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پھل اور سبزیاں کونسی کھائیں؟کونسے کھانے کم کھائیں؟روزانہ واک کریں اور کتنی ھو آپ کی نیند؟


پھل اور سبزیاں کونسی کھائیں؟کونسے کھانے کم کھائیں؟روزانہ واک کریں اور کتنی ھو آپ کی نیند؟

in this video we will talk about the benefits of using the fruits and vegetables in order to prevent catching any infection.
Moreover we will also discuss how much we should sleep and for how many minutes we need to go for a walk

شوگر کے مریضوں کے لئے۔۔اقسام۔۔علامات۔۔۔تشخیص۔۔۔علاج


بخار،گلے میں درد اور جسم میں درد کے لئے کیا لیں؟


علامات کتنے دن بعد ظاھر ھونا شروع ھوتی ھیں؟

in this video we briefly talk about the facts that after how many days after the exposure to the virus a person on average can start feeling the symptoms of the disease.
these can be because of any other problem as well.
the main aim of making this video is only to make people aware about those issues which are concerning to their health.
as a doctor i believe in this present time helping people and guiding them properly is the only way forward.
stay home,stay safe and stay blessed.
Dr Afzal

Day by day change in symptoms of corona virus

In this video we will discuss the pattern of development of symptoms once a person has been exposed to the virus.
These are on average symptoms and these develop in those people who are symptomatic.

COVID-19::Remdesivir is a promising drug for Corona virus infection.

In this video we talk about Remdesivir as a potential treatment in the management of COVID-19 patients.

کالا یرقان کیا ھے؟جانئے سب کچھ اس ایک وڈیو سے۔۔۔

in this video i talk about Hepatitis B virus infection in Urdu/hindi

What is the difference in symptoms of Common flu and corona virus

In this video we will discuss what are major and common differences between the symptoms of common flu and corona virus

الرجی کی دوائی

COVID-19.کرونا وائرس آپ کے سوال اور ھمارے جواب

in this video i answer different questions on corona virus in urdu

Clinical Classification of COVID-19

In this video we will discuss about clinical classification of patient suffering from corona virus infection

Thalassemia::Types,Symptoms,Diagnosis and Treatment.

Thalassemia is a very important heredity disease.
in this video we will discuss its types,clinical presentation,Diagnosis and Management.
LInk to iftikhar Thakur video

روزانہ وٹامن ڈی کھایئں اور بیماری کو بھگایئں

COVID-19::facts about National Seroprevalence study of Pakistan.

Innthis video we will talk about the results of national seroprevalence study which were published in Pakistan yesterday.
link to video of dr john campbell

COVID-19::A new Study From Brazil.Relation between dengue and Covid explained.

COVID-19::A New Study from Brazil.Relation between Dengue and Covid explained.

Link to How To Read ECG(Part1)

How to avoid Paralysis? || The importance of a balanced diet || USWA-E-HASANA PART 5 ||

اس ویڈیو میں متوازن غذا کی اہمیت کے بارے میں بتایا گیا ہے

ہے اس میں بتایا گیا ہے کہ متوازن خوراک کھانے کھانے کے کیا کیا فائدے ہیں
اس میں بتایا گیا ہے کہ کولیسٹرول کو کیسے کم کیا جائے اور فالج سے کیسے بچایا جائے اور صحت مند رہنے کے لیے کونسی روٹی کھانی چاہیے اور کیا فائدے ہیں ہیں بتایا گیا ہے اس کے مطابق مکمل تفصیل دی گئی ہے متوازن غذا کے حوالے سے سے

دوستوں ویڈیو کو پورا دیکھیے اور اس کا مکمل فائدہ اٹھائے

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus....Causes,Clinical Features,Diagnosis and Management.

COVID-19:Answers to some more question 20.5.2020

In this video i will answers to some more questions related with COVID-19.
The answers will be about the symptoms in those patients who are recovering from the infection and what precautions are needed during this time.
Second answer will be to continue routine medicines for asthma patients.
Third is about the fact that UK has included the loss of sense of smell as a symptom of Corona infection officially and has advised these people to self isolate for 2 weeks.

China Joins COVAX to help better distribution of COVID-19 Vaccine

in this video we discuss a major by china to finally join COVAX.
COVAX is an initiative by WHO to better distribute covid vaccine in a more equitable way

شیطان جنت میں کیسے داخل ہوا اور حضرت آدم نے جنت میں کونسا پھل کھایا

How the devil entered into heaven and what kind of Adam did eat in heaven شیطان جنت میں کیسے داخل ہوا اور حضرت آدم نے جنت میں کونسا پھل کھایا



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