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10 STRANGEST Discoveries Found In People's Backyards


STRANGEST Things People Found In Their Backyard!

Check out the strangest things people found in their backyard! From unexplained discoveries to hidden treasures, here are the top 10 most amazing discoveries found in people's backyard! You could be next!

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12. Cash in a Bag
In August 2011, Wayne Sabaj, a 51-year-old unemployed carpenter from Illinois, was picking broccoli in his backyard garden when he found $150,000 stashed in a nylon bag. He reported the discovery to the police with the understanding that if the money was not claimed by anyone else by the end of 2012, it would be his. Would you have done the same?

11. Human Remains
In 2011, Don Selby in Salt Lake City, Utah was working with his crew in a homeowner’s yard. Some reports say they were digging out a water main while other reports suggest they were digging up a pond. Either way, they made a discovery – human bones. Frightened by the unexpected find, he called the police.

10. Bronze Age Headstone
When amateur historian Stephen Davis from England began researching the history of his house, he came across a reference to an ancient stone called the Horestone near Stroud, which had been lost for 350 years! Eventually, he began swapping notes with a local historian named Claire Forbes and eventually decided to go on a hunt for it.

9. Loaded Machine
Earlier this year, a man from northeast Calgary, Canada made a strange discovery in his backyard. Between his garage and the fence, he found a plastic bag containing a pillowcase. This is always a bad sign.

8. 1700s Cemetery
Some people say that New Orleans is built over the and it seems that way, with its plethora of cemeteries. When Vincent Marcello from New Orleans, Louisiana decided to dig a plot in his backyard for a swimming pool, he ended up discovering a historic cemetery dating back to the 1700s.

7. A Hollywood Actress
In 1996, 47-year-old Canadian-born actress Margot Kidder, the spunky original Lois Lane in the “Superman” movies, was found in someone's backyard in Glendale, California. The actress, who was battling health and financial problems at that time, had been missing for three days before she was found. She was supposed to have flown to Arizona from Los Angeles to teach a class.

6. Church Bells
In 2013, a man from the Czech Republic was digging up his backyard to install some pipes when he stumbled across some unusual metal objects. Just as a side note, always call the city before you start digging deep in your backyard!

5. Mastodon Bones
In 2012, two boys named Eric and Andrew from Detroit, Michigan were building a dam in the creek that flows through their backyard when Eric saw a strange-looking rock sticking up from the ground. Eric thought it was a rock but his cousin, Andrew, immediately recognized it as an animal bone.

4. Meteorites
The chances of you finding a piece of meteorite in your backyard is pretty small, let alone a meteorite hitting your house six times in a row. But that is exactly what happened to Radivoke Lajic, a Serbian man living in a little village in northern Bosnia. It looks like the man´s property, for some reason, attracts space rocks!

2. Whale Fossil
In 1978, 17-year-old Gary Johnson from Palos Verde, California noticed a large rock sticking out of a hill between his house and a neighbor’s. It appeared to have a bone pattern. Thinking it could be an important find, Johnson called in an expert to evaluate it. I don’t know what kind of expert he was but anyway, he said it had no value.

1. A Cheetah
In 2008, nine-year-old Toby from Hamerton, in the U.K. ran to his mother shouting that there was a cheetah in the garden. His mother dismissed his claims as childhood excitement. Clearly. I mean, its the UK. That is, until Julie-Ann Taylor looked out of the kitchen window. To her astonishment, she realized her son wasn’t joking.

Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!

Most MYSTERIOUS Backyard Discoveries Ever Made!

Check out the Most MYSTERIOUS Backyard Discoveries Ever Made! From strange and mysterious findings to amazing treasures, this top 10 list of bizarre things people found in their backyard is amazing!

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In 2011, Vincent Marcello decided to dig a hole for a swimming pool in the backyard of his home, in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Things didn’t go exactly as planned, however. While workers dug up Marcello’s yard, they unearthed thirteen caskets full of human remains, stacked on top of one another. Don’t worry, it wasn’t a mass murder! It turns out that the property used to be known as St. Peter Cemetery and had been shut down.

In July 2010, one Oskaloosa, Iowa family set out in search of blackberries and instead, returned home with a wooly mammoth bone! As a man named John and his two teenage sons walked through the woods on the family’s property, one of the sons pointed out what he thought was a ball in a nearby creek. Thanks to his interest in archaeology, John identified a marrow line on the object, and the family proceeded to carefully extract the prehistoric mammoth bone.

How would you like to walk through your big backyard that you rarely go through in the first place, only to discover a pillowcase containing a loaded hunting rifle and a cell phone? That’s exactly what happened to one man in the northeastern part of Calgary, Canada in late August 2014.

In the early morning hours one day during May 2014, Sharon and John Bente discovered an alligator taking a dip in the backyard pool of their Bradenton, Florida home. The eight-foot-long gator, who’d clawed a hole through the screen of the couple’s enclosed patio, was simply swimming around and around in circles, chillin.

5. $150,000 CASH
When 51-year-old Wayne Sabaj of Illinois went into his backyard one day in August 2011 to pick some broccoli, the unemployed carpenter’s luck took a sudden unexpected turn for the better -or so it seemed at the time. In two mysterious nylon bags, he found $150,000 cash.

Ali Ertuk, a ninth-grade boy from Salt Lake City, Utah, found human bones while digging up a trout pond in his backyard during March 2014. He ran to tell his parents and they immediately called the police. They determined it was not a recent murder victim but much, much older.

A 12,000-acre area in Orlando, Florida that was once used as a World War II bombing range was later used for the construction of thousands of homes. In 2007, the first bomb was found near the running track of a local middle school. Over a hundred rockets and bombs have been discovered on the school property and in the backyards of nearby housing developments since then.

In April 1996, Canadian-born famous actress Margot Kidder was found cowering in the backyard of a Glendale, California resident. The dazed and confused starlet, who’s most well-known for her role as Lois Lane in the “Superman” movies, was taken to a psychiatric ward.

A shocking story broke in the Los Angeles Times in February 1978: two children had allegedly discovered a Dino 264 GTS Ferrari buried in their backyard. The car was rumored to have been stolen years before, and according to the reporter, was in amazingly good condition, with a small hole over the right taillight constituting the only damage to the vehicle.

Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!

10 Strangest Discoveries Found on Earth

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10 Mysterious Things Found by Youtubers Caught On Camera

10 Mysterious Things Found by Youtubers
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1. Mysterious Secret Passage.

2. Floating Beverage Coole.

3. Tank buried in forest
Deep Digger Dan:

4. Shotgun

5. Galaxy S5 Phone

6. Gold Ring RJ32: Video:

7. Hidden Bunker

8. Machine Gun
Czech Diggers:

9. Prosthetic Leg

10. Cremated Human Remains
Video -

You’ve probably found some things at least once or twice in your lifetime. But chances are you’ve not found the same things these youtubers have found. Some of these people being treasure hunters find the most amazing things.

Some can be explained, while others cannot. So with that in mind, we rounded up 10 Mysterious Things Found by Youtubers.

1. Mysterious Secret Passage – A youtuber was using his metal detector and found a hotplate, which really isn’t that big of a deal.

2. Floating Beverage Cooler – A group of friends were out on a normal outing near a river when they noticed a white container was floating on the water.

3. Tank buried in forest – A popular Youtuber known as Deep Digger Dan, who finds all kinds of interesting things using a metal detector, actually found a tank gun barrel that was made in 1928.

4. Shotgun – While this youtuber, who goes by Aquachigger, was out in the woods and stumbled onto a gun case laying on the side of a riverbank.

5. Galaxy S5 Phone – Dumpster diving is a term that is commonly used for going through dumpster of stores to see if they’ve thrown out broken or damaged merchandise.

6. Gold Ring – Treausure hunters find all kinds of interesting, and sometimes, very valuable things. This youtuber was looking for treasure using his metal detector and found a big solid gold class ring.

7. Hidden Bunker – A Youtuber that goes by ww2historyhunter was out in the woods and came across a small square metal door in which he thought he’s open and find a water tank.

8. Machine Gun – Magnet fishing seems to be a popular thing as you never know what you’re going to find under the water somewhere.

9. Prosthetic Leg – This might be the strangest thing on this list. Once again this is youtuber Aquachigger who is diving for treasure and happens on a prosthetic leg sitting at the bottom wedged between some rocks.

10. Cremated Human Remains – This youtuber by the name of dallmyd (D-ALL-MY-D) was diving and found a black box sitting at the bottom of a river.

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10 STRANGEST Discoveries Found In People's Backyards

Top 10 STRANGEST Discoveries Found In People's Backyards
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the top 10 STRANGEST Discoveries Found In People's Backyards! From amazing and interesting finds to people who are the luckiest people in the world having a lucky day and finding millions of dollars in their own homes!

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Most BIZARRE Backyard Discoveries People Made!

Check out the Most BIZARRE Backyard Discoveries People Made! This top 10 list of mysterious and strange things people found in their backyard has some of the most amazing hidden treasures ever!

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MYSTERIOUS Discoveries Science STILL Can't Explain!

Check out these mysterious discoveries science still can't explain! This top 10 list of bizarre and unexplained archaeological findings has some weird discoveries we still don't have answers for today!

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10. The Ulfberht Swords
Ulfberht swords were the weapon of choice of the Vikings, along with other tribes around northern Europe. They had a long, double edged blade, and a straight crossbar over the grip. There are only about 170 still known to exist today, each of which dates to between the 9th and 11th centuries! And the cool thing is they have the tell-tale inscription in the blade itself.

9. The Drepanosaurus
Whenever a new fossil is found, it gives further clues as to the evolution of animals, and of those that once roamed the earth. Every now and then, though, something is found that makes no sense at all in terms of scientific understanding, and requires a complete re-think of what is taken as fact. This is exactly what’s happening with a little known creature, the Drepanosaurus.

8. Rat Kings
The Rat Kings are a rare phenomena from the animal kingdom that is so bizarre, no-one is entirely sure how it happens. You may have seen one before, but if you haven’t- they really are something quite unusual. They have been a part of legend for centuries, and are formed when a number of rats become attached by the tail.

7. The Martian Meteorite
In 1984, a meteorite fell to earth, something that in itself is no unusual thing. But this one, known as ALH84001, was found to hold secrets that no-one has been able to explain. The 4.1 billion-year-old rock is thought to have originated on Mars, having been dislodged during a collision, and floated through space until it fell into earth’s atmosphere. Unlike other similar specimens, the surface of this rock had something very unusual- what appeared to be the signs of fossilised bacteria.

6. The Longyou Grottoes
The Longyou Grottoes are a series of underground structures near the village of Shiyan Beicun, in the Zhejiang province in China. They are thought to be at least 2000 years old, but scientists and researchers have no idea how they were built, what they were used for, or even who was responsible for them.

5. What was the first dinosaur?
Since we first realized that dinosaurs roamed the earth, palaeontologists have been trying to understand the full range of creatures that once lived, with particular interest revolving around which was the first dinosaur to ever live.

4. The Nampa Stone Doll
The Nampa figurine looks like any other that has been made by an ancient civilisation. The mystery surrounding this one, though, is how it came to be in the place where it was found. It was discovered in 1889 near the town of Nampa in Idaho. Workers were searching for water, and dug a well, which involved drilling a borehole to 295 feet.

3. The Piri Reis Map
Today we take maps for granted. Satellite technology combined with the work of cartographers over the years, plus Google of course, have created incredibly detailed depictions of our planet. All we have to do is use our smartphone! This wasn’t always the way, clearly, and maps from centuries ago were just kind of close approximations based on ship voyages.

2. The Voynich Manuscript
The 600 year old Voynich manuscript is often thought of as being the most mysterious book that has ever been written, and still, to this day, scientists aren’t able to explain what’s inside.

1. Dinosaur and Human Footprints
The final mystery is one which calls into question the idea that humans weren’t around at the time of the dinosaurs, because their footprints have been found side by side. The discovery was made in the Paluxy river, Texas, where hundreds of dinosaur footprints have been found. Their foot impressions were perfectly preserved by the river bed.

Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!

Most SHOCKING Discoveries In Russia!

Check out the most mysterious discoveries in russia! This top 10 list of unexplained alien russian artifacts is absolutely unbelievable and shocking!

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10. Creature in a Diamond Mine
In 2016, miners in Siberia found something truly bizarre while they were digging in the sand. Described by some as a mummified demon spawn, it’s not entirely clear what creature it is. With the age of the region, could it be a dinosaur?

9. Megalithic Monuments
Deep within the Caucasus mountains of Russia, near Sochi, are thousands of strange structures that archaeologists are still struggling to understand, despite having been there for up to 25,000 years.

8. Giant Craters
These next discoveries have only just started to appear in recent years, and are thought to be some of the first noticeable signs that global warming is having a damaging impact on world, starting with the Russian landscape.

7. Dyatlov Pass Incident
In 1959, mountain rescuers found what would become an enduring mystery in Russia, known as the Dyatlov Pass incident. A few weeks earlier, 9 ski hikers had gone missing while on a trip to reach the Otorten mountain- a route that was, at the time, classified as a category 3- the most difficult.

6. Volgograd Discs
In 2015, when a group of UFO hunters began excavating a site in the Volgograd region, not even they could have expected to find something so bizarre. In the ground were more than a dozen stone discs.

5. Arkaim
In 1987 an archaeological team, from the University of Chelyabinsk, uncovered an ancient fortress that dated back to about 2 or 3 thousand years ago. It’s called Arkaim, and is often referred to as the Russian Stonehenge- possibly even pre-dating the structure built by the druids in England.

4. Ancient Flying Saucer
In 2015 there was another discovery of a mysterious disc, this time in the Kuznetsk Basin in Siberia. Lots of strange activity and alien discs in Russia!! It’s a region known for coal deposits and, during an excavation more than 130 feet underground, they found this flying saucer-shaped rock.

3. Creature Near Power Plant
This next discovery is the real life version of one of the most famous Simpsons episodes, but far more bizarre than a 3-eyed-fish. In 2015, two residents of Sosnovy Bor were walking along the local river, and found this bizarre body floating in the water.

2. Ancient Microchip
Computer chips are a relatively recent invention, right? Well this bizarre discovery has got some people thinking that they aren’t as new as we thought. A fisherman in the Krasnodar region found this peculiar rock and, on it, there appears to be some form of ancient technology that resembles today’s microchips.

Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!

Most MYSTERIOUS Underground Discoveries!

Check out the Most MYSTERIOUS Underground Discoveries! This top 10 list of strange archaeological discoveries has some of the most bizarre recent ancient findings!

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While on a hike in 1998, electrical engineer John J. Williams spotted what looked like an electrical plug protruding from the ground and began digging. The three-pronged plug, he discovered, was embedded in a small rock. Williams claimed that the bizarre item was unearthed in a remote location in North America, far from plants, factories, and industrial complexes - you know, places where you might expect to find an unidentified or strange-looking electrical device.

In 1886, Gaston Maspero, head of the Egyptian Antiquities Service, happened upon an unusually plain burial box while going about his typical work duties. The conspicuously unmarked container provided no clues whatsoever as to the identity of the person inside.

In late 2016, archaeologists dug up ten rusty copper coins behind Katsuren Castle, a UNESCO heritage site in Japan. Four of the “little round things” were instantly recognized as originating from the Roman Era by archaeologist Toshio Tsukamoto, who had previously studied sites in Italy and Spain. They were traced back to the third and fourth centuries of the European kingdoms.

In late 2004, Parisian police made a startling discovery among the city’s already perplexing and extensive 170-mile underground network: a cinema. The force’s sports squad, which is responsible for patrolling these tunnels and catacombs, was performing a training exercise when they encountered a tarp with a sign on it reading “Building Site; No Access.”

During the California Gold Rush in the 1850s, thousands of ships sailed in and out of San Francisco’s port, loaded with prospectors hoping to strike it big. They anchored in Yerba Buena Cove, which is now downtown San Francisco, and were often abandoned by the entire crew, who also set out in search for gold. Because why not? These people had a serious case of FOMO!! (FEAR OF MISSING OUT)

One Turkish man discovered an entire underground city in 1963 when he knocked out a basement wall while carrying out home renovations. The vast network of rooms extends 200 hundred feet below the ground. This city, Derinkuyu, is just one of many underground cities that the Cappadocia region of Turkey is known for. With eleven floors and enough space to shelter approximately 20,000 people, Derinkuyu is the largest of these cities.

In May 1974, a large brushfire swept across an 88-acre plot of woodland on Florida’s Fort George Island that had been recently acquired by Gerri and Antoine Betz. While reviewing the damage, the couple, along with their son Terry, discovered a strange, polished metal orb, measuring slightly less than eight inches in diameter. An elongated triangular shape was stamped onto its surface, but the item otherwise contained no identifying marks.

In 1974, workers digging a well outside the Chinese city of Xi’an found a life-sized clay statue of a soldier poised for battle. The Chinese authorities were notified and government archaeologists were dispatched to the site. During the excavation, thousands more of these clay soldiers, each possessing unique facial features and assembled according to rank, were found.

Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!

Most MYSTERIOUS Discoveries In The Forest!

Check out the Most MYSTERIOUS Discoveries In The Forest! From bizarre unexplained mysteries to strange jungle discoveries, this top 10 list of amazing findings in the woods will amaze you!

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In June 2016, police in Westbrook, Maine spotted a huge, possibly 10-f00t-long snake slithering near the banks of the Presumpscot River and feasting on a. The elusive reptile was dubbed “Wessie” and inspired a throng of aspiring snake spotters to begin searching for it.

In the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, there’s a steaming river that kills nearly everything that enters or falls into it. Its waters are shockingly hot, sometimes reaching the near-boiling temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

In 2012, a ruin site known as the “Lost City of Giants” was discovered deep in the Ecuadorian Amazonian jungle. The ancient city is just one of many that, according to regional folklore, was built by giant beings. Explorers were led to the megalithic site by locals, who had been familiar with the ruins for quite some time. Of the various massive stone structures at the site, the largest was an irregularly-angled and steeply-inclined 260-foot-tall pyramid that was also 260 feet wide at its base.

The Lost City of the Monkey, or La Ciudad Blanca, was discovered in 2011 in the Mosquitia rainforest of eastern Honduras. The commonly-accepted theory for the desertion of the city by the Aztecs in 1520 is the onset of a flesh-eating disease among its inhabitants. World-famous author and explorer Douglas Preston was part of the original team of researchers to travel to the site.

In early 2018, an alliance of American, European, and Guatemalan archaeologists working with Guatemala’s Mayan Heritage and Nature Foundation announced the discovery of approximately 60,000 previously unexplored Mayan buildings in the Peten region of Guatemala. Included among the buildings are defense structures, pyramids, canals, houses, and industrial-sized agricultural fields.

In 2016, near the ancient Cambodian temple city of Angkor Wat, archaeologists announced the discovery of several underground medieval cities that have upended previous scholarly understandings of the history of south-east Asia. The cities, which are between 900 and 1,400 years old, were detected using Lidar, the same technology I just told you about that helped researchers find the ancient Mayan ruins. Some of these ancient cities rival the size of the country’s modern-day capital.

Located in the Central Province of Sri Lanka, Sigiriya is an ancient fortress complex dominated by a 660-foot high column of rock that was formed from the magma of a now-extinct volcano. Surrounding the complex are gardens, ponds, canals, alleys, fountains, and a network of fortifications. The ruins of a lavish, once-thriving palace can also be found here.

Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!

Most MYSTERIOUS Archaeological Discoveries Science Can't Explain!

Check out the Most MYSTERIOUS Archaeological Discoveries Science Can't Explain! From strange biblical archaeological finds to other unexplained bizarre discoveries, this top 10 list of recent ancient discoveries will amaze you!

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10. The Piri Reis Map
In 1929, a German theologian was cataloging items in the Topkapi Palace Library in Istanbul, and he came across a gazelle skin parchment with an unusual map drawn onto it. Dated back to 1513, it was drawn and signed by Turkish cartographer Hagji Ahmed Muhiddin Piri, an admiral in the Turkish Navy at the time and the map is now known as the Piri Reis map.

9. The Jehoash Inscription
In 2001, a group of Israeli archaeologists were shown a stone tablet, supposedly dating back to 1000 BC, with writing that describes repairs that were made to the temple of Solomon… the first evidence ever to have been found about the renowned building. It underwent a series of tests, including radiocarbon dating, before being declared as a genuine artifact.

8. Spanish Hill, Pennsylvania
Spanish Hill, in Pennsylvania, was first described by an explorer in 1795 who said it was ‘the shape of a sugar loaf, about 100 feet high, with a level top, on which are the remains of intrenchments'. Others saw the remains of walls, and further archaeological investigations have found potential evidence of a Native American society, including shell heaps, corn, flint chips, and various other implements.

7. How Alexander the Great Died
By 323 BC, Alexander the Great had secured an empire that stretched from the Balkans to modern day Pakistan, but his at the age of 32 that year has been a mystery ever since. He was on the verge of attacking another empire, when he became ill and, after 12 excruciating days, finally passed away.

6. Otzi
In 1991, the body of a 5,000-year-old mummy, now known as Otzi, was discovered by mountain climbers. The remains of the 45-year-old were remarkably well preserved, which has allowed researchers to examine in detail the causes of this. Despite this, there's a lot that remains unknown, and there's still great debate about how he met his end.

5. Tikal Temple 33
Tikal Temple 33 was a 108-foot-high Maya funerary pyramid that was found in the remains of the Maya city of Tikal, along with a number of other monuments. It was built in three different stages of construction in the year 457 when King Siyaj Chan K'awiil II's shrine was remodeled, and it's one of the most investigated structures of the city.

4. The Cyrus Cylinder
The Cyrus Cylinder is a clay cylinder which is inscribed in Akkadian cuneiform script. It was created in 539 BC on order of Cyrus the Great, the founder of the first Persian empire when he took control of Babylon.

3. The Sandia Cave
The Sandia Cave in Las Huertas Canyon, New Mexico, was once believed to be a place with vast evidence of the earliest inhabitants to live on the continent, but a set of events has led the archaeological community to question everything that they once thought to be true.

2. The Runamo Inscription
With ancient cultures having used symbols that we wouldn't necessarily recognize today, how would you know for sure whether something was actually written, or just occurred naturally? That's the question that's divided archaeologists in the case of the Runamo inscription, which is located near a church in Blekinge in southern Sweden.

1. The Talpiot Tomb
In 1980, a tomb was unearthed at a burial site in the Talpiot neighborhood of East Jerusalem, and inside there were 10 ossuaries… some of which bore inscriptions that have been translated as saying ‘Jesus son of Joseph’, ‘Mary’, and a few other names associated with the New Testament. These names led some researchers to believe that this was the burial place of the family of Jesus of Nazareth, while many others rejected the idea, saying that these names were very common at the time.

Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!

Most MYSTERIOUS Discoveries Revealed By DNA!

Check out the Most MYSTERIOUS Discoveries Revealed By DNA! From ancient archaeological discoveries to strange mysteries explained by DNA, this top 10 list of bizarre dna test results got some amazing results!

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10. Finding Someone
Nowadays we think of DNA testing as an integral part of identifying, but the ability has only been around for just over 30 years. In the 80's the idea of genetic fingerprints was unheard of- that was until a case was solved by using this innovative technique- and it changed investigations forever!!

9. Mummy Identity
In 1940, an ancient skeleton, known as the “Spirit Cave Mummy” was found in a cave in the Great Basin Desert in Nevada. Those who unearthed it knew that this find was an important discovery, but it would be decades until scientific techniques were developed to find out more about it.

8. The Recipe for Milk
Milk is something we all take for granted- after all, it’s available in virtually every food or drink store in the world. Despite its prevalence, though, milk is actually a very complex liquid, and it was only recently that genetic sequencing was able to explain how it’s made.

7. Identifying Smugglers
The ivory trade is one of the biggest contributors to the decline in numbers of elephants around the world, and the high prices people are willing to pay for it means that, despite it being illegal, it's estimated that as many as 40,000 African elephants are killed each year solely for their tusks. With a population of only 400,000, the need for action is greater than ever.

6. Triple Hybrid Bird
In May of 2018, a Pennsylvania local spotted an unusual looking bird in his backyard. He took photos and videos of it, and then realized something strange- it looked like both a Golden-winged Warbler, and a Blue-winged Warbler, and was singing like a Chestnut-sided Warbler.

5. The Tigrina
The improvement in genetic profiling techniques, as well as the way that more animals are being tested than ever, means that scientists are quite often discovering new species, and learning far more about the ones we thought had already been identified.

4. Debunking Alien Theories
In 2003, in an old mining town in the Atacama desert, a small skeleton was found, wrapped in white cloth and tied with a violet ribbon. It was extremely unusual- it was about 6 inches tall, with the features of a 7-year-old child, but only had 10 pairs of ribs- as opposed to the 12 found on humans. Furthermore, the skull was elongated into a cone shape.

3. Panda Ancestor
In 2014, a team of paleontologists were searching a cave in China in search of remains of an ancient ape species. They returned that day with a collection of bones, none of which were from the ape, but what they did find was the lower jaw of an ancient panda that lived around 22,000 years ago.

2. Food Contents
When we buy food at a store, we check the labeling to see what's in it and take that as the truth. The thing is, due to the way that meat is processed, there's a good chance that what you think you're eating may not be the full story. In 2017, some pretty startling results were released by the Food Standards Agency in the UK, which will make you re-think the way you approach your food in the future.

1. Parents of Two Species
There have been a number of different human species, most of whom were thought to keep to themselves and only breed within the same group. But recent evidence has shown that things weren’t quite that contained, and that inter-breeding was quite common.

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Most BIZARRE Skeletons Ever Discovered!

Check out the most bizarre skeletons ever discovered! This top 10 list of mysterious and unexplained skull discoveries has some of the weirdest and strangest skeletons ever found around the world!

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8. Dinosaur Match!
You’ve got to love dinosaur bones, they teach about the animal’s behaviour and appearance, and what they ate. There have been a lot of great dinosaur skeleton finds over the years, helping us to discover new species and try to figure out what the world was like long before we came around. But this find has to be seen to be believed.

7. Atacama Alien Skeleton
In 2003, a very small skeleton was found with a very long head that ended in a point and missing ribs. Rumors spread and conspiracy theorists began shouting “Alien” from the rooftops. The remains were sold to a private collector in Spain and ended up in a documentary in 2013 as potential evidence for alien life.

6. Predator Becomes Prey
In the words of a Jedi Master, there's always a bigger fish. But in this unique skeleton find, it was actually a somewhat small fish that caused the of three as it tried to attack something much bigger than itself.

5. Roopkund Skeletons
Ok, so the only thing more unsettling than finding one skeleton in an odd place is finding multiple skeletons in an odd place. Hundreds in fact! In 1942, the British heard a rumor that there were hundreds of Japanese soldiers who had died in Lake Roopkund in the Himalayas.

4. Skeleton Tree
During a storm in Ireland, a large birch tree was knocked over. It was quite a surprise when a human skeleton was found embedded in the mass of roots. Now, that's weird enough. Researchers were called in and it turns out that under the 215 year-old tree was the skeleton of a young man between 17-20 years old. The bones were dated back to the medieval period between 1030 and 1200 AD.

3. Conehead Skeletons
There is an ancient fortified settlement in Russia that dates back to around 2-3,000 BC. Also known as the “Russian Stonehenge”, it is believed to be older than Stonehenge itself! Archaeologists have tried to find out who lived there, and more recently, a skull with an elongated cone shape was found at this site.

2. A Centaur
Ok, this one wasn't really a find, but it's still worth talking about. At the Tucson International Wildlife Museum, you'll actually find a skeleton of a centaur. Yes, as in the creature from Greek Mythology. No, it's not an actual centaur, but it's there!

1. Vampire Skeleton
One of the other beautiful things about science is that it can debunk the existence of certain mythological creatures definitively. While it's nice to believe in centaurs, human history is ripe with claims of dangerous mythological creatures living among us. Like...say...vampires?

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Strange Discoveries Found In Peoples Backyards

top 10 strangest things dug out of ground behind people's homes


Most MYSTERIOUS Discoveries Made On The Beach!

Check out the Most MYSTERIOUS Discoveries Made On The Beach! From unexplained things washed ashore to bizarre ocean discoveries, this top 10 list of strange beach discoveries will amaze you!

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10. Mutilated Great White Sharks
During a 3 day period in May of 2017, four of the world’s most fearsome predators washed up on the beaches of South Africa’s Western Cape province. The following month, another Great White Shark was found… and each of them was mutilated in a similar way. They were all missing chunks out of their bodies as well as their livers, which had been ripped out, and there were other signs of mutilations- such as missing stomachs and testes.

9. Palm Oil
In 2017, 13 beaches in Hong Kong had to be closed because of disgusting deposits that began to be washed ashore. The Styrofoam-like clumps were soon discovered to be made up of palm oil, which had been released into the ocean during the collision of two ships in the Pearl River estuary.

8. Ice Balls
In 2013, residents around Lake Michigan found hundreds of giant ice balls along the shoreline. Each of them weighed as much as 50 pounds and, surprisingly, they’re actually quite common. They occur during the winter, as a result of a weather phenomenon that sees a combination of wind and wave action against the shore.

7. 200 Million-Year-Old Fossil
Storms are often responsible for churning up all kinds of material from the sea and depositing it on the beach. In 2014, a beachcomber on the Jurassic Coast, in the English county of Dorset, made an incredible discovery. Embedded in the rocks, he found the skeleton of a five-foot long, toothy animal that resembled a dolphin- but actually turned out to be a 200 million-year-old Ichthyosaur.

6. Deep Sea Fish
In 2015, two co-workers were walking along the beach on Catalina Island in California, when they came across a strange 13.5-foot long carcass. It was unlike anything they had seen before and is something rarely seen by most people- as it was a deep sea oarfish that usually lives at depths of between 660 and 3000 feet.

5. Sea Pickles
It may not be the greatest surprise to hear that weird things have washed up on the beaches of Oregon, but the waters are full of peculiar jelly-like translucent creatures that look like slugs. They first began appearing in 2015, but by 2017 there were millions in the region, with many of them washing up on the shoreline.

4. Cannonballs
In Charleston, South Carolina, live cannonballs from the Revolutionary and Civil wars are often found around the city… and wash up on the shores. Most of them are inactive lumps of metal, but others still have the ability to explode. They're most commonly found during construction projects, but following Hurricane Matthew in 2016, 15 civil war cannonballs washed ashore on Folly Beach.

3. E.T
In 2011, 76-year-old Margaret Wells of Cosham, in England, was devastated when her home was robbed. They took all of her jewelry, an iron, and her beloved life-sized E.T figure that her daughter had made for her. She thought she'd never see it again, but was surprised in early 2012 when she received a call from police to tell her that they had found it!!

2. Giant Sea Monster
The communities living on Seram island in Indonesia rely on the sea for their livelihoods and probably have seen virtually everything that it has to offer. In 2017, though, something washed up on the shore of Hulung beach that made them all realize that there were mysterious things in the depths.

1. Whiskey Galore
It’s not often that something great washes ashore but, in 1941, residents of the Outer Hebrides in Scotland were in for a treat. On the morning of February 5th, the SS Politician was passing by- having left Liverpool, England, on its way to Kingston, Jamaica, and New Orleans.

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Most INCREDIBLE Coin Discoveries Around The World!

Check out the most incredible coin discoveries around the world! From rare coins to strange treasures, this top list of mysterious ancient discoveries is absolutely amazing!

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9. The Wesley Carrington Hoard
In June 2013, a British man named Wesley Carrington made one of the most spectacular discoveries of the century. After buying a metal detector as a hobby, he used it in the woods near St. Albans, Hertfordshire. Initially, he did pretty well, he found a spoon and a halfpenny. And then he discovered a gold coin.
As the metal detector continued to beep even after finding the coin, he began to dig. Soon, he unearthed 55 more gold Roman coins. He took the coins to a local museum who inspected the coins and told him they dated back 1,600 years. The coins - minted in Italy as well as in other parts of Europe - were in use during the Empire of six Roman Emperors from Honorius to Gratian.
Carrington later admitted he used tricks he learned on YouTube to make the find but didn’t really know how to use his metal detector. He said it was the cheapest detector he could find so there is plenty of hope for everyone out there who wants a cool hobby! I bet there were plenty of other people who have super expensive metal detectors and have never found anything, They are probably hating Carrington right now. The coins are estimated to be worth over £100,000 ($128,000). Plans were made to auction the coins but no information could be found as to how much money Carrington received for his find.
8. Roman Coins in Japan
In 2013, a discovery was made that still baffles archaeologists. Katsuren Castle in Okinawa Island, Japan, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and was built around the 12th century. During a dig, archaeologists discovered four copper coins that, at first, they took for a hoax.
One of the coins bears the image of the Roman Emperor Constantine I and has since been dated to 300 to 400 AD. Another shows a helmeted soldier wielding a shield in one hand and stabbing an enemy with a spear in the other. Since that initial find, excavation has yielded another six coins, which may date back to the Ottoman Empire in the late 17th century.
The find baffles archaeologists because of the lack of direct links to Europe. History tells us that the castle had commercial relationships with China and other Asian countries, so it’s possible the ancient Roman coins found their way to Katsuren through that route although it would be pretty surprising!
7. The Seaton Down Hoard
In 2014, an amateur metal detectorist unearthed one of the largest hoards of Roman coins ever found in Britain. Laurence Egerton discovered 22,000 copper-alloy coins in Seaton, East Devon, near a field where a Roman villa had been excavated. Egerton took up metal detecting seven years prior to his find and the best he ever found were some old shotgun cartridges.
At first, he only found two small coins on top of the ground. His metal detector indicated iron but Egerton said his instincts told him there might be something more. After digging, he came upon two iron ingots but the shovel full underneath them didn’t contain dirt but coins.
Now called the Seaton Down Hoard, experts believe a soldier or private individual buried them for safekeeping. For whatever reason, they never returned to collect the coins. The coins would have made up a few month’s wages for a soldier. Today, though, they are worth tens of thousands of dollars. Egerton was so concerned about theft that for three days, after archaeologists went home for the night, he camped out in his car to protect the dig site.
The Roman coins date back to 4th century and contain the representation of Emperor Constantine, the members of his family, his predecessors, and successors.
6. Swiss Cherry Orchard Find
In 2015, a stash of more than 4,000 bronze and silver coins is believed to have been buried some 1,700 years ago in what is today a cherry orchard in Aargau, Switzerland. Weighing around 15kg (33lb), the local farmer discovered the coins after spotting something shiny in a molehill.
Since a Roman settlement was discovered in the nearby town of Frick, just a few months before, the farmer suspected the coins might be of Roman origin and contacted the regional archaeological service. After months of excavation, 4,166 coins were found in excellent condition. The regional archaeological service called the coin trove one of the biggest such finds in Swiss history.

5 Most Amazing Accidental Historical Discoveries

5 Most Amazing Accidental Historical Discoveries

Rich soil always appreciates good care so it can provide miraculous natural gifts to the farmer. However, James Bristle, a farmer from Michigan, got something more exciting from the ground. He had a field to grow soybeans and one day he noticed something sticking out of the ground that looked like an old decayed fence post at first sight. However, the find turned out to be much more amazing. James got an excavator to dig deeper and was stunned to see a well-preserved skull. These were the bones of a wooly mammoth that lived on the planet about 15,000 years ago. The multiton giant was approximately 40 years old when it died. Archaeologists found most of the animal’s skeleton, including the almost intact skull with tusks, though they did not find its limbs. Apparently, some hunters separated and took the limbs and put the mammoth’s body in storage. It is noteworthy that James exercised his right to keep some of the mammoth remains and gave most of the bones and the skull to a local museum. That was the first discovery, let’s see what’s next!

Most SHOCKING Things Found In Your Favorite Foods!

Check out these shocking things discovered in your favorite foods! From mcdonalds to kfc and other fast food, this top 10 list of horror stories of things found in junk food will make you never want to buy these products again!

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11. Black Widow
Boston resident Jorge Fuertes purchased a bag of Anthony’s brand red seedless grapes from a Whole Foods Market. Later, when he and his twenty-year-old son took a lunch break, they saw something strange in the bag. According to Fuertes, the bag was full of spider webs and between the grapes they could see a spider. As they inspected the bag, at least two more spiders crawled out, both black, shiny, and with the distinctive red hourglass.
Yes, their bag of grapes contained black widows. These spiders, however, are rarely deadly. Their neurotoxic venom is extremely painful, though, causing muscle cramps, vomiting, and dizziness.
Of course, Fuertes reported his find. Bags of Anthony’s brand grapes were pulled from the shelves of that store and the grocery store chain immediately began inspecting all produce. A spokesman for Whole Foods Market assured the public that they take every precaution to inspect produce but that spiders were “part of the natural environment where grapes are grown”.

10. Frozen Frog
When we open a bag of frozen veggies, we don’t expect to find a stowaway. In 2010, Marty Hoffman opened a bag for her dog. The Hoffman’s dog was on a special meat-and-vegetable diet to help with a skin condition. When she dumped out the bag, she saw something frozen that she at first thought was a weird looking asparagus. However, on closer inspection, she discovered it was a frog!
The Hoffmans contacted the FDA, who didn’t respond as quickly as the family would have liked. I mean, who are you supposed to call when you find something weird in your food??They then reported their find to a local newspaper columnist, who in turn contacted the grocery store chain.
That brand name of frozen vegetable was immediately pulled from shelves and inspected. No other frogs, though, were found and the whole incident was put down as a fluke. Supposedly, the FDA eventually got around to inspecting the factories where the vegetables were processed, but there’s no word on what they found. Rumors spread that the family intended to sue or capitalize on the viral event. However, the Hoffman family denied those rumors and say they still shop at the store where they bought the frozen vegetables. After all, what’s a tiny frozen frog going to do to you?

8. A Mouse
Mice tend to turn up a lot in places they don’t need to be. One such place would be a loaf of bread.
In 2009, Oxfordshire resident, Stephen Forse, took out a loaf of Hovis Best of Both to make sandwiches for his children. He noticed a strange dark patch covering the corner of four slices. At first thinking it was a defect from the baking process, he took a closer look and realized it was a mouse. More horrifyingly, the mouse was missing a tail. Upon further investigation, no one could account for the tail. Whoops!!
Forse turned the loaf over to environmental health officers. Friday Premier Foods, who make Hovis Best of Both, pled guilty for not properly inspecting their food at all stages of production. They were fined £5,500.

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Most MYSTERIOUS Swamp Discoveries!

Check out the Most MYSTERIOUS Swamp Discoveries! From bizarre things found in swamps to other unexplained archaeological discoveries, this top 10 list of strangest finds made in swamps will amaze you!

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8. The Swamp Ghost
In this case I don’t mean an actual ghost. Papua New Guinea is known among war history buffs as the resting place of many wartime machines, including submarines, troopships, and aircraft. Perhaps the most famous among them is a Boeing B-17E Flying Fortress known as the “Swamp Ghost,” a World War II-era aircraft that was assigned to the 22nd Bomb Squadron of the 7th Bombardment Group in northern Australia and under the command of the U.S. Navy.

7. Hidden Fugitive Community
Today, the Great Dismal Swamp is a National Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina and Virginia. Just the name alone sounds spooky! Once upon a time, however, the swamp was home to a series of hidden communities, mostly of people seeking refuge from the colonial frontier.

6. The Windover Cemetery
In 1982, during construction for a new housing development in Florida, a backhoe operator discovered bones sticking out of the ground at the site of a small, peat-bottomed pond. It didn’t look good so they called the police. Turns out, there were some 168 bodies stuck in the pond. Good news is, police determined the skeletons were not recent. Then, they contacted archaeologists at Florida State University.

5. The Bridge Battle
Around 3,200 years ago, a major battle occurred between two armies at a river crossing near the Baltic Sea. The brutal struggle was carried out in as little as one day between thousands of soldiers wielding wooden, flint, and bronze weapons. They fought hand-to-hand on the marshy banks of the Tollense River, located in northern Germany, using clubs, spears, swords, and knives.

4. Istanbul’s Real Age
Until 2009, modern historians generally believed that modern-day Istanbul was first settled around 700 B.C. In 2009, however, scientists announced the discovery of a Neolithic grave at the site of a 21st-century rail project, suggesting that Istanbul’s roots go back much further than originally thought.

3. Creepy Dolls
The Autauga County Sheriff’s Office in Alabama was especially busy on Halloween night of 2014, when they received various calls reporting sightings of strange dolls in Bear Creek Swamp near County Road 3.

2. The Reticulated Siren
The giant salamander known as the reticulated siren was largely considered a mythical beast...that is until last year. Known locally as a “leopard eel,” the reticulated siren dwells in the shallow freshwater marshes of Alabama and Florida, but is rarely seen and, until recently, was never studied by herpetologists.

1. An Ancient Tree
Scientists recently announced the discovery of a 2,624-year-old bald cypress tree in North Carolina’s Black River swampland. The findings, which were published in the May 9 issue of the journal Environmental Research Communications, were compiled by scientists who were studying tree rings in an effort to piece together the climate history of the eastern United States.

Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!

Recent Discoveries That Made People INSTANTLY RICH

10 Bizarre Discoveries That Scientists Couldn't Explian

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You don’t necessarily need to be an archaeologist to uncover a valuable hoard of treasure. Some people have found riches in the most mundane of places, from an old piano to grandma’s kitchen cabinet. We’ll tell you about 10 recent discoveries that made people instantly rich. Buying things online can be a gamble, but it’s one that paid off for one woman who bought a bag at a government auction that turned out to be filled with moon dust. A military memorabilia collector spent a few hundred dollars to buy a box of “flag parts” that turned out to be a flag from the famous Battle of Waterloo - worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. You might think that the days of prospectors panning for gold is over, but it’s still going strong, and some people have found valuable gold or even diamonds this way. If you’re a car fan with a few million dollars to spare, you’ll kick yourself when you find out that you missed your chance at owning a one of a kind Ferrari that was found kicking around a dusty old barn.

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