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15 Most Unique Bulls in the World!


15 Most Unique Bulls in the World!

With a reputation for being hot-headed when provoked, the bull is a common farm animal found in paddocks right across the globe. It is, however, much more than that. In fact, it’s quite an interesting specimen, with many unique breeds, utilized for all manner of purposes, including forestry work. From the extremely strong and hardworking Bazadaise, to the most popular breed for meat processing, here are 15 Most Unique Bulls in the World!

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15 Most Unique Cows In The World!

You’ve seen a brown cow. You’ve seen a black and white cow. And then you think you’ve seen them all. But did you know there are some oddities in the bovine world? From the German Angus that offers the full package to the Limousin that dates back over 20,000 years, here are 15 of the most unique cows in the world. Now, let’s get things mooooving…

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10 Most Unique Bulls in the World!

10 Most Unique Bulls in the World!

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There are about 250 breeds of cattle throughout the world.
The bulls in each breed standout mostly for their massive bodies and highly aggressive nature. But that’s not all that the bovine world has to offer.
Take, for instance, the unique bulls we’re going to show you in this video.
These are but a few bulls from different parts of the world who stood out from the rest for their unique traits, and have become something of tourist attractions and celebrities in their local towns.
Some of these bulls are colossal beasts turning the scales in the bovine world, while others are miniature bulls producing the smallest hoofprint seen from any bull. Then there is the breed of cattle from Texas whose horns are a sight to behold and one other bull that imitates the Giant Panda for its iconic black-and-white print.
And, have you heard of this bull from India that loves to drink whiskey? Be sure to stay to the end of the video to find out why cow farmers are swarming for semen from this unusual whiskey lover.

#10. Fetard – World’s heaviest bull
This is the supersized bull that was named the heaviest bull in the world after turning the scales with its massive 1950 kgs. That’s nearly enough beef to make 45,000 burgers for you meat lovers.
This admirable bull was weighed in 2016 at the International Agricultural Show held in Paris, and everyone was stunned at his massive size.
The owner revealed that Fetard belonged to the Maine-Anjou breed of cattle originating from North-western France. This breed is known, locally, as Rouge des Pres, and although they are typically a heavy breed of cattle weighing about 1500 kgs, Fetard’s weight was unmatched.
And while it is not unusual for this breed of cattle to exceed 1500kg in weight, no farmer who came across this massive specimen could think of a bigger bull.

#9. Field Marshall – World’s largest bullock
Meet Field Marshall, a load of literal bull.
If you’re a fan of the colossal pacifist cartoon bull, Ferdinand, then you’ll find this bull to be a charming farm beast.
Field Marshall weighs a whopping 1600 kgs and stands 196 cm tall (6ft 5ins), quite possibly the biggest bull you’ll ever see.
Just look at the size of that big boy and say if he doesn’t deserve his title for World’s largest bullock.
Being a bullock and not a breeding bull, you do understand that Field Marshall was destined to end up at the slaughterhouse. Most other bullocks are ready for slaughter by 35 months. But Field Marshall’s owner wasn’t going to give him up.
Instead, the imposing steer was left to live out his final days on the caravan park at Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset.
While there, his job was simple; gobble up his special cattle cake made of hay and nuts, and pose to take photos with visitors who travel from far and wide to go see him.

#8. Dodge Bodacious – World’s most dangerous rodeo bull
Only a handful of rodeo bulls were as feared as Bodacious was in his active years.
This was the 860 kg cross-bred Charbray bull that went down in the history of rodeo sport as the world’s most dangerous bull.
Cowboys found the bull nearly impossible to ride due to his bone-crushing kicks, spins, rotations, and break-over styles.
Bodacious was a bucking star every cowboy wanted to ride; but he didn’t make it easy. In fact, the bull was declared unrideable after sending many cowboys to the hospital.
You’ll remember that this yellow bull was also responsible for some nasty wrecks in rodeo history, including the infamous wreck involving world champion Richard “Tuff” Hedeman at the 1995 PBR Finals.
Very few riders were audacious enough to engage Bodacious especially since this bold and furious bull bucked off 129 of the 135 pro cowboys who rode on him. And even the 6 cowboys who managed to complete their ride confessed that Bodacious had almost tossed them off before the required eight seconds.
Sadly, Bodacious died of kidney failure on May 26th, 2000.#7. Belgian Blue Bulls – The ripped mutants
Coming across this breed of cattle from Belgium for the first time, you’d be forgiven for thinking they’ve been injected with steroids or hormones to beef them up – no pun intended.
These bulls have unusually well-developed muscles that they can’t hide behind their skin – or is it the hide! And it is these bulging muscles that make them look not only oversized, but also shockingly ripped.
Frankly, these bulky beasts look very intimidating despite the fact that their owners claim that they really are just the friendliest cattle.
Something that most people don’t know is that these stunning bulls are born with a disorder affecting the myostatin gene. They have a recessive trait called double muscling which is responsible for their increased muscle mass

Top 10 Biggest Cattle Breeds In The World - Biggest Cows & Bulls!


They say size matters but does it? Well, there are different ideas on this so let’s not discuss all of that and restrict ourselves to cattle. Now why do people domesticate cattle? While there can be many reasons for this, the two major are milk and meat production. Keeping this in mind, you’d OBVIOUSLY prefer the larger breed because hello, more meat!

Now before you run to get the biggest of them all, remember that they have their own limitations and each one is suitable to different climates and needs. So are you ready to scrutinize the biggest cattle breeds?

Number 10. Bazadaise
This French breed of beef cattle takes its name from the town of Bazas in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of south-western France.

Number 9. Limousin
Named after the Limousin region of France where this breed originated, the Limousin cattle are a breed of highly muscled beef cattle.

Number 8. Parthenaise
Formerly a triple-purpose breed, raised for milk, meat and draught work, the French cattle, Parthenaise is now raised mainly for beef.

Number 7. Montbéliarde
These red and white pied cattle breed from the Montbéliard region of France is used mainly for dairying and particularly for cheesemaking.

Number 6. German Angus
This German breed of cattle came into existence as a result of cross breeding Aberdeen Angus with different native German cattle breeds like German Black Pied Cattle, Gelbvieh, and Fleckvieh.

Number 5. Belgian Blue
It’s time for a special mention and Belgian Blue is our pick! These beef cattle from Belgium have an extremely lean, hyper-sculpted, ultra-muscular physique which is termed as “double-muscling”.

Number 4. Glan
This traditional cattle breed is particularly found in the Rhineland-Palatinate region of Germany.

Number 3. Maine-Anjou
This French breed of domestic cattle, Maine-Anjou was created in the nineteenth century by cross-breeding the local Mancelle dairy cattle with Durham stock from Britain.

Number 2. South Devon
The largest of the British native breeds, South Devon have descended from the large red cattle of Normandy.

Number 1. Chianina
Originated in Italy, Chianina is found in different parts of the world today.

Which of these cattle breeds fascinated you the most?

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These Are 10 Most Exceptional Cattle Breeds

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Cows were first domesticated somewhere around 10,000 years ago.
In that time, humans have selectively bred them for specific qualities.
And sometimes, those qualities are extraordinary.
In this video we have listed 10 of the more visually amazing breeds of cattle from around the world.

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10 Unique Animals You Won’t Believe Exist

10 strange and amazing animals that you have probably never heard of. Nature is truly full of surprises!
We live in the twenty-first century, and all continents have already been discovered, all secrets of our planet revealed, all mountain peaks conquered. Just when you think you have seen it all, some new bizarre creature makes an appearance instantly restoring your faith in the impossible!

Mangalitsa Pig, a.k.a. “a pig in sheep’s clothing” 0:50
Rhinopithecus or golden snub-nosed monkey 1:33
Emperor tamarin 2:13
Patagonian Mara 3:04
Fluffy cow 3:52
Markhor Goat 4:44
Raccoon dog 5:23
Blue Footed Booby 6:25
Malayan Colugo 7:13
Venezuelan Poodle Moth 8:09
BONUS 8:56

- The birthplace of this curly-haired pig is Hungary where it was discovered in the mid-19th century. Due to the fleece covering this animal, it resembles a sheep, therefore, such a name!
- The name of this species is roxellana, and there is a story behind it. It is believed that they were called this way after the supposedly snub-nosed courtesan of Suleiman the Magnificent (a 16th century Sultan of the Ottoman Empire).
- They were called like this because of the resemblance of their mustache to that of German Emperor Wilhelm II.
- Patagonia Mara is the fourth largest rodent on our planet. There are several interesting facts about them. Females often put offsprings into crèches for safety.
- Fluffy cows are looked after by people whose work is to wash, dry and use products to style these animals, so they look as fluffy as they do! It is necessary to maintain them daily, and it will take months of regular grooming until they get this lovely look of kids toys.
- If you see a creature which looks as if it’s trying to catch an alien radio signal from space, it’s most likely Markhor Goat. They can grow as long as 6 ft from head to tail!
- If you can’t decide if you want to have a dog or a raccoon as a pet, we have just the thing for you - raccoon dog! Despite having raccoon-like markings on their fur, they are not very closely related to the North American raccoon.
- Blue Footed Booby are to catch your eye if you ever visit the Galapagos Islands. They can look a bit clumsy and comical on land, but they are excellent at flying and swimming.
- Colugo has a large gliding membrane (like a flying squirrel), and they can glide for long distances between trees standing far apart.
- Even if the Poodle Moth may look as if it lives in Antarctica with all this fur, in fact, it comes from Venezuela, a tropical country. Its hairs don’t serve for heating.

Cloud Antelope! This species lives in the clouds (that’s why such a name)! Its bright blue fur is the reflection of cloudless blue skies in the area of its habitat. Its diet consists of sun rays and candies...

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Top 10 of the biggest bulls in the world
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15 Most Unique Bulls in the World!

From bulls intelligent and hardy enough to rid them self of parasitic infection to entire cattle bred for the sole purpose of supplying a massive meat market, the number of cattle breeds is varied and richly aligned with human history. These are the 15 most Unique Bulls in the world, no-bull.

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15 Most Unique Bulls in the World

Muscular, aggressive and with a head topped with two sharp horns- you don’t want to anger bulls.Playing a significant role in both beef ranching and dairy farming, they’re also akey feature in several cultural activities including bull-riding and bullfighting. But despite this level of familiarity we all have with bulls, there are some that really stand out from the crowd. These are the most unique bulls in the world!

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ये दानव है या गाय 5 Most Unique Bulls in the World

ये दानव है या गाय 15 Most Unique Bulls in the World

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Top 15 Most Unique Bulls In The World 2020 || B Force

Title:This Bulls Are Insane And Unique|| Bad Force

From bulls intelligent and hardy enough to rid them self of parasitic infection to entire cattle bred for the sole purpose of supplying a massive meat market, the number of cattle breeds is varied and richly aligned with human history. These are the 15 most Unique Bulls in the world, no-bull.

1Texas Long horn.
2 Angus Bull.
3 Bucking Bull.
4 Ank Ole watusi.
5 Belgian Blue.
6 Beefalo.
7 Santa Gertrudis.
8 Afrikaner.
9 Beef Master.
10 Short Horn.k
11 Brahmn.
12 Chianina.
13 Highland.
14 Buelingo.
15 Nguni.

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