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10 Things You NEED In Your LIFE NOW!


10 Things You NEED In Your LIFE NOW!

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How To Organize Your Life | 10 Things you can do NOW!

How To Organize Your Life | 10 Things you can do NOW!

Hey guys! Today I'm showing you 10 ways to organize your life in a day / right now. Hopefully, these organization tips will help you get your life together in 2019 a little bit. Let me know if you want to see more organization videos like organization tips, habits of organized people, how to organize your life as a student let me know because I'd love to make those videos.

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10 BEST Life Hacks You MUST Know!

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22 Things You Should Do at Least Once in Your Life

When you have a plan, life can be so eventful! There are certain things that you definitely must do before you turn 30 – they can help you feel that you’re truly making the best of your time! Lucky you – we found a list of such things. You don’t need superpowers to do them, and they can enrich your life with unforgettable experiences. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start crossing them off the list!

Visit a really exotic place 
Buy tickets to a music festival
Run a half marathon
Go swimming in the nude
Learn how to cook your own signature dish
Research your family tree
Try bungee jumping or parachuting
Spend a whole night at a party in an unknown city
Learn how to make cocktails
Grab the microphone at a karaoke bar and sing
Try going diving
Get lost in a foreign country
Climb a mountain
Spend a night or two under the stars
Take a master class in something new
Get in shape
Volunteer for something
Find someone who will be genuinely dear to you
Go traveling on your own
Go to a major sporting event
Rent a holiday home with people you don’t know
Get away from all the hassle for a day

Now, what do you think? Do you have anything to add to this? Let us know in the comments below!

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16 Things You Need To Do At Least Once In Your Life

16 things you need to do at least once in your life. No matter what age you are, everyone has a list of life goals they want to achieve before passing on. It can be an academic goal or bucket list of personal things you'd like to do in your lifetime. Common future goals include Skydiving, Travel, Falling in love. Today, we're going to talk about a bunch of things that you should do before you kick the bucket.

#BucketList #TravelBucketList #ThingsToDoBeforeYouDie

Intro - 0:00
Bucket List Item Number 1. Something Scary: 01;31
Bucket List Item Number 2. Go On Vacation: 01;53
Bucket List Item Number 3. Discover Your Passion: 02;23
Bucket List Item Number 4. Donate Blood: 02;50
Bucket List Item Number 5. Fight For What You Believe In: 03;21
Bucket List Item Number 6. Pay It Forward: 03;47
Bucket List Item Number 7. Go To A Music Festival: 4;13
Bucket List Item Number 8. Dancing In The Rain: 04;59
Bucket List Item Number 9. Adopt A Shelter Pet: 05;2r
Bucket List Item Number 10. Love And Be Loved: 05;55
Bucket List Item Number 11: See The Beauty Of The World. 06;23
Bucket List Item Number 12: Explore Art. 07;12
Bucket List Item Number 13: Connect With Animals. 07;35
Bucket List Item Number 14: Party Hard.07;57
Bucket List Item Number 15: Create Something. 08;28
Bucket List Item Number 16: Learn. 08;54


Bucket List Item Number 1. Something Scary: Flying on an airplane or going bungee jumping, everyone should do something that terrifies them at least once in their life. Think about all the time you spend worrying about something that scares you.

Bucket List Item Number 2. Go On Vacation: While this is easier said than done, everyone deserves to have the experience of seeing a different country. Everyone has a dream vacation they’d like to take. You shouldn’t let anything stop you from achieving this dream.

Bucket List Item Number 3. Discover Your Passion: This is a really important part of living a happy life. If you’re just spending your time working a job you don’t really like, you’re kind of just existing rather than living. Your passion won’t just fall into your lap one day, you have to explore and experiment. Once you discover your passion your life will have more meaning and you’ll be motivated to work towards your goals.

Bucket List Item Number 4. Donate Blood: Nobody really likes getting the needle. After donating blood just once you can help save the lives of up to three people. So stop being so stingy and go to your local blood donation center. If you’re not convinced, donating blood actually has some health benefits as well. It can help prevent cancer and heart disease and burn calories in the process! So basically, this is a win-win situation.

Bucket List Item Number 5. Fight For What You Believe In: No one should live in their own heads. The world is in a state of change and construction right now and it’s important now more than ever to stand up for what you believe in.

Bucket List Item Number 6. Pay It Forward: There is nothing more pure than helping out a stranger in need. At least once in your life, you should reach out to someone less fortunate by either paying for their meal or offering them food. Food isn’t always an easy thing to come by for everyone, and while it has been somewhat of a trend to participate in these random acts of kindness, it’s still a great gesture.

Bucket List Item Number 7. Go To A Music Festival: No one is too old to go out to the festival and enjoy some music! Thousands of people fly out for music festivals each year including several celebrities! Music is uplifting so enjoying it with thousands of people is a truly unique experience.

Bucket List Item Number 8. Dancing In The Rain: There is a reason that this cliche is so often featured in entertainment, and that’s because it really is as enjoyable and freeing as they make it out to be! As long as you pick a warm rainstorm, preferably during the summer months, you’ll be able to let loose and jump around.

Bucket List Item Number 9. Adopt A Shelter Pet: Some people might turn their noses at the concept of adopting an older dog or cat. Many people flock for puppies and kittens leaving thousands of loving shelter dogs without a loving family.

Bucket List Item Number 10. Love And Be Loved: One of the most important experiences for humans to have is love. Every human deserves to love and be loved in their life and although this is terrifying to some people, humans aren’t meant to be alone.

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Jim Kwik: 10 Things that Will Change Your Life Immediately

Jim Kwik is sharing 10 things that will change your life right now.
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The 10 Things that Happen After You Declutter | Life Beyond the Clutter

10 Things that Happen After You Declutter: Benefits of Minimalism
This video goes beyond the clutter to highlight some of the benefits of minimalism and details what you might experience after you have decluttered! Three minimalists share their experiences and describe what comes next after decluttering!

It was a blast having Ron and Stuart on the channel! I hope you enjoy checking out their channels!
Ron's channel:
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Minimalist Favorites
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10 Things That You’ve Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life

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TechZone ►

We are surrounded by a lot of stuff. Usually, these are things we use just like our parents taught us to. But what if we tell you these things can be used in a different way? What if we tell you that all this time you were peeling vegetables, eating chicken wings and using the oven the wrong way? What if... well, let’s take it one step at a time.

Amazing Secrets Hidden In Everyday Things

Amazing Secrets Hidden In Everyday Things

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Amazing Secrets Hidden In Everyday Things

Everyday, we interact with a countless number of things. When we eat, when we work, when we entertain ourselves, we always make use of these tools to facilitate whatever it is that we want to get done. But how well do we know these things? Are we aware of all of their features? Or maybe there are some secrets about these things that we don’t know about yet. Today we’ll be looking at “Amazing Secrets Hidden in Everyday Things.” Embrace yourself for a video packed with secrets that I’m sure you didn’t know about. I promise you that by the time we make it to the top you’ll have learned a thing or two about stuff that you probably interact with in your everyday life.

Flavored Nintendo Cartridges

Have you ever put a Nintendo Switch cartridge inside your mouth? I hope not! Unless, of course, you’re a toddler who still doesn’t fully understand the difference between edible and non-edible items. But for that reason, nintendo has put a bitter taste in their cartridges. Since these things are so small, and likely to be messed with by little ones who don’t fully know what they’re doing, Nintendo made them taste bitter, so people can spit it out and keep themselves from swallowing them. Quite smart isn’t it? I guess you’ll know about that taste if you already put one of them in your mouth. But if you haven’t, please don’t try it!

Bread Tags

This one is quite obvious isn’t it? Well, that’s what you think. But bread tags have more than just one function. Besides being used to help you keep your bread fresh and sealed, these little tags also indicate the day on which your bread was baked. For example, if the tag is blue, it means it was baked on a Monday, and if it’s green it was baked on a Tuesday. And then Red is for Thursdays, White is for Fridays and Yellow is for Saturdays! This is quite convenient and once you learn the color codes, you will easily remember how fresh your bread is. So make sure you eat it before it goes stale.

Holes in Pen Caps

If you use pens, you’ve probably used their caps to make funny whistles and other funny sounds with it. But there’s more to these holes in the caps than just making musical instruments out of them. Just like the Nintendo Cartridges, these holes have been put there to help people who put small objects in their mouths. There were studies that showed that a lot of people choke on pen caps, so these holes were put there to make sure that people can keep breathing while help arrives. I still think it would be best if no one ever chokes on one of these things. But I guess it’s good to know that there’s a bit of hope if such tragedy occurs.

Colors at the Bottom of Toothpaste Tubes

If you’re a curious person, you’ve probably noticed that the bottom of the toothpaste tubes usually have a square that is either red, black or blue. And if you haven’t noticed that, you should go find your toothpaste right now and check what’s at the bottom of the tube. These colors are not just random; they’ve been put there to let you know what kind of substance has been used to make your toothpaste. If it’s blue, it means it was made with natural elements and some medicine to enhance its effects. If it’s green, it means it only has natural ingredients. And then, if it’s red it has a chemical composition added to the natural ingredients. And if it’s black, then it means it’s pure chemical. So there you go, now you can be a bit more aware of what kind of toothpaste you want to buy, without having to read an endless list of ingredients.

Soda Cup Lids

When you come home to a clean and neat table, the last thing you want to do is probably leave a soda ring on it. For that reason, soda cup lids have been designed in a way that you can also use them as coasters. The lid has a grooved ring on which the bottom of your soda cup will perfectly fit. Of course, the last thing we want to do is produce more plastic in this world, but don’t worry about that! Even the biodegradable lids have this feature - so give some good use to it and don’t leave any more marks on your tables.

That Extra Little Pocket on Your Jeans

We all have given different uses to that little pocket on our jeans. In my case

15 Steps to Reinvent Yourself and Start Over

What are the steps to reinvent yourself and start over?
GOAL Mastery:
MIND Mastery:

Thanks to our friends at Audible!
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In this video we will be answering the following questions:
How to reinvent yourself?
What are the steps to reinvent yourself?
How to start over?
How to move to a different city?
How to start again in life?
How to build a new you?
What does it mean to reinvent yourself?
Is it bad to reinvent yourself?
Is it never too late to reinvent yourself?
How can I reinvent myself at 40?
How do you completely change yourself?
How can I change my life?
How do you reinvent yourself mentally?
Can you reinvent yourself at 45?
Can I reinvent myself at 50?
How do I become a new person?
How long does it take to reinvent yourself?
How do you reinvent yourself after a break up?
What careers can you start at 40?
How can I find a job at 40?
Can you start a new career at 40?
How can I change my life in 7 days?
How can I change my life instantly?
How can I motivate myself to change my life?
What a woman should expect at age 40?
How do I find my passion after 40?
What happens when a man reaches 40?
What words do I want to live my life by?
How do I fix my life in one day?
Which is the best country to start a new life?

00:00 - Intro
00:56 - Decide you want to change
02:27 - Make a 6 month plan
04:58 - Start building your new skill set
06:11 - Make 1 connection from the new world you’ll live in
07:14 - Understand that the door is open and it will remain that way
08:28 - Move & Survive
10:09 - Push through the feeling of loneliness and chaos
11:35 - Start building new life routines
12:51 - Find your first anchor of happiness - then build around it
13:52 - Set big goals for your new life
15:57 - Build your social circle
16:49 - Pay attention to not repeat the patterns of the previous life
17:44 - Prove to yourself that you can live off this new lifestyle long term
19:11 - Incrementally improve elements around you
20:17 - Achieve the new version of success
21:22 - Question

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The 10 Most Important Things to Minimize in Your Life

“Purity and simplicity are the two wings with which man soars above the earth and all temporary nature.” —Thomas à Kempis


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Make Your Life Better, 10 Things You Can Do Today.

We're living in a strange world today, but it might be the best time for us to embrace some life changing habits to improve our lives. This video is a bit different from my normal luxury videos, but I figured it's down right relevant given the current pandemic chaos. I've also decided to include the topics of self development and well being on my channel. Hopefully this video will help you have a more positive outlook for life and make the best use of your time during these uncertain times.

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Things I Wish I Knew Earlier

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#selfcare #selfdevelopment #goodhabits

Thank you for watching this video 10 Things you can do today to make your life better.

10 Things That Will Immediately Change Your Life - Jim Kwik

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5. The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida:
6. Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl:
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A Simple Way to Organize Your Life

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Time stamps:

00:00 - Intro
00:19 - Step 1: Fireworks
03:54 - Step 2: Prioritization
05:49 - Step 3: A Timeline
07:31 - Ensemble
08:13 - My New Class



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Don't Allow Your Life To Be Controlled By These 5 Things

Don't Allow Your Life To Be Controlled By These 5 Things - Motivational Speech by Fearless Soul. Download, stream or listen now on:
Apple Music:
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Transcript/Lyrics & Speaker details:

Many people spend their life, at the mercy of circumstances. Living at the mercy of what happens to them. Living at the mercy of other people. NOT living in the present, because they are stuck in the prison of their past.

If you want to live a GREAT life, don’t allow yourself to be controlled by any of these things.

NUMBER 2 - Other peoples opinions and judgements
NUMBER 3 - LIMITED BELIEFS you project on yourself.
NUMBER 4 - Relationships, and

Speakers: Josiah Ruff

Official Website:

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10 Things You'll See for the First Time in Your Life

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TechZone ►

You'd be surprised to learn how much new content appears on the Internet in just 24 hours. Five hundred million tweets are posted every day, while Facebook generates four petabytes of data. Not to mention news, videos and entertainment content. We live in an information world, which means that we all consume a lot more information than our ancestors. And, of course, you'd think that after thousands of hours online, you'd have seen it all. But believe us, there are still things that will surprise you. Today, we're going to show you some of them.

10 Things You Need To Do AT LEAST Once In Your Life

10 things you HAVE to do in your life. Just try it!
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10 Surprising Things All Teenagers Must Go Through

10 Struggles Only Girls Can Understand

We all know we only get one life, so we better make the best of it! But, what can you to make sure you are making the best of your life? From adopting a shelter pet, to taking your dream vacation, these are 10 things you need to do in your life!

There has been a trend of random acts of kindness, and paying for a stranger’s meal is the easiest way to be a part of this selfless trend. There are many people who struggle day to day, and doing something kind, liking paying for their food, may be just what they need. Whether it’s a person you see struggling, or someone you think will just enjoy the gesture, selflessly paying for a stranger’s meal should be on everyone’s bucket list! Not only will you be feeding a stranger, but you will also be putting a smile on their face, which is priceless!

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6 Things You Must Have In Your Life

This is the final lesson of the Tamed Course. In this video we're going to learn about 6 fundamental human needs. Without all of these 6 you will find it near impossible to overcome your addiction for good. And this is because your addiction fulfills the needs that you are not fulfilling with positive habits.

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10 things you can do to change your life (right now)

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10 things you can do right now to change your life! When you feel unmotivated and unproductive, I hope these tips can help you change your life right now. Improve your life one day at a time. These habits can help change your life for the better! These life changing habits can help transform your life!

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10 Things you need in your LIFE NOW!

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