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12 Most Amazing Time Capsules In The World


12 Most Amazing Time Capsules In The World

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Today it is possible to directly communicate with people hundreds of years in the future. All you need to do is write a message, add a few objects and records that say something about the time you're living in, and bury it in a box somewhere for future generations to find. That's how you make a time capsule, and in this video, we're looking at the most amazing time capsules in the world!

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10 Most Amazing Time Capsules In The World

The most amazing time capsules finally unearthed. What did people from the past send to us? Unusual findings and intriguing discoveries. Here are 10 of the most amazing time capsules ever found.

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15 Most Amazing Time Capsules In The World

Humans have long communicated across the ages through art, music, oral history, the written word and through the collection of artifacts to represent an era, or a time capsule as New York public relations expert George Edward Pendray called it for the very first time over 80 years ago. And since then, time capsules have taken many different shapes and sizes. From small bottles, to concrete pyramids, to entire apartments, and even virtual time capsules- everybody has a different approach to commemorating these important times in our lives. What would you put in yours? Here is a list of 15 amazing time capsules of the world

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Top 10 Craziest Things Found in Time Capsules

Well, that is NOT what we were expecting. For this list, we’ll be looking at the most shocking and surprising items ever uncovered in time capsules. Our countdown includes An Electroshock Therapy Video, A Soviet Message, A Firsthand Concentration Camp Account, and more! What do YOU think is the craziest thing found in a time capsule? Let us know in the comments!

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12 Most Incredible Finds That Scientists Still Can't Explain

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We love a good mystery. As fascinating as it is when an archaeologist pulls something out of the ground and is immediately able to tell us all about what it is, and what it says about the people who came before us, we're much more excited when they come across something they can't explain. Even with all our current technology, the amount of information we're missing about our ancestors and the way they lived is startling. Perhaps we'd understand them a little better if we correctly understood the purpose of the strange artifacts you're about to see in this video!

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Top 10 Mysterious Time Capsules That Shouldn't Be Opened

Top 10 Mysterious Time Capsules That Shouldn't Be Opened
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Time Capsules are sealed containers that are opened after a certain amount of time, it could range from hundreds to even thousands of years. Many of them contain secret and mysterious artifacts that should just be left untouched. A lot of them were stored by some very important people like President Richard Nixon and even Franklin Roosevelt1 To find out more tune into our Top 10 Mysterious Time Capsules That Shouldn't Be Opened.

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12 Most Incredible Finds Underwater

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The world is mostly water. We haven’t even come close to exploring all of the world’s oceans yet, and there could be hundreds of species down there in the dark and the wet, waiting to be discovered. There are also a lot of human artifacts beneath the water’s surface - some of which were placed there deliberately, and some of which arrived quite by accident! Join us for this detailed look into some of the most incredible underwater finds in the world.

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12 Most Amazing Ships In The World

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We all think we know what a ship looks like. If it’s an old ship it probably has a sail, and if it’s a newer ship it will run on an engine, and it will have a space in the middle for cabins and crewmembers. That’s right 90% of the time, but not every time. For centuries - and even today - people have played around with the idea of what a ship should look and feel like. That’s resulted in some unconventional designs - and as a result, some of the most amazing ships in the world!

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12 Most Amazing Places That Actually Exist

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Computer graphics have evolved to the point where movie theaters can make any kind of landscape look real. That sometimes means when we're looking at photos or videos of a location, we can't be sure whether it's real or not. We can assure you that everything you're about to see in this video is one hundred percent real, even though your eyes might tell you that it's impossible. These are simply some of the most amazing, breathtaking places on Earth!

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TOP 5 Most INCREDIBLE Time Capsule Findings

TOP 5 Most INCREDIBLE Time Capsule Findings Ever!

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10 Most Amazing Time Capsules In The World

10 Most Amazing Time Capsules In The World

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10 Most Amazing Time Capsules in the World
The future is the most extravagant and intangible of motivators. It can pull our
hopes, feed our dreams, and many of our fears from its unexistence, through an
invisible, but mighty force. Moreover, when thinking about the future, many
people think about leaving a footprint in history. Some of them are driven to
successful lives, discovering the cure for nasty diseases, achieving political
notoriety, or simply excelling in their fields, whichever they are. Others are driven
to hopelessness, after stacking one failure after another.
Life can be tough, but hope in the future is the solid ground where iron-will stands
and the last resort for many, so they can cling to the present, fighting for another
One of the most original and funny ideas about sending a message for future
generations is the time capsule which is some kind of safe, full of items from the
time when it is assembled. It is said that the first planned time capsule was called
“Century Safe” and it was created in the United States, in 1876 by Anna Deihm, a
New York magazine publisher. However, another time capsule is older and was
assembled as well in the United States, by Samuel Adams and Paul Revere, at the
Massachusets State House.
Sadly, hundreds of time capsules have been lost or stolen, which has caused so
many embarrassing opening ceremonies!
But today in Mind Read we are going to show you only the most amazing time
capsules around the world. Come and join us on this spectacular time-traveling
Number 10. Kansas Time Missile

60 years later, the time capsule was opened by the local Governor in 2013 at
Kansas State Fair. The ceremony held was very important for the locals and they
had famed astronaut Joe Engle, as the guest of honor. He claimed that he couldn’t
imagine the technology we would be using at the time capsule was buried.

Unsurprisingly, the people that created the time capsule didn’t imagine it either.
The harmless but intimidating 34 feet time capsule had nine reels of microfilm
inside, allegedly showing some images about life in Kansas in the 1970s.
However, not even the Kansas State Fair Manager, nor the governor were
prepared to find this, and they had to wait until finding a microfilm reader to check
out the cool pics!"
Number 9. Century Chest
At the ninth spot, we found the Century Chest, a time capsule opened in 2013,
after 100 years of its construction in 1913.
The Century Chest was full of impressive artifacts of the beginning of the twentieth
century, including vintage clothing, letters, newspapers, a telephone, and the
coolest thing: an Edison Graphophone.
We think that this old artifact must sound very cool, surely not like today's most
advanced speakers, but it must have a unique charm. We have a friend or two that
would love to play Debussy's Clair de Lune on this Graphophone. It's no
coincidence that Debussy's masterpiece was published just a few years before the
Century Chest was built.
Definitely, we think that the Century Chest is a masterpiece on its own.
Number 8. Centenary Message in a Bottle
At the eighth spot we have a message in a bottle that sailed from San Francisco to
British Columbia, for 107 years!
Incredibly, this bottle has endured the elements for so long, protecting the
message from deterioration.
The most interesting thing about this centenary message is not that it is very well
preserved, nor even that it was written by Earl Willard in 1906, just 76 hours after
departing home. No, the most interesting thing is that its discoverer decided not to
open the bottle!
So, unless Mr. Thurber decides to publish the message he found in 2013, it would
remain unknown forever.

12 Most Amazing Cases During Traveling

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They say that travel broadens the mind, and that’s certainly true. It’s good for us to expose ourselves to new cultures, or to explore lands we’ve never set foot on at all. For most of us, that means going on vacation. Any good vacation is a trip into the unknown, but sometimes we get more than we bargained for!

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12 Most Incredible Abandoned Planes

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Until scientists come up with the type of matter transporters which are used to move people from one place to the other in science fiction, planes will remain the fastest and most efficient way to travel long distances in short spaces of time. All of the world’s major cities have airports, offering flights from one side of the world to another. Not all planes end their lives in an airport hanger though - some of them land in strange locations, before becoming the type of abandoned curiosity you’re about to see in this video.

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There are inventors, and then there are visionaries. An inventor is someone who can take existing materials and technology and make something that's new, but entirely in keeping with the era it was created in. A visionary follows the same invention process, but comes up with an idea or creation unlike anything else in the world, and so far ahead of its time that we wonder how they ever came up with the idea in the first place. This video is a celebration of ancient visionaries and their incredible inventions!

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Having an expensive or exclusive car is a status symbol for many people. It's a sign that you're doing well in life. Every car you're about to see in this video is completely unique - but they're not the sort of vehicles that celebrities would pay millions of dollars to own. Nor are they the kind of cars you'd drive down the freeway. They're simply the most incredible cars in the world!

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Big projects come with big risks, and sometimes those risks end up outweighing the project's benefits. That leads to truly impressive objects and buildings being abandoned, and in some cases, they're abandoned before they're even finished! There are many reasons why an ambitious engineering or construction project might be given up and left behind, and we're about to take a look at some of the most stunning and striking of them all in this video.

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We all know what a standard city or town looks like - rows and rows of offices, apartment buildings, and shops that look pretty much the same from one place to the next. Not everywhere is like that though - cast your eyes a little further afield, and you’ll find crazy places that look like something from the outer reaches of your imagination! Whether they’ve occurred naturally or been built by design geniuses, this video contains the most incredible locations in the world.

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12 Most Incredible Mysterious Places That Really Exist

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We live in an age of incredible computer imagery, special effects, and virtual reality. Because of that, we've become accustomed to sometimes not believing the things we see with our own eyes. A computer can create a convincing alien landscape or an impossible building, so how are we to know what's real and what isn't from a photograph? You don't need a computer to create wonderful sights, though - everything you're about to see in this video is an incredible and mysterious place that really exists.

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दुनिया के 5 गज़ब के टाइम कैप्सूल | 5 AMAZING TIME CAPSULES IN THE WORLD


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