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[PART 2] Student Pilot EMERGENCY LANDING | Instructor Passed Out!


[PART 2] Student Pilot EMERGENCY LANDING | Instructor Passed Out!

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17-Year-Old Student Pilot Successfully Lands Plane After Emergency

A 17-year-old student pilot successfully landed a plane that had lost a wheel Sunday, keeping calm under immense pressure. Maggie Taraska had just taken off on her first solo flight in a single-engine Piper PA-28 Warrior when the plane's right main wheel fell off. Taraska circled the Beverly Regional Airport in Massachusetts for the next half-hour as her flight instructor, John Singleton, and air traffic controllers coached her through what she needed to do.



Pilot Completes Emergency Landing With Family Onboard

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A cool-headed amateur pilot successfully completed an emergency landing with his family onboard after a major technical issue.

Though Devin Miller, 33, works in consumer marketing in Texas, his hobby and passion is flying planes.

While flying wife Melanie and their two young children from Atlanta to Houston on September 1, Devin planned to land at their scheduled fuel stop in Mississippi.

However, when Devin began to slow the plane and line up the approach to land, to his shock and horror he realised the performance of the controls were not responding to his inputs.

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Passenger Livestreamed Video To Say Good-bye

As a blown engine on a Southwest Airlines jet hurled shrapnel at the aircraft and led to the death of a passenger who was nearly sucked out of a broken window, one passenger had the presence of mind to buy in-flight Wi-Fi to say goodbye to his loved ones. (April 18)

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17-Year-Old Flies Again After Crash Landing During First Solo Flight

After losing a wheel, young pilot Maggie Taraska regained her composure to make a emergency landing on a grassy field, and walked away unscathed. Now, just five days later, she's getting back into the cockpit. Maggie will be flying alongside her instructor, John Singleton, who was instrumental in guiding her to a safe landing during the emergency. After about 30 minutes in the air, Maggie landed her plane safely. She was all smiles as her dad welcomed her back to the ground.

This Pilot Made an Emergency Landing in a Shallow River

It's January 16, 2002 and Garuda Indonesia Flight 421 is struggling with a loss of power. The captain decides to perform a maneuver few other pilots have ever attempted: to land his Boeing 737 in water.

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From the Series: Air Disasters: River Runway

Pilot of shaking plane asks passengers to pray

An AirAsia X flight to Malaysia from Perth, Australia, was forced to turn back Sunday after the A330 aircraft began shaking due to what the airline called a technical issue. CNN's Dave Briggs reports.

Listen to Southwest pilot calmly land plane after engine apparently exploded

Read the story:

Radio chatter between Southwest pilot and air traffic control reveal captain who calmly landed plane after engine apparently exploded during the flight, killing one person.


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Emergency Landing: Controller Talks Down Student Pilot After Oil Covers Windshield

101 Emergency Landing: Controller Talks Down Student Pilot After Oil Covers Windshield
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On Sept 30, 2018, a student pilot with 4 hours solo time departed Potomac Airfield on a cross country flight. Within minutes after takeoff, she noticed oil starting to cover the windshield. She immediately requested a vector from Potomac Approach controller Casey Whitaker to return to the airport. Her first attempt to land had her skimming the treetops of the neighborhood next to the airfield. Her next plan was to ditch the aircraft in the Potomac River, to avoid any loss of life on the ground.

The pilot asked that her voice not be used. My thanks to pilot Tricia Belkin Vernola, whose voice you hear in this episode, for reading from the transcript of my interview with the pilot. Thanks also to controller Casey Whitaker and PCT NATCA FACREP Brandon Miller for sharing their stories. Finally, thanks to the student pilot for sharing her story.

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Passenger Drowns After Crash Landing | Viral Debrief

Thank you for all the aviation videos you have sent me on Instagram and I really appreciate those of you for your help in keeping this series going.

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0:00 - Intro
0:38 - Door Flies Off
4:56 - Water landing
8:04 - Double Takeoff
11:38 - Drone Strike

A young boy encounters a downed German pilot after witnessing a large aerial battle. | Turning Tide

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Ten-year-old David lives in Scotland during World War II. One day, he is outside with his mother one day when a huge fleet of German warplanes flies above him after a bombing raid, which is quickly followed by a group of British Spitfires. The awe-inspiring sight turns into a large aerial battle, and the plane-loving child follows it as one downed plane crashes nearby.

Setting out to find the enemy warplane, David witnessed a pilot escaping the wreckage, immediately running away. David follows, leading to a life-changing encounter.

Writer-director Andrew Muir's short historical drama has a visual sweep and ambition that is reminiscent of the grand old-fashioned studio pictures of Hollywood, with gleaming, beautiful light, sweeping camerawork and an almost epic sense of panorama. What's striking at first glance is how handsome the look and feel of the film is, and while the images are crisp and pristine, the film language itself seems almost nostalgic in its classicism.

But while the visuals -- accompanied by a rich orchestral score -- possess an almost old-fashioned grandeur, the narrative register focuses on a small, almost poetic encounter between the young protagonist and an enemy soldier, which changes his understanding of war. The film takes its time to set up the time period and place, situating David in history, family and community, but the heart of the film rests on a central conflict between him and the fugitive soldier, who escapes the wreckage.

This encounter is rendered with little dialogue, as the pair of characters try to understand one another's intentions and capabilities. Tension, curiosity and discovery are deftly built up and revealed in this mostly silent conversation, both in the writing and in the performances. Young actor Patrick McLoughlin captures both David's sense of curiosity and appealing innocence, and his reaction to the soldier has both an openness and a wariness that feels true to character and situation. The soldier is played in turns with a cryptic wariness, a drive to escape and a guarded sense of latent humanity.

The interaction between David and the German soldier isn't overly sentimentalized -- there is no overdetermined realization of mutual humanity, for instance. But when the pair are finally discovered by the larger community, the emotions quickly escalate, and so does the suspense. And while the German soldier chooses one way, David's fellow villagers choose another path -- one that seems more shocking than the aerial battle he just witnessed. The violence is fleeting, but its intensity is jarring and distressing, for both viewers and David -- and it deeply affects David's understanding of what war really means.

Turning Tide ends with a subtle -- and perhaps almost too elusive -- set of images, one whose meaning is decoded when compared to the sweeping symbolism of the film's beginnings. Instead of gliding his toy planes in the air in imitation of the ones that have flown majestically above him, David has set them down -- and put away perhaps his reflexive awe at what is essentially the machinery of war, having seen up close what that enmity entails.

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A young boy encounters a downed German pilot after witnessing a large aerial battle. | Turning Tide


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Trainee pilot’s incredible landing after flight instructor passes out | Nine News Australia

A trainee pilot says he will fly again after making an incredible emergency landing yesterday. Max Sylvester was praised for staying calm and making a textbook landing with the help of Air Traffic Control after his instructor passed out.

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Emergency Landing of Student Pilot, Instructor Passed Out in Australia – Interview Max Sylvester

158 Emergency Landing of Student Pilot, Instructor Passed Out – Interview Max Sylvester

Last year, Australian student pilot Max Sylvester was taking his third flight lesson when his instructor had a seizure and passed out in the cockpit. Max managed to set the radio to the Jandakot Airport tower frequency and declare an emergency. Over the next hour, the air traffic controller, with the help of an instructor from Max’s flight school, talked Max down to a a successful landing.

Student pilot lands plane after instructor loses consciousness mid-air

A trainee pilot says he will fly again after making an emergency landing at Perth's Jandakot Airport on Saturday.

Student Pilot - Engine Failure and Emergency Landing!

This is Part II of our flight training series on engine failures and off-airport emergency landings. In Pt I, Instructor John C Ward demonstrates the proper techniques and procedures for engine-outs and off-field landings. In this video, our student gets his first chance to practice procedures for engine failures, restart attempts, and securing the aircraft for an emergency off-field landing.

My Instructor had a seizure in the air part 2 #aviation #studentpilot

Part 2 with Robert Mollard. My instructor that passed out due to a brain tumour on my third flying lesson.

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Trainee pilot makes landing after instructor blacks out - TomoNews

PERTH, AUSTRALIA — A trainee pilot amazingly made an emergency landing after his instructor passed out mid-flight.

SOURCES: ABC News Australia, Sydney Morning Herald

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Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Man Chokes Woman for Reclining Seat

A Southwest Airlines jet was forced to make an emergency landing after a male passenger reportedly started choking a woman for reclining her seat.



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