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Я сказала "ДА!" / Веселые ПятнИцы


Гарик Сукачев - Полюби меня (Official video)

Музыка и слова И. Сукачев. 2000 год. Режиссер Е. Митрифанов.
- скачать альбом Ночной полет
- сайт Гарика Сукачева
- подпишись на канал Гарика Сукачева


We finally get our puppies back from the pet resort! We always miss them when we are gone for even just the weekend. Later, we try out a couple of weird candies that we got from the As Seen On TV store.

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Creator, Director, Producer, Executive Editor: Connie Davis

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Epidemic Sound

9 Pro Tips for New Salespeople (Get Up To Speed FAST)

If you're a new sales rep just getting started these nine tips are for YOU. Be sure to download Marc's incredible e-book on 25 Tips to Crush Your Sales Goal! Just go here to get the e-book instantly:

9 Tips for New Salespeople (Get Up To Speed FAST)

Are you a newer sales rep are you just getting going in the position of sales? If so, you're in the right place because there are some ideas that, if you implement them, you are going to get moving so much more quickly than what you otherwise would. I see it over and over again.

There are some specific tips and strategies that if you implement them, you are going to be just absolutely blowing past people.

0:59 9 Pro Tips for New Salespeople (Get Up To Speed FAST) #1: bottle what works.

Identify exactly the strategies that work and then use and don't be afraid of it goes wrong if it's not a big deal. Be willing to model exactly what works don't make it hard on yourself.

2:06 9 Pro Tips for New Salespeople (Get Up To Speed FAST) #2: make mistakes.

If you're nervous about making any mistakes with something that you're learning what's more likely to happen? You're more likely to screw things up. You're more likely to be [00:03:00] shaking in to be nervous and sweating and freaking out instead when you're willing to make mistakes.

It doesn't matter. The worst thing that can happen is it doesn't work out. It's another mistake, and you learn from it, and you grow from it, and then you implement differently than next time.

3:17 9 Pro Tips for New Salespeople (Get Up To Speed FAST) #3: think big.

Once you have a certain level of competency, I want you to blow up. I want you to go way up the ranks and push it and make it big be willing to. Think big; be ready to try out things at a high level. What you're going to find is it is just as much work to close the sale with a small organization or with someone who's low level than it is to sell someone who's high level at a big organization yet.

4:19 9 Pro Tips for New Salespeople (Get Up To Speed FAST) #4: ask ask ask

Be willing to just ask ask ask your prospects people around you potential mentors while you're in this learning phase you should always be asking and by the way, there should never be a point at which you stop asking because once you stop Asking what you're going to find is that you stop learning you stop selling as much and you become less effective.

5:43 9 Pro Tips for New Salespeople (Get Up To Speed FAST) #5: hold yourself accountable to activities.

Get very clear on what are the sales activities that you need to be doing daily to hit your sales numbers and focus only on them.

What I care about is that you focus on your sales activities that could mean cold calls sending sales emails sitting in and observing top-performing reps sales training, whatever it is getting clear on what are those activities that you need to be doing on a day-to-day basis in order to hit your sales goal and don't do anything else if it's not going to help you become a better salesperson, then it's not worth doing.

6:40 9 Pro Tips for New Salespeople (Get Up To Speed FAST) #6: know your weekly meeting goal.

Every new sales rep should know exactly how many meetings they should be conducting a weekly basis. And once you know your number that is the only number that matters because you are focused precisely on hitting that number of meetings per week.

7:54 9 Pro Tips for New Salespeople (Get Up To Speed FAST) #7: Don't play by the rules.

Don't play by the rules. Be aggressive get out there get in front of prospects. Try to make a cold call to the CEO of a big company who cares if you get through to them...awesome.

You should always be willing to push the envelope; be ready to break the rules and ultimately willing to make mistakes. If you are willing to make those mistakes, you are going to hit such higher sales numbers than just the average rep.

9:15 9 Pro Tips for New Salespeople (Get Up To Speed FAST) #8: learn, study, read, refine.

This is a crucial process to grow as a salesperson you need to be willing to learn a process that means observing people that means reading books. That means following sales training programs.

10:25 9 Pro Tips for New Salespeople (Get Up To Speed FAST) # 9: S-W cubed N

S- W cubed N stands for some will some won't so what next? Some will some won't so what next as a new rap you've got to be willing to mess things up.

There are nine tips for new salespeople to get up to speed fast!



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