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“Nike Gridiron: I Promise” Commercial


“Nike Gridiron: I Promise” Commercial

High school football is a commitment, from summer practice to the championship game. Check out this TV spot that kicks off the season.

Nike Gridiron - I Promise Commercial - American Football

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Nike I PROMISE Commertial

Nike Commercial 100% CREDIT ALL GIVE TO NIKE...

THIS BELONGS TO NIKE.. i just added it but it belong to nike 100%...

Nike Gridiron Briscoe High Two a Days

The first in nike's football series about its fictional high school...starring many past and present stars and media people from the game tody...

For Warriors Nike Commercial

Pujols, Rivera, Hunter, Urlacher, Tomlinson, Roethlisberger

(song is Migration by Cop Shoot Cop)

NIKE 'Leave Nothing' Ad feat. Madden NFL 08

NIKE 'Leave Nothing - Giants' TV Ad
featuring footage from Madden NFL 08

Michael Vick (Nike Ad).mp4

I Promise

This is our rendition of Chevy's famous I Promise commercial. Visit us on the web at

New Nike Leave Nothing Commercial

New nike leave nothing commercial with Shaun Merriman and Steven Jackson

Performing Arts Commercial THE LEGIT ONE I PROMISE


Colllege Football I Promise Nike Ad


Nike: My better is better vol.2

more commercials:

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland
Executive Creative Directors: Jelly Helm, Steve Luker
Creative Directors: Tyler Whisnand, Mike McCommon
Copywriter: Caleb Jensen
Art Director: Taylor Twist
Agency Executive Producer: Ben Grylewicz
Agency Producer: Shannon Worley
Production Company: Epoch Films, Los Angeles
Director: Stacy Wall
Executive Producer: Jerry Solomon
Producer: Marc Marrie
Editor: Lucas Eskin
Post-Production: Mad River Post
Audio Post-Production: Lime Studios
Mixer: Loren Silber
Effects: RIOT
Color Correction: Stefan Sonnenfeld @ Co. 3
Talent: LaDanian Tomlinson, Adrian Peterson, Steve Nash, Kevin Durant, Brandon Roy, Diana Taurasi, Matt Holliday, Kyle Harrison; Ryan Powell, Landon Donovan, Hope Solo, Pete Carroll
Sound Design: Lime
Sound Designer: Loren Silber

Nike Secret Weapon

Intense and dramatic music created by Endless Noise.


To honor football players.

Jordan - Break to Build

Jordan's Break to Build commercial.

boro football nike commercial

boro football makin our nike commercial

Nike - My Better Is Better Than Your Better (v3)

This is the third commercial in the current My Better is Better ad campaign by Nike created by Wieden+Kennedy. We are big fans of the ad and thank Nike wholeheartedly for the inspiration for our current commercials. (You can see our videos here: All rights to this commercial belong to Nike and Wieden+Kennedy. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland
Title: My Better Is Better Than Your Better
Product: Nike SPARQ Training
Talent: LaDanian Tomlinson, Adrian Peterson, Steve Nash, Kevin Durant, Brandon Roy, Diana Taurasi, Matt Holliday, Kyle Harrison; Ryan Powell, Landon Donovan, Hope Solo, Abby Wambach, Pete Carroll

Lines from My Better Is Better Than Your Better - third commercial:
My fast is faster than your fast.
My fast is all faster.
I got strong all day.
Quicker than your quicker.
I'll give you a head start.
You underestimate my agility.
My agility is the CEO of the United Global Agility Corporation.
I break the backboard right now.
My quick is quick.
Quickety Quick.
My quick and my fast had a baby named him speedy.
You are not that fast.
X-ray vision.
My strong apologizes for making your strong look like cottage cheese.
I apologize.
Man, I hate cottage cheese.
Hey anyone got any batteries?
My better
My better
My better
Is better than your better.
You guys saw that right? Yeah.

See's parodies of this commercial here:

FOOTBALL! High School Commercial

NIKE MY TIME IS NOW (Commercial 2012 HD)

D Rit 'This I Promise You'cover and a Snickers commercial!! haha

N'Sync's This I Promise You. I messed up at a certain point so ignore that part. this one didn't turn out how i wanted it to. but it'll have to do for now. i'll redo it sooner or later. my voice sounds like i have more mental handicaps than i really do. lol.



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