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Wind up Robot


Liliput tin toy wind up robots

Tin toy robots

Wind Up Robot Mechanical Vintage Toy

Bernard the wind up robot.

Available from

Wind Up Robot Toy 3D Model

I was seeing a website about old toys and found a picture of this robot. I had one of these, long ago. I made this based on that picture only (and my memories), so I had to make my own mechanism. There are no details on the machine insides, and the key is missing.
Download this model in several formats here:

Wind Up Toy Lovely Dancing 3D Model

This is a cheap robot toy found all over the internet, see ( The mechanism is very interesting.
Download this model in several formats here:

CSGOG Wind Up Robot Bubble Glider Not Bey Blades

CSGOG Wind Up Robot Bubble Glider Not Bey Blades. Charity shop gold or garbage.

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Windup Robot Mechanism

Windup Robot mechanism from xscreensaver, animated with Inventor Fusion 360

Clockwork Wind-Up Walking Google Android Robot Toy (

Wind up robot

LEGO Walking Wind up Robot

Instructions available on Rebrickable!

Wind Up Robot - Recess Monkey - July 16, 2016

Recess Monkey performs Wind Up Robot in Van Der Donck Park in Yonkers on Saturday, July 16, 2016.

Mini Tin Wind up Robot Toy Walking

Cyborg Steel Skeleton Robot Windup

You can see this futuristic toy at

This futuristic cyborg robot walks and sways his metallic arms when you wind him up.

Wind up unit for tin robot

Galactic Robot Wind-Up

The Galactic Robot Wind-Ups are a classic wind-up toy with a cool modern twist... pun intended. The Galactic Robot is ready to walk across your desk. Get yours at!!

Wind-up dancing robots

Wind-up dancing robots in Tokyu Hands

Windup Robot and Hit in 3D

Winding up a robot then hitting it in 3D.

Wind-up Dinosaur + Robot

I love these things.

Wind up Robbie Robot.

Robbie Robot for some reason... There is no purpose for this video. It just... Is.

Schylling Walking Spaceman Wind-up Robot Tin Space Toy

Presenting a Schylling Walking Spaceman tin wind up toy with walking action & moving arms. New with original box. Model MS297 Measures 4 1/2 inches tall.

Movie Wind Up Robots.

Old wind-up robots fashioned from toys and founds objects. Limited editions. More informations on: WWW.RETROMATIX.COM




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