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20 Trees DEVOURING Things


20 Trees DEVOURING Things

20. This hunk of metal is called a Czech hedgehog which was an anti tank obstacles designed to stop tanks in their tracks. They are made from metal angle beams or I-beams and are designed to function just the same standing upright or blown over sideways by an explosion. This tree is all about peace and not war, and is taking this hedgehog back to nature.

19. Not only is this tree taking this fence hostage, growing right through it, a freaky face has emerged on the other side. Chilling to say the least.

18. This tree isn’t a fan of having this giant cable around and decided to eat it for breakfast. Amazing how you can see where the tree grew over the chain going all the way around the tree.

17. Every tree needs a good drink. Straw’s ready where’s my margarita?

16. At first glance it looks like this broken pop bottle looks like it’s stuck to the tree but upon further inspection, the tree in fact grew through the nozzle. Goes to show you how strong these soda bottle nozzles really are!

15. Bartram Trail’s sign isn’t doing such a good job guiding hikers these days. Sign got eaten up by this hungry tree. Amazing how half the sign is inside the trunk and it doesn’t seem to affect the tree one bit.

14. Once in a while trees do get the desire to chow down on some street concrete. This tree has no problem taking this piece as it’s lunch time meal. I wonder how long it’ll take for the tree to break down that piece of concrete?

13. Trees can really grow across, around and through anything. Here we have a tree that has consumed a barb wire fence. Ironically the tree has created 2 convenient steps now to jump this fence.

12. Upgrading to a much larger fence this tree had no issue growing right through this fence consuming 2 rungs in the process. Ya farmers not getting that fence back.

11. Here we have one tree trying to eat the other or maybe they are just trying to combine to make one super tree. Nature is weird, really weird.

10. This looks like an optical illusion but it isn’t. The fence isn’t bent the tree just simply grew right through this chain link fence. Impressive nature, impressive.

9. This bulldozer have definitely seen better days but it looks like these trees have teamed up to claim this machinery as their own. Realistically the bulldozer is probably keep the roots of the tree warmer allowing it to grow faster.
8. Not the nicest graveyard out there and it looks like this tree things this tombstone would look better under it’s roots. It’s a little bazaar someone would plant a tree so close to a couple of graves. Why are there only 2 graves here, seems like there is a deeper story here.

7. It’s bathtime but you know there are an army of bugs and slugs in that pile of leaves. This tree has claimed this tub and isn’t giving it back!

6. This grumpy faced tree doesn’t look so happy about claiming this garden hose for the forest. Upon closer inspection you can see there is a cable that is inside the garden hose that is coming out of his nose. This tree gets more bizarre by the second.

5. If you were planning on reading this sign, well you’re out of luck. Maybe ask someone who lives in the area who’s at least 50 years old and they might be able to tell you. Give this tree 20 more years and there won’t be any indication of a sign ever being here.

4. Believe it or not this was a tree stand. You know a ladder with a seat at the top mounted to a tree. This tree wasn’t having any of that and gobbled this stand right up.

3. Forget tying a rope around a tree this rope is tied through the tree but without a single hole being drilled. Amazing how the rope is dead center is the thick part of the tree, that rope must have been there since this tree was very small.

2. If you’re looking for a creative use of Christmas lights, this would be it. Sadly I don’t think if you plugged them in, they’d work anymore. Give this tree 50 more years and these lights will be gone completely.

1. If you leave your car parked under a tree for too long, the tree will claim and and not give it back. In this case 3 trees have teamed up to devour this car, what’s most shocking about this is the fact that there isn’t any shattered glass and everything more or less isn’t horribly warped at least from the trees. They grow so slow that they are almost preserving the shape of the car and it’s parts slowly that nothing gets broken. Basically trees are nature’s time capsules.


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20 Trees Devouring Things Part 2

Given enough time a tree will gobble up everything in it's path, on this episode we cover 20 tree devouring things part 2.

20. Not the first bike and not the last to be stuck in a tree. Somehow the tire is also stuck in the ground.

19. This rusty old hammock chain was eaten by this tree, you can’t even tell how it was initially attached to the tree.

18. Do you see it?

17. Don’t know what’s more bizarre the wire consumed by this tree or the color of this tree?

16. I wonder what the history (tree) with this one. A whole lot of bark and not a lot of bite.

15. What else would you expect at the cemetree… grandpa is going disappear into the tree soon.

14. While we are in the graveyard we have this tree, claiming all 3, I wonder if they’re related.

13. Here we have a tree digesting not 1 but 2 signs.

12. This bench half consumed by the tree, how long do you think it has been here?

11. Much like the bench this guardrail is getting taken back to nature as well.

10. This one speaks for itself.

9. This tree is growing as if there is no fence there at all.

8. Located in Cambodia, the Ta Prohm temple ruins are slowly getting devoured by this ancient tree.

7. This tree obviously missed the memo.

6. Likely a fire hydrant from early 1900s, I wonder if it’s still hooked up to the city water system.

5. This tree on the side of a busy street in Hong Kong doesn’t seem to care it’s growing on a brick wall.

4. Here we have another bench soon to be completely gobbled up as well.

3. Believe it or not this fallen tree has given birth to 4 new trees.

2. We have a tree that is using this dead tree as a base for it’s growth.

1. Following patchwork pattern of the brick path, this tree has created something really special with its roots.

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20 Trees DEVOURING Things by Muhammad Ramzan

Muhammad Ramzan

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craziest things found grown into trees from cannon balls to ww1 machine guns.



You never know what you will find in a tree. Many a chain has been ruined by steel and cement and hidden objects. Let's hear your stories. What strange things did YOU find?

World's Biggest Carnivorous Plant Catches Whole Sheep!

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Top 20 Trees Devourings Things

A full-size tree grows through a car. Is this real or fake?

Full-size tree goes through a car roof with all the leaves of the tree intact.
Is this a fake video?
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Treetop grow

Mr.Nice medicine Man(white rhino)


A bicycle grown into tree as a man went off to war a bench grown into a tree. Trees grow around things. Trees up lift concrete driveways sidewalk . Tree falls on house. Tree falls on car tree catcher

Giant Tree Shredder | Large Wood Chipper Devouring Whole Trees

This is a diesel powered whole tree crane fed shredder with grappling claw / wood chipper.

This video shows an Industrial tree shredder shredding trees into little wood chips. A John Deere 648 H tractor, with grapple, takes the cut trees to the shredder. The crane stuffs the tree(s) into the shredder. The shredder chips the trees into little pieces. The small wood chips are collected in a semi trailer.

This video was made by SchoolFreeware

The video is 1080p HD and is best viewed at full screen.

Trees Sucking on things

i cant believe this is actually a topic on reddit
thanks mr sparkles for the idea.

eater tree objects

The Largest Tree on Earth!

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Deep in Tulare County, California the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park is home to this, The General Sherman. William Tecumseh Sherman an American Civil war general had this tree named after him in 1879 by naturalist James Volverton. Wolverton served as a lieutenant in the 9th Indiana Calvary under Sherman.

Up until 1931 it was believed that a nearby tree called General Grant tree was the largest in the world. After precise calculation was done they concluded the General Sherman was larger.

This Giant sequoia measures 275 feet or 83.8 meters tall with a diameter of 25 feet or 7.7meters this 2500 year old tree may be the largest but not the oldest. In fact there are some giant sequoia trees as old as 3200 years old. Being as tall as a 26 story building and weighing in around 2.5 million lbs, this is the last tree you want to fall on you in the woods.

In 2006 the General Sherman lost a huge branch which ended up smashing a nice new fence and walkway. The loss of this branch doesn’t effect the tree’s ranking as calculations are made using the tree’s trunk volume and doesn’t include branches.

While today the General Sherman is the largest living tree there was one larger up until 1943. The Crannell Creek Giant, this behemoth was estimated to be 15 to 25% larger by volume. The sheer weight of these trees when felled would cause them to shatter leaving much of the wood unusable. Sometimes only 50% of the tree would make it to the mill for processing. Add on top that these tree grow in humid conditions making them not an ideal lumber for construction. The giant sequoias like the falling of the Crannell Creek Giant, would end be as shingles and matchsticks making the cutting down of this 3000 year old tree a complete waste.

This started a movement to protect the old growth forest trees which continues on today. Around the world people cherish large trees for their impressive size and history they hold. With logging restrictions in place it’s likely the only thing that could harm the current largest tree, the General Sherman is a lightning strike or forest fire.

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Tree consuming devouring old car tire...weird grow growing trees unusual reclaiming

This 60 year old tree grew through an old white wall car tire

Trees grown from the things

various pictures of trees that eat things like bicycles,bells,,fences,.some images are pretty cool and you wonder how long it took for the item to get stuck in the tree.

INCREDIBILY!!! A tree grew through it car in S.U.A

A tree grew overnight in a car in America

Tree taping on Secret trails

Just a quick clip, from One of our favorite secret trails! It’s been a beautiful summer mountain biking in Colorado!


Miracle or fake The tree grew up in the car, incomprehensible

It is a miracle or a scam itself I do not understand, so take your opinion,,, This is done by day 18 November 2019.



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