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10. Cafés and the Culture of Drink


10. Cafés and the Culture of Drink

France Since 1871 (HIST 276)

Because drinking is such an integral part of French culture, alcohol abuse has been historically ignored. Although there have been celebrated attempts to address this problem, such as Zola's L'Assomoir, it is only in the past five or ten years that the government has seriously tried to tackle the problem of alcoholism. One of the major ways in which alcohol is embedded in the cultural identity of the country is the close association of certain wines and liquors with their regions of production. Likewise, different types of bars serve as loci for social interaction, and have always played a central role in rural as well as urban life.

00:00 - Chapter 1. The Locales of French Drinking: A Dictionary of Café Culture
12:09 - Chapter 2. The Mid-Nineteenth Century Wine Surge: Developing Modes of Production and Consumption
26:53 - Chapter 3. Representations of Drinking Culture in Art and Literature
37:17 - Chapter 4. Regional Rates of Consumption
43:21 - Chapter 5. Drinking in France Today: Legislation and Restaurant Culture

Complete course materials are available at the Open Yale Courses website:

This course was recorded in Fall 2007.

8 THEMED CAFES in Seoul, South Korea // Seoul Cafes

I just spent 5 days in Seoul, South Korea on the search for the WACKIEST, WEIRDEST and most colourful and quirky Seoul themed Cafes. These 8 Korean instagram cafes were by far the coolest!

From fake vending machines with secret ice-cream parlours, to a 6-floor Harry Potter Cafe, and adult ball pit, a fake pink hotel and pool cafe to flower-tastic cafes with swings, tea, crazy desserts and K-pop singer hangouts. WHAT A CITY!!

List of cafes visited should you be interested....

1. 2D Black and White Cafe
2. 70's Style Ding K-Pop Cafe
3. Harry Potter Cafe
4. Pink Nanda Pool Cafe
5. Urban Space Pall Pit
6. Poo Cafe
7. Secret Vending Machine cafe
8. Fleur de Maison

MY Taipei Themed cafes video:

6 best cafés to get a taste of Vienna’s traditional coffee culture - VIENNA/NOW Top Picks

Should I stay or should I go? Definitely stay! This episode of VIENNA/NOW Top Picks features some of Vienna’s most beautiful, traditional coffee houses.

More about traditional coffee houses in Vienna:

Featured in this episode in order of appearance:
Café Jelinek
Café Sperl
Café Hawelka
Café Korb
Café Schwarzenberg
Café Central

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Epidemic Sound


Presenter: Adia Trischler
Idea & Concept: SLASH
Director & Script: Stefan Schlager
Producer: Alex Haberfellner
Camera: Bernhard Popovic
Editing, Animation: Thomas Scharf
Colors: 61 colorgrading,
Audio: Overdub, Gregor Rašek

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Vintage Café Dinner Time Series - Lounge Music 2020

Vintage Café Dinner Time Series - Lounge Music 2020 - Playlist:
00:00 Love Never Felt So Good - Anakelly
03:07 I Finally Found Someone - Cassandra Beck & Jamie Lancaster
06:19 Foxey Lady - Apollinare Rossi
10:01 Policy of Truth Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Mix - Golden Smirk & Shelly Sony
14:18 Fly Me To The Moon – The Cooltrane Quartet & Nenei
17:48 Everywhere - Eve St. Jones
20:49 In Too Deep - George White Group
24:58 King - James Farrelli
28:58 Roads - Urban Love & Ivette Moraes
31:50 Magic - Nikki Ocean
35:04 A Sky Full Of Stars - The Cooltrane Quartet
39:23 My One And Only Love - Karen Souza
44:04 Hurts To Be In Love - Michelle Simonal
46:41 Right Down The Line – Scubba & Dinah York
49:56 Cry For You - Cassandra Beck
52:04 I Feel You - Groove Messengers
56:35 Vibrations - Lila Liu
01:00:18 Crosses - Monsoon & Zed
01:04:03 Speed Of Sound - Anakelly
01:08:34 Ocean Eyes – Stereo Dub & Lila Liu
01:11:11 One Of These Nights - James Farrelli & Ituan
01:14:24 I Ran (So Far Away) - Dinah Eastwood
01:18:26 Sahara Night - George White Group
01:21:22 The Man Who Sold the World - Shirley Adamson
01:23:53 Todas As Cosas - Groove Da Praia
01:27:15 Remeber The Time - Anakelly
01:31:08 Feel The Love - James Farrelli
01:34:43 High And Dry - Sarah Menescal
01:38:21 Glory Box – Lila Frascara
01:41:36 Without You - Bellestar & Francoise Sanders
01:44:54 Back To Life – The Cooltrane Quartet
01:48:22 Used To Love Her - Sarah Menescal
01:51:24 Groove Is In The Heart - The Cooltrane Quartet
01:55:19 Free- Sarah Menescal
01:59:06 Under The Milky Way - Anakelly
02:03:40 Eye In The Sky - James Farrelli & Sarah Menescal
02:07:24 Company - Jamie Lancaster
02:11:15 A Face In The Crowd - Sao Vicente
02:14:24 Ebony and Ivory - Brazilian Jazz Cuts, Lee Avril & Renauld
02:18:03 Go Your Own Way - Nova Bossa Ltd. Marvin Natalie Renoir
02:20:50 Mad World - Anakelly
02:24:32 Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone) - Les Crossaders & Julie Benson
02:27:36 Whotta Lota Love - Apollinare Rossi & Les Crossaders

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How to Survive Ordering in a Parisian Cafe

French cafes can be scary if you don't know how to ask for toast. Grab my guide to Paris (PDF) here for your trip to Paris: with more French restaurant and Parisian cafe recommendations and trips. Help me make more videos at and then find me on the internet in all of the usual spots:

(me) (books)

Music by: David Cutter Music -
French Breakfast Vocabulary:
Be sure to visit a cafe in Paris sometime soon!

My name is Jay Swanson - I'm an American writer living in Paris on an artist visa and hoping to make the city of light my home base - at least for the foreseeable future. I write science-fiction and fantasy, vlog daily, and love pizza a little too much.

How long have you lived in France? On and off for over two years.

What do you miss most about ho- NACHOS

You're always talking about living on some ship. WHAT SHIP? - I made a Draw My Life video that explains a lot here:

Where are you from originally? - Pullman, Washington - a small university/agricultural town near Idaho (and yes, the potatoes are amazing).

What do you film with? - I currently film almost exclusively with my Samsung Galaxy S7:

How do you get those shots where you're walking or running? - A Joby Gorillapod for smartphones, like this:

You drop your phone a lot, how does it survive? - THIS CASE IS AMAZING:

What do you edit with? - Adobe Premiere - it's pretty much all I've ever used since high school.

Aren't you ever freaked out by leaving your camera behind to film yourself? - Yep. But not too badly - I tend to be careful when I do.

Why are you living in #Paris? - Because I've always wanted to; I feel at home here:

But what are you doing there? - Living it up!

Do you speak French? Oui.

Do you make money off YouTube? - Ha, no. I wish.

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Can I come stay with you in Paris? - Have you seen my apartment? It's too small for me as it is!

OK, but how do I use the Metro when I'm there? - I made a handy video for you:


People around the world often wonder why MELBURNIAN drink so much coffee..

Bqz of weather ,coffee culture

Don’t know what it is but certainly Melbourne have one of the best coffee in the world to offer

5 best rooftop bars for a drink with a stunning city view - VIENNA/NOW Top Picks

The roof is on fire! Well, figuratively. Here’s some of our favourite rooftop bars in the city.

More about drinks with a view in Vienna:

Featured in this episode in order of appearance:
Haus des Meeres (House of the Sea):
Lamée Rooftop:
57 restaurant & lounge:
Dachboden @ 25hours hotel:

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Epidemic Sound


Presenter: Adia Trischler
Idea & Concept: SLASH
Director & Script: Stefan Schlager
Producer: Alex Haberfellner
Camera: Bernhard Popovic
Editing, Animation: Thomas Scharf
Colors: 61 colorgrading,
Audio: Overdub, Gregor Rašek

Produced by SLASH

My Cafe: How to place equipment? Help your staff move faster!

My Cafe: Recipes and Stories has a lot of equipment: coffee and tea machines, desserts, ice cream and toppings. In this video I present my system of how to arrange all equipment and furniture to make our staff move faster.
More in the video!


ALL RECIPES can be found here:
FAQ on TOWN here:

Learn more about My Café: Recipes & Stories:
App Store:

More information about the game:
English FAQ
Русский FAQ
Español FAQ
Deutsche FAQ
Français FAQ

Thank you for watching, guys, I hope you liked this video about My Café: Recipes & Stories!
Please feel free to ask your questions in the comments!

More of the Olga:

Vienna Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Vienna – the musical, cultural and historical heart of Austria. Follow us through the magic and plan a trip of your own!

When ready, browse vacation packages to Vienna:

During the late 19th and early 20th century, #Vienna became a cultural epicenter of Europe, contributing art, philosophy, and culture on its way to becoming one of the world’s great cities.

During your #vacation, drink coffee in the same cafes as Einstein and Freud, or wander down the streets that inspired Beethoven. #Tour galleries devoted to some of the most magnificent artwork in all of Europe.

Find out why Vienna is long-hailed The City of Music at the Vienna State Opera. A backstage tour will show you all the ins and outs of this majestic place, as well as give you a glimpse of why it has been at the forefront of entertainment since its construction in the 1800s.

Stroll through the pathways of Volksgarten and sniff the sweet fragrance of its hundreds of roses. What better way to end a day in one of the world’s most beautiful cities?

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

More travel information around Vienna:

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My Cafe Equipment Guide

My Cafe Stylish Equipment Video:

Useful IGs by Anna Smith:
My Cafe Equipment Infographics:
2- and 3- cup Equipment prices:
My cafe Installments:
My Cafe Recipes:

Learn more about My Café: Recipes & Stories:
App Store:
Google Play:

This video is My Cafe tutorial for equipment - where to get stylish items, how to use them, and how much tips they bring
Thank you for watching, guys, I hope you liked this video about My Café: Recipes & Stories!
Please feel free to ask your questions in the comments!

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So what is Danish hygge?

Take a tour of hygge in Copenhagen - We asked Swedish Anna to investigate what this 'hygge' is all about, see what she finds out!

Read more about Danish hygge:

3 SYDNEY Cafe for BREAKFAST and INSTAGRAM WORTHY - Grounds of Alexandria

Today I explored my top 3 SYDNEY Cafe - good for Breakfast and also perfect for instragram. The Grounds of Alexandria, Cuppa Flower and Devon Cafe. Finding the Best Instagram spot in Sydney can be difficult ! So let us explore some of the best brunch café in Sydney equipped with tasty food and great aesthetic making it one of the best Instagram spot in Sydney and one of best place to eat breakfast in Sydney or lunch.

This episode will be great guide for first time traveller on where to eat in Sydney and I hope you enjoy it

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This Episode Features:

The Grounds of Alexandria
7a/2 Huntley St, Alexandria

Tips: come early around 7am to avoid crowd to get that awesome instragram worthy shots.

Harry Trotter Pics: from The Grounds Website

Devon Cafe
76 Devonshire Street

Cuppa Flower
15 Allen St, Waterloo

Tips: here you will find the famous Black Sessame Chiffon Cake that looks like Totoro or the Brown Bear from Line

Instagram shot by @Cuppaflower


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???? Pokemon Cafe Mix - FREE GAME Preview on Nintendo Switch (Android & IOS)

What is Pokemon Cafe Mix? Join Abdallah as he gives a first look preview and plays 50 levels of the FREE Nintendo eShop game on Nintendo Switch and also mobile devices Android & IOS, with a family-friendly commentary in HD 1080p 60 fps.

Complete touch-based puzzles to serve dishes and drinks to adorable Pokémon customers!
Link together Pokémon™ icons to clear puzzles as you work to build up your very own café in Pokémon Café Mix, a free-to-start game for the Nintendo Switch™ system! Meet the goals for each puzzle before you run out of turns—link a certain number of icons, get a high score, or even destroy sugar cubes to serve up Pokémon themed menu items.

Meet and grow your café staff of charming Pokémon eager to help

Recruit Pokémon to help out at the café (in their adorable uniforms) by building friendship and expand your café and menu offerings by completing puzzles. Each Pokémon staff member has a Café Skill that will come in handy during puzzles!

Golden Acorns can help you complete puzzles and recruit more Pokémon!

Earn or purchase Golden Acorns, the in-game currency, and redeem them to regain hearts, continue puzzles, and get helpful items.

As you complete puzzles to build a world-class café, you’ll face obstacles such as sugar cubes, dollops of whipped cream, and tomatoes! Use your puzzle skills to clear them and employ the help of Pokémon’s Café Skills for some extra oomph! In addition to Café Skills, each Pokémon staff member has a specialty. Match a Pokémon’s specialty with the dish or drink you are making for bonuses in puzzles.

In addition to recruiting more Pokémon staff members and growing your collection of menu items, the café itself will expand as you play! Getting new tools or having areas added to your café may even draw in more customers. All the action in Pokémon Café Mix unfolds in a playful art style that brings out the cuteness of your Pokémon pals and patrons. It’s time to become a café owner, solve puzzles, and bring joy to Pokémon patrons!

Release date: Jun 23, 2020
Players: 1 player
Genre: Puzzle
Publisher: Nintendo

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NEW IELTS LISTENING TEST 7.08.2020 WITH ANSWERS | In this test you will be given time to read through the questions before you listen. You will hear each recording of the Listening test only once.

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In this IELTS Listening Test : As you listen, write your answers on the question paper. At the end of the test, you will have 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet in pencil. You may write your answers in lower case or capital letters.

Instructions to candidates...
In the actual test you will be given the following instructions:

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Café Cultural - 1º Ano C

O colégio Salesiano Dom Bosco promoveu nos dias 20, 22 e 28/10, a edição 2015 do “Café Filosófico”. Este ano o projeto teve uma reformulação o que resultou na mudança do nome, passando a chamar-se Café Cultural. Tal plano de ação tem como objetivo primordial um olhar crítico/ reflexivo acerca da aprendizagem dos conteúdos programáticos do Ensino Médio.
Os temas desenvolvidos pelas turmas são:

1º A - Super Heróis: o que são e o que fazem?
1º B – Império dos Vídeo Games.
1º C – Redes Sociais: do público ao privado.
1º D – Terrorismo/ Fundamentalismo
2º A – Mídia e Publicidade Infantil.
2º B – Mídia e Arte.
2º C – Mídia e Gênero.

Food and Drink in French: Going to a café

Food and Drink in French Practice - At a café, a restaurant, eating at home. French food and drink listening resource. A Green Mouse

Coffee in Spanish | Easy Spanish Conversations | El café

Learn basic Spanish with this easy conversation about coffee. Two native speakers from Mexico use Spanish vocabulary for plants and food in a dialogue about where and how coffee is produced. You can turn on subtitles in settings at the bottom of the video.

Coffee production is central to the economy and culture of many Latin American countries. Learn how coffee is grown and produced in easy Spanish, with words for coffee plants and production and other useful expressions.

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This video conversation is an excellent Spanish lesson for beginners. Like short Spanish TV shows, the easy conversations are fun for Spanish class are also entertaining and educational for adults. All the conversations include Spanish subtitles. Open the subtitles by clicking settings icon at the bottom of the video.

Video production by Fábrica Visual:

Connect with Spanish Playground for more Spanish learning resources:

Coffee House Culture | HISTORY CAFÉ

Banned by Ottoman sultans and Kings of England, coffee has a long and volatile past. In this History Café, we take a look at the ways in which coffee and cafés have transformed history, from the male-only coffee houses of 18th-century Europe, to the omnipresent espresso stands of present-day Seattle.

Korea Top 10 - S2E04_07 Hodeok cake & Red bean fondue dessert cafe 호떡 팬케이크&단팥 퐁듀

Click CC for Scripts
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Hodeok cake & Red bean fondue dessert cafe
W, 43-2, Palpan-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul

호떡 팬케이크&단팥 퐁듀 퓨전디저트 카페
서울 종로구 팔판동 43-2 [더블유이]

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Cafe culture in Tehran: Rooberoo Cafe | EQUITONE

Where is your favorite place to drink coffee in your city?

Rooberoo Cafe is located here:

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