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علامات کتنے دن بعد ظاھر ھونا شروع ھوتی ھیں؟


علامات کتنے دن بعد ظاھر ھونا شروع ھوتی ھیں؟

in this video we briefly talk about the facts that after how many days after the exposure to the virus a person on average can start feeling the symptoms of the disease.
these can be because of any other problem as well.
the main aim of making this video is only to make people aware about those issues which are concerning to their health.
as a doctor i believe in this present time helping people and guiding them properly is the only way forward.
stay home,stay safe and stay blessed.
Dr Afzal

COVID-19.کرونا وائرس آپ کے سوال اور ھمارے جواب

in this video i answer different questions on corona virus in urdu

شوگر کے مریضوں کے لئے۔۔اقسام۔۔علامات۔۔۔تشخیص۔۔۔علاج


Day by day change in symptoms of corona virus

In this video we will discuss the pattern of development of symptoms once a person has been exposed to the virus.
These are on average symptoms and these develop in those people who are symptomatic.

COVID-19:Story of Another Patient.Symptoms,Diagnosis and Treatment.

In this video i will narrate the story of another COVID-19 Patient.
I will explain how he developed symptoms,how he was diagnosed and how he was treated.

COVID-19:Why some people are affected more than others?4 most important things to remember::

In this video i will answer three most important questions asked by subscribers.
1=why some people get more sick than others?
2=what are 3 or 4 most important things we need to keep in mind during days we are sick with virus
3=what are issues during the recovery phase of COVID-19?

Answers to Two of your Most Asked Questions

In this video i will give answers to the 2 most asked questions from me on this channel.
In one i explain to the people to please avoid experimenting with medicines at home because these medications do have side effects which need to be monitored in hospitals.
Secondly i try to explain the safe approaches towards infants and babies in terms of dealing with infections.

COVID-19:How to avoid and Manage Stress and Depression during Isolation

Hello friends
In this video we will address a very important issue and that is how to save oneself going into stress,depression and anxiety while in isolation due to COVID-19 and if some one does develop these problems then how to get rid of these .
Always Remember stress will affect your immunity in a very negative way so its always important to avoid being depressed especially during these days.
So a healthy daily routine, eating healthy diet and staying positive will always be of great help.

What is the difference in symptoms of Common flu and corona virus

In this video we will discuss what are major and common differences between the symptoms of common flu and corona virus

کالا یرقان کیا ھے؟جانئے سب کچھ اس ایک وڈیو سے۔۔۔

in this video i talk about Hepatitis B virus infection in Urdu/hindi

کرونا کی علامات۔ سونگھنے کی صلاحیت کا چلا جانا۔ اور ہسپتال کا رخ کب کرنا ہے۔

For latest updates also watch the Corona Virus Update video.

سونگھنے کی اور ذائقہ کی صلاحیت کب ٹھیک ہوگی

چل نہ پانے سے اس ویڈیو میں مراد یہ ہے کہ اتنی نقاہت محسوس ہونا کہ انسان اپنے روزمرہ کے کام بالکل نہ کر سکے۔

بخار،گلے میں درد اور جسم میں درد کے لئے کیا لیں؟

Clinical Classification of COVID-19

In this video we will discuss about clinical classification of patient suffering from corona virus infection

کرونا وائرس کی علامات(corona symptoms in urdu(

Please also subsctibe my urdu is

ایک مریض کی کہانی مریض کی ذبانی،کب کیا ھوا اور علاج کیسے کیا؟


Answers To Your Most Frequently Asked Questions.

In this video i try to give Answers to the most frequently asked question by my youtube subscribers.
We will talk how to live a careful life in current situation and how to best protect the society from any harm.

کرونا میں مبتلا میرے مریض کا کیا بنا اور ھمارے کچھ لنڈے بازار کے ڈاکٹرز

What is diabetic neuropathy

How to check and improve your Breathing

Hello friends
In this video we will talk about three things.First two will be related with how to check your breath status while at home and third will be related how to improve your breathing in case the first two tests show that your breathing is compromised.
Firstly ,sit relaxed for 5 minutes and then inhale through your nose.after that exhale your nose by pinching it and also start stop watch.wait till you can comfortably hold your breath and then release pinch from your nose once you feel desire to take breath and note the seconds on watch.
Secondly,i explain the use of pulse oximeter in order to assess how well your respiratory system is functioning.
In the last and third part i explain a method using which we can improve our breathing.Take breath through nose ,pinch it close and exhale through your mouth making it purse lip and repeat it five can do it 3 to 5 times a day.

how much bricks done by a mason per day || ایک مستری دن میں کتنی اینٹیں لگاتا ہے

in this video i will tell you how many bricks done bay a mason



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