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17-Year-Old Student Pilot Successfully Lands Plane After Emergency

A 17-year-old student pilot successfully landed a plane that had lost a wheel Sunday, keeping calm under immense pressure. Maggie Taraska had just taken off on her first solo flight in a single-engine Piper PA-28 Warrior when the plane's right main wheel fell off. Taraska circled the Beverly Regional Airport in Massachusetts for the next half-hour as her flight instructor, John Singleton, and air traffic controllers coached her through what she needed to do.

17-Year-Old Flies Again After Crash Landing During First Solo Flight

After losing a wheel, young pilot Maggie Taraska regained her composure to make a emergency landing on a grassy field, and walked away unscathed. Now, just five days later, she's getting back into the cockpit. Maggie will be flying alongside her instructor, John Singleton, who was instrumental in guiding her to a safe landing during the emergency. After about 30 minutes in the air, Maggie landed her plane safely. She was all smiles as her dad welcomed her back to the ground.



Student Pilot On First Solo Flight Lands Safely After Losing Wheel

A 17-year-old pilot on her first solo flight survived an emergency landing. WBZ-TV's Mike LaCrosse reports.

Student Pilot Miraculously Lands Small Plane On Busy Street

The plane came in for an emergency landing on a Huntington Beach street, about five miles from John Wayne Airport. Laurie Perez reports.

Teen pilot makes emergency landing after losing wheel

A pilot in training made an emergency landing Sunday after losing a wheel during take-off.

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Student pilot lands plane after his instructor passes out | ATC audio

A STUDENT pilot on his very first lesson was forced to make an unplanned emergency landing after his instructor passed out.

Trainee Max Sylvester took off for a lesson in a Cessna light aircraft when he realised his teacher was falling unconscious…

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Anthony Petteford on what it’s really like to train pilots for easyJet:

Ryanair to hire up to 1,000 new pilots per YEAR – despite continuing strike action:

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Annalynn's First Solo!

Want to be a pilot? Take online ground school and do checkride prep with us at

It's that time -- First Solo. This is when you solo an airplane after going through your initial flight training toward a private pilot license. Annalynn has been flying a lot, and as her CFI I've been giving her flight lessons to prepare her for this day. Truly this is a big day in her aviation journey.

She really loves flying. We started flying when she was 16, during her discovery flight. Her family bought an airplane so they could learn to fly. And her and I went after the flight training hard this summer. Aviation booms in Alaska in the summer, and we had to take advantage of the good weather. And the big day has finally come!

Traditionally, the flight instructor (CFI) goes up for a few laps around the traffic pattern to make sure the student pilot is in the good head space. In this case, Annalynn and I did a few touch and goes in her Cessna 152. Then, verifying what I already knew, I jumped out of the airplane (on the ground of course) and she went for a rip!

Each landing and takeoff was fantastic. You could tell she was flying the aircraft well and had control the whole time. Even confidence I would say. And this IS a huge confidence builder, doing this first solo. From here, really, the aviation journey accelerates with all of that energy and confidence. The end of the private pilot training goes very quickly.

Annalynn ended up doing 3 takeoffs and 3 landings in the Cessna 152. We all celebrated when she got back, and I 'cut her tail feathers'. Lots of people ask about that tradition. In the olden days of aviation and flight training, the CFI sat behind the student in a tandem aircraft. They'd tug on the shirt of the student to convey certain messages, like turn this way, or listen up. By cutting the feathers, it signifies that the CFI no longer needs to give those instructions to the student pilot.

Of course there are still many things that the student pilot needs to learn during flight training, but the first solo is still a huge day in their aviation journey.

#firstsolo #flying #aviation

Landing With No Wheels

This is aviation weekly: #12

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Natalie Makes First SOLO Flight on 16th Birthday

Natalie makes her first solo flight in an airplane on her 16th birthday at KRNT. This video is the first of 3 laps in the pattern at KRNT. She flies N5213U, a Cessna 162 Skycatcher out of Rainier Flight Services. 16 is the youngest age you can solo an airplane. #WomeninAviation #GirlsinSTEM - Production and editing credit JJ Hodge @airwayjay
Thank you for supporting Natalie's training! All ad proceeds from this video go directly towards her flight training!

Emergency Landing Without Wheels. Incredible Pilot Skills.

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Learning to Fly - BAD LANDINGS | Student Pilot

Learning to Fly - BAD LANDINGS | Student Pilot

Learning to fly and feeling disheartened by watching everyone else's nice landings? This video shows the reality of flight school ... lots of bad landings!

I'm a student pilot learning to fly in my spare time. I originally received 30 hours of flying instruction 17 years ago and now I'm back in the cockpit and learning how to fly all over again.

Currently flying out of Wollongong (YWOL), Australia in light sport aircraft such as the Jabiru and Pipestrel alpha with Fly Illawarra:

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Pilot Completes Emergency Landing With Family Onboard

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A cool-headed amateur pilot successfully completed an emergency landing with his family onboard after a major technical issue.

Though Devin Miller, 33, works in consumer marketing in Texas, his hobby and passion is flying planes.

While flying wife Melanie and their two young children from Atlanta to Houston on September 1, Devin planned to land at their scheduled fuel stop in Mississippi.

However, when Devin began to slow the plane and line up the approach to land, to his shock and horror he realised the performance of the controls were not responding to his inputs.

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Student Pilot LANDS HER CESSNA ON A BUSY ROAD at California!


17 Year Old Student Pilot Makes Impressive Emergency Landing After Losing A Wheel

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SOLO Teen STUDENT PILOT lands PIPER WARRIOR airplane without a wheel.

A teenage pilot who successfully landed her small plane after losing a wheel on her first-ever solo flight said she freaked out a little bit after someone on the ground radioed she'd lost the landing gear. I got really scared, nervous, obviously, she told ABC News. I had done emergency procedures before, but you don't do them if you lose a wheel. No one really thinks that's going to happen to them. And I mean, I was all by myself so I was just terrified.
Maggie Taraska, 17, was on her first solo cross-country flight at her local airport in Beverly, Massachusetts, headed for Portland, Maine, when the possible disaster unfolded.

It was no less scary for her mother, an Air Force veteran, who was on the ground watching.
“It's nerve-wracking to see your kid up there and you're helpless and just hoping for the best that everything would work out,” Christine Taraska told ABC News in a phone interview.
“I knew it was a dangerous situation. So I was nervous.”
Her daughter, who had been flying for three years, was attempting her first cross-country solo flight when the right main wheel of her small aircraft broke away.
Taraska said that it was only a few minutes after her daughter’s single-engine Piper PA28 took off from the Beverly Regional Airport when the part broke off. Luckily, a pilot on the ground spotted the broken part fall off the plane.
“It was probably less than five minutes. Because there was an airplane on the ground that saw the part fall off,” she said. “That airplane contacted the tower and then the tower contacted Maggie. So it was probably less than five minutes.”
The reporters wanted to know how she managed to keep her cool and land the plane.

“I think I panicked a little, just less than most people would, she responded with a laugh, according to Boston ABC affiliate WCVB.
When the part fell from the plane, the pilot on the ground reported it to the control tower, which contacted Taraska in the sky.
Air traffic control contacted her instructor, John Singleton, who assisted her through radio to overcome the challenging landing situation.
“Maggie, this is John. How are you doing?” Singleton could be heard asking through radio traffic, according to WCVB.
“I'm OK,” Taraska replied.
“OK, you're doing a great job flying the airplane,” Singleton responded. “Keep doing what you're doing. We're going to take our time here. We've got plenty of time. You have plenty of fuel. We've got plenty of daylight.
So just try to relax, and you always heard me say, 'Go back to basics,' so we're going to work the basics here as much as possible, OK?” John asked.
17-year-old Maggie Taraska took off from Beverly Regional Airport
On her first solo flight ever....heading for Portland, Maine.
After logging more than 60 hours of flight training
She knew that something didn't feel quite right
And that feeling was confirmed when she was contacted by air traffic control
With the news that the plane's right wheel had fallen off (of her single-engine Piper PA28)!!
Although the next 35 minutes of circling the runway were harrowing to say the least,
Maggie stuck her landing and walked away from the damaged plane unscathed!
Talk about grace under pressure!
Thanks to some timely radio-coaching from her long-time instructor John Singleton
And some solid flying-DNA (Maggie’s dad is a pilot and both parents are former Air Force intelligence officers)
Maggie apparently made the landing look easy!
At the start of her senior year last fall, Maggie was considering Air Force Academy
And a possible career as a fighter pilot!
We hope to hear from Maggie soon with an update. 5 seconds clip added from

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00:02 - Intro
01:30 - Runway lineup
01:50 - Wheel falls off
03: 00 - Circling continues

Young pilot makes emergency landing

A pilot was forced to make a risky landing at the Dunkirk Airport Thursday night when his landing gear refused to deploy.

Teen pilot lands plane safely after losing wheel just after takeoff

Maggie Taraska, 17, was embarking on her first solo flight from Maine to Massachusetts.



Video Young Ace Student Pilot Landed Plane Without A Wheel




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