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14. Trench Warfare


14. Trench Warfare

France Since 1871 (HIST 276)

The sacred union that united France's political parties during World War I contributed to a resilient morale on the home front. Germany's invasion of France, and the conflict over Alsace-Lorraine in particular, contributed to French concern over atrocities and the national investment in the war effort. New weapons and other fighting technologies, coupled with the widespread use of trenches, made fighting tremendously difficult and gruesome on all fronts.

00:00 - Chapter 1. The Schlieffen Plan: German Hopes for an Early Victory
07:16 - Chapter 2. The Early War of Movement: The Battle of the Marne and the Salvation of France
13:47 - Chapter 3. From Movement to Attrition: The Development of Trench Warfare
22:00 - Chapter 4. The Identity of the Citizen-Soldier: Society During and After the War
34:30 - Chapter 5. Conditions on the Front: The Nature of Machine Warfare

Complete course materials are available at the Open Yale Courses website:

This course was recorded in Fall 2007.

Youjo Senki OST 14 Trench Warfare

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Red Army Bayonet Trench Charge! - Army Men: Civil War S2E14

The Red Army Men are sallying outside of the castle walls to bayonet charge the Orange army which has them under siege. This episode of Army Men Civil War was made using the Army Men of War Mod Battle Simulator.

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Lego WW1 - The Battle of the Somme - stopmotion

On July 1st, 1916, the first day of the Battle of the Somme began.
The British sent thousands of soldiers over the tops of the trenches to
take the German positions on the opposite side.
The Germans, however, knew the attack was coming and were very
well prepared. The advancing British were quickly cut down by
rifles, machine guns, and artillery. Although some of the British were
able to break through the German lines, the majority were unsuccessful.
Altogether, the British suffered 57,000 casualties making it the bloodiest day in their history to this day. The Battle of the Somme would go on for another four months and claim the lives of thousands more.

animated by Jordan Durrenberger
music from AudioNetwork
sounds from and

Inspired by the 'Battle of the Somme scene' from War Horse.

Fast Facts - World War One: Trench Life

Fast Facts is a series of digital resources for students and teachers. This episode takes a look at what life was like in the trenches for soldiers of the First World War.

World War Nerf

Nerf. Nerf never changes.

The Nerf Captain takes his men behind enemy lines to reclaim their territory. Surrounded by the brutal realities of Nerf Blasters, grenades, and tanks, each man embarks upon a personal journey and discovers their own strength to triumph over an uncertain future with honor, decency, financial difficulties from all the trips to Toys R Us.

Lego WW1 Trench DEFENCE ! Lego Men Of War | Battle Simulator

The Green Lego Army are expecting a full frontal attack from the Grey Lego Army!
We watch to see who will win this Lego Ww1 trench defence.

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lego ww1 The Battle of the Somme

For the 100th year anniversary of WWI, I give you The Battle of the Somme!

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The Battle of the Somme, also known as the Somme Offensive, was a battle fought during the First World War fought by the armies of the British and French empires against the German Empire. Because of poor planning and ineffective artillery strikes, The Battle of the Somme resulted in 1,000,000 casualties on both sides, making it one of humanities bloodiest battles.

This film is dedicated to all of the young men, whatever their nationality, who died in the First World War.

See if you can find the Lightsaber ;)

legoanimation20 2014

Outro by TheMissing_Link:

Music: Past the Edge: Kevin MacLeod-
Honor of Life: Instrumental Core-

WW1 Christmas Truce: Silent Night - Extra History - #1

Sponsored by World of Tanks! New players: Download the game and use the code ARMISTICE for free goodies!
PLUS! In the spirit of the Christmas Truce, World of Tanks has prepared a gift box for EVERY PLAYER. Redeem the bonus code: HULSE14
On Christmas Eve in 1914, soldiers in the trenches sang together across the wastes of No Man's Land. Some were brave enough to step out of their trenches and meet face-to-face, forming an unofficial truce that lasted (with a few blemishes) until the end of Christmas Day.
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Operation Overlord IN TRENCH WARFARE!?!?!! - Trench Warfare 1917

So Ye We Re-Enact D-Day

Advanced Tactics Gold - Let's Play #2 Ep 14 - Trench Warfare

Continuing our Let's Play series on Advanced Tactics - Gold Edition, with gameplay from the latest A New Dawn update/patch (2.21g). Three A.I.'s, no teams.
THIS EPISODE: The lines are pretty static as we've devolved into the trench warfare style of strategy: bombard with artillery and follow up on weakened hexes. We are building up for a major push, though!

Catch the whole playlist of this Advanced Tactics playthrough here:

The previous Advanced Tactics gameplay can be found here:

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Advanced Tactics: Gold offers a unique and infinitely replayable wargaming experience for any strategy fan. Building off of the enormous success of Advanced Tactics: World War II, the Gold edition gives players a more powerful game editor, much improved random game engine, many new features...

Savage Beat - Trench Warfare (full ep)

Savage Beat is a rock 'n' roll/Oi! band from Amsterdam, the Netherlands

album release 2017

00:00 Always Dreaming
03:32 Revenge
05:58 Through With You
07:47 Trench Warfare
10:35 The Drinking Song
12:17 Easy Way Out

Trench Warfare 1917 Facts #2

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Unlocking The German Faction!!-Trench Warfare 1917 German Campaign Playthrough#1

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Trench Warfare Ben Haley

Ben Haley on the offwidth Trench Warfare in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Salt Lake City.

The French Update!!!! - Trench Warfare 1917

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Minecraft Warism - Trench Warfare - Modded War Survival #15

Welcome to Minecraft Warism, a modded survival server where we are preparing for a team battle. The modpack includes various weapon packs such as flans mod and mekanism.
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Starting the Game-Trench Warfare 1917 Android Gameplay British Campaign Playthrough#1

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A Day At Hawthorn Trench World War 1 Experience Trench Warfare Simulator WW1 Experience

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In this video, we visit Hawthorn Trench, a World War 1 trench warfare experience built entirely by Toby Dingle and his father Richard
. We experience a school event taking place, its really brilliant and we hope you enjoy.

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Brave Germans Defending Their Trench-Trench Warfare 1917 Gameplay British Campaign Playthrough#2

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