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[REAL ATC] British Airways B747 engine surges on takeoff!


[REAL ATC] British Airways B747 engine surges on takeoff!


[REAL ATC] British Airways B747 engine surges on takeoff!

[REAL ATC] British Airways B747 engine surges on takeoff!

surge /sərdʒ/ : to move quickly and with force in a particular direction
affirm /əˈfərm/ : to state firmly or publicly that something is true or that you support something strongly.
(synonym: confirm)

Incident: British Airways B744 at Phoenix on Dec 6th 2017, engine shut down in flight

Ground observer video by Chuck Ogier

For more see:

British Airways 747 Phoenix engine incident full ATC

British Airways flight BA288 air traffic control at phoenix airport on 6th December had to return to the airport because of the number 3 engine

British Airways B747 has FLAPS MALFUNCTION | Diverts to Los Angeles

A British Airways B747 performing flight from London to San Diego was on the initial approach for runway 27 when the pilots reported a flap issue and would maintain 5000' to try to sort it out. Few minutes later the pilots requested to divert to Los Angeles.

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The last 2 BA 747s depart from Heathrow. #BA747farewell AND first 747-400s delivered to BA - 1989.

8th October 2020. Dark grey skies; a dismal wet and windy Heathrow - perhaps a fitting ending marking the final 2 British Airways 747s to leave Heathrow Airport. What a contrast to the bright sunny day in July 1989 when the first 2 747-400s were delivered brand new to BA; G-BNLA and BNLC.
Here is a film then of both events - the last 2 747s to leave; G-CIVY as flight BA 747 (bound for St Athan Wales, almost certainly for scrap) and G-CIVB as flight BA 400; heading for Kemble Cotswolds (hopefully) for preservation; PLUS a look back at the first 2 747s delivered to BA in 1989 (I remember it well!)

Today at Heathrow, the wind was gusting quite strongly and the rain did nothing to improve visibility - resulting in both 747s disappearing into the overcast remarkably quickly.
G-CIVY flew a circuit around the Airport and came back for a missed approach (flypast), which was quite a poignant sight.
The Air Traffic Control Comms are all captured- including the farewell signoff by the crew on board G-CIVY; the last BA 747 to fly from or over Heathrow.
So enjoy the end and look back with nostalgia at the 3 minute film within the film; showing the shiny new 747-400s arriving at Heathrow, landing simultaneously.
As Lord King, Chairman of British Airways at the time the new aircraft were delivered says about the 747-400 in the film I've included:
It's as good as you can get; I suppose one day they'll make something better - but that's it at the true are those words....

[REAL ATC] British Airways CAPTAIN GETS SICK before takeoff!!

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Air China has LEFT ENGINE FIRE ON TAKEOFF from Dulles!

Atlas Air B767 has RIGHT ENGINE FIRE after takeoff | Emergency Return

Atlas Air B763 performing flight from Honolulu to Guam had just departed from runway 8R when the pilots declared an emergency reporting a right engine failure (Fire and surges were visible). The crew requested to stay in the pattern for an emergency return.

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Running Low on Fuel: British Airways 747

A British Airways 747 approaching Singapore gets stuck in a hold and the flight crew become concerned that a diversion and fuel emergency will become necessary.

This visualisation, which follows the 747, contains air traffic control audio recorded between 2:30PM and 3:40PM local time on Sunday, February 9th 2014.

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[REAL ATC] Southwest B737 MAX has Engine Failure during takeoff!

✅British Airways B747-400 Fire???????????? Broke Out in Cockpit | @Castellano Airport | Breaking News????

☀️A Retired British Airways B747-400 has caught fire at Castellón Airport in Spain.

☀️The B747-400's cockpit managed to catch fire. No injuries are to have been reported.

☀️The aircraft is on the list to be scrapped after the Airline given up the fleet this year.

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[REAL ATC] Virgin PILOT HIT BY LASER on takeoff @EGLL!!

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-MD-80 DELTA CRASH at La Guardia Airport HD

-FlyDubai #FZ981 CRASH at Rostov-on-Don (Russia)

-Delta and Southwest VERY CLOSE CALL on takeoff

-Our door FLEW OFF the aircraft!!! @SFO



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???? Breaking news British Airways BA294 747 Pan Pan Engine vibrations Divert to Chicago O'hare ATC

British Airways flight BA294 was departing from Chicago O'hare airport bound for London Heathrow. They were on departure frequency when they had vibrations coming from the engine.
They climbed to around 14,000 feet and returned back to chicago o'hare on September 3rd 2017. Aircraft was a 747 Registration G-BNLY. Interesting ATC pilot audio and tower

[REAL ATC] Air France B747 SMOKE WARNING diverts to Shannon

An Air France aircraft B747 from Santo Domingo to Paris got deviated to Shannon due to a forward cargo hold smoke warning.


Violent passenger forces aircraft to return:

United 737 skid off the runway onto the grass:

Delta 757 with yaw problems after departure from Los Angeles:

UPS 767 witnesses a Rocket Launch out of California:

American Airlines and United CLOSE CALL at San Francisco:

Boston and Air Wisconsin talking about Baseball:

American Airlines with hydraulical failure inbound Kennedy:

Cactus E190 landing WITHOUT nose gear at Houston:

San Jose ATC welcomes a Southwest on his first flight:

JFK ATC and Delta pilot talking about their retirement:

Delta Aircraft diverts due to broken windshield:

Santa Barbara engine fire on departure at Miami:

American Airlines suffers bird strike on takeoff at Kennedy:

Delta Airlines CRASH at La Guardia:

Hawaiian returns back into Oakland:

[REAL ATC] China Eastern A330 loses part of the engine cowling in flight!

(Real ATC) A Kalitta Air Boeing 747 rejected take-off at Los Angeles. Hit trash bin on the runway


03.02.2020. A Kalitta Air Boeing 747-400, flight CKS368 / K4368 from Los Angeles, CA (USA) to Daniel K. Inouye International Airport Honolulu, HI, (USA) during take-off accelerating hit the trash bin. The pilots rejected take-off and requested inspection of the airplane from the ground. Tower reported there was a smoke coming from the nose gear. Emergency services responded and found a trash bin, that had been blown onto the runway and had hit the nose gear of the Boeing 747. Both tires of the nose gear had blown as result.

PART OF TEXT VERSION OF COMMUNICATIONS THAT I'M ABLE TO INCLUDE HERE. Do you want more? Write in comments and I'll give you remaining part of text communications (Read if subtitles in video were fast):

TOWER: CKS368 Heavy, at F cross RW 25L and hold short of RW 25R.
CKS368: Cross 25L, Hold short 25R on F, CKS368 Heavy.
TOWER: CKS368 Heavy, can you depart from F?
CKS368: Affirmative.
TOWER: Thank you.
TOWER: CKS368 Heavy, RNAV to DOCKR, wind 330 14 gusts 26, RW 25R at F, cleared for take-off.
CKS368: RNAV to DOCKR, cleared for take-off 25R at F, CKS368 Heavy.
TOWER: CKS368 Heavy, say intentions.
TOWER: CKS368 Heavy.
CKS368: CKS368 Heavy, aborted, rejected take-off.
TOWER: Ok, do you need any assistance?
CKS368: Yes.
TOWER: Ok, yes.
TOWER: And the nature of emergency?
CKS368: [not clear] on the runway.
TOWER: What?
CKS368: Something on take-off on the runway.
TOWER: Ok, thanks.
TOWER: There is a 747 on the runway hit something and need an assistance.
[EMERGENCY SERVICES]: [not clear].
CKS368: Tower, CKS368.
TOWER: Go ahead.
CKS368: Ok, we’ve suffered severe damage. We just stay to make sure, somebody can observe the airplane and find oud we need to evacuate the airplane.
TOWER: Ok, we have somebody, we have [not clear] right now.
CKS368: Roger that.
[EMERGENCY SERVICES]: [not clear].
TOWER: Ok, thank you. At F 25R, just abeam B5.
TOWER: And it’s severe damaged.
CKS368: We gonna go ahead and shut the engines down, so that there… So that… there is… is there anybody come to inspect the airplane with safe.
TOWER: CKS368 Heavy, ok, roger. Just advise intentions [not clear] evacuate.
CKS368: Roger that.
UNKNOWN STATION: [not clear] (maybe it was someone from emergency services).
TOWER: He said he hit something big on the runway and he wants… he need to check for damage the aircraft and [not clear] evacuate the aircraft.
CKS368: Damage, especially fire. We make sure [not clear] fire. The engines are off by the way.
UNKNOWN STATION: [not clear] (maybe it was someone from emergency services).
TOWER: CKS368 Heavy.
CKS368: Go ahead, sir, sorry.
TOWER: CKS368 Heavy, can you change to emergency frequency 127.85, please.
CKS368: 127.85, roger.
TOWER: Thank you.
COMMENTS: After that Tower contacted CKS368 Heavy, but we can’t hear anything.
TOWER: CKS368 Heavy.
TOWER: Just it appears that when you slowed, stopped there is an excessive manner smoke coming out of the nose gear.

------- This is maximum I can write here. Do you want more? Write in comments and I'll give you remaining part of text communications --------

THE MAIN VALUE IS EDUCATION. This reconstruction will be useful for actual or future air traffic controllers and pilots, people who plan to connect life with aviation, who like aviation. With help of this video reconstruction you’ll learn how to use radiotelephony rules, Aviation English language and general English language (for people whose native language is not English) in situation in flight, which was shown. THE MAIN REASON I DO THIS IS TO HELP PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND EVERY EMERGENCY SITUATION, EVERY WORD AND EVERY MOVE OF AIRCRAFT.

Source of communications – (I have a permission (Letter) for commercial use of radio communications from
Map, aerial pictures (License (ODbL) ©OpenStreetMap - Permission for commercial use, royalty-free use.
Radar screen (In new versions of videos) – Made by author.
Text version of communication – Made by Author.
Video editing - Made by author.

1) I monitor media, airspace, looking for any non-standard, emergency and interesting situation.
2) I find communications of ATC unit for the period of time I need.
3) I take only phrases between air traffic controller and selected flight.
4) I find a flight path of selected aircraft.
5) I make an animation (early couple of videos don’t have animation) of flight path and aircraft, where the aircraft goes on his route.
6) When I edit video I put phrases of communications to specific points in video (in tandem with animation).
7) Together with my comments (voice and text) I edit and make a reconstruction of emergency, non-standard and interesting situation in flight.


[REAL ATC] British B777 diverts to Azores with a Medical Emergency!




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