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[PART 2] Student Pilot EMERGENCY LANDING | Instructor Passed Out!


[PART 2] Student Pilot EMERGENCY LANDING | Instructor Passed Out!

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Student pilot lands plane after his instructor passes out | ATC audio

A STUDENT pilot on his very first lesson was forced to make an unplanned emergency landing after his instructor passed out.

Trainee Max Sylvester took off for a lesson in a Cessna light aircraft when he realised his teacher was falling unconscious…

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Anthony Petteford on what it’s really like to train pilots for easyJet:

Ryanair to hire up to 1,000 new pilots per YEAR – despite continuing strike action:

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17-Year-Old Student Pilot Successfully Lands Plane After Emergency

A 17-year-old student pilot successfully landed a plane that had lost a wheel Sunday, keeping calm under immense pressure. Maggie Taraska had just taken off on her first solo flight in a single-engine Piper PA-28 Warrior when the plane's right main wheel fell off. Taraska circled the Beverly Regional Airport in Massachusetts for the next half-hour as her flight instructor, John Singleton, and air traffic controllers coached her through what she needed to do.

Trainee pilot makes landing after instructor blacks out - TomoNews

PERTH, AUSTRALIA — A trainee pilot amazingly made an emergency landing after his instructor passed out mid-flight.

SOURCES: ABC News Australia, Sydney Morning Herald

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ATC teaches pilot how to fly after his instructor passes out || Real Complete ATC

Checkout my Simulation of Air Canadas Cracked Windshield

A STUDENT pilot on his very first lesson was forced to make an unplanned emergency landing after his instructor passed out.

Trainee Max Sylvester took off for a lesson in a Cessna light aircraft when he realised his teacher was falling unconscious…

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Your Story: Student Pilot makes emergency landing in LA street, no one hurt

The plane reportedly landed safely on a LA street miraculously no one was hurt thanks to the pilot's deft maneuvering.

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Pilot of shaking plane asks passengers to pray

An AirAsia X flight to Malaysia from Perth, Australia, was forced to turn back Sunday after the A330 aircraft began shaking due to what the airline called a technical issue. CNN's Dave Briggs reports.

17 Year Old Student Pilot Makes Impressive Emergency Landing After Losing A Wheel

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Auto-GCAS Saves Unconscious F-16 Pilot—Declassified USAF Footage

This newly declassified video footage from the head-up-display of a U.S. Air Force Arizona Air National Guard F-16 records the dramatic moment when its unconscious pilot is saved from certain death by the aircraft’s Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System.

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80 Year Old Woman Lands Plane After Pilot Dies - Audio

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Our condolences to H Collins, but an amazing job landing the plane, especially since she has no flying experience! One engine had already run dry and she landed it single engine.

Assistance was provided by Catherine and Robert Vuksanovic. Cherryland Airport manager Keith Kasbohm contacted them for assistance in talking her down.

Audio and Video Courtesy Door County Sheriff's Office

Press Release


PILOT DIES, Passenger Lands King Air

NEW 2020 EDITION Pilot dies in flight. ***DISCLAIMER*** The Hero passenger who lands the King Air Turbo Prop and saves his family had earned a Private Pilot's License 18 years prior to this incident. He quit flying shortly after with only 80 hours total time logged. On this Commercial Charter flight Doug White is flying home after attending his brother's funeral with his wife and daughters on board. The Charter Pilot dies suddenly within minutes after takeoff. Doug is forced to take control of the complex high performance turboprop aircraft with zero experience in a King Air and with zero notice. Dead pilot slumped over the controls and distraught family in the passenger cabin. If you are in anyway offended by these circumstances please do not watch this video. ***END OF DISCLAIMER*** . Previously released in 2015, this new edition includes new content, behind scenes information, interviews with air traffic controllers, super-titles of ATC communications, and more.

On Easter Sunday, April 12th, 2009, Doug White and his family chartered a Beech King Air B200 N559DW for a flight from Marco Island, Florida bound for Louisiana with 5 souls on board. Soon after takeoff, the pilot, 67 year old retired Air Force Colonel Joe Cabuk loses consciousness. creating an emergency situation that required extraordinary measures by the planes passengers and Air Traffic Controllers. This video is a recreation of that flight and is intended to honor and pay tribute to the pilots and air traffic controllers.

I have used actual published radar tracks and numerous published interviews and news reports to determine as close as possible the flight path, altitudes, headings, and other pertinent details of this flight. Due to a relatively erratic flight path following the emergency, some airspeeds, altitudes, and headings, may vary slightly from the actual flight. The actual ATC recording of the communications with the King Air are included in their entirety.

The King Air used for this flight is by Carenado. The Fort Myers Scenery is by LatinVFR. Please refer to the About tab on our home channel page for more information on hardware and software specs.

Mayday | Emergency Landing (Unedited) Door Rips Off & Gets Caught in Horizontal Stab | Mooney M20K

Emergency Rear Door Breaks Off Hitting RH Tail - 3:48 Coming in Hot 5:40 Aftermath - 7:55
AAIB Report-

Extract from AAIB Report:
The investigation found the safety clip for the internal emergency operating handle of the baggage door was not correctly installed, so instead of holding the handle closed it held it in a slightly open position. During the flight, it seems most likely that this handle moved sufficiently towards the open position to disengage the shoot bolts from the door frame allowing the door to open.

Full Report;

GoPro Cockpit view from our second flight of the day, my wife and I returning from Charlton Park to our home base Fairoaks. 15 minutes into the flight the Baggage hatch latch opens and door breaks away from the piano hinge, it some how catches on the leading edge of the horizontal stabiliser. The loose metal door managed to wedge itself between the elevator fork and the main surface restricting free movement of flight controls.

After the initial impact of the door hitting you can see the AC pitched itself into a negative attitude, we were only at 2100ft on the QNH & started to roll slightly to the right, after a second I regained partial control (accepted 300ftpm level decent, maximum endurance reduced to just less than 4 minutes) to then have a uncontrolled full deflection of the ailerons both right and left. With direct line of sight of the damage from the P1 seat and the old RAF grass strip at Membury visual I did not hesitate to declare a Mayday with Brize Radar and proceeded to line up for R13.

After trimming out everything we had left on the downwind leg the yoke continued to buffer, turning base felt ok but turning final the AC just didn't want to behaviour and I had to fight back onto the centre line, over the motorway & all the way to the ground. With the debris on the wing, it felt like it was trying to stall the tail, having heard other pilot stories I was more concerned after falling out the sky rather than running out of field, if we got there. POH states 96Kt with the door open, I can't imagine an improvised airbrake on the tail improves the performance, 100Kts was my target over the threshold. Gear down, couple of bounces and roll out onto the asphalt.

Mooney's have control rods rather than cables connecting the flight controls and an articulating tail trim so although in the video the aircraft seems responsive it needed huge asymmetric inputs to hold level, the warping on the right side elevator surface, popped rivets, twisted linkages on stabiliser and sheered metal on the empennage just shows how much force was being applied on the flight controls.

Wind from 090 - 7Kt
No significant weather
OAT - 27 '

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Emergency Landing: Controller Talks Down Student Pilot After Oil Covers Windshield

101 Emergency Landing: Controller Talks Down Student Pilot After Oil Covers Windshield
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On Sept 30, 2018, a student pilot with 4 hours solo time departed Potomac Airfield on a cross country flight. Within minutes after takeoff, she noticed oil starting to cover the windshield. She immediately requested a vector from Potomac Approach controller Casey Whitaker to return to the airport. Her first attempt to land had her skimming the treetops of the neighborhood next to the airfield. Her next plan was to ditch the aircraft in the Potomac River, to avoid any loss of life on the ground.

The pilot asked that her voice not be used. My thanks to pilot Tricia Belkin Vernola, whose voice you hear in this episode, for reading from the transcript of my interview with the pilot. Thanks also to controller Casey Whitaker and PCT NATCA FACREP Brandon Miller for sharing their stories. Finally, thanks to the student pilot for sharing her story.

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How a learner pilot landed a plane with an unconscious instructor

A trainee pilot in Australia thought his instructor was messing with him when he collapsed during their maiden lesson, forcing the novice flyer to land the Cessna 152 solo.

Max Sylvester called air traffic control for help after his Kiwi-born instructor lost consciousness during their flight over Jandakot airport in Western Australia.

His wife and three young children were watching on as he came into land - along with the flight school owner Chuck McElwee.

Chuck talks to Lisa Owen.

GoPro Awards: Airplane Failure Marriage Proposal

Katherine's boyfriend Anthony takes her on a romantic flight through the skies - with a few surprises along the way. Congratulations to Katherine and Anthony on a terrifying but beautiful proposal!

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Emergency, Emergency, Emergency

Hi Guys - I am sharing this presentation from yesterday (31st August 2019). This is my local GA field, Jandakot, where I do most of my flying. It is also one the busiest in Australia.

The scene - a student pilot is up flying with his instructor. The instructor becomes incapacitated and the student has to land the plane solo with some great assistance from the controller. This video demonstrates amazing work by both the controller and the student. The plane landed safely. :-)

It makes a great case study of what happens in these situations - high stress and adrenaline pumping. There are also some fantastic quotes.

The man who helped a student pilot land a plane during mid-air emergency over Perth | 7NEWS

He was one of the calming voices who helped a student pilot land a plane during a mid-air emergency.

Malcolm Roberts raced to the control tower as he heard the distress call that a fellow instructor had lost consciousness, leaving a real rookie flying solo.

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Student Pilot - Engine Failure and Emergency Landing!

This is Part II of our flight training series on engine failures and off-airport emergency landings. In Pt I, Instructor John C Ward demonstrates the proper techniques and procedures for engine-outs and off-field landings. In this video, our student gets his first chance to practice procedures for engine failures, restart attempts, and securing the aircraft for an emergency off-field landing.

Trainee makes emergency landing after instructor blacks out

Monday, 2 September 2019
Trainee makes emergency landing after instructor blacks out | Sky New Zealand
A student pilot makes a dramatic emergency landing at Perth's Jandakot Airport during his first lesson in a two-seater aircraft after his instructor collapses mid-flight.



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