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15 Secrets Disney Employees Will Never Tell You


SECRETS Disney Doesn't Want You To Know!

Check out these SECRETS Disney Doesn't Want You To Know! From secret disney facts about disneyland and disney world to other dark secrets going on in their parks, this top 10 list of mysterious and surprising secrets about disney will amaze you!

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11. Ride Wait Times are Wrong
When you approach a ride you really want to go on and notice that there’s an estimated wait time, you probably hope for it to be accurate, or even for things to move along faster than expected. At Disney parks, these timers are deliberately set wrong.

10. Human Skull Decor
For a long time, rumors swirled that some of the bones used in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disneyland were real human skeletons. In 2014, writer Gavin Doyle of the Disney enthusiast website asked a Disneyland employee about the rumor as he exited the ride. She was surprisingly very open in admitting that yes, the skeleton sitting above the bed in the treasure room contains a real human skull.

9. Makeshift Cemetery
Disney World goes out of their way to keep anything upsetting out of their parks, including things brought in by visitors. Disney is actually a very popular place for people to scatter the ashes of their loved ones, and employees must constantly remain on the lookout for guests smuggling ashes into the park and spreading them. Staff members, including costumed characters, are specially trained in recognizing the signs of ash smugglers, who tend to get creative and sneak the goods in using things like makeup compacts, pill bottles, and Ziploc bags.

8. Disney Jail
All Disney parks have a holding cell where they place disruptive guests. Due to the sheer volume of park goers, the Disney jail is essential to keeping order. It’s in an inconspicuous location to avoid being seen by guests. Security guards at Disney World don’t wear uniforms - not only because uniforms don’t give off the happy vibes that are central to Disney culture, but also to blend in with the crowd, enabling them to keep a close eye on guests.

7. Tunnels
Underneath all the rainbows and glitter is a massive system of underground tunnels - well, sort of. They’re actually built at ground level due to the elevated water table in Florida, and the park is constructed above that. One purpose of the tunnels, also called utilidors, is to keep the magic of Disney alive by hiding the characters when they’re not supposed to be seen.

6. Forced Perspective
The magnificent buildings at Disney World are smaller than they seem, thanks to an architectural concept called forced perspective. It’s utilized in various parts of the park, but is most evident on Main Street USA. Here, the taller the buildings are, the smaller their bricks are. In addition to making the buildings look bigger and taller, this technique also makes the nearby Sleeping Beauty’s castle seem grander in scale.

5. Go Away Green
Certain parts of Disney World are meant not to be noticed. They’re mostly painted in a drab green shade that was created with the intention of being glanced right over by the human eye. Fences, buildings, park walls, doors, and even garbage cans easily go unseen when they’re painted in “Go Away Green,” also called “No-See-Um Green.”

4. Aromatherapy
Disney World strategically releases vanilla scent into the air throughout Main Street USA via a device known as the Smellitzer. The reason for this aromatic release is twofold: vanilla is more-or-less scientifically proven to have a calming effect on people, and it also tends to be an appetite stimulant. If you take a close look beneath the windows of certain buildings, you’ll notice what looks like a speaker, but it’s actually the Smellitzer.

3. Roasting Ducks
You would think that since the creation of Donald Duck, Disney would be duck-friendly, but that wasn’t always the case. During their nightly “Phantasmic” show on the Rivers of America, a fire-breathing dragon let out a huge blaze, creating a massive spectacle and making the river appear as if it had been set on fire. The entertainment came at a price, however. Disney was unknowingly harming live ducks every night during the production.

2. Abandoned Water Park
In 2001, Disney closed its first-ever water park, River Country, after 25 years of operation. Guest were simply too thrilled with the newer water parks, such as Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, to pay any mind to it. Disney announced upon closing River Country that if fans expressed an interest, they’d reopen it.
That never happened because Disney already has other water parks, yet Disney never demolished River Country, which is now falling apart and overgrown.

Creepy Legends About Disneyland And Photos To Prove It

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If you’re a fan of TheRichest, you know that there are a lot of stories about Disney that don’t end up lovingly animated and shown on the big screen. There are some creepy rumors surrounding some of our favorite theme parks, and we are going to not only let you know which ones are real, but provide evidence of our claims. You will be shocked when you learn what type of store was once located at Disney. In fact, the grand opening of Disney was so terrible that it became known as Black Sunday. Have you heard the urban legend about the skeletons in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride? We will show you which skull is definitely the creepiest, and for good reason. If you find the oversized mascot costumes unsettling now, wait until you see the way that the costumes used to look!

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Behind The Scenes Secrets Disney Tried To Hide

10 Disney Urban Legends That Are Actually True

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8 Spooky Urban Legends about Disneyland

In this video we take a look at 8 Spooky Urban Legends about Disneyland. Disneyland is a magical theme park resort based around the popular cartoon worlds of Walt Disney. It is a place for kids and adults alike to enjoy some incredible sights and sounds. However over the years there have been many creepy and bizarre stories about spooky goings on at Disneyland. These scary Disneyland stories have become urban legends and some may even have some truth to them! So in this video we take a look at 8 of the most notorious creepy urban legends about Disneyland.

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Disney Princesses Reveal Secrets About Disney

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10 Disney World Food Facts Disney Will Never Tell You

Here's a list of 10 Disney World Food Facts Disney Will Never Tell You. There are some amazing foods available at all Disney locations, and these are 10 Disney world food facts you didn't know.
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Fairytale castle, magical rides, amazing fireworks, and the yummiest food – that’s what Disney dreams are made of! The nostalgia-inducing Disney World may be the happiest place on earth, but it hides some pretty interesting food secrets. Here are 10 Disney World food facts Disney will never tell you! 

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0:24 Millions of Mickey bars are sold each year
2:06 People really, really love the Jumbo Turkey Legs!
3:49 No gum at Disney World!
5:29 Disney World grows Mickey-shaped veggies!
7:16 Delicious scents everywhere at Disney World!
8:56 No food wasted thanks to the Disney Harvest Program
10:08 Popcorn and churros are eaten a lot!
11:28 There is a secret menu at Disney World too!
12:37 The secret of the Enchanted Tiki Room
13:49 Disney World is a 100% Coca-Cola resort

- While Disney World is any child’s dream holiday destination, it can be quite stressful for adults to navigate through the four theme parks, over a dozen resorts, and more than 45 rides where the wait times can sometimes be extremely long.
- Right up there with the famous Mickey Premium Bar and Mickey Pretzel is another best-selling item at Disney World – the Jumbo Turkey Leg. And it is aptly named ‘Jumbo’, for it is indeed quite large. For some, it could even be a meal in itself!
- One of the strangest food facts about Disney World has to be their no gum rule. Whether you are looking for some gum to freshen up your breath or a piece of bubble gum for some good old-fashioned bubble blowing fun, you would be hard pressed to find gum of any kind in Disney World.
- One of the kingdoms/parks at Disney World is the EPCOT Center. EPCOT stands for ‘Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow’, but is popularly known as just ‘Epcot’. Walt Disney envisioned it as a futuristic model of community living that was completely self-reliant, sustainable and free from all forms of modern society trappings.
- If you’ve ever been confounded by the delicious scents wafting through the air at Disney World, then you’re not alone! Many visitors often report smelling sweet fragrances vaguely reminiscent of baked goods at various spots throughout Disney World.
- With over 400 restaurants and food carts at Disney World, the amount of food consumed each day at Disney World is quite staggering. And even larger is the amount of food that is left unconsumed every day.
- With a mind-boggling variety of food items numbering well over 6000 at the various Disney World restaurants, cafés, food carts, and kiosks, picking just one or two items to snack on can be quite a task!
- Just like most other famous chain restaurants, Disney World has a secret menu too. If you’ve already had the popular Disney World snacks and treats like Mickey Waffles, Jumbo Turkey Leg, Mickey Premium Bar, churros, popcorn, etc. and just want to try something new, there are many other secret items that you can try at the restaurants and food carts there.
- The Enchanted Tiki Room is a very unique Polynesian-themed attraction. It is an audio-animatronic show presented by lifelike exotic birds, tiki gods and colorful flowers come to life in a musical extravaganza.
- If you’re a Pepsi fan visiting Disney World, you are in for a major surprise! There is no Pepsi anywhere in Disney World – theme parks, resorts, or any other Disney World property. The happiest place on earth is a 100 percent Coca-Cola only resort.

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Disney Has an Abandoned Park and Doesn't Want You to See It

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TechZone ►

Every year, abandoned places attract many thrill-seekers and curious people. There is something spooky and tempting at the same time about walking through forgotten corridors and houses, where nobody has lived for many years... But abandoned houses, hospitals and other buildings are nothing compared to abandoned amusement parks! That's where the real horror is: peeling paint, creaking of old carousels, desolation, loneliness... we invite you to experience the atmosphere and see the most famous abandoned amusement parks from around the world.

Disney closes water park. The reason, it's creepy.

Disney is a well-known brand in most parts of the world. Not only because of its famous animated films but also because of its amusement parks. What person, small or big, has not dreamed of visiting one of these parks?  
And if it is a water park, of which Disney has several, the fun and adventures increase. Since these have an additional ingredient: Water. This liquid is present in the main attractions: such as slides, zip lines and swimming pools. Anyway, fun everywhere.  
But not everything in Disney's amusement parks is rosy. These spaces that should be for family fun have been involved in macabre stories.

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15 Secrets Disney Employees Will Never Tell You

Disney is the most magical place in the world but the employees are actually hiding some ridiculous secrets that they won't ever tell you!

No matter whether you're at Disney World, Disney Land or one of the other Disney top spots across the world, these secrets will still apply to you!

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11 Secret Facts About Walt Disney No One Ever Knew Until Now

Rich People Who Turned Themselves Into Cartoons

You'll be hearing about some of the secret places that staff members go to rest, and those that only VIP members can access. We'll be showing you some of the lesser known requirements in order to become a Disney princess and we'll also tell you the phrase that you don't want a Disney staff member to call you, because it's pretty offensive.

5 Secrets of Disney Employees!

The Disney theme parks are some of the most magical places in the world, but we only see them from the perspective of guests. What's it actually like to work there, and what secrets are being kept away from the prying eyes of paying customers? Disney staff, past and present, have increasingly been anonymously releasing details about their experiences, and we've collected together some of the best ones. Here are 5 Secrets of Disney Employees!

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Secrets Disney Won’t Tell You!

What are some of the secrets Disney doesn’t want to tell us? Do you know what’s beneath the water at the parks? Why you’ll never see a Disney employee using one finger to point? Or why sometimes cast members get arrested? Find out all these reasons and other secrets Disney doesn’t tell us in this video!

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Here are some hidden secrets that Disney just doesn’t want to reveal! Just wait until you find out the reason why Disney has such high powered vacuums!
10 - Security
The happiest place on earth is full of rides, characters, and…! Security measures are all over the park but you can’t see most of them. Obviously, certain measures are in plain sight, such as metal detectors and bag checks at park entrances, but the rest are less obvious. Disney parks have undercover security guards dressed as tourists walking around the park, basically, ALL THE TIME. If security needs to talk to a park guest, only two people speak to them. Security guards do this in order to keep it as low key as possible. And that makes sense because they don’t want to embarrass the park’s guests.Disney also has security screening guests at park entrances in an especially sneaky way. They have people front and back that are always watching. If they notice someone’s doing something that seems suspicious, they’ll immediately start following them to check out what’s going on. Who knows, maybe the surveillance is probably as good as how China keeps tabs on its citizens! Do us a real quick favor, and hit that like button down there because it really helps us out!
9 - Role Playing
At Disney, it’s actually forbidden for cast members to say they played certain characters. Why? That’s because the characters are quote, real. Cast members can, however, tell someone that they hung out with characters. So, for example, you can say “I hung out with Donald Duck a lot this week” and that’s how people know what character you played. Employees definitely aren’t allowed to post about their jobs, but at least they don’t have to give up social media altogether. This happens because if you work at Disney, the most important job is to keep the Disney Fantasy alive for anyone that visits. The fantasy stays real because you don't want to start disappointing kids, and that definitely does make sense. There are always seven or eight people walking around the park in Mickey Mouse costumes, but when someone asks, How many Mickeys are there here?, the answer is always ONE. And if you’ve ever wondered why the costumed characters never talk, it’s because they have to stay silent in front of guests. Yep, that’s right, they’re NEVER allowed to talk in costume in front of a guest, ever!
8 - Looking the part
From hair to fingernails, Disney has lots of requirements for the physical appearances of their employees. Women’s hair needs to be in a “classic” style and a natural-looking color. Women actually can have highlights, but their hair style must be quote, “subtle, well-blended, and be over the entire head.” That’s according to Disney’s career site. As for men, their hair can’t cover their ears or be long enough to reach their shoulders. Men are allowed to have facial hair, but it has to be neat. And it can’t be longer than a quarter of an inch. Do they actually have people measuring facial hair? There are also very specific fingernail rules for employees. Fingernails can’t extend beyond the fingertips, and employees can’t wear nail polish or fake nails. What about tattoos? If you actually wanted to work for Disney, you can actually have tattoos. But it has to be completely covered, whether by clothing or makeup. And how about sunglasses? Surprisingly, employees actually aren’t allowed to wear sunglasses. Or at least sunglasses where their eyes are able to be seen!
7 - Hidden Tunnels
There are tunnels that you’ll most likely never see, unless you work for Disney. For example, Disney has what’s called a utilidor system. Basically, it’s a set of utility tunnels that takes place underground. These underground corridors allow Cast Members to quickly move from one place to the next without being seen. It’s also for garbage to be magically whisked away out of sight for the guests. Remember, the illusion is never to be ruined at Disney! Also, at Magic Kingdom in Florida, Disney has a very unique waste removal system. The underground trash system is called AVAC, which stands for Automated Vacuum Collection system. It’s an underground system of vacuum tubes with 17 collection points around Magic Kingdom.

15 DISNEY SECRETS cast members will NEVER tell you !!

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10 Secrets About Working At Disney World They Tried To Hide

Disney World Secrets That Only The Employees Know
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Hey there and welcome to TheThings! Have you ever wondered what the life of a Disney Princess looks like? Well just ask the real-life employees of Disney World and Disneyland, and they'll give you the inside scoop. But be warned, they'll probably tell you lies to respect the binding contracts laid out by their employers. As it turns out, being a part of the magical cast of Disney World isn't all it's cracked up to be. When you're outside looking in, the enchanting amusement park seems like a dream come true. But where you're inside looking out, the Disneyland experience can seem like a total nightmare.

There are plenty of secrets when it comes to working at Walt Disney World, and some former employees have courageously spilled the tea. In this video from TheThings, we talk about what goes on behind the scenes at Disney World. From binding contracts to surprising crimes to extravagant parties - and everything in between. Thanks for watching!

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15 Disneyland Legends That Reveal The Dark Side Of The Magic Kingdom

Disneyland Is Not As Magical As You Think
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Where to start? Honestly, how do these myths and legends begin in the first place? Someone has to be incredibly bored to sit around and make these things up. Well, at least the stories end up here in this video.

The Binger loves a good horror story and lucky for you Disneyland is packed with them. It seems like every part of the park and every ride has some creepy crawler attached to it. Heck, even the man who created it all is stuck in his own mythology. Yes, you know exactly what we’re talking about...the freezer. Consider this video a chance to explore the darker side of Mickey Mouse Corp.. Viewer beware though; it’s about to get spooky. Ghost riders and realistic skeletons, it’s all here on the latest countdown from The Binger.

Strap in and ignore the zombie next to you. It’s time to enjoy this wild, horror-filled ride!

18 secrets Disney cast members WILL NEVER tell you

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Behind The Scenes Secrets Disney Tried To Hide

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Here at TheRichest, it’s safe to say that we are huge fans of Disney. Their movies, their memorable characters, and especially their incredible theme parks! But just like any huge company, there are often some unsavory things going on behind the scenes that don’t quite jive with the family friendly image that Disney likes to present. If you have recently noticed some of your favorite reptilian characters like Tic Toc the Croc missing from Disney, there is actually a very sad reason why that is the case. If you have ever been inspired by the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom, you should know that it’s built on a piece of equipment that seems a pretty stark contrast to the values that the tree is supposed to represent. It’s a Small World was sponsored by Pepsi at one point, until the company decided they hated the ride too much to continue. While it wasn’t revamped to accommodate the demands of Pepsi, the ride did undergo a makeover in order to accommodate the expanding waistlines of park guests. If you have ever breathed in the scent of freshly baked cookies wafting in the air near Main Street what you were really inhaling is artificial scent blasted out of a device known as the Smellitzer. Walt Disney has a long history of treating his employees less than well, and he even accused many of them of being communists who were working together to bring down his company.

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10 Disturbing Disney Secrets That Will Ruin Your Childhood

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5 Secrets of Disney Employees!

There is no modern empire quite as dominant as the all-seeing, all-powerful, Disney. That one cute little mouse controls the planet. So, naturally, many of Walt’s employees have a bucket-ton of secrets they’re not sharing. Well, with a little bit of research, we’ve managed to get out smelly little fingers on some of that gossip. These are 5 Secrets of Disney Employees!

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SECRETS Disneyland Employees Are Not Allowed To Tell

Disneyland Confessions Finally REVEALED

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Disney takes its employees so seriously that adults aren’t even allowed to look too much like a Disney character when they visit the parks. Being a member of the elite Disney crew seems like the fulfillment of a childhood dream to many people, but as with any job there are good and bad elements that come with working for Disney parks. Disney is notoriously tight-lipped about what goes on behind the scenes, and opening up about your employment experience can be grounds for termination. However, every so often someone speaks up about what really goes on when you’re working for Disney, and we have collected ten of their biggest confessions.

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Dark Secrets Disney Tried To Hide...

Disney is a powerful art entity and a powerhouse of artists for many reasons. The amount of money the company has managed to accrue in the last 90 years it’s been in existence is, quite frankly, astonishing. And there have also been many skeletons! Welcome to Riveted, and here are some of the secrets Disney doesn't want you to know.

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Secrets Disneyland Princesses Will Never Tell You

Nothing exists outside of the Disney world, and you must ALWAYS stay in character while in costume.

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Dark Secrets Disney Doesn't Want You To Know

Dark Secrets Disney Doesn't Want You To Know
Disney is named the happiest place on earth by most people. But as you dig deeper, you’ll find that Disney has the deepest darkest secrets that most people don’t know. Be sure to watch the whole video to find out some of its darkest secrets that most people don’t know.


Walt Disney is without a doubt one of the most important people in animation history, or just history of media if we’re being honest. He had a rough life at points (as you’ll see soon) and yet he made something of himself by trying hard to get into animation. He almost went bankrupt multiple times trying to make Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, and fought to keep his animation studio alive multiple times.Pixar is one of the best things out there right now, and in fact they had another hit movie via “Onward” and are preparing for their next movie in “Soul”. But one of the films that many claim is still one of the best of the bunch by far is Finding Nemo. This simple yet very endearing story about a separated father and son fish won the hearts of many, and even got a sequel in Finding Dory (the breakout star of the movie voiced by Ellen DeGeneres). Anyway, in the movie, there is a scene where a fish notes to Nemo that he should WANT to get flushed down the toilet. Why? Because “all drains lead to the ocean”. A harmless line that was meant to further the story, you know?One of the biggest controversies surrounding Disney and their films is that of the hidden messages that many claim are in the films. But not just some of the films, a large selection of them. Little Mermaid, Alice in Wonderland, The Lion King, Aladdin, and more are said to have hidden messages that were inserted by the animators and artists to have fun, yet are actually rather disturbing when viewed by the wrong eyes. A classic movie trope that is meant to inspire the main character in one form or another is the plot device of losing a parent. But many have noted that in many Disney films, the mother of the character is nowhere to be found. Or, they die in the film. Snow White, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Bambi, Cinderella, and more don't have their mothers, and this is for a very simple reason...Walt Disney's mother died in a very sudden fashion, and it affected him.

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