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10 Things You Did Not Know What They Are


10 Things You Did Not Know The Use For

Top 10 Things You Did Not Know The Use For
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the top 10 Things You Did Not Know The Use For!

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Bumps On Keyboard
Disc Inside Bottle Lids
Pocket In Underwear
Spiked Toothpaste Caps
Thick Bit On Cables
Holes In Lollipop Stick
Small Pocket On Jeans
Hole In Pen Lids
White Part On Fingernails
Hole In Airplane Windows

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10 Things You Didn't Know About Everyday Objects

10 Things You Didn't Know About Everyday Objects.
A video compilation of some of the secret and hidden features on items we use on a day to day basis.
Ranging from why airplane windows have that little hole in them, to how to do some amazing life hacks using soda bottles.

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What are you doing all the way down here you sneaky Squirrel?

10 Things You May Not Know About M&Ms

Here are 10 things you want to know about M&Ms.

M&Ms aren’t just a crunchy yet creamy chocolate treat, they’re a national treasure.

Here are 10 things you may want to know about the iconic candies.

Number 10. Their inspiration came from Spanish soldiers. During the Spanish Civil War, M&M founder Forrest Mars saw military men eating chocolate that had been coated with hardened sugar. He noticed that the shell kept the candy from melting, even under the sun’s glare. In 1941 he patented a process for their manufacture.

Number 9. The red ones were once thought to cause cancer. Therefore, in the mid 1970s they were discontinued and stayed that way for about a decade. The kicker is that the candies never contained Red Number 2, the dye thought to contribute the disease. M&M just pulled them because of the public’s perception of artificially red foods at the time.

Number 8. They’ve been to space more than 130 times. The first trip was upon request by crewmembers of the 1981 Columbia mission. After that, they just became a regular feature. For NASA’s final satellite launch in 2011, the company presented astronauts and team members with custom printed red, blue, and silver ones.

Number 7. The Obamas handed out very special ones for Halloween. The White House is typically well stocked with M&Ms, only the ones there are in custom boxes bearing the president’s signature. Last year, the fancy chocolates were given to the thousands of little ghosts and goblins who showed up on the doorstep of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Number 6. M&M’s turned down a chance to star in E.T. They were the first candy approached to play the role of the extra-terrestrial’s favorite sweet. When Universal wouldn’t provide them with a final script for review, they declined.

Number 5. Crispy M&Ms are making a triumphant return. They were discontinued in the mid 2000s, but some people never accepted that decision and have been campaigning for their rerelease ever since. No doubt, there will much celebrating in January of 2015 when the crispy ones will once again grace candy aisles everywhere.

Number 4. Remembering tan M&Ms may be an indicator of age. The company kicked the light brown ones to the curb in 1995. Ever since, and by popular vote, blue ones have taken their place in the mix. Thus, talk of the tan coated candies would likely bewilder many a Millennial, and probably make them think you’re old.

Number 3. The green ones aren’t really an aphrodisiac. Not specifically, anyway. While there’s no substantiated evidence that the green coating makes a person more amorous, there’s science that confirms chocolate does.

Number 2. It’s possible to eat M&Ms with chopsticks. There’s even a world’s record for it. The number to beat is 115, and they have to be consumed within 3 minutes. That’s been the pinnacle of achievement since 2003.

Number 1. The color mix isn’t random. According to M&M, the content of each package is comprised mostly of blue orange and green, at 24, 20, and 16 percent respectively. Yellow and brown are tied at 14 percent each. Bringing up the rear is red at 13 percent.

10 Things You Might Not Know Google Assistant Can Do!

Read the article:

Google Assistant is a fairly intelligent piece of software that was the unique selling point of the Pixel phones until it was made available to many Android 6.0+ smartphones early this year.

Now that a good chunk of Android users can use Google Assistant, it’s time to remind everyone of ten awesome things you can do with it.

Of course, we’re assuming you already know that Assistant can make phone calls, send texts, set alarms, and all of those other basic functions.


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10 Things You May Not Know About Oreos

Here are 10 uncommon facts about the iconic treat.

Oreos are the world’s best selling cookie, and enough of them are made every year to circle the globe 4 times when stacked. Still, so much about them is little known. 
Here are 10 uncommon facts about the iconic treat.
Number 10. It takes just under an hour to make one. 59 minutes, to be exact. In whipping up a year’s worth, the company goes through roughly 20 million pounds of cocoa and mixes close to 50 million pounds of sweet, creamy filling. 
Number 9. The cookies can reveal a lot about the person eating them. According to a 2004 survey conducted by Kraft Foods, those who twist are apt to be sensitive. Energetic people tend to dunk, and those who just dive right in and take a bite possess great self-confidence.
Number 8. The Double Stuf variety does not, in fact, contain twice as much filling. A high school math class took measurements and ran the numbers back in 2013. They found the cookies billed as double really only have 1.86 times the stuf. 
Number 7. Oreos really are addictive. For lab rats, anyway. In a 2013 study, the cookies proved to be as popular among test rodents as cocaine or morphine. The researchers concluded the high fat and high sugar combo triggers the brain’s addiction hotspots. 
Number 6. Hydrox is not an Oreo knockoff. The somewhat name-challenged cookies debuted in 1908, years before Oreos arrived on the sandwich cookie scene.
Number 5. Flavor makers can get incredibly creative. The cookies are sold in many countries, and keeping everyone happy can require catering to local tastes. Unique varieties include Green Tea, Alfajor, and Filed Cupcake.
Number 4. There may be a deeper meaning behind the cookie’s stamped design. People who specialize in motifs and such have drawn similarities between visual elements on the cookie and some of historical importance. Those include symbols associated with the Freemasons and the Knights Templar of Crusades fame. 
Number 3. Nobody knows why they’re called Oreos. However, there are some theories. A popular one is that the name is somehow connected to ‘or,’ the French word for gold, as the cookies were originally wrapped in a gold package. 
Number 2. The cookie has an honorary street in New York City. It’s located in Chelsea at 15th and 9th, which happens to where the very first Oreo cookie was made.
Number 1. They’re new to Russia. While people in the U.S. have been enjoying the cookie since 1912, the official Russian debut of the Oreo didn’t occur until 2015. 
Which lesser known fact about Oreos do you find most interesting?



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