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10 Secrets About Your Favorite Products


10 Ancient Beauty Secrets That Are Useful Even Today

10 Ancient Beauty Secrets Still Trending Today
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It’s not surprising that women in the ancient times cared about beauty. But, what may be surprising are the methods they used to achieved their beauty! From rose water to honey, these are 10 ancient beauty secrets that are still useful, even today!

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10 Secrets Large Companies Don't Want You To Know

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Producers HATE ME for Revealing these 10 Secrets

Professional producers hate me when I tell you the real deal. I feel it's time to keep you aware of what's actually going on, so you don't waste years chasing a false image.

I've compiled these 10 secrets to help you catapult into your potential.

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10 Secrets To Moisturize Your Skin Naturally

Keeping your skin moisturized under all circumstances could be a real struggle, especially for people with dry skin! But did you know there are a few little things you can incorporate in your daily life (or that you were doing wrong) that could significantly make your skin naturally more moisturized? Find out which ones ^_^
Mini USB humidifier shown:

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Some secrets are better shared than kept, thank you for watching ^_~ asian beauty secrets

10 Secrets The Beauty Industry Doesn't Want You To Know

10 Things cosmetic companies are trying to hide from you. Subscribe:
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10 Makeup Tricks You Need To Stop Doing

The cosmetics and personal care industry has plenty of shocking secrets, and we’re here to share 10 things cosmetic companies don’t want you to know. From the lack of regulation in the U.S. compared to other countries, to the misleading use of certain words and phrases, there are lots of scary things about cosmetics that will open your eyes to little-known facts about cosmetics products. You’ll never look at a list of ingredients in the same way again.

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11 Secrets Advertisers Don’t Want You to Know

Going to a cafe or store, we usually have an idea of what we’re going to buy there. However, we often make purchases on a whim that we can’t later explain even to ourselves. Have you ever been in a situation like this? Have you ever spent much more than you planned?

If so, watch these ingenious tricks advertisers use in hope to get all of your money at once. The last trick is totally unfair – we think it should be prohibited forever!

They offer a trendy product 0:42
They use psychological tricks in the menu 1:10
They use a comparison 2:25
They create a legend 2:50
They make use of our laziness 3:09
They know human psychology 3:28
They sell twice as much 4:23
They add authority 4:51
They raise the price for similar goods 5:20
They misrepresent goods 5:48
They make things serve for less time 6:26

- if you slightly changed the recipe, update their looks, and turn them into fancy muffins or cupcakes, the humble cake would gain a second wind.
- Price tricks. People have trouble parting with their money, and restaurants know that. That’s why they often don’t indicate the currency.
- Marketologists use this trick: they add a similar product with a higher price so that the initial one will seem cheap enough by comparison, and its sales will go up again.
- One more nice move is to create a legend that will follow the product, and it doesn’t matter if it even makes sense. Milky Way, for example, made a TV commercial in the early ’90s, showing the candy bar floating in a glass of milk.
- Merchandisers know we’re often too lazy to open up the plastic package and fetch just one bottle.
- We tend to associate a red price tag with a reduced cost, even though it’s not always the case: the price may remain the same, and the tag is just a bright piece of paper.
Have you ever wondered why people in chewing gum ads always take two pieces at a time? That’s a trick to make you think it’s the correct way to chew it. Meanwhile, you’ll use twice as many pieces during the same period of time, and manufacturers sell more.
- Someone came up with a genius idea to paint the devices’ handles the color of potato peel. People started accidentally throwing away the peelers with the skins, and sales went up again.
- Manufacturers always try to add some weight to their products. For instance, they inform you that there’s exotic flower essence contained in the shampoo.
- It turns out that goods for women and girls cost 7% more than similar products for men and boys, despite the only difference being their color.
Marketing experts often manipulate terms when writing descriptions for food products. For example, the famous potato chips Pringles are not really potato chips, with actual potato content being only 42%, which also explains their unnaturally perfect shape.

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Secrets The Food Industry Doesn't Want You To Know

From marketing tricks to shady practices, the food industry has a lot of secrets. Here are some crucial facts you should know about the food you eat.
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iPhone Hidden Features! 15+ Apple Secrets

20+ more iPhone hidden features:

Apple's iPhone comes jam-packed with flagship features like nice displays, great cameras, and fast charging...but what about what Apple doesn't tell you? There are a ton of hidden and secret features that are extremely useful like backspace on the calculator, flight tracking in Spotlight Search, Reachability, and prioritizing downloads. Which of these are your favorite?

iOS 13.2 beta 2 features and changes:
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The 5 Principles Behind the 10 Secrets


In June 2015, Anton Kreil was interviewed whilst on a three-week business trip in Singapore, New York and London. Anton's answers to multiple questions about money, obtaining financial success and wealth were adapted into a Documentary titled 10 Secrets to Achieve Financial Success. In this Seminar three years later, Anton reveals... THE 5 PRINCIPLES BEHIND THE 10 SECRETS

Top 10 Anti-Aging Secrets That Won't Break The Bank!

These are my top 10 tips to look 10 years younger and they are almost all free! Combine them together to not only look youthful but feel better as well. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and come back next week.

Lip color: Marc Jacobs In The Mood with Jentry Kelley's Terracotta Twist lip gloss on top

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10 SHOPPING SECRETS Costco Doesn't Want You to Know!

Save a bunch of money at Costco with these 10 amazing secrets I discovered! Everyone knows Costco is a great place to find bargains, but with these tips you will save a LOT more! Find out more here:

I've been shopping at Costco for a long time. I often hunt for Costco Deals and Costco Freebies so this video is long over due. People always ask me for Costco deals today and for the month. A lot of people think the cheapest stuff is costco clearance shopping but really these 10 shopping secrets will get you things a lot faster.

In this video The Deal Guy is showing you the 10 secrets costco doesnt want you to know. If you wonder what secrets costco hides from you then this video will interest you. Aside from costco couponing other hidden secrets videos this video will really help you with some costco tips and hidden secrets.

Don't miss these shopping secrets about costco. I hope you enjoy the video and lean things you didnt know about Costco, maybe it will help you solve Costco vs Sams Club. These secrets apply to Costco Canada and Costco Australia too.

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10 SECRETS That Will Change The Way You Eat Reese's

Here's a list of 10 Secrets That Will Change The Way You Eat Reese's. Chocolate and peanut butter, timeless combination, these are 10 secrets about Reese's that you didn't know.
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By far one of the most popular chocolate treats in the world is the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. It's hard to find the words that can truly describe just how great these things are, but the fact of the matter is that almost everyone loves them. Well, as it turns out, the candy has an interesting story behind it as well. These are 10 secrets that will change the way you eat Reese's.

If you enjoyed this list of 10 secrets that will change the way you eat Reese's., then comment: #Reeses #ReesesPieces #Candy

0:26 Reese's First Candies Were A Bust
1:43 He Named Chocolate Bars After His Kids
3:08 The First Peanut Butter Cup Was Part of An Assortment
4:27 Peanut Butter Cups During WWII
5:42 Hershey Ended Up Buying Reese's
7:15 Reese's Pieces is Missing Something
8:42 E.T. Made Reese's Pieces Way More Popular
10:09 There Was a Flavor Based on Elvis
11:35 Reese's dominates the holidays
12:56 May 18 is I Love Reese's Day

- The entire story of the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup starts with one man: Harry Burnett Reese. The mastermind behind the beloved candy didn't even start out working in a different industry.
- Reese looked at the success of Hershey's and knew that if one candy company could make it in America, then certainly another one could as well. While continuing to work for Hershey's, Reese experimented with his own candy concoctions at home.
- Reese had incorporated his own company and was moving forward on making all kinds of different sweets. It wasn't until five years after incorporation that he made the very first peanut butter cup, the candy that would eventually change the chocolate game for good.
- When the Second World War broke out, it was a time of great conflict. It was also a time of great rationing, as supplies needed to be doled out to the soldiers on the front lines. People were willing to make do with what they could so that the military could keep their fighting men fed and fuelled up for combat.
- Harry Burnett Reese passed away in 1956, but his candy would go on to even greater success. Once it became apparent that the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup was going to be a big hit with people, they caught the attention of Reese's former employer, Hershey.
- The next step in the evolution of Reese's peanut butter was cramming it inside of a candy shell similar to an M&M. Thus, Reese's Pieces were born. The little yellow, orange, and brown candies weren't a huge hit, but people did seem to like them when they hit the market.
- Steven Spielberg was at the top of his game in the eighties. He had already directed three surefire hits with Jaws, Close encounters of the Third Kind, and Raiders of the Lost Ark. His next big picture was going to be more of a family affair, albeit one with a science fiction aspect to it as well: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.
- You might think that there's not a lot of customizing you can do with a peanut butter cup. After all, how do you improve on perfection? However, Reese's has constantly found ways to make their candy more interesting and different. Sure, they started out simply enough, with just peanut butter and chocolate in a little cup.
- One of the best days of the year when you're a kid is by far Halloween. Not only do you get to dress up as your favorite monster, superhero, or anything else, but you also get to walk around your neighborhood and get candy, for free!
- There are plenty of holidays where Reese’s peanut butter cups become the star of the show, but there is only one day a year when Reese's truly gets to shine: May 18th. That's because back in 2010, a Facebook petition got over 400,000 signatures to declare that day I Love Reese's Day.

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10 Mind Blowing Hidden SECRETS In The US Dollar

10 Secrets in the United States 1$ bill you never noticed.
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Have you ever wondered what are some of the symbols on the dollar bill? What do the Roman numerals mean at the bottom of the pyramid? From American Eagle, the All-Seeing Eye, and the pyramid, to the serial numbers, a secret owl, and September 11 conspiracy theories, these are some of the most mind-blowing secrets in the US dollar!

Let’s start with the American Eagle, a symbol of beauty and longevity. Pay attention to what the eagle is holding. The thirteen arrows represent thirteen original American colonies at war, and the olive branch represents peace. There’s even a secret behind the positioning of the arrows and the olive branch!

The All-Seeing Eye is a very controversial element on the dollar bill. While some claim it holds religious beliefs and acts as a cap for the unfinished pyramid, but many see the triangle as an Illuminati sign. Wait until you see some of the other Illuminati connections on the dollar bill!

The unfinished pyramid is also a symbol of strength and duration of the country, as well as the future expansion and neverending growth. The thirteen steps represent the original thirteen colonies, but have you ever noticed the Roman numerals at the bottom of the pyramid? It holds even more mind-blowing secrets you’ve never known before.

From conspiracy theories, September 11 references, Illuminati symbolism in the All-Seeing Eye, and secret owls to the meaning of serial numbers and more, these are some of the most mind-blowing secrets in the US dollar!
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10 Secrets Hotel Staff Are Hiding From You

Hotel managers all around the world keep quiet about a lot of things. Here are some brilliant tips that will help you save money and have the best vacation ever. For instance, do you know how to cancel the reservation at the last moment without a fine? This one is the best trick ever – everyone should learn it! Watch our video to figure out all of the tricks.

Book a room 1 or 2 days before check-in 1:03
If you don’t like your room, you can change it for free 1:49
Choose a hotel with its ratings, not by the number of stars 2:29
You can take cosmetic products with you 3:04
Concierges with the golden keys pin can answer any question 3:41
Book discounted rooms directly with the hotel 4:16
Photos of a hotel can differ from reality 4:50
Check the minibar 5:32
Read the contract before leaving your car on-site 6:07
How to cancel a reservation and not pay a fine for it 6:33

- Sometimes, the price might be $100 when you check it 20 days before arrival, and two days before arrival it’s only 50 bucks.
That happens because hotel managers reduce the price in the last minute to fill all the rooms.
- If you don’t like the room for subjective reasons (located on the upper or lower floor), you can also ask a change of room. In this case, you should ask politely, don’t demand! If there are vacant rooms, the hotel staff will show them to you.
- Sometimes, the number of starts, actually, means nothing. A 3-star hotel can be much better and even cozier than a 5-star hotel, so read the reviews before you book a room.
- Do you like those tiny bottles of shampoo and shower gel in a hotel bathroom? Then take them with you! Let’s admit – almost everyone loves them as they are handy while traveling. Don’t think you are doing something wrong.
- Concierges with such pins are members of a particular public organization called Les Clefs d’Or. Don’t be shy to ask them for whatever you need – they will gladly help you.
- Every hotel wants to sell as many rooms per day as possible. Therefore, they pay a fee to different sites and offer them certain rooms, and you don’t get the best rooms at a discount.
- You expect to get some luxurious room with soft light, but when you arrive, you see a tiny room with a half-ruined bedside table and the smallest bed you’ve ever seen. To avoid this annoying situation, search for the hotel photos on the Internet.
- Always check a minibar in your room after check-in. A minibar is a magic chest containing different delicacies at crazy prices. To avoid wasting money for someone else’s pleasures, make sure all the bottles are closed.
- The agreement usually states that the hotel is not responsible for cars parked on-site. You need to know about it in case any accident happens with your car in the hotel’s parking lot.
- Instead of canceling the reservation immediately, ask to move it a week ahead! Then call your hotel the next day and cancel it.

Do you know other tricks to make staying in a hotel the best time? Share them in the comments below the video!

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10 Secrets About Your Favorite Products

Some will make you feel cool, some will make you feel betrayed.

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10 Products With Hidden Secrets You CANNOT Solve!

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10 Secrets You Didn't Know About Everyday Products!

10 things you didn't know about everyday products! These will BLOW YOUR MIND! How can these be kept secret from us!? My life is a lie!

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10 Secrets You DIDN'T Know About Young Dylan ???? Nick Confidential

Did you know that Young Dylan was a master of disguise? Let's dive deep into the unknown, and turn to Nick Confidential to see what other mysteries he's holding... These are the top 10 secrets you don't know about Young Dylan!

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Nickelodeon is the number-one brand for kids with original cartoons, sitcoms, movies, award shows, products, and more! Here on our Nickelodeon YouTube channel you’ll find the shows and animated series you know and love like SpongeBob SquarePants, The Loud House, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Henry Danger, ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks, and more! You’ll also get exclusive access to our digital original series like The JoJo & BowBow Show Show, Inside Nick, and Nia Sioux’s Slumber Party plus fun Nick recipes, DIY projects, how-tos, and a behind the scenes look at the lives of your favorite Nick stars including JoJo Siwa and Jace Norman! What more could you ask for? Join the fun!


00:06 Marketing vs real product
04:41 The truth about cosmetics
06:07 How much sugar is in the food?
07:45 We tested the cosmetics and...
09:49 Is what you eat safe?
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The following video might feature activity performed by our actors within controlled environment- please use judgment, care, and precaution if you plan to replicate.

10 Products That Are Outrageously Insensitive!

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10 Of The Most Satisfying Puzzles You Can Buy! ➡
Custom Saw-Bat?! | 10 Apocalypse Survival Items You Can Buy On The Internet! ➡

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ROZE ➡ 7 People vs. 1 Cookie....

0:00 - We're Offending People!
1:28 - We Found The Cure?!
3:12 - Insulting Our Friends!
6:33 - Offensive Crayons?!
8:50 - Spying On Our Employees!
9:59 - Playing With Addictions!
12:27 - Creating New Curse Words?!
14:20 - Un-Fortune Cookies!
15:48 - Mansplaining Candles!
18:19 - Build That Wall!
20:06 - Balloon Roulette!
21:59 - You Suck At Parking!



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