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#FanTweets with Louis Tomlinson | Twitter


'One day, one day!': Louis Tomlinson address 1D reunion rumours as he Answers the Internet!

We gave Louis Tomlinson the questions the internet never expected him to answer!

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Lewis Capaldi Reads Fan Tweets

Lewis Capaldi sat down with CHUM 104.5's Meredith Shaw in Toronto to read some funny fan tweets. Rather than make the Someone You Loved singer read mean tweets like Jimmy Kimmel would, we decided to have him read sweet ones—because us Canadians are known for being nice!

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CHUM 104.5 is Toronto's #1 pop music station, bringing you exclusive access to the world's hottest music stars. With our finger on the pulse of a city that's rapidly changing, we never miss a beat, taking you behind the music for a backstage look at your favourite artists and concerts.


Louis Tomlinson 'Answers The Internet'

One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson answers the questions the internet never expected him to answer.

Louis Tomlinson Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

Louis Tomlinson takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's most searched questions about himself. What is Louis Tomlinson's phone number? What kind of dog does Louis Tomlinson have? Is Louis British? Who is Louis Tomlinson's best friend? Where does he currently live? Louis answers all these questions and more!

“We Made It” from Louis’ upcoming album, WALLS, is available now, get it here:

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Louis Tomlinson Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

Everything Louis Tomlinson Says Is GREAT

from his exclusive iheart radio most requested live ask anything chat with romeo, here's our pal louis tomlinson being awesome and cool answering questions about his new song We Made It. we love him

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#FanTweets with Louis Tomlinson | Twitter

Not to be dramatic, but #LouisTomlinson reading your Tweets is the only thing we needed today.

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Louis Tomlinson Reads Fan Tweets On Twitter

#BehindTheTweets with Louis Tomlinson | Twitter

Grab a cuppa. It's time to go #BehindTheTweets with #LouisTomlinson.

*whispers* #Niall, he still wants the screw tattooed on your ankle, we swear

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Stream Kill my Mind here :
The songs are
Just can't let her go (leaked) by One Direction
Another World by One Direction
Both are underrated :)



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BBC The One Show interview - Isabella Signs - Louis Tomlinson Surprised a fan

bbc one interview! being surprised by Louis Tomlinson! ✌????

BBC, The one show, Matt Baker, Alex Jones, Walls, Louis Tomlinson, Isabella Signs, Makaton

Louis Tomlinson Slams 'BBC Breakfast' Interview

After Louis Tomlinson said he won't return to BBC Breakfast after an interview that he thought exploited his grief, Cheryl Hickey and Graeme O'Neil react during ET Canada Live.

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#LouisTomlinson #BBCBreakfast

Louis Tomlinson sassing everyone but Harry Styles for 3 minutes straight

i personally think that this is one of my best videos.

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#larrystylinson #larryproof #larryisreal

Larry Stylinson clips:
Queen Halo

Songs used:
don't let me go (piano) - harry styles
investigation - kevin macloud
bass boast

Louis Tomlinson being cute with fans

i hope you like the video :)
take care pls

Louis Tomlinson describes his loyal fans as 'grafters'

Former One Direction star Louis Tomlinson says that he controls his own social media accounts and likes to interact with his loyal fans directly.

Louis recently released a brand new single titled 'Two Of Us'.

Report by Louee Dessent-Jackson.

#LouisTomlinson #OneDirection #TwoOfUs

Louis Tomlinson On How 'Difficult' It Was To Find His Identity After One Direction | GLAMOUR UK

Louis Tomlinson joins GLAMOUR UNFILTERED and opens up about how difficult it was for him to find his own identity away from One Direction, why his relationships with the brand members has changed and how he's navigated going through extreme loss in the public eye. Louis also reveals to GLAMOUR'S Josh Smith that he's glad he can be a bit of a chav again and how being a brother to his sisters and a father to his son, Freddie, has forced him to 'adult.' Are you inspired by Louis' story, let us know in the comments below.

GLAMOUR UNFILTERED is our bi-weekly celebrity chat show hosted by @joshSmithHosts - join us for the next episode on Tuesday 31st December with body positivity activist and model, Charli Howard.

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GLAMOUR is your guide to the latest beauty trends and expert knowledge, fashion and entertainment news, inspirational videos, and life advice.

Louis Tomlinson Says 'One Direction Was Not Real Life'

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Quick-Fire Questions with Louis Tomlinson!

Footballing hero? James Coppinger!

He may he in the middle of his debut solo tour, Walls, but Doncaster Rovers fan Louis Tomlinson still found time to take part in the #EFLQFQ!

An official EFL video - for more about the EFL visit

Louis Tomlinson Constantly Made Up Stories About Niall Horan

Louis Tomlinson loved giving fake answers about Niall when they were on press tours.

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Louis Tomlinson PISSED After Liam Payne REVEALS One Direction Reunion Details!

Liam Payne reveals that other One Direction member Louis Tomlinson was PISSED at him for spilling reunion tea.PLUS he alluded to the fact that Zayn Malik WON’T be joining in which is all kinds of confusing given all the evidence that he was. Either way there’s a lot of One Direction tea that we need to get into here to stay tuned
for the details.
#louisetomlinson #liampayne #onedirection

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Louis Tomlinson Says Touring Solo Is The Moment He's Been Waiting For | Elvis Duran Show

Louis Tomlinson talks his inspiration for new song 'We Made It' and how excited he is to finally be out on his own solo tour. Plus, the ex-One Direction member reflects on his career to this point and how his music has effected his fans.

Louis Tomlinson's new album 'Walls' is set to be released January 21st.

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