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Ankit Pannu, IAS Rank 31 CSE 2017, Notes Making and Newspaper Reading Strategy

Covering every bit of paper is tough, but making small notes and developing self generated ideas are helpful to prove yourself in a better way in this competitive exam.

Learn to make precise notes...

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About IAS Score: IAS Score help students to meet their fullest potential by providing an environment that is designed to face the emerging challenges of their career.

Imprinting : Animal Behavior | Biology | Class 9 | AP&TS

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Rajesh Rao: Computing a Rosetta Stone for the Indus script

Rajesh Rao is fascinated by the mother of all crossword puzzles: How to decipher the 4000 year old Indus script. At TED 2011 he tells how he is enlisting modern computational techniques to read the Indus language, the key piece to understanding this ancient civilization.

TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes. Featured speakers have included Al Gore on climate change, Philippe Starck on design, Jill Bolte Taylor on observing her own stroke, Nicholas Negroponte on One Laptop per Child, Jane Goodall on chimpanzees, Bill Gates on malaria and mosquitoes, Pattie Maes on the Sixth Sense wearable tech, and Lost producer JJ Abrams on the allure of mystery. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, and TEDTalks cover these topics as well as science, business, development and the arts. Closed captions and translated subtitles in a variety of languages are now available on, at

5 Misterios de los TEMPLARIOS

► Haz Click y Suscríbete ► ► Las mejores curiosidades sobre ciencia, historia, cultura, estilo de vida, tecnología y misterio.


La Orden del Temple fue una de las órdenes militares cristianas más poderosas y míticas del medievo. ¿Quieres conocer sus secretos? En este vídeo vamos a hablar de algunos de los misterios de los templarios más interesantes. Curiosidades que seguro te resultarán sorprendente. Hablaremos de la Capilla de Rosslyn, del Arca de la Alianza on incluso de Santa Úrsula. ¿Quieres descubrirlo?


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Careers in Chemical Engineering: Texas A&M University

The Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M University presents an inside look at careers in this cutting edge and diverse field of study.

Nature of the North - Our adventures in Canada

Here's some footage from our 2016 tour in Canada. This is half an hour of nature footage with some ambient tunes we made earlier in the year. Eno meets Attenborough :)

50 Web Quotes That Will Make You SMILE

1 Million Comments - the #1 source for funny dank memes, comments and pics from around the entire universe. We select the funniest jokes from the web every day, and upload all of them specially for you!

Here is Volume 12! Best of the best, fresh, selected humor with love :)

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3HRS Stunning Underwater Footage + Relaxing Music | French Polynesia, Indonesia 4K Upscale

NO MUSIC VERSION @ | Watch via On-Demand: | DOWNLOAD/DVD: | ABOUT THIS FILM: From the cinematographer: The footage for this film was shot over a period of some years in French Polynesia, Micronesia, Indonesia and East Timor. Unfortunately there are not that vibrant anymore today. Coral reefs have suffered from the rise of water temperature, rise in acidity, destructive fishing methods and severe storms caused by climate change. - Peter Schneider. Rainbow Reef Relaxation is a 3-hour long, sweeping yet majestic & vibrant underwater journey to the world's most beautiful lagoons, as captured by Nature Relaxation collaborator Peter Schneider (Underwatercam) paired with ambient underwater sounds and brand new ambient music by the Cynic Project. Filmed in High Definition several years ago, thanks to its age this film offers magical glimpses of an underwater world that is bursting with life, color, and beauty. Unfortunately, reefs today in most of the world are suffering from severe bleaching and so with this film we hope to raise awareness by showcasing the divine beauty that only pristine underwater reefs can present, in hopes that it will motivate the viewer to take action and help save them before its too late! (

More from Peter S:
We all know that nowadays! This gives us the privilege and also duty to change and rethink our role in nature. What we also know today is that everything is connected and we are all a part of Nature, yes we are nature. So we don’t have to save the world, but recognize it as family. What we do to the world, the world will give it back to us. Equally the good and the bad things, that is law. The good news in it is, is all up to you and me and everyone. You matter, I matter because we are all belonging to the same family. Now take a deep breath and join us for a dive beneath the waves.

MUSIC INFORMATION: Filmed by The Cynic Project ( by Alex Smith.

Watching Nature films has been clinically proven to boost mood and mental focus, while simultaneously treating high anxiety & blood pressure, insomnia, depression, drug addiction, & other health problems - without doctors or pills.** Learn more about how Nature heals at That's why our tagline is Replace Your Worries with Wonder!

From soaring over majestic mountaintops in Patagonia to swimming underwater with dolphins in Tahiti, the Nature Relaxation™ On-Demand Apps + Access is your ticket to experiencing the world's most famous and hidden natural wonders in 4K UHD &HD. Learn more at or on David Huting's website at

In case you wonder why I run ads on the videos, it's so that I can continue to develop better ways to bring Nature Relaxation™ into your world, allowing you to relax and connect with nature on demand - and benefit from reduced stress, blood pressure mental fog, and a more positive mood & mental outlook - just from simply watching. Isn't Nature amazing? To date I offer a super-simple and high quality web streaming service plus apps on SEVEN platforms - yes, that's a lucky number. TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT at or on the app store link below:

APP STORE LINKS (Free to download/try):
iOS App:
APPLETV: Search for Nature Relaxation on the Apple TV store

Designed for therapeutic relaxation in patient care settings, such as hospitals, high stress workplaces, nursing homes, and for individuals at home that love Nature and are seeking enhanced vitality through their digital devices. Learn more about Nature Relaxation at

Misterios de la Biblia, tras las huellas de Jesucristo, el misterio de la Sabana Santa.

- El Sudario de Turín —también conocido como la Síndone, la Sábana Santa o el Santo Sudario— es una tela de lino que muestra la imagen de un hombre que presenta marcas y traumas físicos propios de una crucifixión.​ Se encuentra ubicado en la capilla real de la catedral de San Juan Bautista, en Turín (Italia).

El sudario mide 436 cm × 113 cm. Los orígenes del sudario y su figura son objeto de debate entre científicos, teólogos, historiadores e investigadores. Algunos sostienen que el sudario es la tela que se colocó sobre el cuerpo de Jesucristo en el momento de su entierro, y que el rostro que aparece es el suyo. Sin embargo, la tela ha sido datada mediante radiocarbono y sitúa su origen en la Edad Media. La Iglesia católica no ha manifestado oficialmente su aceptación o rechazo hacia el sudario, pero en 1958 el papa Pío XII autorizó la imagen en relación con la devoción católica hacia la Santa Faz de Jesús. Se puede considerar que la utilización de nuevas tecnologías en el estudio del sudario comienza en 1898, cuando un fotógrafo aficionado, Secondo Pia, observó que en los negativos de las tomas que había realizado se podía ver con más nitidez la imagen del cuerpo (Cf. sección Siglo XVI a nuestros días). En 1988 la Santa Sede autorizó la datación por carbono-14 de la sábana, que se realizó en tres laboratorios diferentes, y los tres laboratorios dataron la tela entre los siglos XIII y XIV (1260-1390).

6 Chemical Reactions That Changed History

Chemicals React!
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For lots more of history’s greatest chemical innovations, check out “The Chemistry Book” by Derek B. Lowe:


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Grand Challenges in Chemical Engineering

The Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M University presents a brief look at the pressing engineering challenges of our time and how chemical engineers face them.

Why This First Man Movie (and the controversy) Is BULLSHIT!

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TIPS to score 90 marks in Economics

previous year paper LINK ::::::

The video contain tips to score 90 marks in economics and previous year question papaer link.

Hardest Computer Science Course Explained | Angel of Death UoG

Since you guys really liked the last computer science video I decided to talk about my hardest CS course, nicknamed the angel of death at my school. It has a notoriously high fail rate for its assignments. You can expect to write a few thousand lines of C code in the first two assignments. This year we made a GEDCOM parser (which is actually what uses) to store information about family histories, allowing us to perform operations on family connections. In the second assignment we wrote a GEDCOM file writer, to create a GEDCOM file out of the memory objects. In the third assignment we used Node js and express to create a RESTful web server and UI for interacting with our parser. I tried to explain the file structure as best I could in a few minutes, so it will probably be very confusing to watch at first. The goal is to show you the complexities of the file structure, and how we built this web application to interface with our C API. This is basically how large scale cloud computing applications are made such as YouTube and Facebook.

GEDCOM Standard:

The point I want to make is that this course is not as hard as everybody makes it out to be. Just dedicate at least two weeks to the assignment and you will be fine. None of the algorithms or data structures were difficult, rather it was the massive amount of errors possible when writing such a parser from scratch. There are thousands of tags and conditions if you want to create a full parser and identify everything listed in the standard. Thankfully we only implemented about half of the full parser seen on the standard (link above).

|| Technologies used ||

- C

Web server:
- Node js with express framework
- RESTful server, ajax, JSON
- JavaScript

- HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap

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lzr - ride (ft. NIGHT GRIND)

cresce - Top Down ft. AUFL (produced by Cresce & Haelen)

lux natura - gravity well

Late June - Balcony [ep/tape]

Late June - You & I

Majid Husain | Demo Class on Geography Optional Hindi medium- 2017

Majid sir's course is available live online:

PRAGATI IAS has been at the cutting edge of real learning. Today, it is known as the most specialized institution of its type in the country, performing consistently at high levels and has acquired the rare distinction of achieving the highest success-rate in the Civil Services Exam.

Majid Husain is an Indian Geographer and is popular for his contribution to Geography through various publications and research work. He is one of the senior most faculty of Geography in and is well respected for his invaluable research in the field of Geography.

He has teaching experience of over 40 years and 43 years of experience in the research field. He was awarded by the Delhi Govt. for the best Geography teacher in 1997

Additionally, he has written many useful books for UPSC preparation and other all India level competitive examinations. Besides that, his unique and simple teaching style is well appreciated amongst various student circles.

To learn more from Mr. Majid Husain:

About Teacher:

Prof. Majid Husain is a renowned professor in the field of Geography. He has an experience of more than 40 years teaching and researching in the field of Geography. He has authored some of the best-selling books in Geography for UPSC preparation.

Now, Prof. Majid Husain is mentoring UPSC aspirant for Geography Optional and helping many aspirants crack UPSC Civil service examination.

About NeoStencil:

NeoStencil is founded by AIIMS, IIT and IIM Alumni. It is India’s only Ed Tech Company that provides live online classes from top teachers. With a mission statement of Choose Your Classroom, it aims to revolutionize test preparation, by connecting teachers and students seamlessly. Live!

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أسهل طريقه للمبتدئين لربح 15 دولار يومياً بدون تعب

أسهل طريقه للمبتدئين لربح 15 دولار يومياً بدون تعب
للتسجيل في الموقع من هنا :

لا تنسى الإشتراك في القناه ليصلك كل ما هو جديد وحصري
( لا تبخل بنشر ومشاركة الفيديو مع اصدقائك )
(( روابط المتابعه ))
رابط الموقع :

رابط جروب مشاريع العمل :

رابط صفحتي على الفيس بوك

رابط جوجل بلاس :

المعاملات التجاريه والإعلان راسلنا على
لا تدع اليوتيوب يلهيك عن وقت الصلاه حبيبي في الله
استغفر الله العظيم وأتوب إليه .
هلال للمعلوميات تهتم بكل ما هو جديد ومفيد في عالم التقنيه والمعلوميات والربح من الانترنت
فتابعنا دائما للحصول على كل ما هو جديد وحصري

Huawei P20 Pro vs Samsung S9 Plus SPEED Test

Huawei P20 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Speed and Performance test, Apps, Gaming Speed tests as well as RAM management.
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The Huawei P20 Pro features a 6.1 OLED Display with a FHD+ 18.7:9 ratio, Leica Triple Camera with 20MP Mono, 40MP RGB, and 8MP Telephoto, 24MP Selfie Camera, Kirin 970 with 6GB RAM, 4000 mAh battery with SuperCharge, Fingerprint Scanner, Facial recognition and 960fps super slow motion.

Huawei P20 Pro Review: 1 Month Later -
Huawei P20 Pro UNBOXING -
Huawei P20 Pro vs iPhone X Camera Test Comparison -
Huawei P20 Pro vs iPhone X SPEED Test -
Huawei P20 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Camera Test Comparison -

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus features a 6.2 Super AMOLED Display with a QHD+ 18.5:9 ratio, 12MP dual rear camera with dual-aperture, 8MP Selfie Camera with AF, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845/Exynos 9810, 3500mAh battery, Iris Scanner, Facial recognition, Fingerprint scanner, Intelligent Scan AR Emoji and Samsung Bixby AI assistant

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[9.16] Q / Flynn Signs Books WWG1WGA / Vatican / SpaceX / 10 Million Will Die of Cancer This Year

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These incredibly handy life hacks will help you open almost anything around you!

Cans, tight lids on the jars, wine corks, beer bottles, and not to mention opening of the handcuffs and locks without using a key!
You're gonna be surprised as much as delighted, let's give these awesome hacks a try! ;)

I had no idea you can open a beer bottle with paper! Now I'll share this secret hack with you! Or you can open glass bottle with another bottle, plastic one.

And if you're struggling with opening tight preservation lids I know how to help:

4. Heat it first with a hair dryer or hot water
3. Use scotch tape
2. Use rubber band and glove
1. Hit it with kitchen spatula and then open up.

I'll teach you how to open a can with a silver spoon and make cookie cutters from soda cans. It's gonna be fun! ;)


0:14 How to dublicate a key
1:00 Lost your key?
1:38 Save your nails
3:06 Sweet escape
4:38 Using a kife to open stuff
5:57 Tight lids hacks
7:07 Do it right

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