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20 Rare Historical Photos You Must See


20 Rare Historical Photos You Must See

Here are 20 photos from history that everyone must see.

1. A social security office in Baltimore, 1965.

2. A boy and a boar, taken sometime in the 1930s.

3. 1948 flight attendants reading their own job descriptions.

4. Fidel Castro giving an interview in a car in 1964.

5. A hunter posing with his trophy: A male okapi, found in the Congo in 1915.

6. Muhammad Ali, actually sitting on a million dollars in 1963.

7. A Sami family in Norway around the year 1900.

8. Princess Diana posing with two Australian lifeguards in 1988.

9. Al Capone keeping it casual in 1931.

10. A German sound location in 1917.

11. Track judges at the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

12. The official dismantling of Checkpoint Charlie in 1990.

13. Students participating in gym class at an English-Scandinavian summer camp.

14. One Times Square, right in the middle of New York City in 1903.

15. The space shuttle Challenger, which exploded shortly after launch in 1986.

16. The construction of the Hughes H-4 Spruce Goose in Long Beach, California in 1947.

17. British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, riding in a British tank in 1986.

18. A penny-farthing cyclist, headed down the steps of the Capital building in1895.

19. The construction of the Golden Gate Bridge, taking place sometime in 1935.

20. One of France's first gay night clubs in 1932.

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Historical Photos You Must See Before You Die (Part 4)

Here are some more amazing historical photos that you must see before you die. These rare images from the past are truly amazing!
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Check out these 20 rare historical photos that will show you famous events in a different light. Beware that some of them are slightly graphic.

#1. In 1972, as part of the Apollo 16 mission to the moon, astronaut Charles Duke embarked on a mission to the explore the moon’s surface in a lunar roving vehicle. While there, he shot a picture of a photo of himself, his wife, and his two sons which was enclosed in plastic on the moon’s surface, where it remains to this day.

#2. This is The Statue of Liberty under construction in Paris in 1884.

#3. Drug kingpin Pablo Escobar and his son stand in front of The White House in the early 1980s.

#4. In 1947, 23-year-old Evelyn McHale jumped from the observation deck of the Empire State Building onto a limousine which was parked below. Photography student Robert Wiles heard the explosive crash and shot this photo soon afterward. Years later, pop artist Andy Warhol appropriated the shot for an art print.

#5. Prior to the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the country was moving towards democracy, with the Afghan constitution providing equal rights for women. In pre-Taliban days, Afghan women had access to professional careers, university-level education, shops selling non-traditional clothing, public transportation, and public spaces, all of which they happily navigated freely and without supervision. By the mid-90s, employment and education of women over the age of eight was outlawed by the Taliban.

#6. Helen Keller meets Charlie Chaplin in Hollywood in 1919.

#7. Here’s a different view of the Tank Man of Tiananmen Square.

#8. A Russian spy is laughing through his execution in Finland in 1939 during the Winter War.

#9. These are Titanic survivors boarding the Carpathia in 1912.

#10. Tsar Nicholas II allows his daughter, the Grand Duchess Anastasia, to smoke.

#11. Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is returned to the Louvre after WWII.

#12. This is the Lincoln assassination co-conspirator Lewis Payne being held in federal custody prior to his execution in 1865. As Lincoln was being killed at the Ford Theater, Payne, an Alabama native and Confederate veteran, entered the bedroom of Secretary of State William H. Seward and began to attack him with a large knife.

#13. John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and staffers tour Cape Canaveral Missile Test Annex, Sept 1962.

#14. Allied forces mock Hitler from atop his balcony at the Reich Chancellery at the end of WWII.

#15. This is a manninquin from an atomic bomb test site in Nevada during the mid-50s.

#16. An American evacuee punches a South Vietnamese man for a place on the last chopper out of the US embassy during the evacuation of Saigon in 1975.

#17. The Beatles walking in the opposite direction during the Abbey Road album cover photoshoot.

#18. This is Queen Elizabeth during her WWII service.

#19. Here are cameramen shooting and recording the lion roar for the MGM logo.

#20. This is a young Osama Bin Laden with his family in Sweden during the 1970s. Bin Laden is second from the right in a green shirt and blue pants.

These photos deserve to be shared - not many people have seen them and it's always a cool feeling to see something you've seen 100 times already, but from a different angle.


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Whether you love history, or just appreciate an instantly iconic photograph, these 30 photos will be sure to intrigue you. Below, we've compiled an amazing list of compelling images from several different centuries, all of them uniquely poignant.

If you're curious about British history, or have ever wondered what a United States post office looked like 100 years ago, check out the list below. #28 is truly amazing.

#1. A couple sneaking a smooch through the Berlin Wall.

#2. Freedom advocates protesting prohibition in the thirties.

#3. Assembling the Sears Roebuck Catalog in 1942.

#4. The Princess of Wales and her sons, pictured here in 1866.

#5. Students buying and selling used textbooks in Turin, Italy.

#6. Alfred Hitchcock pedals his bicycle to the Cannes International Film Festival in 1972.

#7. A Southeast London hospital is evacuated in 1940, the day after being bomb. Nurses are pictured here carrying babies to safety.

#8. The National Space Invaders Championship in 1980.

#9. A1907 mail sorting room in a Washington, DC post office.

#10. Margaret Thatcher watches Princess Diana walk down the aisle.

#11. A group of women mock-boxing while wearing heels in the 1920's.

#12. The Spice Girls first professional photo shoot as a group, taken sometime around 1995.

#13. Frank Sinatra dealing baccarat in Las Vegas in 1959.

#14. Marilyn Monroe on the set of Something's Got To Give.

#15. In 1975, American hippies hung out on Palolem Beach in Goa, India.

#16. Russian space station Mir orbits above Earth in 1995.

#17. A Venice Beach electric sidewalk car carrying people down the street.

#18. An old image of Blackfoot.

#19. Police directing traffic in Birmingham, Alabama. This was before traffic lights were installed.

#20. Titanic leaving Belfast Harbor on its one and only voyage in 1912.

#21. The first known sports team photo ever taken, the 1858 Knickerbocker Base Ball Club. They played in Hoboken, New Jersey.

#22. In 1877, these young Italian street musicians performed in London.

#23. Island Temple of Jinshan along the Min River in China.

#24. Orville and Wilbur Wright, pictured here in 1911.

#25. A slide of a woman chopping firewood on an Eagle campground.

#26. Russians wait in line outside a McDonald's in Moscow, sometime in the early nineties.

#27. Mohammed Alim Khan the Last Emir of Bukhara.

#28. Visitors climb on the Sphynx, sometime in 1850.

#29. German women in the fashion moment in 1910.

#30. Queen Elizabeth II dressed to the nines and firing a machine gun in 1993.

20 Rare Historical Photos Will Leave You Speechless

20 Rare Unreleased Photos From The Past That Will Shock You
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Pictures tell a story frozen in time. Sometimes their story is immediately evident, while other times you may have to dig a little to find it. Historical and famous events captured on film are a rarity, but their stories are fascinating. Here are just a few of those photos from the past.
A long time ago, in a time far different from the one we know, long before smartphone cameras, photos told amazing stories. Sometimes they would be lost, only to resurface years later. From the amazing to the unbelievable, old photos tell the best stories. Ones that have been forgotten or rarely seen before. Slices of history just waiting to be rediscovered.
In this video are rare historical photos that will take your breath away. Whether you’re an avid historian or someone who just might be curious, you’ll be shocked by what you see. These photos will change the way that you see history in a multitude of ways as well as remind us all that we don’t know the complete story behind what happened in major events of the past. Many of these photos come from private collections of family members that are buried deep within attics and trunks, only yet to be discovered. The exciting part about this is that it is only a matter of time before more photos will surface once again. Thanks to the internet, the accessibility of these pictures are just a click away.

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#1. The Man That Refused To Give The Nazi Salute, 1936

#2. Nikola Tesla In His Laboratory, Sitting Behind His “Magnifying Transmitter”

#3. The Graves Of A Catholic Woman And Her Protestant Husband Seperated By A Wall, Holland, 1888.

#4. Austrian Boy’s Moment Of Pure Happiness After Receiving New Shoes During WWII

#5. Race Organizers Attempt To Stop Kathrine Switzer From Competing In The Boston Marathon. She Became The First Woman To Finish The Race, 1967

#6. The Unbroken Seal On Tutankhamun’s Tomb, 1922 (3,245 Years Untouched)

#7. Painting The Eiffel Tower, 1932

#8. Unknown Soldier In Vietnam, 1965

#9. First Morning After Sweden Changed From Driving On The Left Side To Driving On The Right, 1967

#10. Animals Being Used As Part Of Medical Therapy, 1956

#11. The Kiss Of Life – A Utility Worker Giving Mouth-to-mouth To Co-worker After He Contacted A High Voltage Wire, 1967

#12. Annette Kellerman Promotes Women’s Right To Wear A Fitted One-piece Bathing Suit, 1907. She Was Arrested For Indecency.

#13. Grotto In An Iceberg, Photographed During The British Antarctic Expedition, 5 Jan 1911.

#14. 106-year-old Armenian Woman Guards Home, 1990

#15. Albert Einstein, Summer 1939 Nassau Point, Long Island, Ny

#16. Painter Of The Brooklyn Bridge,1914

#17. The Last Known Photo Of The Titanic Above Water, 1912

#18. Disneyland Employee Cafeteria In 1961

#19. Massive Crowds Gather For The First Woodstock, 1969

#20. The Real Winnie The Pooh And Christopher Robin, 1927

#21. Women Delivering Ice, 1918

#22. Hannah Stilley, Born 1746, Photographed In 1840. Probably The Earliest Born Individual Captured On Film

#23. The Beatles Play For 18 People In The Aldershot Club, December 1961. They Were To Become Superstars In One And A Half Year.

#24. The First Ever Underground Train Journey, Edgware Road Station, London, 1862

#25. Customers At A London Music Store, 1955

#26. Woman With A Gas-resistant Pram, England, 1938

#27. Elvis In The Army, 1958

#28. Baby Cages Used To Ensure That Children Get Enough Sunlight And Fresh Air When Living In An Apartment Building, 1937

#29. Measuring Bathing Suits, If They Were Too Short, Women Would Be Fined, 1920’s

#30 Salvador Dali Kisses The Hand Of Raquel Welch After Finishing His Famous Portrait Of Her, 1965

#31. Little Girl With Her Doll Sitting In The Ruins Of Her Bombed Home, London, 1940

#32. Georges Blind, A Member Of The French Resistance, Smiling At A German Firing Squad, 1944

#33. “wait For Me Daddy,” By Claude P. Dettloff In New Westminster, Canada, October 1, 1940

#34. Sailor Kissing Nurse, Times Square, August 14, 1945

#35. Audrey Hepburn Shopping With Her Pet Deer “ip” In Beverly Hills, Ca, 1958

#36. Three Men Run In The Marathon At The First Modern Olympic Games, 1896

#37. Newspaper Boy Ned Parfett Sells Copies Of The Evening Paper Bearing News Of Titanic’s Sinking The Night Before, April 16, 1912

#38. Coca-Cola Comes To France, 1950

#39. Mother Hides Her Face In Shame After Putting Her Children Up For Sale, Chicago, 1948

#40. Norway Receive Their First Ever Shipment Of Bananas,1905


Please find below a fantastic collection of photographs chronicling some of the most interesting curiosities that occurred in the history of mankind.

We present a series of images that have marked the history of mankind for its social significance and meaning. Enjoy them!


He who forgets or ignores is doomed to repeat or perpetuate. Awareness for the win!

Did you know that Porsche designed the Beetle, for Hitler? Did you know that Hugo Boss designed the Nazi Uniform! Subscribe, for more Nazi Fun Facts!

1. Execution by cannon, in Shiraz, Iran, mid-late 19th century.

2. The Royal Navy on the way home from France with Queen Victoria on board, who had just visited Napoleon III, 1858.

3. Climbers bringing down corpses of their fellows from Mont Blanc, 1895.

4. Major General Horatio Gordon Robley with his collection of tattooed Maori heads, 1895.

5. Gold diggers marching through Chilkoot pass, the only way towards Dawson City, 1898.

6. Iceberg that had red and black paint on it. They believe that this is the iceberg that sank the Titanic. Photographed in 1912.

7. Selfies circa 1920.

8. Melted and damaged mannequins after a fire at Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum in London, 1930.

9. A rare color photograph of two Parisian women from 1930.

10. Porsche showing the model of the beetle to Hitler, 1930s.

11. Class held in a train wagon (reason unknown), Ontario, Canada, 1932.

12. The Olympic flame arrives in Berlin, 1936.

13. Toffs and Toughs – The famous photo by Jimmy Sime that illustrates the class divide in pre-war Britain, 1937.

14. Driving class at Michigan Highland Park University, 1939.

15. Searchlights on the Rock of Gibraltar, 1942.

16. Georges Blind, a Member of the French Resistance, Smiling at a German Firing Squad, October 1944.

17. A Dutch woman entering military captivity with her husband, a German soldier, 1944.

18. To demonstrate the superiority of the Red Army, 57.000 German prisoners of war are herded through downtown Moscow, July 1944.

19. Liberty bridge in Budapest made temporarily usable after the siege, 1945.

20. Japanese guards bow before US prisoners of war being released from a Yokohama.

21. The last commercial sailing ship, Pamir, to round Cape Horn in 1949.

22. James Dean posing in the coffin in the local undertaker in his home town in the year of his car crash and ensuing death, January 1955.

23. Fidel Castro plays baseball in Havana, 1959.

24. A low-division hockey match is interrupted, Sweden, 1959.

25. Iranian woman before the Islamic Revolution, 1960.

26. Residents of West Berlin show children to their grandparents who reside on the Eastern.

27. The Beatles looking back, 1962 and 1969.

28. The last prisoners leaving Alcatraz, 1963.

29. Frank Sinatra stepping off of a helicopter with a drink in his hand, by Yul Brynner, 1964.

30. Counter-protester with her daughters at a civil liberties rally by black people, Bogalusa, Louisiana, 1965.

31. Woodstock – The Opening Ceremony. Bethel, New York, 14 August 1969.

32. Detective in disguise in Brooklyn, 1969.

33. Rien ne vas plus in the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas while Man is landing on the Moon, 1969.

34. One of the two Riace Bronzes discovered by an amateur scuba diver is brought out of the Ionian sea. Calabria, Italy. August 1972.

35. Bill and Hillary Clinton as university students, 1973.

36. An assistant holding an umbrella over an actor’s head during the filming of the scandalous erotic thriller Caligula, 1976.

37. Pelé taking a break on the field of Hungarian football club MTK while filming “Escape to Victory”, 1980.

38. Following a jump worth a gold medal, pole vaulter Wladyslaw Kozakiewicz sends a message to Soviet supporters who had given him the raspberry. Moscow Olympics, 1980.

39. British soldier observing Argentinean helmets after the Battle of Goose Green on the Falkland Islands, May 1982.

40. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates discuss the PC’s future at Jobs’ Palo Alto home, 1991. Photo by George Lange.

41. Camels and burning Kuwaiti oil fields that had been blown up by retreating Iraqi troops, 1991. Photo by Steve McCurry/National Geographic.

Scary & Historical Photos from The Past You Must See !

Historical photos already have an air of eeriness to them, even if the tone of the image is a happy one. It's the black and white, sepia feel to them, and the sometimes torn and damaged look; the sense that they've literally gone through the test of time. These historical photos are actually scary, and the contents of the images are pretty damn hair-raising.

5 Rare Historical Photos You Must See

Here are 5 photos from history that everyone must see.

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35 Rare Historical Photos You HAVE To See, But #17 Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine.

The Internet loves a good #throwbackThursday, but why should looking back in time be limited to just one day of the week? There are just so many awesome photos from pop culture history to look at, and now is as good of a time as any, right?

Below, we've compiled 35 amazing throwback photos that represent a lot of decades, and show a lot of people from plenty of different walks of life. Some are celebrities in their private moments, while others are just random passersby who happened to be in the frame for a shot. All of these images are extraordinary interesting, and you'll be glad you didn't wait until Thursday to look at them.

1. A grandmother hanging on her motorcycle in 1951.

2. A 1960's promotional image for Goodyear's experimental red plastic tires.

3. A boy cruising on his Schwinn bicycle in 1952.

4. Bruce Lee showing off his nice crop of facial hair.

5. The old ladies who ran with the Hell's Angel's crew.

6. Walter Shawn Browne, a chess champion.

7. Bob Marley arriving in Ibiza in 1978. It was the only time he'd ever visit the country.

8. Mary Ann Mobley and Elvis Presley looking lustworthy in 1965's Harum Scarum.

9. A guy flaunting his stuff in the 1940's.

10. Surfers and their wooden surfboards in Hawaii.

11. Elton John looking dapper in 1974.

12. NASA's very first class of astronauts in 1959.

13. Metallica, looking badass in 1990.

14. President of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito visiting the United States in the 70's.

15. John Lennon and son pose beside his funky Rolls Royce.

16. Seoul, South Korea in 1904.

17. People posing with alligators in the 30's.

18. A couple watches a waiter prepare a flaming fruit dessert in New Zealand in 1962

19. Clint Eastwood skateboarding in Rome in 1964.

20. Ava Gardner and Burt Lancaster goofing around on the beach in 1946.

21. 1963 students working with the Sketchpad computer graphics system at MIT.

22. The street scene in New York City in 1974.

23. 1960s flight attendants, looking cheery.

24. Fidel Castro at the Kremlin, enjoying a cigar while wearing two Rolex watches.

25. Michael Jackson in an NYC hotel room in the 70's.

26. Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, and Jerry Lee Lewis at the infamous Sun Studio

27. 1974 shot of the Los Angeles airport.

28. Marilyn Monroe looking dramatic on a sofa bed in 1951.

29. A guy taking a quick break on a motorcycle at Woodstock in 1969.

30. Stephen Hawking and his wife Jane in 1965.

31. A Coca Cola advertisement made by pigeons in Venice.

32. Diana Ross and the Supremes being babes by the pool.

33. Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention photographed in 1978.

34. An early Hewlett Packard computer.

35. B-boys showing us what hip-hop culture really meant in the 80's.


The past was terrifying. These creepy photos sent a shiver down my spine.

Fear is an emotion induced by a threat perceived by living entities, which causes a change in brain and organ function and ultimately a change in behavior, such as running away, hiding or freezing from traumatic events. Fear may occur in response to a specific stimulus happening in the present, or to a future situation, which is perceived as risk to health or life, status, power, security, or, in the case of humans, wealth or anything held valuable. The fear response arises from the perception of danger leading to confrontation with or escape from/avoiding the threat (also known as the fight-or-flight response), which in extreme cases of fear (horror and terror) can be a freeze response or paralysis.

In humans and animals, fear is modulated by the process of cognition and learning. Thus fear is judged as rational or appropriate and irrational or inappropriate. An irrational fear is called a phobia.

Psychologists such as John B. Watson, Robert Plutchik, and Paul Ekman have suggested that there is only a small set of basic or innate emotions and that fear is one of them. This hypothesized set includes such emotions as joy, sadness, fright, dread, horror, panic, anxiety, acute stress reaction and anger.

Fear is closely related to, but should be distinguished from, the emotion anxiety, which occurs as the result of threats that are perceived to be uncontrollable or unavoidable.[1]

The fear response serves survival by generating appropriate behavioral responses, so it has been preserved throughout evolution.[2]


Every time you turn on your computer or iPad, you're probably inundated with photos of celebrity -- some of whom you have a particular interest in, and others that you couldn't even name. In the past, public consumption of celebrity photos was a little bit different: In order to see photos, they had to be published in magazines, and candids rarely made the circuit.

Below are 38 amazing vintage photos of celebrities and public figures, some of which would have never made the press. These are moments that exist somewhere in a dusty old Hollywood archive on hard copy, but now have the chance to be viewed and shared on the internet. That early pic of Jude Law proves that he's been a stunner since the beginning.

#1. Elizabeth Taylor on the day she married Richard Burton.

#2. A romantic moment between a young Bill and Hillary Clinton.

#3. Kurt Cobain hanging out with William Burroughs in 1993.

#4. Dr. Oilver Sacks, neurobiologist and author of “The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat, setting the record for heaviest squats -- he's lifting about 600 pounds.

#5. Cher, looking magnificent.

#6. Salvador Dalí painting his famous work, The Face of War, in 1941.

#7. Brigitte Bardot in her heyday.

#8. Harvey Ball, the creator of the Smiley Face.

#9. Freddie Mercury, keeping casual in his younger years.

#10. Audrey Hepburn looking adorable riding a Vespa.

#11. Mary Hemingway with some of Ernest’s 23 cats.

#12. Brigitte Bardot in a pub in London in 1968.

#13. Housewife Barbara Dunlap under the effects of LSD. She was a volunteer in a psychiatric research study regarding the effect of LSD in 1963.

#14. Marlene Dietrich eating lunch at the Paramount cafeteria in 1938.

#15. Rosa Parks sits in the front of a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1956.

#16. Bob Marley reading the paper, being photographed on the sly.

#17. The space where the Mona Lisa was temporarily stolen from the Louvre.

#18. Antonio Banderas, Madonna, and Rossi De Palma out for a night of fun.

#19. Behind the scenes of 2001: A Space Odyssey, which filmed in 1968.

#20. David Bowie, Yoko Ono and John Lennon, photographed in 1975.

#21. A young Osama Bin Laden and his judo masters.

#22. A very young Tupac Shakur and his kid sister.

#23. The Beatles’ last concert, which happened in 1969.

#24. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philli, who married on November 20, 1947.

#25. Milla Jovovich sipping a milkshake like a pro.

#26. A photograph of Elvis in his army days, sometime in 1958.

#27. Bruce Lee goofing around with his adorable son.

#28. Kate Moss, Johnny Dep, and Iggy Pop, probably about to get into something crazy.

#29. Robert De Niro and Ray Liotta, most likely taken around the time of Goodfellas.

#30. Madonna and Sean Penn during their tempestuous romance.

#31. Pablo Picasso & Brigitte Bardot looking lovely in 1956.

#32. Muhammad Ali talking someone out of committing suicide in 1981.

#33. The original Star Wars cast, photographed just before they started filming.

#34. Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee being badasses.

#35. Uma Therman during her very young twenties.

#36. Jude Law looking devilishly handsom.

#37. Jackie Kennedy, wearing her signature shades.

#38. The last official photo taken of Nikola Tesla, snapped in 1943.

27 Rare and Compelling Photos You Must See Before You Die

27Rare and Compelling Photos You must see before you die

If you think you know your history, get ready to be humbled. The rare photographs below show a different perspective of historical events, and you probably wouldn’t find them in any school textbook.

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