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[1005] Small, But Mighty: The RL21 “RoundLock” Picked


[1005] Small, But Mighty: The RL21 “RoundLock” Picked


Introducing the SFB RoundLock

This video provides a quick guide to the brilliant Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold rated SFB RoundLock.

We have long been fans of the Dumbbell style of padlock, which when used appropriately with a security chain, prove highly effective and very difficult to attack.

The RL21 padlock is ideally suited to use with our serious security Protector Chains (13mm, 16mm or 19mm chains).

The Pin Element of the lock body is 21mm in diameter, which means that the lock even doubles as a very compact and convenient disc lock, and as it weighs just 0.53kg it`s easy and practical to carry.

The RL21 is designed for use with Protector Chains up to 19mm, although the standard lock can only be used with chains up to 16mm and you will need the additional special RL21A socket if you want to use the lock with the 19mm chain.

The lock comes with three keys as standard, and locks can be keyed alike to other RoundLocks for a small extra charge (please call us; 01273 475500 to discuss your needs).

Attack Tested;
When tested in use with a 19mm Protector Security Chain by Bennetts - the Bike Insurance Specialists in Oct 2017, this was the result;
...the RoundLock is an excellent piece of kit, fitting snugly against the edges of the chain`s links, making it very difficult to attack.

When attacked with a sledgehammer, the lock merely deformed (the shape of the lock itself makes it very difficult to hit squarely).

It`s inaccessible with bolt croppers, and is so thick that an angle grinder attack causes little damage – in fact the chain is the easier option for a crook to attack ...and that is also a very tough cookie to crack!

…if you need any further help or advice, you’ll find plenty more information on the Insight Security website; or just call our friendly specialists on +44 (0)1273 475500, we’ll be pleased to help.

The RoundLock from

This is a brief video overview of our SFB RoundLock lock, and how it can be used with various of our Protector security chains.

It covers the standard RL21 RoundLock with our Protector 16mm and 13mm chains, and also the optional RL21A socket that allows it to be used with our Protector 19mm chain.

We mention that the RoundLock can be supplied Keyed-Alike with other RoundLocks, and also with our new DIB-Series D-Locks, but please note this only applies at time of order and not retrospectively.

There is much more information about our locks on our web site:


pragmasis 22mm Titan chain

review on 22mm Titan chain from pragmasis

(L3) Secure a motorcycle the right way. Pragmasis Protector 19mm chain & Torc Anchor

Demo on securing a motorcycle with UK made Pragmasis Protector 19mm chain, Torc Anchor, 23mm Anti Pinch pin and Squire SS65SS padlock. Most motorcycles are stolen simply because they are not locked up or secured with low level locks. It is not because that china made brand has a superman name that their locks will necessarily protect your motorcycle.
Have a question, leave it in the comments below or check out Pragmasis products at

Motorcycle Security Improvements | Pragmasis | Biketrac | DoubleDoofer

Motorcycle security is something you have to keep evaluating and improving over time. With that in mind I've made a few revisions to my own.

Pragmasis locks, chains and ground anchors found here:

Biketrac motorcycle security tracker found here:

Datatool motorcycle security found here if you want an alternative:

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H&S UK smiley dimple lock for #stocklocksunday

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Sorry about the length, I just wanted to cover every product in depth!

I recently launched my new project called
I've created 3D printed items for the locksport community. This video goes over all the products and their features. I hope you'll check the site and share it with other!

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Pragmasis 16 mm bolt cutter test.
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