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⚠️ 5 ошибок при выборе ноутбука💻


SOLVED - How to Fix Toshiba Boot Failure | Secure Boot Feature | No Bootable Device

SOLVED - How to Fix Toshiba Boot Failure | Secure Boot Feature | No Bootable Device | Toshiba Notebook/Laptop Boot Failure

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Boot Failure: a proper digital signature was not found. One of the files on the select boot device was rejected by the Secure Boot feature.

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Easy Steps -

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How to Fix Any Macbook Pro Random System Crash

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Identifying a problem that causes your Mac to crash can be very difficult. We created a good starting point. In this video we cover how to identify many gray screen crash issues:

Kernel Panic (How to track down the crash report)
Graphics Card Issues
Quick fix for Dual GPU issues

We hope this video guide will give you a good idea where to start on the random crash repair process.

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Dell Warning The battery cannot be identified The system will be unable to charge this fix error

This video will give you three possible solutions to the Dell battery error message that indicates your battery not charging. This problem occurs in several of Dell's laptops (Latitude, Inspiron, Studio Mini XPS etc. This may have happened after the installation of Windows 10 performed by Microsoft during the upgrade. Fix Repair Solution Bios Charger Battery

notebook XPS 3000 3552 Touch 11z 13Z-5323 14 14 3421 14-3421 14R 14R-5421 14R 5421 14V mini inspirion netbook notebook 14Z-5423 3542 7000 7537 7737 15-3000 15-3521 15-3537 15-3542 15-3543 15-5000 15-5421 15-5521 15-5535 15-5537 15-5547 15-7000 15-7537 15-7735 15-7737 15-i5547 15-N3521 15-N5521 15R 15R-3521 15R-3537 15R-5421 15R-5521 15R-5535 15R-5537 15R-N3521 15R-N5521 15V-1316 15Z 15Z-5523 15Z5523 15Z 5523 17 3721 5000-3542 5000-5547 17-3521 17-3721 17-5000 3542 17-5000 5547 17R 17R-5720 17R-5721 17R-5735 17R5721 17R 5721 110L 120L 500m 510M 600m 610M i7 i3 i5 intel core amd 630m 640M 700-M 700M 710-M US 710M 910 1000 1010 1011 Mini 1012 1018 1100 1110 1120 1121 1122 1150 1200 1210 1300 1370 1400 1420 1440 1450 1457 1464 1470 1501 1520 1520 1521 1525 1525 1526 1540 1545 1564 1570 1618L 1710 1720 1720 1720 1721 1747 1749 1750 1764 2000 2100 2200 2500 2600 2650 3437 3520 3537 3543 3700 3737 3800 4000 4100 4150 5100 5150 5160 5323 5421 5423 5437 5521 5537 5720 6000 6000D 6400 7110 7520 7720 8000 8100 8200 8500 8600 9100 9200 9300 9400 173721 B120 B130 E1405 E1505 E1705 I3 I15RVT i15RVT-3714BLK I15RVT-6143BLK I15RVT-6195BLK I15RVT-8571BLK I15RVT-13333BLK L702X M101 M101Z M102Z M301Z M511R M531R M731R M4040 M4110 M5010 M5030 M5040 M5050 9 N301Z N3721 N4020 N4030 N4050 N4110 N5010 N5020 N5030 N5040 N5050 N7010 N7110 PP05L PP12L PP14L PP39S 3541 3542 15-3541 15-3542 15-3551 15-3558 3541 3542 17 7737 17-7000 17-7737 7737 11-3147 11-3148 11-3152 11-3157 3135 3137 3138 3147 3148 3157 i3147-3750sLV13 7347 7348 13-7347 13-7348 i5551 i5558 13-7352 7347 7348 7352 I7347 I7347-7550SLV I7348 i7559 i7348-3287sLV I7348-4286SLV I7348-5001sLV 14-3000 3452
14-3441 14-3458 14-5000 14-5442 14-5447 7537 15-7537 2012
15-7547 15-7548 7547 7548 I7537T I7537T-3341SLV 530s 2013
I7547-4020SLV 5748 5749 17-5748 17-5755 17-5758 x200 2014
5748 5749 i5748-1143sLV i5748-2143sLV i5748-5000sLV 2015
i5748-8571sLV i5749-5889SLV I57485000SLV Vostro 5547 t4200 5421t 1520 5420 m101z 1110 1010 1012 1011 1018 celeron 5523 15z 1750 zino 537s 545s 546 1720 1721 9300 9400 e1705 1501 1520 1521 5150 8600 e1505 1420 e1405 6400 910 1210 12 3147 17r 11 ultrabook i15RV-954BLK 3542 i5551‑1667BLK 14z e5420 5000 i5558-5718SLV i7559-763BLK touchscreen 2016 2011
15R-N5110 n5110 3531 15-3531 nvidia 7348 3000-3541 quad dual core tablet used new n3050 3542 i3147 truelife i5555 i3452 i3148 i3147 i7353 i15rvt i131471 i15rv i15748 i3541 5458 i5759 1764 i3452 i3552 3443 4005u a8 hard drive harddrive 5558 m731r 13z-5323 13z 15-3521 7537 duo atom 15-7559 a10 touch screen 3147 3531 3135 I7537T-4340SLV I7537T 3520 i3531 7520 11-3147
5323 13z n301z n311z n4120 n301z 3459 5443 3138 3459 15r chromebook I15N 15r I15N-1900BK 1545

How to fix CPU Fan error, press F1 to continue! of your computer

Học nghề online UNICA uy tín ngay tại đây:
Hoặc điền mã giảm giá COUPON: tonydong
vào mỗi sản phẩm khóa học
Press F1 to Run SETUP Press F2 to Load default values and countinue

Why I see the error message CPU FAN Error in POST?

When you see the error message CPU FAN Error in POST, it means the system doesn't detect the FAN.

You can refer to the steps below to resolve the issue.

1. Please make sure the CPU FAN is installed on the right position of the motherboard and twist the screws tightly
2. Ensure that the CPU FAN cable is securely installed to the CPU_FAN connector instead of the CHA_FAN.

3. If you install another brand of CPU FAN with lower revolutions speed, the system may not be able to correctly detect it.You can try to set CPU Fan Speed Low Limit to 200 RPM in BIOS configuration.

* CPU Fan Speed Low Limit appears only when you set the CPU Q-Fan Control to [DC Mode], [PWM Mode], and [Auto]. For those early versions, you need to set the CPU Q-Fan Control to [Enabled], [Advance Mode] or [Auto].

4. You can set Monitor- CPU FAN Speed to [Ignore] if you don't want to open the computer case.

*You can set the CPU FAN Speed to [Ignore] if your computer already comes with a liquid cooling system.

5. Update the BIOS to the latest version.

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TPM preventing Tablet from booting solution

If your tablet boots with a error message stating A Configuration change was requested to clear this computer's TPM...

1st. Try using the volume keys to make a selection and then the power key to confirm that selection if that does not work.

2nd. Try holding both volume keys and the power key for 3-5 seconds at boot to try to enter recovery mode.

3rd. If that fails purchase an OTG cable and see if that can resolve the issue.



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