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20 Absurd Things That Were Absolutely Normal In the Past


10 ABSURD Things That Were NORMAL in the Past - 100 Years Ago

In this video I show you the 10 Absurd Things That Were Normal in the Past - 100 Years Ago
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A Lot of People Tried to Erase This Female Pharaon from History But Failed

When you hear “Egyptian Pharaoh”, what image immediately comes to your mind? Probably a man wearing a blue and golden headdress, sitting on a throne surrounded by servants? Picturing a man would be accurate 95% of the time since very few females became pharaohs in all of Ancient Egypt’s 3,000-year history. To be precise, there were 7 female pharaohs among the 170 that ruled Egypt over time. One of those women was Hatshepsut, and how she came to power as a great Leader of Egypt is a rare story.

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20 Absurd Things That Were Absolutely Normal In the Past

Taking a throne from a baby? Why not? 1:19
What cool legend she had on her side 3:34
The masculine disguise 4:34
The architectural wonder of Ancient Egypt 5:48
How she managed to boost Egypt’s wealth 7:10
Why her portraits were destroyed 8:16
Who returned Hatshepsut’s name to history 8:54

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- In 1507 BCE, a girl was born, and she would be named Foremost of Noble Women. You might know her as Hatshepsut. She was the daughter of Pharaoh Thutmose I and Queen Ahmose, his first and main wife.
- Hatshepsut’s half-brother Thutmose II officially became the new ruler of Egypt, and the two got married.
- The bright and tactful Hatshepsut, who probably felt that she was born to rule being the daughter and wife of two kings by now, was determined to get what was rightfully hers.
- But there was the problem of her primary competition. That was Thutmose III, the son of the deceased pharaoh and another wife of his.
- Hatshepsut took advantage of the situation and appointed herself his regent.
- She had a legend on her side. According to the myth, Hatshepsut was actually the daughter of Amun, that Egyptian deity I mentioned earlier.
- Hatshepsut might’ve been strong and powerful, but she clearly wasn’t a guy – legend has it that she was actually a very beautiful woman.
- At important public events, she wore men's clothes and a fake beard.
- The ruler focused more on developing her own country instead of expanding it by conquering new lands.
- The most impressive construction of Hatshepsut’s rule was the temple at Deir el-Bahari. This temple is considered one of the architectural wonders of Ancient Egypt, and it’s also where she was buried.
- Her prosperous reign lasted a little more than 2 decades until her death some 22 years after taking the throne.
- The name of the Queen was excluded from the list of pharaohs of Egypt, and her portraits were destroyed.
- But Hatshepsut was smart and she most likely expected something like this would happen. So, during her years on the throne, she managed to sprinkle reliefs and artwork of herself in lots of different places so that it’d be impossible to erase everything.

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Absurd review by BroncoJuggalo, The HORRORman's Slashback saturday

If you were on Dave maggot stream last night and I announced a different video it's because I realized that that video was not a slasher so I decided to do this one. But I will get to that review soon. Be sure to check out all the other people doing this challenge. And check out the HORRORman

Absurd Things Recorded By Cameras


Most DANGEROUS Bugs Around The World!

Check out the most dangerous bugs around the world! From hornets and bees to venomous ants, this top 10 list of creepy crawlies contains some insects to be aware of!

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9. Bullet Ant
Known as the World’s Most Painful Insect, getting bitten by a bullet ant is something you never want to experience. Native to the rainforests of Central and South America, the small but powerful bullet ant is also known as the hormiga veinticuatro meaning the “24-hour ant” which refers to the full day of pain that follows after being stung. Only a little over an inch in length, it is hard to believe that their sting can feel like getting shot with a bullet.
Dr. Justin Schmidt, an entomologist and research director of the Southwest Biological Institute in Tucson Arizona, invented the Schmidt Sting Pain Index (SSPI) which categorizes the level of pain felt when stung by wasps, bees, and ants. He let himself get stung by all kinds of insects in order to rank their sting. He said that it really felt like getting hit by a bullet with waves of burning pain that were absolutely excruciating and went on for hours. The good thing is that it is a localized effect and this sting does not directly affect your heart or lungs, so you won’t die from it but it will hurt like a bi-atch. These ants are greatly feared across the rainforest by people and animals alike. However there are several indigenous tribes that use these ants in their initiation rituals. Young boys wishing to be seen as men by the tribes must endure placing their hand in a woven glove filled with these ants. They must endure getting stung repeatedly for at least ten minutes. If that wasn't enough, the boy must sometimes go through over a dozen of these rituals! None of them suffer long term effects although the trauma may last forever.
8. Japanese Giant Hornets
The highly aggressive and territorial Japanese giant hornets are infamous for their painful sting and fearsome nature. A subspecies of the Asian giant hornet, these monsters are much larger than normal hornets and are known to hunt and consume up to 50 unfortunate honey bees a day. As if honey bees didn’t already have enough problems…
The creatures which are rapidly becoming a pest have now made nests in France and England and due to poor shipping practices, are spreading across the globe. Their venom is known to destroy red blood cells and those with allergic reactions are especially at risk of death. The Japanese giant hornets kill 30-40 people in Japan alone every year, and send hundreds to hospital. Its venom attacks the nervous system and damages the tissue of its victims. The stings can also cause renal failure. The giant hornets are attracted to human sweat, alcohol, and sweet flavors and smells. They are especially sensitive when animals or people run and they will start to swarm and attack. Some victims have required hundreds of stitches and numerous dialysis treatments to survive and are still are left with deep scars. These hornets have lead to government initiatives to destroy the nests in Japan and China, and maybe they have the right idea? These aggressive insects are pretty scary.

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The Air Force’s Crazy 747 Aircraft Carrier Concept

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It sounds like the stuff of science fiction: A Boeing 747 with an internal hanger loaded with 10 specially designed fighter jets. An on board crew to launch, recover, refuel and rearm the jets while in mid-flight. Sleeping quarters and a crew lounge to ensure that a squadron of 14 fighter pilots and 18 mission specialists stay rested. All of it hurtling forward at Mach 0.85, 35 thousand feet above sea-level. That’s asking a lot from a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet. But a once classified feasible study prepared for the U.S. Air Force details how it could be done.

An Airborne Aircraft Carrying Boeing 747 might have been an overly-ambitious, overly-complex and ham-handed idea from 1970s, but it wasn’t entirely out of left field. The U.S. Military had been experiment with the aerial aircraft carrier concepts for nearly half a century. In the early 1930s, two U.S. Navy airships, the USS Akron and the USS Macon carried up to 5 planes stored inside an internal hangar bay. These airborne aircraft carriers enhanced the Navy’s seaborne scouting ability, and the airships’ onboard planes could be deployed for further scouting or defensive purposes. But both USS Akron and Macon were destroyed in weather related accidents not even 3 years after their introductions, helping to put an end to any future airship-based aircraft carriers. But the experiments continued in the 1940s, this time spurred on by a need to protect long-range intercontinental bombers. A seemingly sensible solution to extending escort fighter range was to have long-range bombers carry escort fighters onboard which could be deployed and recovered when needed. But the promising concept proved far more difficult in reality, with aircraft recovery being a particularly dangerous endeavor. Multiple docking methods were attempted, but only one version using a trapeze mechanism and a full-sized fighter ever saw limited service. By the mid-1950s, aerial refueling had proven itself to be a far more practical and safe solution to extending aircraft range.
Yet, the Air Force reexamined the concept again in the early 1970s. This time, spurred on by perceived strategic vulnerabilities to conventional seaborne carriers and the new opportunities brought on the enormous Boeing 747 and Lockheed C-5. The feasibility study titled #747 #Boeing #FlyingAircraftCarrier

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How to Make Yourself Immune to Pain | David Goggins on Impact Theory

Determined to become the ‘hardest man alive,’ David Goggins is the only member of the U.S. Armed Forces to have completed Navy SEAL Training, the U.S. Army Ranger and Air Force tactical air controller training. Completing over 50 endurance races, Goggins has lived through the unthinkable to strengthen his mind and body. David Goggins reveals his belief in the dark power of suffering to transform in this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu.

David talks about the struggles he faced as a child [6:08]
David discusses the importance of introspection [9:44]
David discusses a belief in suffering in order to grow [10:30]
David talks about self discovery and truth [13:35]
David shares his experience of qualifying for his first ultra marathon [19:50]
David talks about the impact of his childhood [23:04]
David shares the excruciating pain he dealt with during his race [27:46]
David talks about the dark side [30:43]
David talks about cultivating a warrior’s mindset [38:05]
David talks about his experience as a U.S. Navy Seal [40:25]
David discusses being true to yourself [43:00]
David shares his sentiments of gratitude for his life thus far [48:55]
David talks about authenticity [51:05]
David explains non-cognitive skills required for success [54:52]


Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of 2014 Inc. 500 company Quest Nutrition — a unicorn startup valued at over $1 billion — and the co-founder and host of Impact Theory. Impact Theory is a first-of-its-kind company designed to facilitate global change through the incubation of mission-based businesses and the cultivation of empowering content. Every piece of content Impact Theory creates is meant to underscore the company mission to free people from The Matrix and help them unlock their true potential. Impact Theory exists to inspire the next generation of game-changing companies and creators that will make a true and lasting impact on the world.






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