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12 Mysterious Discoveries in Alaska


10 Scariest Archaeological Discoveries

10 Scariest Archaeological Discoveries
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The archaeological discoveries always remind you about the creative mind of our ancestors. Such discoveries are also a great chance to see the centuries of old objects. Here the list of 10 most mysterious archaeological discoveries of all time.

Mount Owen Moa
It was in the year 1986 a group of archaeologists discovered a claw of a bird while digging down in a cave in New Zealand. The flesh and muscles are still attached to it. Later, the archaeologist confirmed that it is a foot of extinct wingless bird moa which disappeared from Earth 2000 years before.

Voynich Manuscript
Voynich manuscript is entitled as ‘world’s most mysterious manuscript’ ever. It was discovered in 1912 from North Italy. The language, scribe and author of voynich manuscript is still unknown. According to the archaeologists many pages of this manuscript misses and 240 pages remain now.

Archaeologists found 14,000-year-old mammoth
Experts in Mexico have stepped up work on the remains of a 14,000-year-old mammoth that archaeologists say could shed new light on primitive humans.

Bronze Age stilt houses unearthed in East Anglian Fens
Archaeologists have revealed exceptionally well-preserved Bronze Age dwellings during a series of excavations throughout the year at Must Farm quarry in the East Anglian fens that is providing an extraordinary insight into domestic life 3,000 years ago.

Mysterious Nazca Lines
Nazca lines are unusual formation of white lines that can be seen when you make a flight trip over the desert of southern Peru. It is one of the popular UNESCO world heritage site in the country. This ancient mysterious formation have shapes of trapezoids, rectangles, triangles and swirls.

Atlantis City
The lost city of Atlantis is probably the most mysterious archaeological discovery ever. Plato in 360 B.C is one who put forward the first assumption on Atlantis City, which sank in the ocean. Researches believed that a strong Tsunami that hit the city in 10th millennium B.C that sank Atlantis city into the ocean.

Church and altar of Viking King Olav Haraldsson
Olaf II Haraldsson, later known as St. Olaf, was King of Norway from 1015 to 1028 till his death in the Battle of Stiklestad.

During its excavation, the archaeologists uncovered a small rectangular stone-built platform at the building’s east end which is probably the foundation for an altar – probably the very same altar on which St. Olaf’s coffin was placed in 1031.

Pharaonic boat burial uncovered in Abydos, Egypt
Penn Museum archaeologists excavating at the desert site of Abydos, Egypt have discovered the remains of a subterranean pharaonic boat burial dating to the reign of Senwosret III.

The Roman shoe hoard of Vindolanda
1,800 years ago the Roman army built one of its smallest but most heavily defended forts at the site of Vindolanda, which is now a part of the Frontiers of The Roman Empire World Heritage Site.


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12 Mysterious Discoveries in Alaska

Alaska still holds many archaeological wonders like the petroglyph beach and the discovery of strange fossils of an ancient sea animal Subscribe to Talltanic # 8 New.

From the discovery of abandoned planes; to the mystery Grolar Bear Sighting; These are 12 MYSTERIOUS Discoveries in Alaska ! Subscribe to American Eye 12. Orange Slime.

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12 Mysterious Discoveries in Alaska

From the discovery of abandoned planes; to the mystery Grolar Bear Sighting; These are 12 MYSTERIOUS Discoveries in Alaska ! Subscribe to American Eye .

Alaska still holds many archaeological wonders like the petroglyph beach and the discovery of strange fossils of an ancient sea animal Subscribe to Talltanic .

Here we have the very ugly new species of angler fish to the amazing blood-filled mosquito fossil in 12 Rare Recent Discoveries Subscribe to American Eye .

From mysterious dinosaurs discovered to strange mummified people, these are 25 of the strangest archaeological discoveries! Subscribe to Talltanic .

13 Bizarre Discoveries In Alaska

Alaska still holds many archaeological wonders like the petroglyph beach and the discovery of strange fossils of an ancient sea animal

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# 8 New Butterfly Species
In March 2016, a scientist accidentally discovered a new undocumented species of butterfly native to Alaska. Andrew Warren, a butterfly expert, was organizing a museum’s butterfly collection when he noticed one butterfly was seemingly mislabeled as a variation of the Chryxus Arctic butterfly - when actually it was a whole new species altogether. The Tanana Arctic is the new name of this species of butterfly - which evolved when two other species intermingled until their hybrid offspring became distinct enough to become their own breed. Because of this new discovery, little is known about them except that they make their home in the harsh and cold environment of Alaska.

# 7 Cremated Child
Excavators in an Alaskan archaeological dig found something that unnerved them to their core. The archeologists in Central Alaska uncovered the cremated remains of a 3 year old child who died almost 11,500 years ago. The child’s burned bone remains were found in the center of an ancient house, a place that served as their home while they were alive and their graveyard when they died.

# 6 Ice Age Babies Surrounded by Weapons
A similar and mysterious archaeological find was discovered incredibly close to the cremated 3 year old child. Buried just a few centimeters below the cremated remains, the remains of two infants were found. The two would be aged anywhere between a few days to a few weeks. The children were surrounded by an array of ancient weapons like spears and sharpened rock tips, a set-up that would have been considered a very lavish funeral. Why the two babies weren’t cremated while the older one was is a mystery. The reason for such an intricate burial ceremony of any of these children remains equally shrouded in mystery.

# 5 Lady of the Lake
The Lady of the Lake is a mysterious site just a few miles of a city called North Pole, Alaska. It’s the name of a WB-Superfortress plane that is half sunken into a lake. The ominous looking abandoned aircraft has a history of being used as a recon plane during World War II, but the exact reason for it’s new home at the bottom of a shallow lake is unclear. It makes for an intimidating discovery for anyone who happens to find it.

# 4 Petroglyph Beach
A rocky beach in Juneau, Alaska has a rare archaeological find that only reveals itself at low tide. Over 40 different rock sketches decorate the rocks on the coast, depicting things like salmon, whales, human faces, and a community. It is one of the oldest concentration of ancient drawings in the world, and it’s incredibly hard to piece together the true meaning of the disappearing petroglyphs as they are slowly being washed away by the ocean.

# 3 Pre-American Trade
Archaeologists discovered a collection of prehistoric bronze relics in Northwestern Alaska, at a time when the people of Alaska were not yet capable of making their own bronze. The artifacts were made in Mongolia, Korea, China and Japan, other finds seem to originate from places in Russia. These artifacts prove the existence of intercontinental trade and cultural exchange in Alaskan way before Columbus arrived in the Americas.

# 2 Igloo City
A strange monument exists 120 miles north of Anchorage - a giant abandoned igloo. The building, once called Igloo City, was first built in the 1970s and was meant to be a novelty hotel for tourists. The building could never meet construction codes and soon it became too expensive to keep trying to build it and just as expensive to tear it down. Several other owners came to the property throughout the decades but none could get the cursed building to meet regulations. Soon it was abandoned to the Alaskan elements and has now become a strange landmark for adventurers to check out.

# 1 “Buzz saw” shark
An Alaskan Geology student named Richard Glenn found an oddly shaped rock while mapping geological formations in the Brooks Range of Northern Alaska. The rock was a spiral shape, similar to a fossil of a shell someone might find. The difference? This spiral shape was dotted with 100s of teeth. After a long journey from Alaska to the Smithsonian and back, the spiral set of teeth was identified as the jaw from a Helicoprion, an extinct shark also known as the Buzz saw shark. Fossils from the buzz saw shark are rare, as all of their insides were made of cartilage that wouldn’t survive fossilization. The buzz-saw shark is known for its mysterious coil of teeth that don’t seem to belong on a predator. They are also native to the Atlantic ocean, so how that fossil ended up in a mountain range in the arctic is another layer of mystery to this rare discovery.

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MYSTERIOUS Discoveries That BAFFLED Archaeologists!

Check out these MYSTERIOUS Discoveries That BAFFLED Archaeologists! This top 10 list of strange and unexplained recent discoveries has some of the most bizarre findings that scientists still can't explain to this day!

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10. The Mysterious Stone Egg of Lake Winnipesaukee
In 1872, a local businessman had hired some construction workers to build a fence near the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee in New England. As they dug a hole to place one of the posts, they found an unusual lump of clay. When they pulled it apart, revealed a very strange object- now known as the Stone Egg of Lake Winnipesaukee.

9. A Vase in a Rock
In 1851, the Scientific American published an article about an unusual object that had been found within 15 feet of solid sedimentary rock. Now known as the Dorchester pot, it was an ornate vase made from silver-zinc, with a silver decoration in the shape of a vine. The bell-shaped vessel was 4.5 inches high, 6.5 inches across at the base, and 2.5 inches across at the top.

8. The Maine Penny
While Columbus is often credited as being the first non-American to ‘discover' the continent, there's increasing evidence to suggest that other people made the treacherous voyage long before him. Perhaps the Basque or the Chinese, and of course, the Vikings.

7. 9.7 Million-Year-Old Teeth
In 2017, paleontologists in Germany discovered an object that could fundamentally change our knowledge about our own species. As they were sifting through sand in the Rhine river, near the town of Eppelheim, they found a set of fossilized teeth.

6. The Salzburg Cube
There have long been legends of advanced civilizations that once lived on earth, and occasionally artifacts are found that could well prove some of the mysterious stories, such as those about Atlantis. One of these finds is known as the Salzburg Cube, and scientists have no idea how it came into being.

5. Cremated Bones
In 2017, a ceramic box was unearthed in Jingchuan Province, China, which claimed to contain the remains of the Buddha. According to an inscription on the box, local monks had collected the cremated remains, along with the Buddha’s teeth and bones, and buried them in their temple in the year 1013. Also at the site, there were more than 260 ornate Buddhist statues.

4. The Antikythera Arm
One of the greatest sources of ancient artifacts ever found was from a shipwreck off the coast of the Greek island of Antikythera. Since its discovery in the 1900s, divers have brought up countless objects, such as the famed Antikythera mechanism, but every year even more impressive things are found.

3. The Genetic Disc
The Genetic Disc is a mysterious artifact that was found in Colombia at some time during the 20th century. Its origins are unknown, though, because it was already in the possession of a local citizen when it was later given to Professor Jaime Gutierrez, a collector of unique objects.

2. Dighton Rock
The Dighton Rock is a massive boulder that weighs about 40 tons and was left in the Taunton River in Massachusetts by a glacier during the end of the last ice age. It's 5 feet high, 9.5 feet wide, 11 feet long, and made of crystalline sandstone. Now, in itself, this is nothing unusual, unless you’re a super geological fan. But the thing that's brought attention to this rock, in particular, are the carvings that have been etched into one of its sides.

1. The Dodecahedrons
The Romans were known for their engineering, military, and social advances, but there are objects that have been found across the former empire that continue to baffle archaeologists- the Roman Dodecahedrons. The first was found in an English field more than 300 years ago, and since then at least 100 of them have been found in dig sites, ranging from the size of a golf ball to a bit larger than a baseball.

Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!

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Welcome to SomersInAlaska! We post real life vlogs!

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We are a family of 5 living life in North Pole, Alaska! Where Santa Claus House is right down the street! We love spending time together as a family, having fun, learning through homeschooling, growing in our faith, and building our forever home! We hope you enjoy seeing are crazy life, full of lots of laughs, great memories and maybe a few tears..

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Expedition Alaska: Archaeology artifact preparation

The collections at the University of Alaska Museum of the North represent thousands of years of cultural traditions and millions of years of biological evolution and diversity. A new exhibit explores the value of these artifacts and specimens.

In this video, collection assistant Fawn Carter explains the artifact preparation process. After an artifact is brought back from the field, it needs to be delicately prepared to join the vast museum collections.

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These two collections intersect when animal remains are recovered from an archaeological site. Collection manager Scott Shirar explains how this field, known as zooarchaeology, requires institutions with vast comparative collections -- such as UAMN.

STRANGEST Artifacts Ever Discovered!

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10. Ubaid Lizardmen
For people who love conspiracy theories, it’s a common belief that the world was shaped by ancient aliens. Or for people who watch Ancient Aliens on the History Channel which is all kinds of confusing for people who don’t know much about history!! Stories exist of lizards who secretly control our society and if the Ubaid Lizardmen are anything to go by, maybe they have a point!

9. Giant Balls of Costa Rica
The United Fruit Company is mainly associated with fruit of course. And exploitation, but that’s for another video. In the 1930’s they made a major archaeological discovery while going about their business in Costa Rica. They stumbled across some stone spheres thought to be hand-crafted by ancient civilizations… the giant balls of Costa Rica!

8. The Genetic Disc
This stone disc illustrates the development of a human fetus. There’s just one problem… it’s over 6000 years old and in theory no-one was supposed to know what the inside of a looked like back then! This prehistoric oddity is called the Genetic Disc and was found in Colombia.

7. Aztec Whistle
These artifacts were found in an Aztec temple dedicated to the wind god. At first, the clay, skull shaped items were thought to be little ornaments but many years later, archaeologists figured out that not only did they look creepy, but they sounded creepy too!!! They were also found in the hands of a sacrificed male skeleton so that might give you a hint of what they were for…

6. Baghdad Battery
These days you can just go to a store and buy a pack of tiny batteries, even though everyone complains they get more and more expensive every year. You’d have trouble doing that with these guys! The Baghdad Batteries are a true mystery from ancient times and suggest that civilizations back then came up with many things, thousands of years before we thought it was invented.

5. Ancient Model Aircraft
Ancient relics from past civilizations often show things like flying carpets or winged chariots. So it makes sense some people think there were real flying machines whizzing about the sky thousands of years ago. Apparently these artifacts are real evidence of this. They’re called the Saqqara Bird and the Tolima or Quimbaya artifacts respectively.

4. Crystal Skulls
Indiana Jones made crystal skulls famous. But like the Arc of the Covenant or the Holy Grail there’s a real legend behind these fascinating artifacts! Question is, are they genuine pieces from ancient history or just a nice little ornament for your mantelpiece?

3. Voynich Manuscript
Perhaps no artifact is as strange as the Voynich Manuscript. Found by a rare book dealer in 1912, after who it was named, it stunned experts at first because it was full of strange images and descriptions that appeared to be deeply weird and alien.

2. Shroud of Turin
One of the most famous artifacts in history is Shroud of Turin. It’s believed to be the cloth Jesus Christ was wrapped in when he was brought down from the cross.
This sheet of linen seems to show the impression of a man and many consider it proof of the Son of God. But is it really him, and is the cloth really that old? This is a debate that’s been going on for centuries.

1. Antikythera Mechanism
We know that when computers were first invented they were huge. But somehow, the ancients were able to make a small computer thousands of years ago!! Believed to come from Ancient Greece, it’s an early - very early! - example of an analog computer like a slide rule and is made from bronze and wood.

Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!

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