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10 Most Creepy Recent Archaeological Discoveries!


10 Most Creepy Recent Archaeological Discoveries!

From masks during times of plague to a tower of skulls leftover from battle, here are 10 creepy archaeological discoveries.

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10. Chan Chan Statues
Chan Chan was once the biggest city in the Americas, and the capital of the Chimú civilization. Today, it exists only in the form of ruins. Located along the Pacific coast in northern Peru, near modern-day Trujillo, Chan Chan consisted of some 10,000 structures during its heyday, around 600 years ago.

9. Demonic Jar
Archaeologists recently discovered an eerie, 7,000-year-old bowl depicting a horned human face among the ruins of a Neolithic house in the village of Biskupice in southern Poland.

8. Plague Mask
People protected themselves the best they could during past disease outbreaks, despite their limited knowledge about how germs spread and how to avoid getting sick. For a long time, nobody knew how the plague was transmitted, including doctors, but they tried nonetheless to shield themselves from it.

7. Roman Hair
At the Yorkshire Museum in York, England, visitors have the opportunity to see an exceptionally rare Roman hairpiece dating back to sometime during the late third or early fourth century. And of course I mean hair piece as in made of real hair.

6. The Head of A Killer
Peter Kurten, better known as the Dusseldorf Vampire, committed a series of brutal murders in Dusseldorf, Germany during the early 20th century. He was finally caught in 1929 after a particularly heinous act resulting in a child’s death.

5. A Cursed Children’s Toy
Within the walls of the historic Yeo House in Port Hill, Prince Edward Island, Canada is a 19th-century toy that has been described as “a disfigured stuffed dog on wheels.” Nicknamed “Wheelie,” the 150-year-old plaything is reportedly haunted and moves around on its own.

4. Ancient Clay Head (and Skull)
The Scythians were a large collective of mysterious ancient nomadic warrior cultures from modern-day southern Siberia who ravaged rivals among the Eurasian steppe between 900 B.C. and 200 A.D.

3. Skull Tower Of Nis
The Ćele Kula, also known as the skull tower of Niš, was created from the decapitated skulls of 952 Serbian rebels in 1809 after a devastating defeat by the Turks.

2. Castration Clamps
Followers of the Greek fertility goddess Cybele, namely eunuch priests, marked their devotion to the deity through self-castration. To get the job done, they used an elaborately decorated set of castration clamps with serrated edges.

1. Toothed Tumors
In 2017, archaeologists in Lisbon, Portugal announced the discovery of an ovarian tumor with teeth in a gothic cemetery at the Church and Convent of Carmo. They found the artifact near the pelvic area of a 45-year-old woman’s remains while excavating the site’s 42 graves in 2010 and 2011.

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10 Creepiest Recent Archaeological Discoveries!

From hearing an ancient mummy's voice to the burial of a 6-headed chief, here are 10 creepy archaeological discoveries.

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10. Cybele Statue
The Kurul Fortress in Turkey is an ancient settlement dating back some 2,300 years. Located in Ordu, it is the first scientific archaeological excavations site of the Eastern Black Sea and is on the list to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

9. Ancient Mummy’s Voice
Have you ever wondered what people sounded like during ancient times? While their voices probably weren’t much different than ours now, imagine if we could hear them! That would really help to bring the past alive.

8. The Castroville Hearse
Since most people couldn’t go visit museums in person this year, many museums dug deep into their collections to share some fascinating and creepy discoveries online.

7. Witches’ Marks
Recently in Stoke Mandeville, England, archaeologists excavating the abandoned medieval church of St. Mary found “witches’ marks” in the form of strange carvings and medieval graffiti. These symbols are believed to be protective symbols designed to ward off evil spirits.

6. Six-Headed Chief
Archaeologists are just now gaining answers regarding a strange six-headed burial that was discovered in 1997 in the Scottish fishing village of Portmahomack.

5. Nonsensical Egyptian Burial
In late 2019, news broke of the rather out-of-the-ordinary discovery of a collection of Egyptian burials at the Saqqara necropolis that were strangely ordinary. This place is known as being the burial place of the who’s who of ancient Egypt.

4. Black Death Tally
At first glance, the Church of St. Mary the Virgin in Ashwell, Hertfordshire, England is large, but modest. A closer look reveals that the medieval structure, which dates back to the 14th century, contains evidence of one of the darkest chapters in Europe’s history: the Black Death.

3. An Ancient Stranger
Early this year, workers discovered the remains of a solitary, nameless individual beneath the Catherine Dalley House, a former nursing home in Leicestershire, England that is slated for demolition. Police and archaeologists both reported to the scene to examine the remains, which were radiocarbon dated to sometime between 635 and 685 A.D.

2. Hirta
Situated 112 miles (180 km) from the Scottish coast, the St. Kilda archipelago of the Outer Hebrides Islands consists of four islands. Hirta, the largest among them, boasts just 9.3 miles (15 km) of coastline and occupies a less than two-and-a-half square mile (6.47 km2) area.

1. Children’s Cemetery
Earlier this year in north-central Poland’s Dobrzyń (dob-zshing) Land, in the village of Starory-pin Prywatny, archaeologists discovered dozens of 11th-century skeletons in what’s become known as the region’s oldest-known Christian cemetery. The nearly 1,000-year-old graves consist primarily of children between the ages of two and five years old, who were buried not long after Poland officially adopted Christianity in the year 966.

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9 Creepiest Recent Archaeological Discoveries!

From stealing the heart of a saint to finding human remains in your backyard, here are 9 creepy archaeological discoveries.

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9. The Heart Of A Saint
In March 2012, a sneaky thief stole the 800-year-old heart of Saint Laurence O’Toole, Dublin’s patron saint, from the Christ Church Cathedral. The intruder, who investigators believe may have hidden in the church overnight, took the time to light two candles at the altar before making off with the relic.

8. ‘Xenomorph’ Skulls
Many societies throughout the ancient world engaged in a practice called intentional cranial deformation or ICM, which involved purposely reshaping their head. Archaeologists unearthed some of the oldest known evidence of the custom in 2019 at the Neolithic Houtaomuga site in northeastern China.

7. A Structure Frozen In Time
A farmhouse in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland that looked pretty ordinary from the outside served as a spooky time capsule before it was demolished two years ago. The home’s last occupant, a man known as ‘Dessie,’ was the last of three brothers who lived there.

6. Ofuka-Cho Mass Grave
Earlier this year, archaeologists excavated a series of strange, circular holes at the Ofuka-Cho site in Osaka, Japan. The holes contained the remains of over 1,500 people and animals squished inside creating a large cemetery.

5. Eerie Shipwreck
The ruins of the SV Carl, a German ship that ran aground off the Cornish coast during World War I, reappeared in late 2019 during low tide following a violent storm. The British Navy was towing the 60-foot (18.3 meters) three-masted steel-hulled sailing vessel to London in 1917 with plans to dismantle it for scrap metal when it became stuck on a reef during a storm and broke away from its tow line. It sounds like it knew what was coming!

4. A Scary Massacre
When a Siberia resident named Vitaly Kvasha began digging in his yard in 2019 with plans to expand his home, he unexpectedly encountered human bones -- and not just a few of them. The skeletal remains kept turning up so Kvasha just kept going, putting the bones in flour sacks. The bags started stacking up against his house.

3. A Crash From The Past
In September 1942, during World War II, a U.S. fighter plane went down off the coast of North Wales. The pilot, 24-year-old Second Lt. Robert F. Elliot, crash-landed the Lockheed P-38 Lightning Fighter during a gunnery practice mission after running into mechanical difficulties.

2. New Forest Arborglyphs
This year has not been good for travel and visiting historical and archaeological sites around the world, so many organizations are turning to the internet so that people can visit virtually. In October, England’s New Forest National Park Authority (NPA) displayed over 100 examples of historic tree etchings, called arborglyphs, on its website.

1. Notre Dame Crypt
The April 2019 fire at the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris put the historic building out of commission for a long time. Even parts of the structure that were not damaged in the blaze had to close, including the archaeological crypt that sits beneath the courtyard, which was covered in toxic lead dust, mold, and debris.

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10 Scariest Recent Archaeological Discoveries!

From a group of ancient warriors with disturbing weaponry to some horrifying secrets found buried under an old church, here are 10 of the scariest recent discoveries

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10: The Buried Centaur
In a surprising turn of events, archaeologists were doing routine excavations in the small French town of Evreux before a construction project was going to start. Dating back to the 1st century BC it became an important and bustling city during the 1st century AD, during the Augustan period of the Roman empire. It had a theatre, big walls covered in frescoes, villas, and Roman bathhouses.

9: The Millipede Swarm
In Japan, there is a disturbing phenomenon in which horrifying swarms of millipedes get together in such massive clusters that they are able to disrupt the entire country’s train network! Apparently this has been going on for quite some time, and a new study has revealed that the clusters of slimy millipedes actually emerge every eight years to wreak havoc on Japan.

8: Knives Made from Human Bones
In New Guinea, ancient warriors used to craft daggers from human bones, which they then used to finish off their enemies in brutal hand-to-hand combat. A recent study published in the journal Royal Society Open Science, details how these people engineered their daggers from human bones to make them superb weapons.

7: Stardust
In a rather frightening discovery, scientists have discovered stardust left behind by a meteorite that crashed into Australia 50 years ago. And while stardust itself isn't that scary, the fact that the stardust formed sometime between 5 to 7 billion years ago makes the discovery kind of overwhelming and a little scary.

6: The Sinister Roman Helmet
A kind of creepy Roman cavalry helmet was discovered in Lancashire, in the northwest of England. But it wasn't found by professional archaeologists, instead it was found by a 13-year-old boy who stumbled upon it by complete accident in 1796! The son of a clog-maker, he was playing in a river bed when he stumbled upon an entire Roman hoard, buried in a hollow and full of a bunch of corroded metal.

5: Deer with Hair on Eyeballs
This one is a bit gross and super scary! A deer was recently discovered stumbling through the wilderness of Tennessee with hair growing out of both its eyeballs! Like some sort of monster. And not just a little bit of hair either. The deer had thick brown hair literally growing out of its eyes, preventing the animal from being able to see.

4: Invasion of the Murder Hornet
In a terrifying insect discovery in 2020, murder hornets were found inside the United States for the very first time, and they were ready to begin starting colonies of their own and murdering citizens of the U.S. in record numbers! Just kidding, not that extreme but scientists were pretty worried! So were beekeepers!! Just 3 of those things will destroy a whole hive of honeybees in 30 minutes.

3: Ghost Human Ancestor
In a rather spooky discovery, researchers have discovered a mysterious ghost population of ancient humanoid creatures that went extinct after interbreeding with the earliest humans residing in West Africa. According to the report from the BBC, researchers have determined that DNA from this ancient ghost population currently comprises between 2% and 19% of the genetic ancestry of those still living in West Africa.

2: Hell Ants
A fossil of something known as a “hell ant” was recently discovered by archaeologists. The fossil shows that the hell ant was in the act of attacking its next victim. This discovery is incredibly rare, as the ant was literally frozen during its attack! It has provided experts with an unprecedented view of how these extinct and hellish insects once hunted using their scythe-like jaws and savage horns.

1: Bones Beneath a Medieval Church
Archaeologists working in Poland have uncovered a scary hoard of human remains while in the middle of conserving a medieval church. Located in the small Polish city of Gdansk, it took two years of digging out and analyzing thousands of bones. They came out in all shapes and sizes and dating them has been a challenge.

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10 Most Shocking Recent Archaeological Discoveries!

From mummifying yourself to mysterious figures stalking people in the mountains, here are ten shocking discoveries.

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10 Shocking Recent Archaeological Discoveries

From burials in clay jars to using germs to identify Leonardo Da Vinci’s art, here are 10 shocking archaeological discoveries!

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10. Parthian Tomb
In October 2020, officials announced the discovery of a 1,000-year-old tomb in Iran’s Kurdistan province. Inside the tomb was a human skeleton with a spearhead beneath its ribs. But perhaps the most unique thing about it is that it is inside a giant clay jar.

9. Ancient Counterfeit Currency
Around 1200 B.C., during a time period known as the “Late Bronze Age Collapse” and several years before coin currency was invented, silver hoards were infused with cheaper copper alloys and coated with an authentic looking layer of silver. In analyzing 35 silver hoards found throughout Israel, archaeologist Tzilla Eshel found that eight were debased in this manner.

8. A Constipated Demise
A new study details the painful demise of a mummified man who died sometime between 1,000 and 1,400 years ago after eating mostly grasshoppers for months. Found in the Lower Pecos Canyonlands of Texas, the man had a condition called megacolon, when a person’s colon swells up to six times its normal size. He suffered from Chagas disease, which prevented him from properly digesting food and led to malnourishment.

7. Nazi ‘Enigma’ Machine
Divers removing fishing nets from the Baltic Sea in northeastern Germany’s Bay of Gelting for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) recently found a Nazi codemaking machine, called an Enigma machine! At first glance, the diver who discovered the device thought it was a typewriter, because that’s pretty much what it looks like. Soon enough, however, the team realized they had found something stranger.

6. Human Bone Weapons
What do you make weapons out of when you don’t have metal? Stone, and bone!! Mesolithic hunter-gatherers who once lived in Doggerland, carved weapons from human bone! Because, why not?? Doggerland is now underwater in the North Sea but it was once a land bridge between mainland Europe and the U.K.

5. Baby In A Jar
Archaeologists working in the ancient city of Jaffa in what is now Israel recently unearthed a jar containing the 3,800-year-old remains of a baby. Burials like these are not necessarily rare, and have occurred over numerous time periods dating as far back as the Bronze Age and as recent as less than 100 years ago, according to Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) archaeologist Yoav Arbel, who was part of the team that made the discovery. But experts have yet to figure out the reasoning behind these burials.

4. Paid To Go Away
After backing an unsuccessful candidate for emperor, residents of the Roman city Nicopolis ad Istrum on the losing side paid a hefty donation to the victor. This is according to a second-century Greek inscription on a limestone slab that archaeologists found while excavating the site in the early 20th century.

3. Gardening Treasure
While weeding their garden in Hampshire in southeastern England in late 2020, a family found a buried stash of 15th-century gold coins featuring English monarchs. Altogether, the hoard contained 63 GOLD coins and one silver coin, which were minted over a roughly century-long span. They depict several kings, including Edward IV and Henry VIII.

2. Germ-Covered Art
Leonardo da Vinci is known as one of the greatest artists of all time. A new study of seven of his iconic drawings revealed that each piece of artwork harbors a unique collection of microbes. In fact, after making their initial findings, researchers were able to identify specific paintings based on this information alone.

1. Ancient Egyptian Star Constellations
Experts in Germany and Egypt who recently restored a 2,000-year-old Egyptian temple, called the Temple of Esna, found mentionings of previously unknown constellations and revealed the vibrant colors that the ancient structure was originally painted in before being covered in dirt and soot.

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10 Creepiest & Mysterious Archaeological Discoveries!

From skull masks made from warriors to the remains of a Slavic god pulled out of a river, here are ten of the creepiest and most mysterious discoveries!

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10 Most INCREDIBLE Recent Archaeological Discoveries!

From sunken ancient royal palaces to viruses frozen in ice, here are 10 of the most amazing archaeological discoveries.

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10. Dinosaur Eggs
This amazing archaeological discovery may feel a little familiar to anyone who's watched a certain movie about a certain park where certain extinct animals are brought back to life!
In the Guangdong province of southern China in the summer of 2019, a curious young boy named Zhang Yangzhe was trying to crack open a walnut near the bank of the Dong River.

9. Spanish Flu Victims
This find is kind of scary. 22 years ago, a multinational research team went out to look for victims of the Spanish influenza of 1918 that killed an estimated 40 million people. Found frozen in ice in the Norwegian Arctic, 6 bodies were discovered by the team who were actually out searching for them. It must have been some lead, because they actually found what they were looking for, influenza frozen in ice!!

8. The Sunken Palace of Cleopatra
Cleopatra is undoubtedly the most famous female ruler of ancient times. Even today, 2000 years after Cleopatra ruled as the last queen of Egypt, she is still recognized the world over as a symbol of power, beauty, and feminine lust – known for her affairs with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Cleopatra once ruled from a marvelous palace of marble and treasures, but roughly 1,400 years ago that palace sunk.

7. The Sacrificial Horses of Duke Jing of Qi
Duke Jing of Qi was a powerful Chinese ruler in the 6th century BC. And while the story of Duke Jing’s life is rich with enough murder, treachery, and power to be an HBO drama series, the story of his burial is equally interesting. Duke Jing’s tomb was uncovered in 1964 in the Shandong province of China. What archaeologists found buried in the dirt was nothing short of fantastic.

6. Giant Dinosaur Thigh
In 2019, French archaeologists discovered one of the largest intact fossils ever unearthed. The thighbone they found measures an incredible 6.6 feet in length. And the bone is only a femur! Just let that sink in for a minute, a femur bone taller than most basketball players! Pretty incredible! The paleontologists at the scene figured the bone had belonged to a sauropod from the late Jurassic period around 140 million years ago.

5. Black Pyramid Of Amenemhat III
Amenemhat III, who ruled during Ancient Egypt’s Middle Kingdom, built the Black Pyramid of Dahshur in the beginning of his reign. Located in Hawara, Amenemhat III was the last king of the 12th dynasty. (1855-1808 BC).

4. Peruvian Pet Cemetery
You may have read the classic Stephen King novel: “Pet Sematary,” or seen the film adaptation, but don’t worry, this archeological find is nothing like that. There are no supernatural regenerative properties here, that I know of. I haven’t been in person. In fact, the pet cemetery uncovered by a Peruvian anthropologist near Lima goes to show how much the ancient Chiribaya people revered their pets.

3. Woolly Mammoth
If you are out digging, what’s the last thing you would expect to find? An ancient burial chamber? A long lost relic? How about a 15,000-year-old woolly mammoth skull?
One of the most amazing things ever found by accident, has to be this! Soybean farmer James Bristle and a friend were doing some major digging to put in a natural gas line.

2. Indonesian Hobbits
Archaeologists from Indonesia and Australia were on the island of Flores in 2003, in Indonesia, searching for proof of human migration from the Asian continent to the continent of Australia, they discovered something new. An ancient species of human.

1. Otzi
When we think about mummies, especially ancient mummies, the first place that comes to mind is Ancient Egypt. They are inarguably the masters of mummification. However, mummies have been found all over the planet, including in North America, like the world’s smallest mummy in Guanajuato, Central Mexico. But what about natural mummies, ones that were mummified without scooping their brains out of their noses?

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10 Most Bizarre Recent Archaeological Discoveries

From burials in giant jars to an ancient underwater temple, here are 10 amazing recent archaeological discoveries

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10. Iron Hand
Gotz Von Berlichingen was a German mercenary during the 1500s, a soldier for hire who fought for the people who could afford him. During a battle in the year 1504, the 23-year-old lost his arm.

9. Mud Mummy
Scientists were baffled by the discovery of the only known Ancient Egyptian “mud mummy.” The deceased individual is wrapped in hardened mud, which, in the researchers’ words, is “a mortuary treatment not previously documented in the Egyptian archaeological record.” That means it's the first time!!

8. Cookie Monster Rock
If you like rocks and gemstones like me you are going to love this!! A rock collector in Brazil has found an agate geode that when it was cut open, looks just like Cookie Monster!!

7. Prehistoric Sea Lizard
Scientists have identified a strange new mosasaur species that went extinct 66 million years ago. The small sea-going lizard, dubbed Xenodens calminechari, lived in modern-day Morocco starting around 72 million years ago.

6. Giant Jar-Tombs
In the city of Isfahan in central Iran, archaeologist Alireza Jafari-Zand is leading a team in excavating a burial mound at a site called Tepe Ashraf, where they have found two unusual giant jar-tombs. The discovery of the second one was based on a guess!

5. Sexy Fresco
It’s not necessarily surprising that ancient people enjoyed erotic imagery, but some of these discoveries, are downright strange. During excavations at the ancient Roman city of Pompeii in 2018, archaeologists uncovered a well-preserved fresco depicting a love scene between Leda, the legendary Spartan Queen, and a swan.

4. Asia’s Oldest Forest
A 2019 study published in the journal Current Biology revealed the discovery of strange fossilized tree trunks making up the oldest forest ever found in Asia. Paleobotanists Deming Wang and Min Qin found the spindly fossils in 2016 near the town of Xinhang in China’s Anhui province while examining the walls of the Jianchuan clay mine.

3. Urbano Monte Map
In 1587, an Italian mapmaker named Urbano Monte created a map on 60 sheets of paper and bound them together as an atlas. Little is known about the man from Milan, who came from a wealthy family and lived during a time of heightened interest in geography stemming from the increasing exploration of the world.

2. Wolf-Sized Otter
Six million years ago in the swampy habitat of what is now southwestern China, lived a 100-pound (45.4 kg) otter with powerful jaws that made it much stronger than today’s otters, who knock sea urchins against stones to break them open.

1. An Ancient Temple
The submerged ancient Egyptian city and once-bustling trade port of Heracleion was discovered roughly two decades ago, about 148 feet (45 meters) beneath the surface of the Mediterranean Sea. Called Egypt’s Atlantis, this lost city is full of mystery.

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10 Most Incredible Recent Archaeological Discoveries

Hi everybody! From a long lost water cult to temples that have been hidden under river sand for years, here are 9 incredible recent archaeological discoveries.

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9. Oldest Known Work Of Art
If you thought the Lascaux cave paintings were the oldest works of art in the world, like most of us, then surprise!! Scientists recently discovered a cave painting in Indonesia that’s been dated back to approximately 44,000 years ago, which makes it the oldest known work of art on the planet.

8. Aztec Sacrifices
Recently in 2019, archaeologists discovered sacred offerings on what was once an Aztec ritual platform. Their incredible find may finally lead to an Aztec emperor’s tomb. So far none have ever been uncovered.

7. Temple From A ‘Water Cult’
Researchers recently uncovered the remains of a temple from 3000 years ago in Peru which they think was used by a prehistoric Cult of Water for fertility ceremonies. This would place its construction square in the middle of the stone age. But interestingly, this discovery marks the first stone age temple discovery in the region; it was located in the Huaca El Toro archaeological site in Oyotùn, Peru, nestled in between two rivers which are inside of the Zaña Valley, and it’s the only one of its kind in the area.

6. Emperor Nero’s ‘Sphinx Room’
In 2018 conservationists, who were working on the restoration of Emperor Nero's palace in Rome, found something completely unexpected- a secret underground chamber. Inside was a series of colorful animal frescoes, which depicted images of panthers, centaurs, and a sphinx.

5. Ancient Humans In Idaho
In 2019, archaeologists uncovered the remnants of human activity from around 16,600 years ago… in Idaho, no less! These discoveries shed new light on how humans must have travelled in prehistory, indicating where they went as they explored the Americas. They discovered these remnants at Cooper’s Ferry, an archaeological digging site that’s located around the Salmon River in Cottonwood, Idaho.

4. Romulus’ Tomb
Archaeologists recently discovered a tomb from millennia ago that the ancient Romans thought of as the burial chamber of Romulus, the mythical founder of Rome! While most researchers don’t think that Romulus ever actually existed, it’s clear that the tomb was revered as if it was his. As the legend goes, Romulus, along with Remus, his twin, were the sons of Rhea Silvia and the god of war himself, Mars.

3. USS Nevada
We all know that Navy ships are durable and hard to sink. But there may be one ship among all of the Navy’s fleet that stood above the rest for decades. The USS Nevada made it through World War II, even though it was built in 1912. It made it through a number of other insane trials and tribulations as well, surviving nuclear and ammunition tests.

2. Megalithic Monument
When you hear about the Neolithic age, you probably think about the megalithic structures of Europe, which are pretty popular. But structures in Middle Eastern countries from the same period are less well known, even though they are equally impressive. In 2020, archaeologists added yet another one of these to the list; deep inside Dûmat al-Jandal, an ancient oasis which contains a number of ruins in Saudi Arabia, they discovered a large triangular platform in the middle of nowhere.

1. Temple of Nageswara Swamy
Recently, villagers in a tiny Indian village unearthed a remarkable discovery; the remains of a well-preserved temple that had been lost to time since the 1850s. It was found in Perumallapadu, which is a village in the Nellore district of India. In about 1850 AD, the village was rendered unlivable, because the nearby Penna River was rising and kept flooding the village. When everyone moved away, the sand dunes engulfed the temple whole.

10 Most UNEXPLAINED Recent Archaeological Discoveries!

Hi, it’s Katrina! From a four-legged whale to the perfume of ancient royalty here are 10 strange recent archaeological discoveries.

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10. Knights Templar Tunnels
Last year, researchers uncovered an 800-year-old hidden tunnel network beneath the city of Acre in Israel. They believe these tunnels were built by an order of Catholic warrior monks famously known as the Knights Templar as a passage to their treasure tower. Also located within Acre, at the city’s port, is the site of the order’s former fortress.

9. Iron Age Skeleton In “Tree Coffin”
When you work in construction, you never know what you might find! Workers in Zurich, Switzerland got quite the surprise in 2017 when they found the remains of a woman inside a tree trunk!

8. The Pompeii Horse
The 2018 discovery of a horse’s body print among the ruins at Pompeii reminded people that the tragedy claimed more than just human victims. In December of that year, archaeologists revealed a full-sized plaster replica of the animal’s imprint. It was the first horse found at Pompeii, which was submerged in volcanic ash in 79 A.D. amid the catastrophic eruption of nearby Mt. Vesuvius.

7. 1,000-Year-Old Buddhist Monk
In May 2019, scientists discovered the mummified remains of a monk encased within a 1,000-year-old Buddhist statue. They made the shocking find by scanning the statue and seeing the skeleton inside, sitting in lotus position.

6. Four-Legged...Whale?
Off Peru’s western coast in 2011, paleontologists discovered the fossilized skeleton of a four-legged ancient whale with webbed feet, called Peregocetus pacificus. Even more strangely, its fingers and toes were equipped with small hooves. It had razor-sharp teeth, which it used for hunting fish.

5. Mysterious Lost Kingdom
Last year at an ancient mound site in central Turkey called Türkmen-Karahöyük, archaeologists discovered remnants of a mysterious lost kingdom in the form of a large stone with a strange inscription. Although the greater area, known as the Konya Plain, is abundant with “lost” cities, this was different.

4. World’s Oldest Intact Shipwreck
In late 2018, archaeologists announced the discovery of the world’s oldest intact shipwreck, located a mile (1.6 km) beneath the water’s surface in the Black Sea, off the Bulgarian coast.

3. A Long-Lost Chapel
Archaeologists with the Auckland Project recently discovered the remains of a large medieval chapel that somehow went missing for 370 years in County Durham, England. Known as the Bek Chapel, it was built during the 14th century for Anthony Bek, one of the U.K.’s richest and most powerful prince-bishops at the time.

2. Ancient Hominid Interbreeding
Anthropologist and Professor Alan Rogers of the University of Utah studies the genomes of hominins, or ancient human species. He recently led a study to decipher millions of years of human evolution and history by analyzing these DNA strands and looking for genetic patterns, like mutations and shared genes.

1. Cleopatra’s Perfume
Cleopatra is historically known as an extravagant woman who pulled out all the stops when it came to displaying her elegance. According to legend, she sailed a golden boat covered in purple sails that were coated in a strong fragrance.

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10 Most MYSTERIOUS Recent Archaeological Discoveries!

Hi, it’s Katrina! From ancient roman coins found by accident, to an entire lost city, here are 10 exciting recent archaeological discoveries.

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10. Roman Coin Hoard
Last year, a Polish man named Mariusz Dyl discovered some scattered coins while looking for antlers in a 328-foot (100 meters) section of an abandoned field in Cichobórz, a village in the Lublin region of southeastern Poland. That's a fun find!

9. Paintings On Mummy’s Coffin
Conservators at the Perth Museum and Art Gallery in Scotland recently made an unexpected discovery while examining the mummified remains of an ancient Egyptian woman named Ta-Kr-Hb. (Probably not how she would have pronounced it, but I’m sure she would forgive me!)

8. Oldest Human DNA
The fossilized tooth of a mysterious human ancestor has finally been identified over 25 years after its discovery. Back in 1994, archaeologists unearthed the fossilized remains of members of this archaic group while digging in northern Spain’s Atapuerca Mountains. The largest bone fragments, which appeared to have been cannibalized, belong to six individuals and date back some 800,000 years.

7. 5,000-Year-Old Sword
Archaeologist Vittoria Dall’Armellina was still a PhD student when she discovered a 5,000-year-old misidentified sword during a 2017 leisure trip to the Saint Lazarus monastery in the Venetian lagoon. The monastery has been home to the Mekhitarist congregation of Armenian Catholic monks since 1717.

6. Lead-Spiked Beer
While excavating a series of Georgian and Victorian era cellars in Leeds, England, archaeologists unearthed a stash of 600 bottles of beer! Located under the building’s stairs at the former Scarborough Castle Inn, it looked like ginger beer! Most of the bottles bore labels saying “J.E. Richardson of Leeds,” while the others came from a variety of 1880s breweries.

5. Medieval Shrine
While making repairs on a railway embankment following a landslide near the town of Guildford in southern England, a team of workers discovered a cave containing a medieval shrine or hermitage of some sort.

4. Lost Maya Capital
An odd encounter in 2014 has led to the recent discovery of a long-lost Maya capital in Chiapas in southeastern Mexico. That year, a roadside food vendor flagged down archaeology student Whittaker Schroder and explained that his friend, a cattle rancher, had found an ancient tablet on his property. They knew that the archaeologists had been doing research in the town.

3. Neanderthal String
Us humans have long thought of our Neanderthal cousins as not-very-bright, more primitive versions of ourselves. One of the many characteristics we’ve cited as a distinction between us and them is early humans’ ability to make and use tools -- something we didn’t think, until recently, that Neanderthals were capable of.

2. Early Domesticated Crops
Until recently, experts knew of four places in the world where the world’s first domesticated crops emerged: China, the Middle East, Mesoamerica, and the Andes. Now, an international team of researchers has added a fifth domestication area in southwestern Amazonia to that list.

1. London’s True Age
Archaeologists recently announced a discovery that may put the age of London at 3,000 years -- or three times -- older than previously thought. Just 50 feet (15 meters) outside the historic city’s northern border, they unearthed evidence of a prehistoric ceremonial site. There were 436 fragments of Neolithic pottery.

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10 Most Mysterious Recent Archaeological Discoveries!

From a strange burial with a bird to a labyrinth from legend come to life, here are 10 mysterious archaeological discoveries.

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10. Bolshoi Zayatsky Labyrinths
Bolshoi Zayatsky Island is part of Russia’s isolated Solovetsky archipelago. Less than 1,000 people live throughout the remote group of six islands, which are situated in the northern part of the country, just 103 miles (165 km) south of the Arctic Circle.

9. The Astronaut Of Casar
A stele, or upright stone slab, on display at the Caceres Museum in Spain, has been dubbed the “astronaut of Casar.” It shows a humanoid figure with bizarrely bulbous shoulders and a misshapen head, leading many to question its origins and inspiration.

8. Unusual Child Burial
Half a century ago, archaeologists discovered a child’s remains in Tunel Wielki Cave in Poland’s Sąspowska Valley. Without taking note of some extraordinary aspects of the burial, they placed the bones into storage, where they were forgotten for decades. But there was something pretty strange about them.

7. Connecticut’s Earliest People
In early 2019, workers discovered evidence of southern New England’s first human inhabitants while doing bridge construction above the Farmington River. The find came as no surprise to archaeologists, who had long suspected the presence of historic sites in the area, but is fascinating nonetheless.

6. Kasta Tomb
The location of Alexander the Great’s tomb is a long-standing mystery, but a team of archaeologists may have come one step closer to finding answers at the Kasta Hill archaeological site roughly 370 miles (595 km) north of Athens, Greece.

5. The Riace Bronzes
The Bronzi di Riace, or Riace bronzes, also called the Riace Warriors, are a pair of full-sized Greek statues depicting naked bearded warriors. They represent two of just a handful of surviving full-size Ancient Greek bronzes, as most were melted down and reused, thereby being lost to history.

4. Europe’s Earliest Humans
The history of early modern human migration out of Africa is nothing short of confusing, as archaeological discoveries continuously challenge previously held notions of when and where our ancestors first traveled.

3. Barbegal Mills
Located near the town of Arles in southern France, Barbegal Mills has a reputation for being the “greatest known concentration of mechanical power in the ancient world.” Widely regarded as one of the world’s first industrial complexes, the second-century Roman watermill produced enough flour for as much as one-quarter of Arles’ population during its operation.

2. Neanderthal Parenthood
There’s a lot we don’t know about our prehistoric cousins, the Neanderthals, but discoveries in recent years show that we often mistakenly think of these ancient relatives as being stupid, or at least primitive, compared to early humans.

1. Labyrinth of Legend
Of all the labyrinths in the world, the most famous has to be the one from the legend of the Minotaur, the bull monster who was confined to the labyrinth on the Island of Crete.

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10 Most Bizarre Recent Archaeological Discoveries

From an ancient iron hand to one of the strangest fossils ever found, here are ten of the strangest archaeological discoveries ever!

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10: The Iron Hand
How cool would it be to have an iron hand? You could punch through brick, you could crush your enemies, and you could stick your hand directly into a fire!

9: The Le Brea Woman
The Le Brea Woman was the name given to the girl whose remains were discovered at the la Brea tar pits in Los Angeles.

8: Mysterious Dinosaur Bones
A mysterious new archaeological discovery of two dinosaur skeletons has revealed a totally new species of nothosaur, a group of aquatic reptiles that lived in the water during the Triassic Period, over 200 million years ago.

7: Edward Scissorhands
Archaeologists have made an extremely bizarre discovery. Not only did they find a makeshift prosthetic device on a warrior buried 1000 years ago, but the prosthetic device wasn't even what you would expect.

6: Viking Poop
Get ready to be grossed out! Our next story today is about Viking poop. That's right, archaeologists have discovered perhaps the best-preserved piece of poop ever!

5: The Khufu Ship
The Khufu Ship is one of the most impressive Egyptian vessels ever found. It was originally discovered in 1954 inside the Great Pyramid of Giza.

4: Prehistoric Bongs
This next one is for the stoners out there! Anyone who thinks bongs are a modern device is absolutely wrong. Archaeologists actually discovered bongs crafted of solid gold that were used by the ancient Scythians almost 2500 years ago for cannabis.

3: Lost City of Tenea
Yet another lost city has been found by archaeologists in Greece. It seems that there is no end to ancient cities spread across the Mediterranean.

2: Spanish Stonehenge
As time goes on, we seem to find more and more Stonehenge copycats throughout the world. In 2019 alone, a severe drought caused water levels to drop, which revealed an ancient stone circle of over 100 standing rocks.

1: Unusual Dog Burial
Animal burials are nothing new when it comes to ancient Egypt. It's now fairly well known that the ancient Egyptians mummified all kinds of animals, from dogs to baboons.

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10 Most Mysterious Recent Archaeological Discoveries

From a staircase in the desert to a jaguar dressed as a warrior, here are ten of the most recent mysterious archaeological discoveries!

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10: New Dead Sea Scrolls
The Dead Sea Scrolls were first found by shepherds wandering across the northwest shore of the Dead Sea way back in 1946. The discovery was a complete accident, and news of what was found caused a rush of thieves to pillage all of the caves in search of treasures that might be sold on the black market.

9: Ancient Church & The Last Supper
Archaeologists working in Jerusalem have discovered the remains of an ancient long-lost Byzantine church, as well as the foundations of an old Jewish ritual bath dating back 2000 years ago. While this is already significant, it was found not far from an area called Gethsemane, believed to have been the site of the Last Supper.

8: More Terracotta Warriors
The Terracotta Army just got a little larger. A few hundred new funerary sculptures have just been found inside the tomb of the first Chinese emperor, Qin Shi Huang. There are already 8000 Terracotta Warriors that have been unearthed in the capital of the Shaanxi Province, considered to be one of the largest funerary projects ever undertaken by an ancient society and one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all time.

7: The Egyptian Staircase
In 2008, news spread that there was actually a 4th pyramid of Giza that had been lost to history. About 5 miles from the Great Pyramid, it would have been smaller than the others but it was most likely dismantled in the 1700’s and used for construction projects. However, around the area, researchers have stumbled upon a mysterious staircase hidden in the desert.

6: History’s First Businesswoman
New archaeological evidence has just revealed the very first well-documented businesswoman in history dating back around 1870 BC, in the city of Assur, located in modern-day Iraq. The BBC reports that in this city there was a woman named Ahaha (I don't know if that's the right pronunciation or not but that's how its spelled, I promise I didn't make it up)!

5: The New Dino Mummy
A new discovery in the world of paleontology is shaking up what scientists know about dinosaurs. Scientists are hailing this newest specimen of nodosaur as the best-preserved dinosaur ever unearthed in human history. This is because its bones are still covered by skin and armor, even though the dinosaur died millions of years ago.

4: Anglo-Saxon Cemetery
Archaeologists in England just found an outstanding Anglo-Saxon Cemetery, complete with treasures. This happened very close to the village of Overstone, and it's one of the largest discoveries of its kind. At least 154 Anglo-Saxon burials were studied over an operation that lasted 12 months.

3: Ancient Humanoids
In a recent and very rare discovery, multi-dimensional art has been found inside of a cave shelter in Tanzania. However, the reason this discovery is so strange is that the scenes appeared to depict bizarre humanoid beings. Even more, the rituals depicted in the cave drawings don't line up with what scientists currently know about the traditions of the ancient Sandawe people who have lived in Tanzania for thousands of years.

2: Sacrificial Offerings
Some very strange sacrificial offerings have just been discovered at a Mexico City archaeological site. Archaeologists working with the National Institute of Anthropology and History recently found the remains of a jaguar dressed as a warrior and a young boy dressed as the God Huitzilopochtli, the deity of war, the sun, and human sacrifice very near the Templo Mayor, just behind the Metropolitan Cathedral in the historic center of Mexico City.

1: Mysterious Enclosures at Stonehenge
Some very mysterious discoveries have just been made at Stonehenge, allowing archaeologists to get a better picture of what life was like around this famous monument 4500 years ago. It all began when a controversial road tunnel beside Stonehenge was scheduled to commence.

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10 Mysterious Recent Archaeological Discoveries Found In The US

From the wild mystery of the Utah Monolith to strange ancient rocks, here are ten of the best mysterious archaeological discoveries ever made in the US!

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10: Utah Monolith
Nothing has been more mysterious in 2020 – other than the obvious – than the Utah Monolith. Ever since the monolith was first discovered in November, in the remote Red Rock Country of Utah, the Internet has been going nuts.

9: America’s Stonehenge
The Stonehenge in the United Kingdom gets way too much attention! Did you know that in the heart of a creepy forest in New Hampshire there is a Stonehenge shrouded in legend and mystery? It's true that the United States has its very own Stonehenge.

8: Live Grenade
It's not every day that an archaeological discovery is made in a North Carolina thrift store. But that's exactly what happened when an employee noticed a live grenade inside of a dresser that had just been donated to the Habitat for the Humanity ReStore in Durham.

7: The Casa Grande Ruins
Next on the list is a fantastic archaeological discovery from Arizona. It's known as the Casa Grande ruins, and it's more of a monument than an actual ruin. The only structure still standing was once part of a collection of various settlements all scattered along the Gila River.

6: The Bighorn Medicine Wheel
The Bighorn Medicine Wheel is located in Wyoming, nearly 10,000 feet above sea level. It’s one of the most impressive Native American constructions still remaining on United States soil. The wheel itself is crafted of stones, and the entire thing is about 80 feet in diameter. From above, it looks just like a wagon wheel.

5: The Miami Circle
The Miami circle is one of the newest archaeological sites discovered in the United States. It was first found in 1998, and it still remains one of the most intriguing mysteries in the city. What's really incredible is that the circle is located in downtown Miami out of all places.

4: Hemet Maze Stone
The Hemet Maze Stone in California is a mystery to this day. It was first discovered in 1914 by a rancher while surveying his property. The stone itself is an ordinary boulder with a strange maze carved across its surface.

3: Blythe Intaglios
The Blythe Intaglios is a total conundrum. It's an anthropomorphic geoglyph located west of the Colorado River, near the city of Blythe in California. And while many people are mostly familiar with the geoglyphs in Peru, the Nazca Lines, there are actually 300 of them in the American Southwest.

2: The Mystery of Dighton Rock
One of the biggest archaeological mysteries in the United States is something called Dighton Rock. It appeared sometime before 1680, near what is now Berkeley, in Massachusetts. The rock is about 40 tons and has a note written on it that nobody has ever been able to decipher.

1: Judaculla Rock
If you're not sick of rocks yet, let's take a look at another one for our final story. This next rock comes to us from the North Carolina mountains, and is just as mysterious as anything else on the list. The Judaculla Rock is a sandstone boulder with roughly 1500 designs etched into it by the Cherokee Indians.

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10 More Horrifying Archaeological Discoveries

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7. The Battle of Tollense Valley
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4. The Great Flood of China
3. Neanderthals and Cannibalism
2. A Mysterious Massacre
1. Mutiny, Murder and Mayhem on the Batavia

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10 Archaeological Discoveries That Could Rewrite History!

From a Roman sculpture found in Mexico to who really built the great pyramids of Egypt, here are 10 archaeological discoveries that could rewrite history.

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10. The Calixtlahuaca Head
Discovered by archaeologist José García Payón in 1933, the Calixtlahuaca head is a terracotta head featuring alleged Roman features that was found oddly out-of-place in Mexico’s Toluca Valley.

9. Prehistoric Storytelling
The late 2019 discovery of a cave painting on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi is thought to be the oldest known example of one of the most important things that makes us human, a recorded story.

8. Ancient Expert Beekeepers
We all know that bees are extremely important to our ecosystem and even survival, and so did ancient people. A 2017 study revealed the discovery of ancient honeycombs at the Forcello archaeological site in northern Italy, citing them as evidence of ancient beekeepers once inhabiting the region.

7. Chinese Artifact In North America
An amateur artifact hunter was out strolling on the banks of a stream in Georgia in the United States when he supposedly found a partially exposed ancient Chinese sword.

6. New Extinct Hominid Species
The history of humans and our closest genetic relatives is confusing at best, and researchers are a far cry from fully disentangling theory from fact. But as they continue to dig for new information, both literally and figuratively, experts are slowly chipping away at our mysterious shared past.

5. New Dead Sea Scroll Text
Earlier this year, researchers realized that a series of Dead Sea Scroll manuscript fragments previously thought to be blank actually contain text. The discovery is remarkable, especially considering the amount of forgeries that have been identified over the years.

4. Who Built the Great Pyramids
A cluster of 4,000-year-old burials near the Giza pyramids, outside modern-day Cairo, suggest that the iconic structures were not built by slaves, as popular legend holds, but instead by paid laborers.

3. Inca Child Sacrifice
Researchers have long known that human sacrifice was a big part of the Inca culture, but their understanding of the methods involved is incomplete. The 1999 discovery of three remarkably preserved mummified children near the Andean summit of Volcán Llullaillaco (yu-yai-yaco) in modern-day Argentina helped to bring experts one step closer to understanding some of the circumstances under which the ancient civilization sacrificed people.

2. The Great Library Of Alexandria
The burning of the Great Library at Alexandria in northern Egypt is one of history’s best-known travesties. Founded in 283 B.C., it was once the ancient world’s largest library, housing over 100 full-time scholars and containing texts by renowned thinkers and writers such as Homer, Plato, and Socrates.

1. Cat Domestication
People seem to either love or hate cats, and their domestication is a little-understood phenomenon. Cats are very independent but have been with us humans for thousands of years!!

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10 Most Mysterious Recent Archaeological Discoveries

From California crop circles to an ancient city hiding under the ground, here are ten mysterious and highly unexpected discoveries!

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10: Yoda in the Woods
Let's start the video with something absolutely shocking! A woman made an extremely unexpected discovery when she found a strange creature that looked a lot like Yoda from Star Wars skulking around her home.

9: Crop Circles in California
Do aliens create crop circles? Are they truly responsible for this strange phenomenon? I mean, what other than an alien ship could come down and craft a geometrically perfect shape in a field overnight?

8: Mada’in Salih
Mada’in Salih is one of the most fascinating archaeological sites in the world. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site that according to UNESCO themselves is the first property ever to be inscribed in Saudi Arabia.

7: Pufferfish Builders
We already had one bogus crop circle on the list, but it's time to bring the subject back already. Only, these crop circles have been appearing in the water off the coast of Australia, not in fields. They also aren't crop circles at all, but strange ringed patterns in the sand that scientist have been confused over ever since the 1990s when they were first found off the coast of Japan.

6: Unexpected Alien Planet
There's nothing more mysterious or unexpected than finding a new planet. Two veteran NASA missions whose goal it is to find new planets have recently discovered a world the size of Neptune circling a young star not far from us.

5: The Mystery of Genghis Khan
One of the greatest archaeological mysteries of all time is the location of Genghis Khan’s burial place. it's believed that when the tomb is found, it will contain a ridiculous amount of treasure. And yet nobody has ever found it. According to legend, after the great king died, he was to be buried in secret.

4: The Amazon Sistine Chapel
Let's move on to something that has actually been discovered, not just a total mystery! Although, this newest discovery in Colombia is even more mysterious than the lost tomb of Genghis Khan.

3: New Sarcophagi
Everyone loves a good sarcophagus find. There's nothing better than when researchers dig up even more mummies and tombs. And while you expect this kind of thing to happen in Egypt, a brand-new collection of sarcophagi has been found in Turkey.

2: Ancient Cambodian City
Everyone knows about Angkor Wat. It's the most impressive temple complex in the world and the biggest tourist attraction in Cambodia. It was also once the capital of the Khmer Empire, which ruled Southeast Asia from the 9th century to the 15th century.

1: ORCs
ORCs are not what you think. It’s actually an acronym for “odd radio circles.” They were first detected by scientists in September of 2019. An ORC is a strange cloud of radio emission hanging in space like a ghostly smoke ring.

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12 Most Mysterious Recent Archaeological Finds And Artifacts Scientists Still Can't Explain

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Finding a historically significant artifact is only half of the battle for an archaeologist. As soon as they’ve located an object or a place, their next job is to explain its purpose or its history. That isn’t always possible for them, and nor is it always possible for their fellow experts, who they contact when they get stuck! That means some of the most amazing discoveries of recent times are currently unexplained, so we’ve put them together in this video for you to see if you can solve the mysteries!

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