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ठानना पड़ेगा


ठानना पड़ेगा | Dream | Harshvardhan Jain

Harshvardhan Jain is one of the best motivational speakers in India Harshvardhan Jain, Trainer, speaker, futurist, thinker, leader, legend in the field of Network marketing, inspirational coaching, motivational skill building

ठानना पड़ेगा ( strong desire)

Harshwardhan Jain sir vivek bindra sir
Sandeep maheshsawri sir
I see to you face to face offline
Harshwardhan Jain sir vivek bindra sir
Sandeep maheshsawri sir
I see to you face to face offline
Harshwardhan Jain sir vivek bindra sir
Sandeep maheshsawri sir
I see to you face to face offline

ठानना पड़ेगा

Decide what you really want decisions have incredible power over our lives. Think of all the pieces of your life you're thrilled about and the pieces you're not thrilled about. All of them have one thread in common: They all result from decisions you've made.
So if decisions have such power to shape our lives to change the way we're thinking. change the way we're feeling why don't we use the power? Why do we put off making decisions? The biggest reason is fear. We often avoid decisions because we're afraid of failing. of making wrong decision.

ठानना पड़ेगा | | Thanana Padega | | Motivational Video | | HN Narola S.

ठानना पड़ेगा.

Motivational speech

Agar irade ho Majbut Fir kyu kisi ke Dum pe Jiye
Than hi liya he kuch karne ka Fir kyu kisi ki bat sune.

EK Ummid Hi aapki Himmat banata heee.
bus us Ummid Pe chalke kamiyabi hasil karni hee.

Jay Hind Jay bharat.
Salute indian Soldiers 26 th Feb, 2019 IAF Second Strike again Terrorist. Jay Hind

ठानना पड़ेगा By Harshvardhan Jain || Motivational Video By Harshvardhan Jain || Motivation Power ||


ठानना पड़ेगा ठानोगे नही तो कुछ नही बनोगे ।

Here is the best motivational speech video for all the students.

ठानना पड़ेगा || Best Motivation Video


● मान लिया तो हार ठान लिया तो जीत तो होगी ही ●
best motivational speech

ठानना पड़ेगा WHY only 5% people get success in life

ठानना पड़ेगा WHY only 5% people get success in life
Success means determining a great goal completely and moving forward in that direction - if a person is aware of what his target is and he is working hard for it and he knows how far This guy will get success - some people are target cleared but the path is not clear - some people know both targets and paths but they are not clear Where is he to stay.
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ठानना पड़ेगा | A True Story Of A Poor Boy

ठानना पड़ेगा | A True Story Of A Poor Boy

Life changing motivational story in hindi

A Life Changing story of Govind Jaiswal
How to become an IAS

ठानना पड़ेगा | Thanna Padega | Best motivational shayari in hindi

this is one of the best motivational shayari in hindi inspirational quotes in hindi motivational quotes
Bijoy Sahoo is one of the leading Motivational Speaker & Success Coach of India.He is the most dynamic & energetic Speaker who has changed life of so many individuals through his Seminars & Workshops.

We keep uploading motivational videos of Bijoy Sahoo in Hindi which will Inspire and Entertain you for Success in Life. Our Videos include topics like Inspirational & Motivational Speech about Positive Thinking ,Personality Development Training ,Career, Relationships,Student Motivation, Sales Motivation, Goal setting & Confidence building etc. We will keep motivating you with Motivational Videos to support you in your journey to success.

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ठानना पड़ेगा | thanna padega | best inspirational quotes in hindi | motivational quotes in hindi #thannapadega#bestmotivationalshayariinhindi#inspirationalquotesinhindi#motivationalquotesinhindi

ठानना पड़ेगा

Must needed to be successful

ठानना पड़ेगा

SUCCESS MOTIVATION - सफता के लिए ठानना पड़ेगा ।

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................AMAN SIR

ठानना पड़ेगा // best motivational video by Harshvardhan Jain sir // Raj(6392166265)

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सफलता का एक ही मंत्र है ठानना पड़ेगा - Life Changing video by Rahul Pathak (Motivational Speaker)

इस मोटिवेशनल वीडियो में मेने 4 बहादुर लड़कियों के बारेमे बात करी है, कैसे उनके जीवन में इतनी सारी चुनोतिया आयी फिर भी उन्होंने हार नहीं मानी और अपने सारे सपनो को पूरा कर दिया ! इनके जीवन से हम life lesson सिख करके हमारी भी लाइफ चेंज कर सकते है I
The video is based on different researches and case studies gathered from different books, media, internet etc. Mr. Rahul Pathak does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy, content in the video. The video is made only for the educational purpose and bring positivite attitude in society.
Thanking You-- Rahul Pathak(Motivational Speaker)
Best Life Changing Videos :
1) Habbits of Success:
2) Best Life Lesson:
3) जीवन को बेहतर कैसे बनाये :
4) लोगो जाने बिना उन्हें जज न करे :
5) LIfe Lesson From Mission Mangal:
6) बुरी संगती का असर:
7) लक्ष्य पाना चाहते हो तो इन बातोको ध्यान से सुनो:
8) ये तीन चीजें करें जो आपके जीवन को बदल देगी :
9) कुछ पाना चाहते हो तो शुरुवात करनी होगी:
10) डर को दूर कैसे करे:
11) For 100% result give your 100% :
12) Being Positive:
13) आपके पास क्या हे सिर्फ उसपर ही फोकस करे:
Thanking You :- Rahul Pathak Motivational Speaker
Motivational dialogue
inspirational movies
Motivational shayari

ठानना पड़ेगा,motivational video by harshvardhan jain,sir and sandeep maheshvari

Created by Video smalviya

ठानना पड़ेगा determind तो करना पड़ेगा वरना कुछ नहीं कर सकते हिन्दी मे 2019

ठानना पड़ेगा फिर बेचना पड़ेगा बेचना हमे अच्छा नही लगता और बेचे बिना कोई अमीर बन नही सकता बेचना पड़ेगा और बेचना है येह ठानन पड़ेगा

# अगर - जिंदगी - में कुछ _करना है तो- ठानना- पड़ेगा...#

अगर जिंदगी में कुछ करना है तो उठाना पड़ेगा
अगर यह वीडियो आपकी जिंदगी ना बदल दे कहना...
Best motivational speaker by:- harshvardhan Jain...

हम सब को ठानना पड़ेगा,तभी कुछ होगा। ये आपके लिए है

बिजली आउटसोर्स कर्मियों के लिए ले कर आये है बहुत जानदार वीडियो।

ठानना पड़ेगा... Motivationa in Hindi by Pawan keshari

Namaskar Dosto Mai Pawan keshari ek bar fir se Swagat Krta Hu..Aap Ka hmare channel Life skill pk me..Dosto duniya me aasani se Kuch nhi milta..Hme ठानना पड़ता Hy tabhi hme ja k Kuch bada milta Hy..tabhi hme ja k success milti Hy...Dosto aap ye video Pura dekhee...