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17 BIGGEST Trees in the World



Meet the tallest trees in the world. These trees managed to be the biggest with the passage of time because many of them are hundreds of years old.

-Swamp gum
This tree inhabits naturally in the Southeast of Australia, in zones around 3280 feet above sea level with frequent rains.

-Coast Redwood
It is a very large tree, which can easily exceed 350 feet in height. The highest recorded tree, the Hyperion is 389 feet.

-Douglas Fir
It is the third largest tree in the world. Its maximum height is 327 feet tall, which is equivalent to a building of more than 33 floors.

-Sitka spruce
It is the third largest conifer in the world. Its name comes from the town of Sitka, in Alaska.

-Giant sequoia
This tree can grow up to 314 feet in height. That is, twice the height of the Roman Coliseum.

-Yellow Meranti
It is the highest tropical tree in the world.

-Manna gum
The highest specimen of this tree lives in the Evercreech Reserve in Tasmania and measures 299 feet in height.

-Tasmanian Blue gum
Also known as Blue Eucalyptus or White Eucalyptus. This tree is native to Southeast Australia.

-Australian Alpine Ash
It has a straight and gray trunk tree whose highest measured specimen has a trunk diameter of 10 feet and 288 feet tall, which makes it as tall as the Capitol in Washington DC.

-Tasmanian oak
It is also known as Australian oak. The tallest specimen of this tree is called King Stringy, and it is, what a coincidence ... in Tasmania.

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20 BIGGEST Trees On Earth

Trees are one interesting organism. They can be no taller than a bush or you or me, but some can be bigger than you can look up from the ground or wider than you and your friends can link your arms around. Let’s look at the biggest trees found on Earth.

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7. The Shining Gum
Our next addition to the sub-Eucalyptus list we’re seemingly running on this list is the Eucalyptus nitens, popularly dubbed the “shining gumtree.” Its bark is known for its ribbon-like appearance and sheen. These types of evergreens can grow quite fast in its proper environment. It needs fertile soils and cool climate areas that receive a lot of rainfall--in this case, its native land of Australia’s Victoria and eastern New South Wales regions. Experts describe it as an “ornamental tree” not only for the shine to its trunk, but for its glossed foliage as well. Though these trees start off quite unstable at a young age, once they mature, they prove to be quite sturdy and stand firmly even in high winds.

6. The Sitka Spruce
Spruce up your life and learn about the Sitka spruce (too cheesy? Sorry). This species of spruce counts as the largest of them all as well as the 5th largest conifer in the world. Just look at how high over the canopy they reach! The Sitka spruce grows prevalently in Alaska--so prevalent that Alaska made it its symbol. The tallest of the Sitka spruces is named Raven’s Tower, located in the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park in California, measuring to a height of 317.2 feet tall or 96.7 meters tall.

5. The Doerner Fir
The name refers to a specific Douglas Fir found in Coos County. While it’s not the tallest tree in the world, the Doerner Fir does measure as the tallest non-redwood tree in the world. This Douglas Fir measures to 327 feet or 99.7 feet tall and almost made it as the tallest tree in the world. What’s more, the Doerner Fir is about 500 years old--making it not only huge but also one of the oldest trees in the world. Douglas Firs already grow to be rather tall, on average 70 to 300 feet or 20 to 100 meters tall.

4. The Manna Gum
Eucalyptus viminalis, the manna gum, the ribbon gum--whatever you call this straight, Australian tree, it doesn’t change the fact it’s one of the tallest species in the world. Most of them measure to 130 tall--and that’s just commonly. The Manna gum is famous for its ribbon-like bark that just peels away. Its timber appears a pink color, characterized for its streaks of light gray. Koalas love this tree and will often use it as a source of food--with its sap known to seep out of the tree and fall off onto the ground during the summer.

3. The Mountain Ash: Centurion
Not to get confused with the shorter, stouter tree called the mountain ash Rowan’ were talking about Eucalyptus regnans. You might even heard of it in reference to the individual tree called the “Centurion” tree. It’s as mighty as it sounds. Centurion earns the title of the second tallest tree species in the world. Located in the southern region of Tasmania, Australia, Centurion itself stands at a height of 327 feet or 99.6 meters--with a trunk diameter of 13.3 feet or 4.05 meters.

2. Coast Redwood
Take a gander at those branches. Can you count how many branches it has? That would probably take you some time and a magnifying glass for sure. That’s the coast redwood. It usually grows between 100 to 385 feet or 30 to 117 meters high, making it the tallest kind of trees in the world. The tallest of the coast redwood is known as the redwood Hyperion, which lives in the Redwood National Park. Its trunk measures to a diameter of 30 feet or 9 meters and grew to be 379.1 feet or 115.5 meters tall--and that’s not even counting its long roots. Sequoia sempervirens can live to be between 1,200 to 1,800 years old. Back before commercial logging started in the mid 19th century, these trees used to take up about 2.1 million acres or 8,500 square kilometers of land in coastal California.


BIGGEST Trees in the World

It’s no secret that there are some trees on our planet that are almost unbelievably and inexplicably large, but which are the biggest of the big? Here, we’ll delve into which trees and which families of trees hold the great distinctions of being among the most massive trees to ever have lived and which are the largest living today. These things are mesmerizing and perplexing all in one. This is nature at its most massive and beautiful. This is Biggest Trees in the World!

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5. Eucalyptus Regnans
Victoria in southeastern Australia or Tasmania is where you’re going to find this next eucalyptus on our list! If you don’t recognize the name, maybe you’ll recognize some of its other names: swamp gum, stringy gum, Tasmanian Oak, or mountain ash. It’s obviously one of the tallest trees in the world (hence why it’s on here with some of these other big boys) and it’s the tallest flowering plant on planet Earth! Forests that are dominated by mature Eucalyptus regnans’ have been proven to be more carbon-dense than any other known forests in the world and a forest located in the O’Shannassy River catchment contained 1,867 tonnes (2,058 tons) of carbon per hectare or 2.47 acres. That’s a lot of carbon! The trees themselves grow to around 85 meters (279 feet) tall and to about 391 cubic meters (13,800 cubic feet) in volume. However, the tallest living regnans at the moment shoots 99.82 meters (327.5 feet) into the sky.

4. Western Redcedar
This next giant tree hails from North America and is a member of the cypress family known as Cupressaceae, and it too goes by many names. Pacific redcedar, giant cedar, shinglewood, and western or giant arborvitae are all common aliases of this tree, as well as its scientific name, Thuja plicata. It’s mostly found throughout the Pacific Northwest and is commonly associated with the western hemlock and Douglas-fir in the places that it grows. It is shade tolerant, meaning it can grow well in areas of dense shade and partly because of this tolerance it has become very popular and has been introduced to places all over the world. It’s classified as a large to very large tree and stands between 65 to 70 meters (213 to 230 feet) tall and has a volume of up to 449 cubic meters or 15,900 cubic feet!

3. Kauri
This big, beautiful coniferous tree is part of the genus Agathis, and it typically goes by its Maori name of Kauri, but scientifically it’s known as Agathis australis. It’s located in New Zealand, in its northern districts of North Island. It is not the tallest tree in all of New Zealand, but by volume, it’s most definitely the biggest, and that’s what counts here. It grows to be up to 516 cubic meters or 18,200 cubic feet, making it the third biggest tree by volume on this list! Forests made up of Kauri trees are among some of the oldest forests in the world, and some of the antecedents of the modern Kauris even date way back to the Jurassic period, some 135 to 190 million years ago. The Kauri is also different than a lot of other trees because of a defense mechanism it has for not allowing parasites to overtake it. The bark of the Kauri sheds consistently and piles up at the base of the trees, sometimes stacking to a height of 2 meters (6.5 feet). As we mentioned, they’re not super tall and only grow to be up to 50 meters (164 feet) tall, but their immense girth definitely makes their height not matter much. The record for largest Kauri was a tree called “The Great Ghost,” and that grew to 8.54 meters in diameter and had a girth of 26.83 meters!

2. Coast Redwood
This famous tree is also known as the coastal redwood, California redwood, and scientifically as Sequoia sempervirens. Now, you may know the name redwood because they’re known to be some of the biggest trees in the world, and that’s no lie. The species includes the tallest living trees on the planet, and speaking of living; these bad boys do that for a long, long time. Between 1,200 and 1,800 years is their typical lifespan, which also makes them some of the longest living things that we know of. They’re found along the coast in much of California and in the southwestern coastal areas of Oregon. Redwoods stand around 115.5 meters (379 feet) tall, not including their immense roots, and come in at around 1,084.5 cubic meters (38,300 cubic feet) in volume. They’re absolutely gigantic!




17 BIGGEST Trees in the World

World's Tallest Tree

World's Tallest Tree

17 BIGGEST Trees in the World

The giant sequoias are the largest trees in the world in terms of volume: the most massive of the California Redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) but less high .

17 BIGGEST Trees in the World This Atlas Cedar in the Foret de Cedar in Northern Morocco is one of the tallest Trees in Africa. The tree has an estimated girth of .

In this video you can check out list of worlds biggest Christmas trees. 10 - Washington D.C. (30 feet) 9 - Zurich, Switzerland (50 feet) 8 - London (66 feet) 7 .


Top 10 Tallest Trees In The World

Top 10 Tallest Trees In The World

The Redwood Tree Is Actually The Tallest Tree Species On This Planet And Among A Majority Of These Species, Hyperion Is Referred To As The Tallest Tree In The World. Its Approximate Age Is 700 To 800 Years. This Tree Species Is Developing Taller Than We Will Ever Imagine. On This Video I Show You Top 10 Tallest Trees In The World.

1. Hyperion – 115.61 m
2. Helios – 114.58 m
3. Icarus – 113.14 m
4. Stratosphere Giant – 113.11 m
5. The National Geographic Society – 112.71 m
6. Orion – 112.63 m
7. Lauralin - 112.62m
8. Rockefeller – 112.60 m
9. Paradox – 112.56 m
10. Mendocino Tree – 112.20 m

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Tree Crusher 17 BIGGEST Trees in the World This Atlas Cedar in the Foret de

This is clips from old 16mm film of a variety of Tree Crushers designed and built by RG LeTourneau. Most of it is from the 1950s.

This is clips from old 16mm film of a variety of Tree Crushers designed and built by RG LeTourneau. Most of it is from the 1950s.

Up until August 2006, the tallest known tree in the world was a 369-foot California redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) nicknamed Stratosphere Giant, located .

Up until August 2006, the tallest known tree in the world was a 369-foot California redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) nicknamed Stratosphere Giant, located .

The World's Tallest Tree | Hyperion Tree |

The World's Tallest Tree Is Hiding Somewhere In California.
Hyperion is the tallest of 3 trillion trees on Earth.
Its almost twice the size of the Statue of Liberty.


11 BIGGEST Things On Earth!

These are the largest things on Earth! Find out about the the world’s biggest things including the biggest tree and the biggest animal ever and the largest things in the world!

5. Amphicoelias -

This extinct species was a member of the sauropod dinosaur genus, meaning they had long necks, extended tails, and stood on four trunk-like, thick legs. They are also known for their incredible size! The amphicoelias’ remains are noted to be the most colossal ever discovered; however, only one bone of the skeleton was found, and measurements were based solely on this finding. Unfortunately, the dino’s remains have been lost, and scientists can only draw conclusions based on studies done in the late 1800s. But, if the findings from over one hundred years ago are correct, then this creature was enormous! It could grow up to one hundred ninety feet long and weigh up to one hundred thirty-four tons! Although this monstrous beast would be quite terrifying to come upon in the wild, there are a couple of things to keep in mind; one, this dinosaur has been extinct for centuries, and two, it was a herbivore, meaning it preferred leafy greens over a rare steak. So, unless Jurassic Park comes to life, then we’ve got nothing to worry about.

4. Jackfruit -

Many of us have heard of this fruit, but aren’t really sure what it is or where it comes from. It is often used in vegan cooking in place of proteins like pork, but can also be eaten as-is and is often used in South Asian recipes since it occurs naturally in Southwest India. Although the jackfruit’s spiky exterior gives it a less-than-appetizing appearance, its flesh is sweet and delicate in flavor. This odd-looking delight is also the biggest fruit in the world that grows on trees. It can weigh up to one hundred twenty pounds and grow up to thirty-five inches long and twenty inches wide!

3. Henry Doorly Zoo -

This gigantic park and conservation area is located in Omaha, Nebraska. Its goal is to help understand various animal species better, educate others about these creatures, maintain people’s interest, and keep them coming back to visit and learn. Although this zoo isn’t the largest when only considering its physical size, its extensive variety of animals combined with its acreage make it one of the biggest things on Earth. The Henry Doorly Zoo spans over one hundred thirty acres and houses upwards of seventeen thousand animals! Plus, this park includes an aquarium as well. Some of its exhibits include Asian Highlands, Kingdoms of the Night (the world’s most tremendous nocturnal exhibition), and the Lied Jungle (the biggest indoor rainforest in America). Because of its numerous exciting and unique habitats, the Henry Doorly Zoo attracts about two million visitors every year!

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Tallest Tropical Tree in the World

88.32meters high,at Tawau Hills Park,Tawau,Sabah.

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General sherman tree
Lost monarch
Arbol deltule tree
Tane mahunta
Quinault lake red cedar

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Climbing the World's Tallest Trees - How to Grow a Planet - Episode 1 - BBC Two

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Giant sequoias can live for thousands of years and, as a result, achieve astonishing heights. They have the capacity to put on an incredible amount of wood, up to a cubic metre of wood a year, and can grow incredibly fast. Trees are in constant competition to grow taller in an attempt to reach the light - light drives photosynthesis and so is vital to plants' success. With the help of expert climbers, Iain climbed to the very top of a 85-metre-tall, 1500-year-old Giant sequoia in California.


The Redwood Trees - World Tallest Trees.

A 3 minute visual-poetic film based on the Redwood trees, laced with tidbits of information.

There are 3 members of the Redwood tree family:
Coast Redwoods (Sequoia semperviren) located on the California coastal fog belt.
Giant Sequoias (Sequoiadendron giganteum) of the Sierra Nevada.
Dawn Redwoods (Metasequoia glyptostroboides) of Central China.

This small film depict the first two.

In the 1980s, CDs started entering the market while people were stuck on cassette tapes. I came across a magazine that contained a CD sampler. I stared at it and thought the idea of CD would never catch on, and since CD players were costly, I threw the sampler among my belongings. Close to a year later, I had a CD player. In a time of struggle, I found the old CD sampler and played it. There was a track on it that gave me a calming sensation. It was called The Redwoods, read by Princess Grace of Monaco. I did not quite understand much of its meaning at the time, but the sound spoke volumes to me intuitively. I still have the CD 20 years later and when I wanted to piece a small video together on the Redwood trees, my spider sense kept tingling to use that track. Hope you enjoy.

My Biggest Tree Ever, Gandalf´s Staff, Tasmania

My friend Thomas Watson (@Tree_Wizard) was going to install climbing ropes for filming crew and I was lucky to get along. Gandalf´s Staff is Eucalyptus regnans, mountain ash. It is enormous tree. About 84 meters tall. Total amount of wood in this one tree is 286 cubic meters and girth 14,5 meters. I was really lucky to get to climb in tree like this. Thank you very much Thomas.


Day two of our cycling adventure we went out to get a picture with the General Sherman tree, The biggest tree in the world!

Part one of this weekend:

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