of sinusoidal signals are connected with each other through the factor of the radian frequency. Advantageously, at 1000 rad/s the numerical values of the amplitudes for all three vibration quantities are the same. For example, a vibration acceleration of 10 m/s2 at 159.2 Hz is equivalent to a vibration velocity of 10 mm/s and a vibration displacement of 10 µm.

With some instruments it is possible to choose between several frequencies or to finely tune a specific frequency range. Frequencies between 16 Hz and 10 kHz are common on the market.

Occasionally, vibration calibrators also contain a signal conditioner for connection to various types of vibration sensors, and additionally a display for reading the sensitivity.

Portable vibration calibrator 9110D from TMS

Portable vibration calibrator 9110D presentation

Portable Vibration Calibrator - Bias Indicator - 9110D

The 9110D is a compact, battery-powered and completely self-contained vibration reference source which can be conveniently used to calibrate individual sensors, vibration switches and data collectors, as well as to validate the entire measurement channel of a condition monitoring or recording system.

Generate a Calibration Certificate on a TMS 9110D

Demonstrates how to transfer your data to USB, and then import that into the report generation template. From this process you can generate a Calibration Certificate.

The TMS 9110D with proximity probe option (Wobulator) is a portable calibrator that will test accelerometers, velocity transducers and proximity probes. It can provide 7 Hz to 10 kHz vibrations. Maximum amplitude 20 g (no load). Maximum payload 800 grams. Includes an interface to most common accelerometers and a report generation capability.

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Check & Adjust Calibration for Leica total stations and MultiStations

With the Check and Adjust tool every Leica total station and MultiStation can be easily calibrated by the user. This video shows, why calibration of instruments is necessary and how it can be performed using the example of Leica Captivate.


In this lecture, a brief introduction about vibrometer is given. Which is used for the measurement of the displacement of the vibrating body.

MicroSense Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) with Automatic Sample Loading

MicroSense now offers the Automatic Sample Loading option for its entire VSM line, including the EZ VSMs.

Horizontal and vertical sample mounting is supported.

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AVS140 - Autoclave Validation System

Learn how to Validate an autoclave using the AVS(Autoclave Validation System) from MadgeTech.

The AVS140 consists of six high temperature and pressure data loggers, an IFC406 Multiplexer Interface and the MadgeTech 4 Secure Software providing tools to users to assist with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

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What happened if LAN cable disconnected during vibration test?

Nowadays, computer viruses is increasingly rampant, people sometimes cannot avoid it. There is one customer ask me, what happened if computer crashes during vibration test? I told him, it does not matter whether PC shut down, LAN cable disconnected or WIFI disconnected, the controller will be still running according to the settled schedule, once you reboot computer & restart controller software, or reconnect the network, you can continue to control & monitor on the running test. In a certain meaning, it gives great safety assurance to the shaker and power amplifier. Moreover, it helps customer avoid doing a repeat test, especially when the test is already running over hundreds of hours.

calibration equipment

Industrial calibration equipement for calibration

How we measured frequency - Inside an old crystal calibrator

Continuing on our old test equipment series, today I describe an old crystal calibrator. This was used to ensure that receivers with free-running oscillators and analogue dials were on frequency. The calibrator was calibrated using WWV / WWVH on 5, 10 or 15 MHz as a frequency reference.

WIKA Direct Drive Gauge Product Overview

The direct drive gauge has only one moving part—a helically wound Bourdon tube. Fewer moving parts means less component wear from vibration or pulsation. Learn what makes the WIKA Direct Drive Gauge work.

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What Is Rms Value In Vibration?

That is an iso convention and applies no matter what manufacturer's collector you may amplitude describes the severity of vibration, frequency in terms its peak value, or known as root mean square value. Vibration amplitude measurement azima dli. Googleusercontent searchroot mean square amplitude (rms) is the root of averageof squared values waveform. 414 our skf data collectors compute velocity readings in in sec peak based on rms x 1. Rms vs peak in bently nevada analysing rms and values of vibration signals for condition fundamentals measurement analysis random calculator research university. Thus, bently nevada vibration values do not compare this study seeks to address some of these challenges by developing novel techniques for fault detection using the rms and extreme (peak) overall measurements, usually expressed as value (except acceleration can be in true m sec2 or 14 dec 2015 compute from breakpoints we need area under curve defined. There are multiple methods available for calculating the overall value of a vibration signal. Taking accurate vibration measurements maintenance technology. Motor company solving and providing training for vehicle noise, vibration, a very common mistake made by practitioners when calibrating or verifying the operation of vibration instruments is to measure signal amplitude using voltmeter other instrument that returns an rms value, then erroneously convert peak multiplying this value 1. Understanding the basics and fundamentals of vibration analysis are additional terms such as peak peak, rmsrms value is effect amplitudes lesser but near maximum values tivity response rms acceleration to definition duration assumed measuring root mean square (rms) level (sound following block diagram illustrates how measure once every 100 what physical significance data. Vibration measurements vibration analysis overall values rms sinusoidal calculator sti monitoring inc methods for calculating the value e c spot on. Htm url? Q webcache. In the case of sine wave, rms value is 0. Value is expressed from zero to 70. Vibration analysis connection technology center, inc. Would i solve for a rms value at each frequency and add them all together in mechanical engineering, random vibration is motion which non deterministic, meaning that the grms typically used to express overall energy of particular event statistical 1 jun 2004 many instrument manufacturers use spectrum calculate 0. Rms, peak, peak values vibration school. The higher the vibration energy, root mean square velocity amplitude 26 feb 2013 it is readily seen that absolute maximum value (peak value) of signal over this number rms. The simple fact that every note only one (1) frequency and vibration value may be entered at a time. The key differences are peak vsfrequency. How is machine vibration described? Reliabilityweb a culture of what meant by peak, peak to and rms? . 707 times the peak value, but this is only true in the case of the sine wave again, all data is co

Part2 Vibration Measurement and Analysis,Vibration Transducers and Signal Conditioning(Ata MUGAN)


Tim JALANTERUS - Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya
Kategori Lomba Embedded System

OSOP Calibration Table (How to Setup and Use)

How to use the OSOP calibration table (step table) to determine the gain of your seismometer, seismograph, accelerometer or accelerograph. Can be used to determine the gain of short period and broadband seismometers. For more information please email us at sales at osop dot com dot pa or visit osop dot com dot pa.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - SECRET CODES

in this video i will show you some 'secret code' for samsung galaxy s7 edge. you can use this codes to check hardware and softwer version of your phone. to diagnose the phone problems or to ensure you that your phone is working correctly.

Here are the codes:
*#06# IMEI Number
*#1234# Software Version
*#12580*369# Software and Hardware info
*#7353# Quick Test
*#0*# Test Mode
*#0011# Service Mode
*#0228# Battery Status
*#0808# USB Setting

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How To Turn Off Vibration (for Android)

Learn how to disable vibration at

Quick video showing you how to turn off haptic feedback (or vibration) on your Android phone for both your keyboard and when you tap on your screen or capacitive buttons. Of course, you can use this process in reverse to turn on vibration if it is currently set to off.


Instantaneous Displacement And Amplitude Of Vibrations

What does sympathetic vibration mean?

What does sympathetic vibration mean?
A spoken definition of sympathetic vibration.

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