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12 things you should know before you visit Iran


12 things you should know before you visit Iran

All one take, so uhms and ahs included :) With big thanks to Mark and Permanent Beta for this opportunity to visit Iran.

20 Things to Know before visiting IRAN | Iran 2019 ????????

ATTENTION! Would you have any interest in joining me on an all inclusive tour to some of Iran's most beautiful destinations? Let me show you the Iran that I absolutely love! This is just an idea right now but if enough people show interest then I will make it happen! Register your interest here:

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Is Iran Safe 2019?

Iran E-Visa rejected:

???? Registering your phone in Iran ????

???? Check Current Iran Exchange Rate ????:

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12 new ✨ things you should know before you go to Iran ????????

All one take, no edits. Addendum to last years 12 things you should know video (still useful)

10 Things To Know Before Visiting Iran

10 Things To Know Before Visiting Iran.

n this episode, we are going to look at 10 Things To Know Before Visiting Iran.

► 10 Surprising Facts About Iran:

► 10 Biggest Lies About Iran:

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10 Things You Must NOT Do in Iran

In this video i will explain for you 10 things that you must not do in Iran. Hope you like it. #Iran #Persian #HelloIranTV


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7 Things I LOVE About IRAN - by Drew Binsky

After nearly 2 weeks in Iran, I can tell you with certainty that this country has turned into one of my FAVORITE COUNTRIES in the world!! Words (or videos) cannot express how happy I am here.

From the heart-warming people to the ancient nature and tasty kebabs -- here are 7 things that I love most about Iran. (There are about 100 things I love about Iran, but these are just the top 7 ;) )

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11 Things NOT to do in IRAN

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Don't go to Iran - Travel film by Tolt #4

One advice: never set foot on Iranian soil. Please watch this video until the end to be sure to understand.

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Disclaimer: This video was not commissioned by the Iranian Government.


Israel is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. The food, the culture, the history... it's an amazing place. That being said there are a few things to watch out for while you're there. Here are 11 things not to do in Israel.

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Things you should know before visiting Iran |

Be smart and travel right! Iran is an unknown destination for lots of travelers. There are some issues that are great to know before traveling to Iran. In this video Apochi's travelers talk about using credit cards in Iran, Hijab, online booking for travel services in Iran, culture and social behaviors in Iran and many more. Watch the video before start planning your trip to Iran.

How to Visit IRAN? 10 Travel Tips by Drew Binsky

Ever wonder how you can visit IRAN? Newsflash: Yes, you CAN visit as an American!

In this video, I give you some inside tips and advice for how you can visit Iran (whether you hold a U.S. passport or any other) -- From getting your visas, to choosing the right season to go, and how to deal with the confusing currency (cash only) situation -- this video will answer all your questions.

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What Can $10 Get You in IRAN? (Budgeting in Iran)

It's time to bring back my $10 series for a 14th episode -- and this time, I am coming to you live from the lovely country of IRAN!!

As you may remember from my video a few days ago when I explained the confusing currency situation of Iran -- every day life in this country is relatively cheap. I say relatively because as long as you can avoid the touristy hotels & restaurants, then you will be surprised by how far your money can take you in Iran! I'm talking about the same affordability level as in South East Asia (i.e. Vietnam, Philippines and Cambodia)... Yes, Iran is THAT CHEAP!

Join me today as I take you around the beautiful city of Shiraz, Iran to see how many things I can get for $10 USD (500,000 Iranian Rials).

Have you ever been to Iran? If so, what else do you think I could have bought with this money?

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11 REASONS Why You Should TRAVEL TO IRAN ????????

Iran is an exceptional country to travel to. Here are 11 solid reasons why you should go.

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10 + Surprising Facts About Iran

10 + Surprising Facts About Iran.

Here are 10 + surprising facts about Iran. Iran, formerly Persia, is an amazing country and there are a lot of interesting facts.

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► 10 Surprising Iranian Discoveries and Inventions:

► 10 Surprising Facts About Iran:

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THIS IS IRAN? ???????? First Impressions of the Mysterious Country

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Thoughts after 2w travel in Iran????????????!!

After two weeks of travel in Iran, with two events and lots of sightseeing, Mark and I reflect back. What will we miss the most? What won't we miss? What was it like?

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12 new ✨ things you should know before you go to Iran ????????

What is it like to travel in Iran as a woman?

12 things you should know before you visit Iran

Things NOT To Do in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country, often called the “land of smiles”, however, that does not mean that you shouldn’t be versed in some of the local customs before visiting. Today we bring you 12 things NOT to do in Thailand so if you're planning a trip there, first you'll want to heed these warnings!

1. Don’t Hug Monks
You'll find the monks are super friendly, but hands off, please. Monks are not allowed to touch women. Even on buses monks are not allowed to sit directly next to a woman. It is also forbidden to stand over or be positioned higher than a monk.

2. Never Use Your Feet
Feet are considered the lowest, dirtiest part of the body in many Asian cultures and the head is the highest. So do not hold doors open with your feet, point your feet towards the Buddha images or angle your feet towards people. Be especially mindful of your feet position when you're sitting or eating on the floor.

3. Don’t Disrespect the Royal Family
You will see many pictures commemorating them throughout the country and it is disrespectful to say anything negative about them. Don't stomp on a Thai coin as it rolls away as you're not only disrespecting the Crown, but also breaking rule 2.

4. Don’t Take Your Clothes Off
Walking around town in beach attire is considered impolite. Be extra-conscious of your attire when visiting temples. Dress preferably in white and women should wear long skirts or pants and have their shoulders covered.

5. Avoid Pointing with Your Fingers
When hailing for a tuk-tuk or beckoning a waiter, do not point
your fingers up. Never clap, snap your fingers, or whistle to get someone’s attention, as Thais regard it akin to calling a dog.

6. Don't Touch a Thai’s Head
Thais see the head as the highest part of the body so refrain from ruffling people's hair. If you happen to by accident, apologize immediately. Thai people will sometimes pat a child on the head, but as a Westerner it’s best not to. Now if you stomp on a coin you'll be breaking 3 rules!

7. Can’t Take Buddha Pictures Out of Thailand
It is technically illegal to take or send any pictures of Buddha out of the country! Nonetheless, many shop owners will still try to sell you pictures, and many tourists snap selfies in front of sacred Buddha statues. Just be discreet and respectful about it.

8. Don’t Lose Your Temper
Thais have a philosophy of keeping their cool;jai yen (cool heart). Thais see raising one’s voice as bad form. Don’t get frustrated, “mai pen rai” as the locals say.

9. Don’t Eat with a Fork
There are no specific dining times so visitors can enjoy cheap yet delicious food all day and night but watch your utensils. You may be given a fork and spoon, but it is only the spoon that touches one’s mouth. Also, chopsticks are only to be used when eating Chinese dishes.

10. Never Whistle at Night
Thais will become very uneasy if they hear a whistle after dark as they believe that whistling at night is bad luck because you’re calling the evil spirits.

11. Don’t Let a Tuk-Tuk Driver Take You To a Gem Shop
This is one of the biggest scams in the tourist areas of Thailand. Drivers will try to persuade you to visit a special gem shop, often a dodgy kick-back shop where tourists are harassed. In extreme cases, they are sometimes drugged and are cheated out of money in exchange for fake jewelry.

12. Don’t Shake Hands
Thais do not like to have personal contact when greeting strangers. Rather, they place both their open palms together at chest height and bow slightly. Do not bow to children or a person of lower status however, as you would be embarrassing them. If you are greeting a person of high importance, bow slightly deeper.

Now that you know how to properly respect the Thai culture, you can enjoy some of the most welcoming and hospitable people in the world.
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10 tips for visiting Iran

Iran has a lot of beautiful places to visit, however, you should take some precautions in order to have better experience to explore Iran. This video shows you ten tips to know before you traveling to this old land.

VISIT IRAN • EVERYTHING you need to know

Getting a visa: 1:21
What you will need: 2:19
Where to go: 7:58
FAQ: 13:50

Feel free to comment or message me any additional questions you have

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2017 Iran videos:


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If you’re planning to visit Iran there are a few things you should know before you go.

Iran and its beauties :) ????