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천지 벚꽃 피크닉=???? (Let's go Han River!) | 천지의 이것저것 Ep. 9


Prehistoric Worlds | Earth Has Faced Apocalyptic Events Five Times | Documentary

Five times, the Earth has faced apocalyptic events. Cataclysms that have swept away all life forms, or almost. Each time, a handful of species has survived, establishing a new world.

What did these prehistoric worlds look like? What catastrophes led to their disappearance? How did our distant ancestors manage to survive the five mass extinctions that the Earth has suffered, finally giving rise to the world we know today?

Combining CGI of ancient animal and plant life, VFX, and filming, Prehistoric Worlds looks back at the five mass extinctions of life on Earth that allowed the advent of the human race. On the brink of a sixth mass extinction that the scientific community considers imminent. This time caused by mankind.

This film gives us an interesting and powerful look at Man's existence on the scale of the history of our planet.

All Credits goes out to the makers of this video !.

FLYING TO MEXICO DURING COVID | New Airline & Airport Guidelines | Pandemic Travel Internationally

FLYING TO MEXICO DURING COVID | New Airline & Airport Guidelines | Pandemic Travel Internationally

Flying during a pandemic . . . Covid-19 has changed the way we travel and new travel guidelines are in full effect for airlines and airports. Follow along as we fly internationally from the USA to Mexico on Delta Airlines during a pandemic. I will be showing you what it’s really like to travel by airplane and update you on all the new policies, procedures, and guidelines that are taking place all the way from the Minneapolis / St. Paul airport, to the Cancun Airport, to our resort in Cancun during coronavirus.

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