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10 More Everyday Things That Prove Your Life Is a Lie


10 Photos That Prove Your Life Is A LIE

top 10 funny pictures you have to look at twice and will change your life
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One of the scarier aspects of growing up is learning that everything you were taught wasn’t true. Of course, we eventually learn that Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny aren’t real, and that you might not always grow up to achieve your dreams. As we grow older, we have become nearly desensitized when finding out the things we knew so well were wrong. It truly is a part of becoming an adult, and it is something that people don’t tell you. In fact, if we knew certain things were a lie, then we would never want to grow up. For example, we were taught about the Great Wall of China in school, but we were never told that the wall has a beginning and an end. So, if you thought the wall was endless, we might disappoint you a bit. Also, remember the Looney Tunes cartoon featuring Wile E. Coyote and how he was also chasing the Roadrunner? That was all a lie too.

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11 Everyday Things That Prove Your Life IS A LIE!

Amazing facts to make you re-examine how you view the world! From the truth behind pirate eye-patches to Humpty Dumpty's backstory these common misconceptions and flat-out lies will blow your mind!

#11. “Pirate Eye”- When you imagine the dastardly likeness of a pirate you are likely to picture someone with a hook hand, peg leg and an eyepatch. One would think that these accessories are all necessary to replace or cover-up damage the pirate had received from the various sea-battles and swashbuckling adventures. However, this is not the case when it came to eyepatches. In fact, if you were to go back in time and meet a pirate in an eye-patch and lift up the eyepatch, what you would more than likely find would be a perfectly healthy eye and you could also probably catch the pirate switching which eye they had it on from day to day. You see, pirates didn’t use eye-patches to cover up a scarred or missing eyeball, they used them as a clever way to help their eyes adjust to light. Because pirates had to often go back and forth between the sunshine soaked decks and the dark rooms below, often during hectic skirmishes, they needed a way to make sure they weren’t hampered by temporary blindness. They found the quickest way to adjust to the light was by wearing an eyepatch and then switching which eye it was over as they went below decks, as the covered eye would be already adapted to the darkness.

#10. “Food Fraud”- How many times have you seen a commercial on T.V. for food and it looks so delicious that you have to go get it, but once you get that food that looked so scrumptious on screen in your hands, it looks far less savory and often disappointing. Well that’s because the food in these commercials, just like the actors has been excessively dolled up. In order to give seafood that fresh from the ocean to the table look, commercial production companies often coat their seafood with glycerin and water. To keep the patties on burgers looking juicy and grilled to perfection they often coat them in shoe polish. Want to make that fruit salad you just prepared look fresh and succulent on your instagram post, as if its ingredients were just handpicked by you? Well you can use the age-old photographer’s trick of spritzing them with hairspray or deodorizing sprays. Sometimes the food is made out of an entirely different food and sometimes it isn’t even made out of food at all. How do they make ice cream look perfectly delectable without having it melt while filming well most of the time that isn’t ice cream rather mashed potatoes made to look like the popular summertime confection. On top of that ice cream stunt double, you are likely looking at shaving cream instead of whipped cream as whip cream also likes to run. In order to keep the ice cubes in soft drinks from melting from take to take, they use plastic ice cubes. To keep pancakes or waffles from going soggy as they would with real maple syrup, commercials often use engine oil instead.

#9. “Heads In The Sand”- If you were asked to name some quick facts about ostriches your list would probably start off like this, “they are large flightless birds, they can run really fast, have giant eggs and like to bury their heads in the sand”. But the last of these four facts is completely false. Cartoons and popular culture have long dpicted the ostrich as spending their days cranium-deep in dirt but this is actually due to an optical illusion. You see, ostriches dig holes in order to create nests in desert sand, and after laying their eggs they often stick their heads in the holes to rotate the eggs. From a distance, because of a mirage effect and the fact that ostriches necks are similar in color to the ground, it appears like the ostrich has buried its head. Just as with humans, an ostrich wouldn’t last long if it really buried its head as they too depend on the precious resource--oxygen.

Photos That Prove Your Life Is A LIE

top 10 funniest pictures that will make you think twice

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As long as we can remember, we have been raised to believe certain things because we have been exposed to them for so long. Eventually, what comes with long exposure is the acceptance of that thing as truth and we never think to really question it. However, since we have gotten more “awakened” and “informed” thanks to the internet and its widespread reaches, we are now learning that the things we grew up with and know might not actually be what it seems. If you’re a homeowner and have felt envy at how green your neighbor’s lawn is, they might actually be painting it green

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Top 10 Things That Prove Your Life Is A Lie

Top 10 Things That Prove Your Life Is A Lie
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Alright so I’m sure you’ve heard that the average person swallows a few spiders in their sleep each year. Well, what would you say if I told you that was a lie? It was actually a saying that was created to see how fast humans would spread this lie. So now that I have shocked your world, let’s take a look at the top 10 things that prove your life is a lie.


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Everyday Things That Prove Your Life Is A Lie

Top Everyday Things That Prove Your Life Is A Lie
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the top Everyday Things That Prove Your Life Is A Lie! Here are some photos of things in everday life that prove your life is a lie! From popular cereal brand mascots and foods which are a different colour! Even things like sports balls including bowling balls can prove your life is a lie! The technology you have in your home may have also been lying to your your entire life as well as one of your most beloved cleaning products!

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10 More Everyday Things That Prove Your Life Is a Lie

Funny Photos That Prove Your Life Is A Lie

Pictures That Prove Your Life Is A Lie
Funny Pictures
Hello Kitty And Winnie The Pooh
your life is a lie sssniperwolf

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10 More Everyday Things That Prove Your Life Is a Lie

We actually believe it loads of everyday myths. Youd be surprised to hear about some of these photos that prove your life is a lie!
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Be Amazed at these 10 More Everyday Things That Prove Your Life Is a Lie! Van Gogh Didn’t Cut Off His Own Ear - Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh was famously mad. The Declaration Of Independence Wasn’t Signed On July the 4th - Every year American’s celebrate Independence Day on July the 4th, but they’re celebrating the wrong day! Blackboard Chalk Isn’t Made of Chalk - We all know our teachers lied to us, but did you know they lied to you every time they told you to go up to the blackboard and write something in chalk. A Penny Dropped From the Empire State Building Won’t Kill You - It turns out that this urban myth really is a myth. Humpty Dumpty Wasn’t An Egg - Listen carefully to this rhyme: Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall / Humpty Dumpty had a great fall / All the king’s horses and all the king’s men / Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

Edison Didn’t Invent the Light Bulb - Thomas Edison was one of the world’s great inventors – so great he even gets the credit for things he didn’t invent! Newton Didn’t Get Hit On the Head By an Apple - History’s most hilarious eureka moment never happened. C3P0s Leg Was Silver - Ask anyone to describe C3P0, arguably the most famous fictional robot in the world, and they’ll say something like “that annoying gold robot from Star Wars who talks all the time and has an unrequited love for R2-D2.” Humans Didn’t Evolve From Chimpanzees Or Apes - Charles Darwin famously sat on his theory of evolution for 20 years, afraid of the uproar it would cause in society if he was to trace human lineage back to a time when we resembled apes. Walt Disney’s Signature Wasn’t Walt Disney’s Signature - Walt Disney has one of the most famous signatures in the world.



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