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[1299] Unpickable Locks From Stuff Made Here


[1299] Unpickable Locks From Stuff Made Here

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Lock #1:
Lock #2:

Stuff Made Here reacts to Lock Picking Lawyer beatdown

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I'm still learning to livestream and forgot to pause sometimes o_O. Sorry for confusing audio.

This a VOD of a patreon livestream I did reacting to lock picking lawyer attacking my locks. If you haven't seen them I recommend watching the main videos first:

My video on the locks:
Lock picking lawyer's video:

TWO Unpickable (?) Locks for Lock Picking Lawyer!

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See what the lock picking lawyer thinks:
Behind the scenes livestream on my second channel:

Approximately 999,999,998 people have asked me to send my unpickable lock to the Lock Picking Lawyer. I decided to do you one better - I'm sending the Lock Picking Lawyer TWO unpickable locks with different designs. It will be interesting to see if he can pick them, if so, we'll fix those issues to make them even stronger.

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Making an unpickable lock. Calling locksmiths

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How hard could it be to make an unpickable lock? Turns out pretty flippin hard. After I recovering from the mental and physical turmoil of getting this thing made I called up a locksmith to see if they would be able to pick it. A fun time for all involved.

[1202] Mystery Puck Lock With A Design Flaw

[1289] This Lock Is Indisputably “Pickproof”

Can The Lock Picking Lawyer Be Trusted?

Is the Lock Picking Lawyer a legitimate source for security information?

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Unpickable lock V2 behind the scenes commentary

Watch the actual video here:
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This is a livestream I did for folks who support me on Patreon. I give commentary to the Lock V2 video directors commentary style. If you haven't seen the original video you should watch that first since this ruins it.

[1295] Unbreakable, Unpickable, & Bulletproof? (TED Tooling’s Unusual Lock)

The company’s website:

[1164] An Unpickable Lock From Germany!


1299 Unpickable Locks From Stuff Made Here *reaction*

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Stuff Made Here breaks down Automatic Bow

This is a recording of a patreon livestream where I went through my automatic bow video and shared additional thoughts and information on the project.
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How Much Does Stuff Made Here Make On YouTube

So in this video we are going to talk about how much money stuff made here makes on youtube. The money that stuff made here makes on youtube is based on the ads on his videos. stuff made here's earnings 2020 and 2021 are discussed within this video. The money that stuff made here makes is personally known by him only.

Robotic Engineer Reacts to Michael Reeves Robot Dog, Stuff Made Here & Jeremy Fielding's Robot Arm

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Robot Videos reviewed in this video:

Michael Reeves: Teaching a Robot Dog to Pee Beer

Stuff Made Here: Making chainsaw robot, carving logs

Jeremey Fielding: Building a 7 Axis Robot from Scratch


00:00 Intro
00:35 Michael Reeves
10:41 Shane, Chainsaw Robot
15:21 Jeremy Fielding, 7 axis Robot


In this video I react to Michael Reeves Pissbot Robot Dog (Boston Dynamics Robot Dog, Spot) video, review Stuff made here Making a Chainsaw Robot and Jeremy Fielding Building a 7 axis Robot from Scratch.

????????Who am I?
- I'm a Surgical Robotics Engineer (PhD) by day, a YouTuber by night.
- Currently, creating algorithms for robotic surgeries.
- A surgical robot I developed was cleared by FDA and released to the US market in 2017.
- PhD thesis: I built a robot to perform surgeries on astronauts remotely (funded by NASA).
- Won 2nd place at ASME International Robot Competition in 2014.

#MichaelReevesReaction #StuffMadeHere

Please Note that this description contains affiliate links that help you find the items mentioned in this video and/or support the channel at no cost to you. While this channel may earn minimal sums when you use the links, you are in no way obligated to use these links. Thank You very much for your support!

17,342 pounds of tools to make... this?

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Welcome to my shop. Today we'll be designing and building nine different ball bearing launching catapults. Why? Other than being a lot of fun, the catapults are the perfect vehicle to show you all of my major tools, how they work, and why I have them. I had fun making these, I hope you enjoy them too.

The tools used in the video (some links are affiliate links):
Autodesk inventor:
Center punch:
Drill press:
Fractional drills:
Number drills:
Belt sander:
Corded drill:
Rusty chisel:
Form 3:
Fuse 1:
Form wash:
Work at Formlabs!:
Tormach 24R:
Plastic nail gun:
Horizontal bandsaw:
Mini mill:
Knee mill:
Kurt vise:
Tormach 1100mx
microARC 4th axis:
Bondhus drivers:
SMW mod vise:
SMW tooling plate:
Thermal camera:
Hypertherm powermax 45xp:
Tormach 1300PL
Die grinder:
Angle grinder:
Vulcan protig 200: ACCESS DENIED
Hobart welding helmet:
Ring roller:
Optitrack cameras:
Sheet metal bender:
Metal dust collector:
First aid station:
Eye wash station:
Chest seal:
Skin stapler:
J&J dermabond:
Safetec burn spray:
Spot welder:
Laser cutter (Save $500!)
Laser cutter fume filter:
Mini lathe (G0768):
Router table:
Mini plane:
Planer (dewalt 735):
Compound miter saw:
Dust collector:

See in complete darkness with touch

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I got nerd sniped by a great comment in a previous video. The idea was to make some kind of device to let blind people perceive their surroundings. The specific suggestion was to make some kind of a vest. Ultimately I ended up making an iPad case that uses the sensors in the iPad to perceive the surroundings and communicates through tactile feedback via a special hand grip. It was a fun project and turned out pretty neat.

I use a 13 iPad for all my technical drawing:


Parts used in this build:
2020 iPad pro 13:
Apple pencil:
Teensy 3.6:
Pancake stepper:
Leadscrew stepper:
Stepper drivers:

Books that I've read to learn many of the skills used in this project:
Real time collision detection:
Introduction to algorithims:
Planning algorithims:
Computational geometry:

Other tools and things that I think are great:
Wera allen keys 1000x better than el cheapos:
Wera allen keys (english):
Cordless angle grinder - this thing will change your life:
Dropped off ladder 20x and still going strong:
Wera allen keys 1000x better than el cheapos:
Wera allen keys (english):
Vise brake (highly recommend):
20 ton press brake kit:

Hypertherm powermax 45xp with machine torch:
Hypertherm fine cut consumables (great for sheet metal)
The best marker ever. Always in my pocket:

_IMG7503 by OzAdr1an is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Making chainsaw robot, carving logs

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The robot arm I used:
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When I was offered the opportunity to beta test an upcoming robotic arm from Tormach, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. CNC chainsaws baybeeeeee. Aside from being fundamentally awesome, it is a very interesting software problem. Since I didn't have to build the arm I was able to focus the project and the video on the software challenges of making something like this work. Thank goodness I didn't have to build the arm because the software almost killed me. I can imagine all kinds of next steps for this creation like machining textures with the chainsaw or cutting topiaries. I hope you like it!

* Low Polygon Labrador Model:

Other great things (your purchase helps support this channel):
* I use a glowforge pro for rapid prototyping and it's great. You can $500 off a Glowforge pro here:

Auto-aiming bow vs. FLYING targets

You should work at Formlabs. Apply here:
90% of this project was made on the Fuse 1:
Support these projects on Patreon:
Get optitrack cameras:
Thanks to the folks at Lifetime Archery for the use of their range:


I've been dreaming about making an automatic archery bow for a long time. I finally made it. I hope you like it!

Stuff Made Here | TWO Unpickable (?) Locks for Lock Picking Lawyer *reaction*

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[1241] A Love Lock That Can NEVER Be Opened?!? LOL

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