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👣 Impacted or Ingrown Toenail Pedicure Tutorial 👣


Are Pedicures Healthy for Your Feet? A Podiatrist's View on Pedicures

Dr. Matthew Neuhaus discusses whether or not pedicures are a good or bad thing for your feet and introduces our three part series of videos on pedicures and their drawbacks and benefits. For more information on safe pedicures, visit Footprints in the Sand nail spa is located in Smyrna, Tenn.

Neuhuas Foot & Ankle has four middle Tennessee locations: Smyrna, Brentwood, Lebanon, and Hermitage. Contact Neuhaus Foot & Ankle at (888) 713-0906 or through the website,

Add Leg - LastMaker

Adding a leg file to an existing last

Juicy Deep Foot Corn | corn removal | By Miss Foot Fixer Marion Yau

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In this video Miss Foot Fixer Marion Yau will be removing several corns. I love talking to patients and learn so much. In this video you an clearly see I have no clue what this gentleman is talking about lol.

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Corn removal with callus: Three corns on one foot!


This lovely client has been living with his multiple corns for number of years and felt extremely painful when wearing most footwear, standing and doing other forms of exercise. Corns are localized areas of hard skin over bony prominences as a result of pressure and friction that occurs with time. This may sound like an equation and it is! This is exactly what a foot corn is.

During this video the corn and the callus is debrided and enucleated using a scalpel (15 blade) technique, pre and post anti- bacterial cleanse is used. The machine used at the end was a moors disc.The whole process is without the use of anaesthetics and pain free. The client finds immediate relief after the removal of the corn. He was able to wear shoes and walk comfortably.

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Thickest Feet I have Ever Seen!

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Tips for healthy nails

Nails reflect our overall health, which is why proper nail care is so important. Here are dermatologists’ tips for keeping your nails healthy:

Keep nails clean and dry.

Cut nails straight across. Use sharp nail scissors or clippers. Round the nails slightly at the tips for maximum strength.

Keep nails shaped and free of snags by filing with an emery board.

Do not bite fingernails or remove the cuticle. Doing so can damage the nail.

Do not use your nails as a tool, such as opening pop cans.

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Tuthunkume Episode 9 - HD

What is a manicure?
A manicure is a beauty treatment for the fingernails and hand that can be practiced at home or at a spa. Manicure entails filing and shaping of the nails and massage of the hands. But there are various spa treatments you can choose from for a good manicure.
Benefits of manicure:
The massaging of the hands helps improve blood circulation. A manicure with lotions promotes nail growth, flexibility and retains moisture in the nail. So, it is important to get a good manicure and make sure that it is protected from harsh chemicals, which can make the nail brittle.
Manicure treatment:
It is important to opt for a clean and hygienic spa to prevent the spread of infection through the tools and supplies use for a manicure. This treatment uses oil, paraffin wax and lotions to clear your skin from dry cells, clean the cuticles, and soften the fingernail.

What is Pedicure?
A pedicure is a beauty treatment for the feet and legs. You can also practice pedicure at home or avail this beauty treatment at a spa. Even for pedicure there are different pedicure treatments you can opt from to boost personal care.
Benefits of pedicure:
Pedicure is not just a beauty treatment and is important to prevent nail disorders and diseases. The same treatment applies to the toenails like the fingernails, but while getting a pedicure, the sole of the feet are scrubbed with a pumice to prevent build-up of dead cells. A pedicure also implies massaging of the legs and moisturising it with lotions.
Pedicure treatment:
Even for pedicures, there are different beauty treatments to maintain the hygiene and growth of the toenails. A pedicure takes care of ingrown nails, brittle nails and prevents build-up of germs. Again make sure the tools and supplies used are clean and sterile.

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