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10 Unusual TWINS You Have Never Seen In Your Life


Unusual Babies You've NEVER Seen Until Now

Amazing Kids Who Are One In A Million

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Who doesn’t love babies? Whether you give birth to them, or you’re the cool aunt or uncle, babies are some of the cutest things ever! Babies are beloved by all, as they are pure and innocent! They are brand new to the world and don’t know the difference between right and wrong. When a baby is born, new parents are understandably concerned about whether or not their baby is healthy. They’ll want to count all ten fingers and all ten toes. One of the most stressful things is expecting a baby that may have some health issues. Even when a parent has done everything right, there are times where biology takes over and a baby is born with anomalies. However, when a baby defies the rules of nature and survives, the world wants to know that baby’s story. Some may call these little ones “odd”, but they are truly an inspirational and medical marvels!

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10 Unusual Twins You WON'T BELIEVE Exist

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top 10 Archive! Twins are not that uncommon, and most of the time they’re just as nondescript as non-twins. But, every now and then genetics surprise us and creates two siblings that are strange, unusual, and sometimes terrifying. Twins have been documented communicating without words and committing terrible crimes to prove their unbreakable bond to the rest of the world. Discover all this and more in our list of the top 10 unusual twins you won’t believe exist.

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10. Twins Born In Different Years
9. The Strange, Murderous Bond
8. The twins with different dads
7. The World's Oldest Twins
6. Little and Large
5. Telepathic Twins
4. Anna and Lucy DeCinque
3. The Hensel Twins
2. Silent Twins
1. Black and White Twins

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10 Unusual Twins You Won’t Believe Exist!

10 Unusual Twins You Won’t Believe Exist!


Number One: Parents of Kian and Remee were startled when their twins were born. The girls’ parents, Kylie Hodgson and Remi Horder, are both of mixed race heritage But they were shocked when the girls were so markedly different in appearance. These twins are one in a million – although both girls have blue eyes, one girl appears black and the other white. While this can occur sometimes when twins have different fathers, it is much more unusual when the parentage is the same for both babies.

Number Two: Twins separated at birth make for fascinating study. They are often found to have similar characteristics even though they are raised separately.
However, in the case of twin brothers from Ohio, the similarities are not just similar – they are astonishing. To begin with, both adoptive families named their boys Jim..
Both boys married women named Linda who gave birth to sons. Those sons were named James Alan – just one ‘L’ separates the spelling of the middle names. In addition, the brothers both have law enforcement training and enjoy carpentry and mechanical drawing They even both had dogs named Toy. They each divorced and married again. Both second wives are named Betty. Reunited after 39 years, the brothers first met in 1979.

Number Three: Sometimes the coincidences with twins are beyond belief. Take the case of Ashlee and Andrea. Twins themselves, both women carried twin boys and were due on exactly the same day. Twins run in all families involved – the women’s husbands both have twins in their families, making his coincidence only a little easier to understand.

Number Four: Carnival side shows were a popular way for more unusual sets of twins to make a living. Such is the case of the documented world's heaviest twins, who weighted in at over 1400 pounds combined. The brothers, known professionally as the McGuires, worked for years as motorcycle stunt riders and tag-team wrestlers. Their career ended when one twin died after a performance related motorcycle accident.

Number Five: The record for oldest twins ever goes to the country of Japan. In 1892 twin girls were born in a town about 200 miles or so from Tokyo. The most notable fact about these twins, Gin and Kin, is not just that they lived to be 108, but that they had different blood types. Doctors cannot explain that even though testing found them to be identical, their blood types were different.

Number Six: Twins hold a fascination for many people. Add in a record setting height difference and there is no end to the attention, wanted or not. Such is the case with a set of fraternal twins in London. Hussain, the brother, is an astounding 7 feet 9 inches tall – amazing all by itself
But when you consider that his twin sister is only average, at 5 feet 5 inches, you have the makings of a record. In addition to their height difference, Hussain’s hand span is larger than any living male.

Number Seven: Another story of long lost siblings, these twin girls had no idea that they were even twins until cases of mistaken identity in college. Both enrolled in close by east coast universities, Tamara and Adriana each had strange incidents of people mistaking them for someone else. Finally the two were reunited. Separated at birth, one twin was raised by a Jewish family while the other was raised Catholic.

Number eight: One of the strangest cases in twin lore is of twins who are born in different years. Usually this occurs when one twin is born right before midnight on New Year’s Eve and one right after, but in the case of these Romanian twins, the birth dates are more extreme. One of the twins, Catalin, had difficulty in the womb and had to be delivered early, in December. Doctors were able to wait and deliver the other baby,Valentin, closer to the twins’ due date in February.

Number Nine: Twin cat burglars can be list worthy too. In a scene that must have been reminiscent of Mission Impossible, 3 thieves slid down ropes and defeated a security system to steal millions in jewellery. Super rope skills aside, they were captured on camera and left DNA behind. This eventually led to their arrest. Hassan and Abbas are two of the three thieves, and happen to be identical twins too.

Number Ten: Another case of twins being different races, but this one due to a screw up at a Dutch IVF lab. Turns out that when the couple went in for the fertility treatment, the lab equipment was used more than once. This caused a stranger's sperm to be mixed with the couple’s sample. The mix up resulted in twins with the same mom but having different dads. If the dads had not been so different in appearance, the couple might never have known.

15 Most Unusual Twins You Won’t Believe Exist

From a set of twins that share the same boyfriend, to another set of twins who had different skin colours at the time of birth.
We look through 15 of the most unusual twins you won’t believe exist!
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10 Unusual Kids You Wont Believe Were Ever Born

Unusual kids you won't believe actually exist. Subscribe To Our Channel :

Please Note that the purpose of this video is to show the very rare genetic disorders with live examples which helps viewers to understand such rare disorders and gather further information about them. All disorders have proper references for people who want to research these diseases and contact the appropriate party for more information.Causes of diseases and reference country of the affected person are also given in the video. Some points have hospitals information too in case you want to get reports about the conditions of the affected persons.

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Video Features: 10 Unusual Kids You Won’t Believe Exist

1. Baby Born Without Face
2. Harlequin Baby Who Resembles Fish
3. Child Born Without Nose
4. Baby Born With Large Eye Balls But No Brain
5. Girl Born Without Heart
6. Baby Without Skin
7. Child With 4 Legs And 4 Arms
8. Baby With a Big Head
9. Baby With Joined Parasitic Head
10.Baby Without Skin Pores

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10 Twins You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!

Top 10 Unusual twins you won’t believe exist! Help me promote positivity ❇ Subscribe & Comment
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❇ More about a few of the twins in this video :

Anna and Lucy already share a job, a boyfriend. Now they want to have children together too.

The world's oldest living twin brothers, Paulus and Pieter Langerock from Belgium.

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Top 10 Unusual & Bizarre Kids You Have To See To Believe
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the top 10 Unusual Kids You Have To See To Believe!

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10 Unusual Body Transformations You Need To See To Believe

15 People Who Went Too Far To Look Like Celebs

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Ah...plastic surgery. You can change into someone completely different in such a short amount of time. In today’s society, it is not uncommon to want to change your appearance. Sometimes, there are people who feel like they do not look like what they feel inside, so they will go through dramatic body transformations to make their dreams come true. What some people might want to change may look like a bizarre choice to those who live a more average lifestyle. From changing your height to even transforming yourself into looking like a toy, there are those who want to live their life a bit more outside of the box in order to live their true life. It can be confusing to those who are overall satisfied with their appearance and lifestyle. The plastic surgery industry is one of the most profitable businesses out there because so many people want to completely transform themselves into something different!

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10 Mind Blowing Facts About Twins

Top 10 amazing things you probably didn't know about identical, fraternal and siamese twins.
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When it comes to twins, seeing double goes much deeper than just appearances. Chances are that you know a set of twins, or you have met a person who says they are a twin. Our society has an odd fascination with twins, mainly because it is both weird and cool to see two sets of one person walking around school or work. Mainstream media has made twins seem like nearly alien-like creatures with special powers. There have been startling stories about twins such as they can feel each other’s emotions and know when the other is in trouble. While the twin phenomenon has been going on for thousands of years, many do not know all that much about twins. Doctors and scientists have been discovering fascinating breakthroughs in twin studies that make the phenomenon even more fascinating.
For example, the idea of “twin talk”, or a pair of twins developing their own language isn’t that far-fetched. Doctors have discovered that twins will start to develop their own language while learning their native language. It sometimes happens by accident, but twins will actually practice their language skills with each other, which usually sounds like inverted words and gibberish. On the rare occasion, some sets of twins will continue to develop their own language and speak it in front of their friends and family, thus making them even more fascinating.
If you have a case of conjoined twins, then these special people may actually share senses depending on where they are conjoined. Krista and Tatianna Hogan are conjoined through the thalamic bridge. When one is eating ketchup, the other twin is seen trying to get the taste out of their mouth. While one is watching television, the other one is laughing even though she can’t see the screen. Doctors have theorized that the girls share their senses even though they may be doing two totally different things at the same time.
In the state of Massachusetts, it seems that the ratio of twins is much higher than the rest of the United States with a ratio of one set of twins per ever 4.5 live births. However doctors believe that this has more to do with fertility than genetics. In the state of Massachusetts, there are more career minded people living there who wait longer to have children, who later find out that it is no longer easy to get pregnant. Fertility drugs often result in twins.
Speaking of genetics, scientists have been researching whether the existence of the “twin gene” is legitimate. While studying the different types of twins from fraternal to identical, researchers have found that fraternal twins seem to be more genetic thanks to women to hyper ovulate thanks to family history. Identical twins haven’t been linked to anything connected with genetics or family and seem to happen by chance.
Finally, researchers have been trying to legitimize the “nature vs. nurture” argument by studying a pair of twins separated at birth who were both named James. Both men married and divorced women named Linda, and remarried women named Betty. This has caused to force people to wonder whether our lives are really written out in our genetics.
There are more twin facts where this came from! Check out the video for more fascinating facts.

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Shared Senses
Different Birth Years
Black and White Twins
The Twin Gene
Rise In Births
Similar Lives

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Most cutest twins you never seen before..

When identical twins Leah Rose and Ava Marie were born, it didn’t take long before people started commenting on their natural beauty.

Jaqi Clements and her husband were thrilled to learn Jaqi was pregnant with twins.

The girls were born four and a half weeks early, and their mom says it makes perfect sense that they’d decide to show up early because of their personality.

Jaqi signed the girls to a modeling agency when they were 6 months old, but then decided that it wasn’t the right time. With a 2-year-old son and a set of twins, life was simply too hectic.

When the girls turned 7 on 7/7/17, their mom posted their first photo to Instagram. She couldn’t believe how quickly things took off. They became Instagram stars and modeling agencies were begging to sign them up.

Some people even said that the twins were “the most beautiful twins in the world.”

Ava and Leah were already attending swim team practices, but have always enjoyed being in the spotlight, and they were excited by the modeling opportunity.

They’ve signed with two modeling agencies, and have won contracts with a number of children’s clothing brands and magazines.

Their older brother, Chase Robert, has also been signed to the same modeling agencies. Now, the family makes traveling their full-time job.

The twins’ Instagram account quickly gained more and more followers. Now, their account has over 197K followers.

It looks like Ava and Leah are well on their way to launching a successful modeling career.

Top 10 Tropical Fruits You've Never Heard Of

Part 2:

Rare tropical fruits from around the world are often never exported. In today's video we'll cover the top 10 fruits you've never heard of. From amazing delicious tropical fruits to weird, gritty fruits growing in your own backyard we cover them all. It's important to remember that not all fruits look like fruits and you'll soon learn what I'm talking about.

10. Salak Fruit - 0:12
Salak fruit, also known as snake fruit, comes from a species of palm tree in south east asia. It gets it’s name from it’s scaly snake like appearance and is about the size of a fig. The outer shell and seed are inedible but the yellowish flesh is, which has the appear of a clove of garlic but tastes mostly sweet with a bit of sour and hints of pineapple and banana.

9. Buddha’s Hand - 0:30
Buddha’s Hand is an abnormally shaped fruit that looks like the mixture of a squid and a lemon. It comes from a small tree or bush that originates from China and India, and has long been used as an ornamental fruit in ceremonies and gardens. It is often used in Japan as room fragrance, or used to perfume personal items like clothing. Buddha’s hand has the fragrance similar to lavender, contains no seeds or juice just an oily pith.

8. Wood Apple - 1:01
Wood Apples, native to India, have the shape of an apple but appears to be made of wood. Wood Apples are reputed for their medicinal properties, which includes relief of constipation, diarrhea, indigestion and respiratory problems.

7. Gac Fruit - 1:28
Gac fruit, which originates in south east asian, is an orange to reddish colored fruit on the outside with a blood red inside that resembles bloody organs. Gac fruit is an incredibly rare fruit that is only harvested in December and January and often served at Vietnamese ceremonies and weddings. It has the very, very mild tropical taste but primarily overwhelms your senses with how creamy it is. It’s most commonly mixed with gluten rice to make a bright red rice dish called Xoi Gac.

6. Jabuticaba - 2:00
Jabuticaba, is a grape like fruit that grows right out of the bark of the Jabuticababeira tree. Jabuticaba has anti cancer properties, can be used to treat swollen tonsils and is an effective treatment for asthma and diarrhea when dried out.

5. Lakoocha - 2:19
Monkey fruit, is a highly nutritious fruit that comes from the Artocarpus Lacucha tree which is a species of the Moraceae family found in India. The best way to describe it is a mixture of sweet, sour, tangy with a citrus overtones. Lakoocha fruit can help treat arthritis swelling, dysentery, clean wounds and prevent hair loss.

4. Miracle Berry - 2:49
Miracle Berry originates from west africa. It tastes very sweet but a little tart a lot lot like a peach or apricot. Miracle berry contains miraculin a protein that binds to the taste buds but becomes active when mixed with acids. The side effect is that the tongue will no longer taste sour or bitter flavors.

3. Strawberry Tree Fruit (Arbutus Unedo) - 3:19
Strawberry tree fruit comes from an evergreen shrub that grows all over the world. It has a similar appearance to a strawberry but tastes bland, bitter, a little tart and gritty.

2. Hala Fruit - 3:37
Hala fruit is a species of screwpine that is native to eastern Australia and Hawaii. Hala has a spherical core with up to 200 phalanges that grow outwards. Theses phalanges contain a very sweet juice, for this reason you would tend to chew on hala fruit vs. eat hala fruit. Hala trees produce a group of fruits which average between 1 and 2 dozen per group.

1. Ackee Fruit - 4:16
Ackee fruit is a member of the soapberry family as are longan and lychee. It has a very strong taste of …. you guessed it..cheddar cheese, what else would a rare tropical fruit taste like. The fruit is pear shaped that turns from green to red to orange then splits open to reveal 3 large black seeds. These seeds are wrapped in a yellow spongy flesh which is the only edible part, the seed and the rind are both highly poisonous. If you consume either of those you’ll get what is called “Jamaican Vomiting Sickness”. Ackee originates in west africa but was imported to jamaica and now a days is common in the caribbean.

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Strawberry Tree Fruit

Ackee Fruit

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The Most Amazing Conjoined Twins

Top 10 incredible siamese conjoined twin brothers and sisters to have existed in the world.
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Conjoined twins have been a medical marvel for several centuries. The phenomenon of conjoined or Siamese twins is exceptionally rare, so when there is a set that is born, the world turns their cameras onto the little tykes. Unfortunately, conjoined twins tend to have shorter life spans, depending on where they are attached at the body. Sometimes, it is just too risky to perform surgery on both babies and adults, and the twins are better off staying attached, despite any yearning to be separated. On another note, some twins wish to never be separated and live as one with their twin.
But how do twins become conjoined in the first place? Typically, when a fertilized egg doesn’t fully separate during development. The odds of this occurring is 1 in 40,000, and the survival rate of conjoined infants ranges from 5 to 25 percent. Many of the births in the last fifty years have ended in tragedy, usually during separation surgery. Other cases have included the conjoined twins being stillborn, or one of them still alive and then going through a risky surgery to be freed from the lifeless body of their sibling.
Life for parents of conjoined children is certainly unexpected. Innovations in the medical field have now made it easier to care for children with special needs. The conjoined twins in this video have managed to lead pretty normal lives from learning how to drive a car to raising families of their own. Conjoined twins in the 19th and early 20th century were featured in circus freak shows and made their living from such activities.
One of the most well-known conjoined twins were Daisy and Violet Hilton. Their story has inspired numerous books and even a Broadway musical called, “Side Show”. The musical tries to answer the question of whether conjoined twins can really find love and raise a family. In the Hilton sisters, it was never to be as they had numerous affairs and marriages, but nothing stayed long-term. But in the case of Change and Eng Bunker, they had 21 children with two sisters. Just because a set of female twins may have been conjoined, childbirth wasn’t ruled out. Born in 1870, Rosa and Josefa Blazek were conjoined at the spine. In 1910, Rosa gave birth to a baby boy named Franz, who joined them on their side show tours.
The conjoined twins on this list have managed to live regular lives despite having someone attached at the hip or spine. How they managed to maintain relationships, let alone have children with the lack of privacy will be a mystery that most people will never truly find out.
In this video, you will meet 10 amazing conjoined twins who captured the hearts of the world from birth through their many milestones in life. Whether they were seen on a talk show of the present or from a side show act of the past, conjoined twins remind us of just how lucky we are, as well as find a new appreciation for life.

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Rosa & Josefa Blazek
Liou Seng-Sen and Liou Tang-Sen

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Twin Strangers - Unrelated Identical People

Amazing stories of twin strangers who found each other randomly or through the Internet!
Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and they mention, “You look so familiar. Have we met before?” Maybe you have been walking down the street, watching TV or flipping through a magazine and you spot someone makes you do a double take because they look similar to you. Like really similar. You may have just found your doppelgänger.

A doppelgänger is an apparition or double of a living person. A person you have never met and who is not related, but looks exactly like you. According to researchers, the chances of finding your real-life double are very slim. A PhD student at the University of Adelaide School of Medicine, Teghan Lucas, conducted a study using a combination of facial metrics and found that the probability of finding two faces in the same measurements in the general population was less than one in a trillion.

However, it is reported that each person has an average of seven people in the world that could be their unrelated twin. Posts on social media of people coincidentally running into their doppelgänger have received a large amount of attention. Just like Neil Douglas who met his spitting image mistakenly sitting in the plane seat he was assigned on a flight to Ireland. Social media has also served as a convenient source for those around the globe to come across someone with similar features.

This has snowballed into sites like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube being used intentionally for people seeking their doubles. Projects like Irish TV host Niamh Geaney’s “Twin Strangers” used the power of the interwebs to seek her closest match to win a month-long challenge between her and her friends. This project invited people around the globe, who thought they looked similar to the three friends, to submit their photos. Niamh came across two women who shared strikingly similar characteristics to her own. They had things like the same hair color, smile and eye shape. She documented meeting her first lookalike and said, “Karen probably looks more like me than my sisters do.”

The “Twin Strangers” project became a globally viral sensation in a very short period of time. People seemed to be fascinated with the idea that there was someone out there that wasn’t genetically related at all but looked very similar to them. Niamh took notice of how the popular the video had become and made to help others find their doppelgänger anywhere in the world. In fact, they have documented a few stories of these lookalike matches that have been made on the site.

Have you ever been interested in finding your own doppelgänger? In this video, we will share the stories of a handful of strangers who met their unrelated twin.
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Niamh Geaney & Karen Branigan
Jennifer & Ambra
Neil Richardson & John Jemison
Robert Stirling & Neil Douglas

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10 Unusual Siblings You Wont Believe Exist

The weirdest twins ever


The scariest night of my life...




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Bazanji - Bow Down

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Top 10 Most Asked Twin Flame Questions (Part 1)

In this video, I answer questions 1-4 of the top 10 twin flame questions I get asked most. In Part 2 of this series, I’ll answer questions 5-10.

The twin flame connection is like no other. The depth of love is incomparable but it also has its challenges. When we choose to incarnate as Twin Flames, we take on a role with great responsibility.

→ Timestamp for this video:
Intro- Important info and why I shot this video
Q1- What the heck are twin flames? [6:58]
Q2- Why is this connection so intense? [16:30]
Q3- Why is this connection so hard? [23:26]
Q4- What are the stages of twin flame union? [31:47]

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1. Twin Flames: What Are They?
2. Twin Flames: How To Live This Beautiful Connection
3. Twin Flames: Attachment, Separation, & Union

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